RIPPED Trailer (2017) Stoner Comedy Movie

Would you rather any other Charlie’s angels or dick I gotta go with Debbie man? She’s just right amount of not [snide] Looks like we might have to spend the night here tonight Looks like a baby Talking door hello door everybody on this calculator Yeah, I went outside. I thought I do with car [plugged-in] priced at [$5] a gallon. [what’s] the date? 2006 is that when we smoke knocked us down for 30 years Debbie? You guys want me to believe you bought some super [pot] from area 51 I’m your waiter [will] concert that you never got to Because your van fell into a ditch where you slept for 30 years and here you are that is what really happened these mines and hansy Where’s this guy? Thanks brad [Em] studies kid? I said I didn’t want you to meet my friend I understand the whole thing about rome no drugs be very respectful. [I] tell you how pretty your hair looks with the gray in it [le] she says Christ [duty] to contact [me] today. You really need to work on your compliment Hey smoke cigarettes weird reading and those are our tombstone if your ghost how come I can’t see through you Playing the music move [Egon] the song has changed and his arms were in the air big DJ with his dick. He’s a dick jockey

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  1. so fucking true, i have respect for djs like dj ravine or dj cotts, but djs who fucking put there hands in the air at wrong times mean "dick jockey" lol

  2. love stoner movies. takes me back to when I was a young fella. Love Russell Peters. Not sure if this movie will be any good but hell yea I'm watchin it.

  3. after 15 years smoking the best herb,, I learned to weld, build some awesome shit, I can cut 2 bad cars in half n build I awesome one,, I built my parents 2 story house from the ground up completely stoned & I don't remember none of it,, the recession, I cant remember none of it,,, I just use to be so fuckin energetic when I smoked,, then I slowly got more paranoid, more tired,, then I got full blown cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome ,,, I lost 60 pounds,, taken like 20 hot showers a day…thought I was dying,, docters couldn't figure out what was wrong with me,, then I realized its the weed that made me sick out of my mind,, my kidneys almost went out I pissed blood,, now everytime I take a hit I start vomiting,, & then when I don't smoke I feel like I'm on crack & have a normal appetite & I'm not sick… shit I miss just takin a hit of some super silver haze or jack herer n going for a hike or just mowing the lawn,,, now the weed just makes me vomit & shit explosive diarrhea all day,,, & I tried it all organic home grown, in door out,, edibles, wax,, hash, flower, vape, sativa, indica hybrid cbd cbn fuck any way form of weed n it still makes me sick

  4. I started the trailer thinking "awesome, new stoner movie", but then I continued and no, I'm not watching this.

  5. Seriously boring and stupid if you're watching sober, but for what I'm guessing is the majority of people that will watch this movie, watching it high will literally have you in tears

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