Reactions to Yang Mi reading girls love comic, Dramas capped at 40 eps, Monster Killer 3

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update Feb 21st 2020 edition. In this edition, Yang Mi is spotted reading
a girls love comic, and the Chinese censorship board caps dramas at 40 episodes but first.. The Song of Gloryis an upcoming
costume drama starring Li Qin and Qin Hao. The drama revolves around the romance between Li Qin’s character, a dance house mistress
who actually hails from a family of warriors, and Qin Hao’s character, an emperor who’s
pushing for reform during a time of political turmoil. I haven’t seen an official Weibo page for
the drama yet even though they started filming in March and wrapped in July of last year. That’s seven months since they’ve wrapped
and still nothing much in terms of promos. Of the available pictures that I have seen
though, the drama looks quite impressive, in terms of cinematography and set design. Li Qin recently starred in Joy of Life whereas Qin Hao recently starred in Tomb of Sea. The Song of Glory is slated for 63 episodes
and is directed by Li Huizhu who also directed The Princess Wei Young and Princess
Silver. More on it when they release more updates. Legacyis an upcoming republican
era drama starring Qin Lan, Wu Jinyan and Zhang Nan. Produced by Yu Zheng, who’s behind the hit drama The Story of Yanxi Palace, Legacy started
filming in October of last year. The drama tells the story of three embattled
sisters who look to be named heir to their family’s massive department store business
in 1930s Shanghai. It reunites many of the Story of Yanxi Palace
castmembers including Qin Lan, Wu Jinyan, Nie Yuan, Charmaine Sheh
and others so if you’re a fan of The Story of Yanxi Palace,
this drama might pique your interest. Yu Zheng said that everyone who read the script
said that it was his best yet. Like so many other dramas, Legacy
recently hit a hiccup and had to suspend filming due to the outbreak situation. Hopefully that situation gets resolved soon
and everyone can safely go back to work. And now a couple of dramas that are rumored
to premiere soon. You Are My Destiny
is an upcoming modern drama starring Xing Zhaolin and Liang Jie and it is rumored to
premiere on Feb 29th. The drama reunites the two stars of the costume
drama The Eternal Love which is reportedly getting a third season. You Are My Destiny is a remake of Fated to
Love You, a 2008 Taiwanese drama starring Joe Chen and Ethan Ruan. It tells the story of an unfashionable girl whose life completely changes when she
goes on a cruise and meets the wealthy heir of a big company. The original series was a huge success in Taiwan at the time and still holds viewing
records so undoubtedly some viewers will compare it to this new remake. At the moment, there isn’t much in terms of
promo stills but if it does premiere on Feb 29th, we can expect some to come out soon. You Are My Destiny wrapped filming in August
of last year and is slated for 37 episodes. Wu Xin: The Monster Killer 3
is an upcoming fantasy drama starring Elvis Han and Sebrina Yao. Hengdian Studios recently posted on Weibo
saying that it will premiere soon. The drama is apparently a prequel to Wu Xin
season 1 where Elvis Han’s character, Wu Xin, meets
Sebrina Yao’s character, Yue Qiluo, prior to reincarnation. Wu Xin season 2 came out in 2017 so it’s been
a while coming for fans of the series. The good news for the producers is that during
that time Elvis and Sebrina have appeared in other dramas
and have presumably added to their fan base and created more interest for the Wu Xin series. More on this when they release more updates. And before we get to Yang Mi and the drama
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description box below – Yang Mi is spotted reading a girl’s love comic,
and netizens had a field day in comments sections. Yang Mi grew up loving comics. In fact, she might even do well as a comic
artist as she has shown in the past what an talented artist she is. Earlier this month, a netizen shared a picture
of Yang Mi at a lounge at an airport, wearing sunglasses and staring at her phone. And through the reflection of her sunglasses,
fans figured out that she was reading SQ: Begin With Your Name,
a popular Chinese GL comic. Once word got around, netizens left all kinds
of comments. One joked that Yang Mi had become a lesbian. Another said that her obsession with GL comics
is the reason behind her divorce. Yet another said that there’s so much BL around
the country, why not GL? More than anything, I think this is just a reflection
of how big a star Yang Mi really is when even the reflection off her sunglasses is making headlines. Other than that, this doesn’t really say much
else to me. Anything about her sexual orientation is just
conjecture and speculation. The Chinese censorship board has decided to
cap dramas at 40 episodes. If you guys remember, back in September, I did a video about the censorship board bouncing around the idea of having an episode
cap on dramas. Well now they’ve decided to go ahead with
it. Since they explicitly said TV dramas, I’m
assuming it does not extend to web dramas. According to the The National Radio and Television
Administration or the NRTA, the episode cap is to improve the quality of TV dramas and
battle water-filled dramas. Water-filled dramas is Chinese slang for dramas
that contain too much filler material, which to be honest is most dramas, even the good
ones. Currently, the drama with the best viewership
rating on Chinese TV is New World with Sun Honglei, and it has 70 episodes. Other long dramas in the past include The
Story of Minglan with 73 episodes and The Story of Yanxi Palace with 70. Like I explained in my September video, there
is a very commercial reason behind long dramas. More episodes equal more advertising equal
more profit. For producers, the trick is to find the perfect
balance between increasing episodes and boring the audience and ultimately losing
them. My opinion on this is the same as back
in September, on one hand I wouldn’t mind the idea
of more condensed dramas; I am certainly not a fan of filler scenes. But on the other hand, I don’t like the idea
of more restrictions. Let these dramas decide their own fates I
say. If the producers get too greedy and insert too many
filler scenes, the quality will drop and audiences will drop the drama. So what do you guys think? Do you welcome this episode cap or would you
rather producers have the freedom to decide? And that’s it for this edition, guys. This show would not be possible without your
support, whether it is through Patreon or simply by watching, subscribing and liking. So I thank you for watching and as always,
I wish you clear blue skies, good health and happiness. Until next time, cheers.

