RAID: Shadow Legends – Parody Commercial | Abbreviated Reviews

Are you curious about the latest generic mobile
role playing games that only exist to run ads and sell microtransactions? Do you want to see one from a company that
most definitely is not sponsoring anyone at all for making ads for it? Well then you’re gonna want to investigate
RAID: Shadow Legends! Dive in to the latest in a long line of exciting
browser and mobile games that have you grinding away at repetitive content to make menial
progress! Obtain as many RPG character stereotypes as
possible and manipulate a variety of incredible generic stats! Marvel at the game’s excessive speed to
the point that it can even play itself without any interaction at all! Explore the vast reaches of straight hallways
until you reach boss battles where you can take full advantage of your handful of spells
and attacks! Now you can enjoy high quality content like:
Commercials! Sponsorships! Advertisements! Endorsements! And so much more! You can even play it on your PC now to enjoy
all the grandeur of this masterwork of commercial success on a larger screen! RAID Shadow Legends, the only game you’ll
ever need if you’ve ever needed a little extra cash from a sponsorship. This video was not sponsored by RAID Shadow
Legends. The only mobile game I recommend is What the
Golf? and I still played that on PC… and they didn’t sponsor me either! Mobile games are for pooping, and I gave that
up years ago.

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