Riverdale | Lili Reinhart – Cooper Family Drama | The CW

– Where’s my mom and Polly?
– Gone. Everyone is. And we’ll never see them again. – At the end of season three
Alice has truly disappeared, been swallowed by the farm. What if that means she’s been found out? Alice has been deep undercover
at the farm so she’s been sort of MIA. – I’m agent Smith with the FBI. Is Betty Cooper here by any chance? – And of course she was
introduced to her brother, her real half brother Charles
Smith who is an FBI agent working in Riverdale. – Good god Hal, you were a
terrible serial killer then and you still are today. Useless. (gun shot)
(screaming) – Her dad was shot in
front of her at the end of the season so she’s
dealing with the death of her father as well. Other than that great summer.
(laughing) (dramatic music)

62 Replies to “Riverdale | Lili Reinhart – Cooper Family Drama | The CW”

  1. Her mom and sister are MIA,her dad got shot and died right in front of her, she got to meet her brother that she thought was dead “ Other then that great summer”.😂😂😂😂

  2. Her father got shot in front of her, her sister and mother are both MIA, she has a long-lost brother, and yet, people still try to find a way to hate her.

  3. Well family drama is an interesting way of saying whatever was going on there bacause my brain couldn't handle season 3😂

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