67 Replies to “Reactions to Yang Mi reading girls love comic, Dramas capped at 40 eps, Monster Killer 3”

  1. What? 40? The government should've mind their own business at this point. I want my Chinese Drama to air at least 60 episodes…

  2. Question…. Does the episode cap mean for the Drama in total or for per season… meaning they could break drama apart into season elongating the story?

  3. Honestly, very very honestly, I love C-drama because of its long episode. I feel like, maybe just me, one of the charm for C-drama is that. But as long as it doesn't affect web dramas, we still have hope for not-so-short drama in the future. Most importantly, quality matters.

  4. 40 is more than enough. If you have something longer, go to Web and prove yourself without guaranteed TV audience (not all senior citizens are familiar with internet, but their TV Sets are constantly in use).

  5. My biggest question is when will Princess Agents season 2 be a reality? There is hardly any news on it since the wedding preview teaser. Some of the millions of die-hard fans will probably die waiting! There was a picture of a skeleton with phone on her/his hand with pics of XingYue circulating on social media … LOL….

  6. I am happy for the cap. These series start out great, get you hooked, and then pack the drama with fillers. By then you are already invested and want to know how the story progresses so you continue watching. eg. Legends.

  7. Im just think maybe there will be much drama will have season2,3 or maybe 4, because some drama have reallly have long story and hard to cut

  8. I worry the ep cap may disturb the storytelling and quality of the drama. Im sure a good team can probably make it fit but, I hope the quality of drama wont seem rushed. Also with shorter number of ep does that mean they will circumvent that by making longer episodes or airing them more times throughout the week or is there a cap on such things?

  9. I'm all for Yang Mi reading whatever she wants, especially if it isn't harming anyone. If she's sapphic, that's even better! We need more love for women anyway. ❤

    Also, sapphic doesn't mean lesbian. Sapphic means women loving women, and that definition of love can be romantic or platonic or just admiration.

    Excited for the cast of Story of Yanxi Palace to come back! And 40 episodes cap depends on the series and storyline I suppose. Thanks for the update!

  10. I think it's silly to put a cap on dramas. Like find yourself could have been longer. I wish they would stop with all these rules

  11. I am for capping, because I dropped so many dramas midway at least 4 last year, even my fab actor's can't make me sit through too many tropes/cliches, and annoying dubbing voice actors really gets me they should caps that as well lol

  12. It is unreasonable… Some drama do deserve over 40 or even 60 episodes like tribes and empires was totally ruin by the cut,it was so good in the beginning so epic even better than lord of the ring or any high scale show but it was ruin… Prolongation of epi should be forbidden like when they drag a successful drama…

  13. I swear fated to love remakes are successful recipe… It can work every time, every country,… Hilarious… I hope they make it more happy in c version… Loved the thai & the Korean ones so much… The thai version was so good i dare to say it was the best

  14. I am not in favour of an absolute cap. Historical dramas will need more. A fluffy school yard romance don't even need 40. If you don't like long dramas, then don't watch. A cap does not guarantee a quality production or less "watery". And people will usually find their way around it anyway. A 90 minute episode, instead of the usual 45 min? Season 1, Season 2, Season 3 ? There has to be a more creative way to address the root issues.

