Roaches & Minding your Business – Comedy clip- (Funny Videos) (Stand up Comedian)

Forrreal man I had so many roaches growing
up that I grew up confused I didn’t know I didn’t know if the roaches stayed inside OUR house, or we stayed inside the roaches house I used to be at home watching TV roaches
used to be looking at me like why is you sitting on OUR couch why is he watching
OUR TV this OUR house we were here first I was like aw my bad my bad. Forreal man you ever go over somebody house and it smell like they got roaches? Like as soon as you walk in there, you smell sumn that don’t smell right… you like some spell unfamiliar around
HERE…. that was our house unfortunately My friend came over our house for
summer break for about two weeks soon as he walked in our house (he didn’t say hey to my two sisters, he didn’t say hey to my momma) SOON as he walked in he said “EWWUGHH Ambrose, its smell like yall got roaches” you know I can’t get mad at him because I
couldn’t deny the fact we had roaches so I just looked at them and I said well
your nose did not deceive you this time bc when you walk past this living room
into this kitchen we’re gonna see if your eyesight is as good as your smell cause you gonna see ALL these dam roaches a box of cereal off the refrigerator
look at it let the hell roaches get in here we need openings yeah like marvin
see Sugar Smacks or did you better use like this well I put some see you back on that
damn refrigerator mmm we had one of our stoves back in the day with the glass
and a piece on my mother said my friend Robert in there to make sure the
cornbread was dead I mean make sure what’s read what the hell time she said
Robert going and make sure the cornbread done about two minutes later we hear man
that holla we coming out like what’s wrong with you he was like someone’s he
looked in the of and he’s saying the roach hauling a piece of cornbread liked
it right now it ain’t ready yet put it on 375 for 15 mo minutes it’ll be done
Dean hey what is this Jimmy this is good y’all cook hot water cornbread last week
this is good this is real good hey to be the roses growing up anybody who usually
have to do to shake test on a folder when they pulled it out they backpacking
school I thought y’all did have roaches I thought shouting that’s why that’s
embarrassing may you be sitting in math class and the teacher asks everybody to
take the manifold out we’ve got to go over the problems that we did for
homework you look around the classroom everybody else taking a fold out with
ease you send that slump back in your seat scratching your head like damn did
I close my backpack when I got done with my homework last night damn I hope I did
just have you to open your backpack and reach for your phone now you grab it
shake it now everybody in the class looking at you like it’s something wrong
with too late what’s wrong with you Ambrose oh I’m shaking this water off my
phone it rain today they’d be like no it didn’t you blow on the street I walked
on indeed by your damn big don’t be worried about when I’m shaking my phone
take the fold out your backpack put it on your desk open it up is a rogue
sitting right there hey I froze how you’re doing I checked your math
homework phase you got number two wrong I don’t worry about that girl sitting
behind you she gonna like you she gonna like you for you be like god damn that’s
a three-hit combo that’s what you do when you snatch the roach out to why
when you advise somebody over your housing on want them to see ya gonna
have yourself a seat no he said in the kitchen get yourself something to drink
that’s a three-hit combo you gotta grab it don’t forget to squeeze it and kill
it because you don’t want to throw it and it still be alive and Atlanta one of
your sisters you don’t want to do that Tommy Oh gross the hunt now using the
suburbs of Chicago you and then the city okay don’t do like I did one day my
girlfriend came over i have i seen a roach on the while I was like yeah go
need have yourself a seat on in the kitchen get yourself something to drink
I grabbed the roach I squeezed it but when I do it I do it in front of the fan
a fan bounce the road right back on that day I showed and she hauled in the stream of light
sheen scene you know day I real good folk I lied to of like they come from
next over that vacant house let go that’s where they come from we don’t
have roaches mmm Hartman the hose the hose he brought me up he didn’t say my
name is Ambrose Jones to third I know y’all looking like yant damn god bay
three of y’all yeah he did my name is ambrosia I was the third you know when I
had my son everybody acts to me and my family are you gonna name your son and
protons to forth to keep the legacy a lie I was like to keep what legacy a
legacy a warehouse forklift drivers an alcoholic slow the hell down company and
just legacy right now

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  1. This brother is one funny dude. I would like to see him on the silver screen one day. He has the right stuff to make it to the top.

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