Rel (FOX) Trailer HD – Lil Rel Howery, Sinbad comedy series

Rel, I love those kicks. NARRATOR: Lil Rel Howery is Rel. I’m having so much fun. it went where it went. Look, I was trying to say some
inspirational, but you know, I just want you to know,
that never goes away. you just call out to somebody
and there’s nobody there. You’re going to
have moments where I was kind of lonely in
that house by myself. When your mother
first passed away, NARRATOR: –to appreciate
what you’ve got. No, I don’t want to
talk to your mother. I’ll talk to you later. Look, I know it’s only been six
days, but you look big to me. Look at y’all, getting
all big and stuff. Hey, what’s up, little people? NARRATOR: Sometimes,
you’ve gotta lose it all– Loose boots Monica? He refuses to go out
with my girl, Monica. Nat, your brother’s insane. Her feet be sliding back
and forth in the boot. I mean, she wears loose boots. Her boot is too wide for
her little assed ankle. Monica? I could probably hook you
up with my girl, Monica. You know, I’ll maybe
start dating again. I know things look rough right
now, but my future starts now. We’re praying for you, brother. This looks like a place
where they bag up heroin. Now I was expecting
this to be sad, but damn. All I’m saying is,
Brother Rel, look here, man. Oh, no. He’s not talking
about me, right? may feel alone because your wife
left you and took the kids– Your life may be in
shambles, and you You’ve gotta have faith. This ain’t about you. you didn’t see this coming? Y’all go on. All that money I spent on
you for glasses as a child, Oh, don’t “Look, Dad” me. Your wife and your barber? You know I got you. Look, Dad– I’m your little brother. So don’t tell Dad anything. Nat, look, I don’t want
nobody in my business, OK? Yo, what up, big bro? Which Is why I called your
customer service number. And now my wifi is not working. You know? with nobody to greet you. and they just treat the
kids like furniture. Which she also took, by the way. It’s hard coming home
to an empty house because I’ve seen
friends do that, I don’t want to fight
for custody, you know, Not my mailman, not my garbage
man, but my hair confidante. would a slept with my barber. Who would have ever
thought my wife I can’t believe this, man. NARRATOR: Lil Rel Howery is Rel. [MUSIC PLAYING] Well I like your, um– NARRATOR: Coming to Fox.

100 Replies to “Rel (FOX) Trailer HD – Lil Rel Howery, Sinbad comedy series”

  1. Two of the most dark-skinned brothers being the children of Sinbad. The genetics aren't really matching up here.

  2. Lol this is not gonna even last a whole season. Carmichael show was soooooooo much better and it too got cancelled. There's no hope for this on, especially not on fox

  3. It actually looks funny, but the audience laughter seems so forced in shows these days. And it throws off the jokes punchline. Some jokes are still funny even if you don’t laugh out loud.

  4. the set is like a classic sitcom but the lighting makes it look like a standard drama O__o

    oh shit that's sinbad, it took me a hot second…….i legit was like "who this is random white dude?"

  5. I won't put blame on the cast , but this trailer is a disgrace it looks cheap the cinematography looks like a tyler perry show on own news flash fox black people know a bad show when we see it, its not fair to the cast especially sinbad who is a comic legend but it will stay on until january when they replace it with the show they really wanted there in the first place

  6. I like all the actors but I didn’t find this trailer that funny, that’s is until the end where they actually showed the “loose boots” idk why but I lost it lmao

  7. This show looks pretty good though. Im sure fox is going to build their audience base using black shows then, cancel them for something stupid.

  8. How IN THE FUCK did that talentless , unfunny troll known as Jess hilarious get on this show or ANY show for that matter….that bitch ISNT FUNNY

  9. that laugh track needs to go and seriously I would be mad if I was them because this looks like a preproduction cut of something they want to pitch.

    I'll watch because of Sinbad and Rel but low key Cedric would've been better as the father and Sinbad could've been a relative or lifelong friend of the father.

  10. They can't cancel The Carmichael Show and keep this running longer than 2 season's. 🤣🤣It's the same storyline

  11. Netflix Should Grab This Because It Looks Funny An Relatable. It Won’t Last On Fox. Carmichael Show Was Good And It Got Canceled So It Doesn’t Even Matter On That Part.

  12. This show will run less then a month before its cancelled. When i saw Jess hilarious i was thinking damn you guys are desperate hugh? shes funny like if your messing around in the neighborhood joking around but thats it, take her around the world doing comedy and she will get booed off stage she only good in the hood. Basically i don't like her comedy shes overrated and the b!tch looks like a cartoon deer.

  13. I'm rooting so hard for this. Lil' Rel feat. Sinbad, please let this be a hit Fox! (They cancel everything!)

  14. I plan on watching!!! And I hope it's NOT cancelled if so they need to do away with a lot of these other shows as well, and the first one on the list should be "City Line"

  15. Interesting they're using the same exact set as the Jerrod's old show. Ik he's the EP but still. It's interesting. Feels like home

  16. The Carmichael show was 10 times funny then this trailer of a show. Its missing something. You should not be playing another character that's been done already. The Carmichael show was the best show in a long time since Martin Living Single Married With Children.

  17. Loose boots Monica that's funny to me lol. Well maybe the show ideal is ok but the writing needs some juice. How about we start writing what we think the show should have and see who has skills. I can guarantee someone will see it and get the right person attn. Just saying if u don't like something 2018 make it better. #bettergang

  18. Don't tell me one movie can't make a career. Rel, don't let GET OUT keep the rest of your career in the sunken place

  19. This looks terrible. Maybe it's the laugh track that sucks. It's great to see Sinbad back on screen though. Sucks that this won't last long…

  20. Fox is on a roll here. I just watched that stupid old man trailer show with Martin mull and David Alan Grier…and that sucked. This show sucks too. wtf happened to fox??

  21. Does anyone know what the last song in this trailer is? I know it’s mostly an instrumental but I like the beat & can’t figure out what song it is

  22. Every single live action show on fox that you thought was good, watchable, or even entertaining, was canceled for this. Not only for this, but a show about a bunch of old people (most likely cracking dated jokes or 92% of the jokes will me about millennials) and last man standing. I'm not excited, happy, or even want to come close to seeing any of them. I don't think any one of these "new" fox shows will even make me chuckle. I swear, the people of this world need to petition to get the exec's at fox all fired, cause they don't care about their fans, they care about money. The reason the peoples favorite shows got canceled, for these shows, Bob's burgers, family guy and the Simpsons (not complaining about these 3, but they were kept because they will always make money off them.) Then the final reason being…… sports. They needed to clear the space for the sports lineups that are more than likely, sports no one cares to watch.

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