  15. I don't mind the cap as long they are only for Dramas not yet shoot since it surely will hurt the flow of the story more than the fillers. In many countries there are restrictions regarding length but since they normally are made by TV stations and not administration no one raises an eyebrow. If 40 episodes are too little to tell the entire story they always can make another season like with Joy of Life or Ever Night.

  16. This was such a lovely surprise. I quite loved the dynamics of the main couple in The Eternal Love and would watch their new drama just out of curiosity. The fact that the new drama is a remake of Fated To Love, which was really fun, is an icing on the cake.

  17. I'm ok with some dramas being condescending. Minglan and Yangxi needed to have 70+. But some dramas I find myself pressing skiiiiiiiiiiiip in the middle.

  18. Story of Ming Lan and Yang Xi palace I did not felt bord once. I didn't feel the need to press forward because it was so captivating. But there is other dramas that clearly got filers and I either fast forward or worse dropped them. I think someone said below they should let them the opportunity to argue their cause if the drama needs more episodes for the plot to develop smoothly. And for Yang Mi readings I will check out that manga. If she take hzr time reading it than it might be a good one. How obsess can you be with a celebrity to go as far as to even decifer a reflexion from a pair of glasses. If what you read a is a reflection of your sexual orientation than I must be thoroughly open to whatever. And also when that best seller Shade of Grey (I still not got around reading yet. Or even watch the movie) flooded most of mainstream public (because that genre was super old already), in 2012 did it mean that half the planet was into BDSM? Be sensible please.😏

  19. I'm having feelings about this 40 episode cap. I'm sure it will change nothing about the quality of the writing. It will force the writers to change the structure, and we'll see fewer story lines per drama. But I'm sure they will have to write large amounts of content just as fast.

  20. Hi Thank You for all your wonderful videos and updates on movies and drama… this question has nothing to do with your current video but I was wondering since their is no chance of making the drama Princess Agent 2. Is the drama based on a book and if so can I find this book in english?Thank You!

  21. I’ll watch You are My Destiny…but the original, Fated to Love You is still my favorite with Joe Chen, after all she still is my favorite actress! ❤️

  22. I agree that some dramas are too long but eg as a massive fan of Yanxi Palace, just what would you cut from that??!! Let the producers decide. Thank you for your updates, sooo looking forward to the new one from the crew of Yanxi Palace. Also a fan of The Eternal Love series and eager for the new You Are My Destiny …the Korean remake is still listed as an all time hit and is my current preferred version. There is also a Thai version which was OK as well. Currently there is a Japanese version being released on Asian drama sites. The chemistry between these two leads will add to this version I am sure. Love your updates and I particularly appreciate that you show an image of the actors as I am Australian with no language skills . This allows me to know to whom you are referring to me as your correct pronunciation of the actors name does not allow me to know to whom you are referring. But I do know their work and in many instances am a fan. Also agree with your choices such as the actress in Nothing Gold Can Stay. Thank you look forward to more of your updates.

  23. Drama the guardians of the ancient oath
    Seen to episode 5
    Highlight of drama
    Lin Jun told jin yang, wife of 1st brother in bai li household that the 3 persons-1st brother, 2nd sister and the 3rd brother when they combined their forces it will be strong to kill any yao

    This drama has supernatural power scenes

    An interesting and exciting drama
    Highly recommend to watch

  24. So if I read a airline pilot novel comic ect. Does that make me a pilot. Cool. Wait that's not how this works.I don't read all genre's. Some I like love or don't read. If Yang Mi wants to read it. Then she can and she did. Hope she enjoyed it and her next one ,whatever that may be. 🙂

  25. Meanwhile….everyone in China goes crazy over BL and wang yibo and Xiao zhan in a way that’s soooo overboard because you know that no one would actually want the guys to came out as gay as they’d lose their job and be ostracised. But watch a female comic of the same orientation and BE female? Your gay! No wonder why she divorced etc…. so ridiculous. The 40 ep cap is what happens when someone hates their job at the censor board with so many dramas to judge and protect society from.

