Rocket To The Moon! Noah’s Sneaky Joke on His Sisters! SuperHeroKids

(hammering) (playful music) – [Hope] Eden! – I’m in here. (sighs) Blast. – Are you busy right now? – Actually, I’m–
– Good, I need your help! I wanna build a spaceship. (dramatic chord strikes) – A spaceship? – Yes, I wanna be the first
YouTuber ever in space. (dramatic chord strikes) – There’s no way we could build a spaceship all by ourselves. – With my plans and your brains,
we can get anything done. Are you in? – I’m in, but it’s not gonna work. – Great, let’s go! (curious music) – Hey guys? Hello? Come on guys, I’m bored! Is anybody home? What are ya up to? (gasps) Space? Whoa, you’re building a spaceship? That’s so cool! Where’s my seat? – Oh, sorry, Noah. We only have enough
materials for two seats. – Plus, this is kind of a big kid trip. Sorry, little bro. – (huffs) I’ll show you guys. (upbeat music) (drilling) (pipes clattering) (blows raspberry) (sighs) – I’m helping! (playful music) – Hmm. I took Hope’s iPad. This gives me an idea. (upbeat funk music) (dramatic music) (upbeat orchestral music) – Engines, check! – Beep boop, check! – GPS, check! – Beep beep. (squeaking) Check! – Snacks, check! – Check! (crunches) – Perfect! Starting countdown now. (exhales loudly) Five,
(beeping) four, three, two,
(beeping) one! Blast off! (buzzing) (yelling) Isn’t something supposed to happen? – I told you it wouldn’t work. – It will work! I’m a space girl, trust me. (electronic buzzing)
(rocket firing) (yelling) I knew it would work! It’s not safe! There’s too much turbulence! (girls yelling) (heavy breathing) Okay. I think we made it through the turbulence. – Okay. I think we need to look out the window. – Are you sure? (upbeat orchestral music) – Well? What do you see? – We did it. – We did? – We’re in space. – Whoa, dude. (triumphant music) (quiet laughing) (steady rock music) Okay, what are we gonna do first in space? – I wanna collect space stones! – I wanna do flips in zero gravity! – Yes! I did it. They really think they’re in space! “I wanna collect space rocks.” “I wanna float in zero gravity.” Huh, this is the best joke ever. (gasps) Uh oh! (tense orchestral music) (rustling) (girls yelling) – What happened? – We had a wing malfunction! – I gotta get this back on! – Buckle up! This is gonna get rough. – [Noah] Whoa! (coughing) – There’s smoke! We must be entering the atmosphere! – We’re gonna crash! Brace for impact! (grunting) (heart beating) (coughing) – Eden! Are you okay? – (coughing) Yeah, I’m okay. Are you okay? – Yeah. I wonder what planet we crash landed on. – I have no idea. I couldn’t see the star
chart before we went down. – Well, (dramatic orchestral
music) let’s find out. (grunting) – Hope, we made it home! – Whew, that was an adventure. I vow to never go to space again! Some other YouTuber can be the
first person to be in space. – I think there’s been
people in space before, Hope. – Oh. I knew that. (strange rattling) – Hope. Do you hear that? – What is it? – I don’t know! Do you think we brought something
back with us from space? (Noah yelling) – Alien!
– Alien! (Noah yelling) – Ow, my head. Guys? Where’d you go? Hey, guys! We make new videos every Saturday. So, make sure to hit
that subscribe button. – Make sure to hit the link down below to check out our awesome
Superhero Kid merch. – Click right here to see another video, and we’ll see ya there! – Whoa. (laughs) (upbeat rock music)

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