Remote Controlled Shark Attack Prank 2018

– Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Jay Karl, and I am back with another remote control prank. This one’s my most requested,
remote control shark fin. Let’s just jump right to it. – [Narrator] This prank was
performed by a trained idiot. Do not try this at home. (waves splashing) Many humans seem to have an unhealthy, and irrational fear of sharks. And some people are even
afraid to go into the ocean. – Johnny, there’s a shark in the water! – [Narrator] How can an animal that kills less people each year
than alligators and snakes be the most feared? (dramatic orchestral music) – You guys are going to hell for this. – [Jay] I know. (foghorn) – [Narrator] This widespread fear is due to the vast misconceptions based on media driven hype,
lack of true shark knowledge, and a primal fear of the unknown. (dramatic orchestral music) (waves splashing) (dramatic music) (music intensifies) (dramatic music) (dog barks) (dramatic music) (music intensifies) (girl screaming) – Look, there’s a shark! Jake, get out of the water! Jake! I’m not getting in there so hurry up! Up! (water splashing) (dramatic music) (laughter) (dramatic music) (music intensifies) (girl screaming) (dramatic music) (waves splashing) (dramatic music) (helicopter noise) (dramatic music) (music intensifies) (guy screams) (dramatic orchestral music)

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    kid:was it worth it?
    Mom:HOLD ON…
    kid:I’m still alive
    Mom: oh no…
    Kid: oh yeah
    Kid: worth It yet
    Mom: 6mil dislikes
    Kid: 😀
    Mom:what’re you smiling about?!
    Kid:that a certain mother didn’t get paid to watch his son die and not even try to help him for views 😃

  2. OH MY GOD SHHHH SHHHHS SSSSHSHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop right there honey, in need to film this!!!! ok, now 1,2,3, STRUGGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  3. I would like to have ssen one clip where somebody smacked him in the face just before he beach patrol guys arrested him. Not a prank and not funny.

  4. Mom: Ooooo look a shark
    Also mom: brings phone out starts recording
    Get out the wawtta!

    If this was real the kid would’ve been dead ……

  5. Now what if there's an actual shark and people got spoiled by trickery then they got killed because they're not cautious about it.

  6. I thought the little dog. Was pretty cool that it appeared he was warning everyone about a danger and was ready to go help them it kind of makes me wonde how a dog would know that. A shark fin means danger ? Its not like dogs go to the movies or read newspapers

  7. Omg i burst out laughing!! Woman was like. "Oh good idea, lets record first, maybe later i will save my son if i have time."

  8. If I was in the ocean, someone told me theirs a shark in the ocean. I’ll tell them, I want proof it’s a real shark. Could be a robot shark someone playing prank on people. 🦈

  9. That was mean AF. I need one of these.We spend the summers at the beach.I usually have a jelly fish on fishing phiament linhe.And as people wlak by they get a close look…than I pull the string…harlality ensues

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