  26. 40 episodes capped!! 🤔 What do I think about this? I think it is alright, they can always make a season 2 if there is a demand for it. 😉 Thanks for the updates Marcus, love and cheers 🥂🌹❤️

  27. As someone who have always read & watch Wuxia dramas I think 40episodes will be too short especially when you have read the novel & they adapted into a drama. It's really gonna feel like they're rushing it!! For example Ashes of Love it was perfect but if they cut it to 40 then i don't know how to feel anymore.
    Anyway as for YANGMI, even I'm a girl myself & I love BL & GL so much but I'm straight. It's not that just because you read BL or GL it mean that your sexual orientation has changed. Whatever it is I LOVE YANGMI❤️.

  28. If Historical dramas are to be capped at 40 eps, it's honestly too short and producers may just cut away details and highlights of the dramas just to pass the restriction… But for modern drama i think it's fine, since most of them are usually around 30+ to 40+ eps long

  29. I love long Chinese dramas and the longest I've watched was My New Fair Princess consist of 98 episodes, next was Three Kingdoms which was 95 and it seems that I can't watch The Fated General in the future? So sad. Shortened dramas are good for as long as it's detailed and accurate!

  30. Loved Yanxi Palace, so I will be looking forward to Legacy!
    I don’t agree with 40 cap on dramas let the producers decided. They should have enough wisdom and discernment among their team when to know “too much filler will affect their productivity.”

  31. Probably I have the same opinion as you Sim but I don't like that they restrict it to 40 Episodes and that the state interferes in such a thing. I'm probably more against this restriction than for it. I hope they'll change it again.

  32. Hahaha i dropped story of minglan long time ago can't even remember the exact episode.. Found it kinda boring anyway I'm for the 40 caps instead.

  33. I like the cap. Most looong dramas could have easely been cut into seasons like legend of fuyao. That drama could have been like 3 seasons. Ashes of love could have been 2 seasons or even also 3. Just cut at important plot points or big set changed. Since you dont need to gather the capital for the whole story it should be easier. And popular dramas will easely gather more capital for the next season. Meaning increased quality. So if they would take this way it could be a big win.
    Normally i dont read girls love but the one yang mi read is such a good one i read it from beginning to end! So i can totally understand her. Hope she doesent get hurt by mean comments.
    Thanks for the video❣️

  34. Oh come on/// now a girl can't read what she likes without those kids whining about it … and loooooooool they are the same kids that fawn on boys love…. like jeeeeeeeeeeeez leave her alone..
    also seriously limiting episode counts… i mean i understand the idea … but there are story plots that need more than 40 episodes and limiting them might force the production company to cut back on scenes or arcs that are critical to the story especially if the story is based on a novel or manga …. like you said… let the director have the freedom… they know best and if they got greedy then step in and tell them to cut back… there are too many restrictions as of now…. let them breath …. GOD….
    sorry for the outburst…. and welcome back dear…. looking forward to more news from you ^^

  35. Is it just me or there hasn’t really been a great CDrama out lately? The last drama that I really liked was Princess Silver. I keep trying to pick up all the new dramas that just came out but I cannot finish them for some reason, they’re just not interesting. Missing a wow factor ☹️

  36. I don't like the cap but they will probably do a TV cut and online release like The Rise of Phoenix. I think this could boast online and tv views for many shows since people love to compare.

  37. Hi Marcus, Love your work. Your the only person I follow online for my chinese drama. Do you have any news on a release dates for: The Wolf (狼殿下) and Skate into Love (冰糖炖雪梨)?

  38. 🤩💖🙏🏼Thank You Sir Marcus for the update about my so beautiful lovely idol LI QIN , may i ask again what’s the name of her newest movie story drama . Please 💖🙏🏼

  39. I generally prefer dramas with 60 and more episodes, time to really get into the story and the characters lives. Perhaps I have been lucky, because so far I haven't seen a single series which I felt was too long. Let's leave it up to the producers to decide … however, I hope they will still decide to make dramas with loads of episodes. 😉

  40. I like your channel Marcus, do you have this Asian Drama News ? Im late find your youtube. Anyway I wish there have new drama with Yang Mi and Mark Chao renunion again. 😊

  41. They’re messing up. I love the long series. When I’m searching for something to watch the amount of episodes matter to me. The longer the better and is the ones I surely pick

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