Sadhguru on The Drama of Life: Do it the way it works

Sadhguru: All you need to do is, just be the
way you want to be. How do you want to be? That’s all. It’s that simple but it’s also that far away,
isn’t it? It’s that simple; after all you want to
be joyful; just be that way – who is stopping you? ‘No, no, they are doing this.’ See, now you don’t want them to do what
they want to do (Laughter) but you want to do what you want to do. (Laughter) This is a problem. If you want to do what you want to do, you must also be okay with everybody doing what they want to do. That’s the only way because freedom is a
two way stream, isn’t it? Yes? Now, is somebody physically torturing you? If that is so, you come; we’ll take you
away (Laughter), because then you need to be protected. Nobody is physically torturing you, they just
doing what they want to do; they are saying what they want to say. Or they’re just saying just what they know,
isn’t it? So, who is causing the mess within you? Yourself. Because somewhere you believe, if you become
angry, if you become miserable, it may pay off and it does sometimes. If there are more miserable people around
you who value your misery, it pays off, isn’t it? Yes? If you act miserable in the house you get
many things; if you are joyful maybe you don’t get Isn’t it so? So, you learnt the trick but what you need
to understand is the trick is double edged. If you are miserable, whatever the hell you
get, it doesn’t mean anything. If you are joyful, you don’t get anything,
so who cares? (Laughs) So, this is not just your trick. Everybody around you has always been playing
this trick and you thought that’s the way; but, what is it that you want? You want to be joyful or miserable? Participants: Joyful. Sadhguru: So, just be the way you want to
be. Does it infringe on anybody? Does it infringe o n anybody? No. Now, I want to smoke, (Gestures), if I do, (Laughter) now this is going to cause some disturbance to somebody. I want to just be happy. Is it infringing on anybody’s anything? Is it, I am asking? Participants: No. Sadhguru: So, you be the way you want to be,
who is stopping you? You cannot do whatever you want to do, but
you can be the way you want to be, isn’t it? Yes? Can anybody stop you? Others need not even know that you are joyful. If they like a miserable face, give it to
them (Laughter). If they like miserable faces, give it to them,
but you can still be joyful, isn’t it (Laughter)? Right now we’ll experiment, okay? Right now, lot of faces are looking joyful. I want you to maintain the same joy and look
miserable. Do it now (Laughter). Do it now, let me see; you don’t smile at
me (Laughter). Show me a miserable face; being joyful within
you. You must practice (Laughter). Please do it; see, this will be needed in
your home. If you are all the time ha, ha, ha, ha they’ll…
they’ll go crazy (Laughter). Sometimes they expect a miserable face (Laughter). Hmm? What’s so spiritual about you, all this damn yoga, he, he, he, he and all? (Gestures) (Laughter) What’s the problem? Action should be the way the situation demands, have I not been insisting on this all the time? But you tell me which is first, your way of
being is first or action is first? Which comes first? Meditators: Way of being. Sadhguru: Your way of being. So, if you say I want to be joyful, establish
that. Action, as the situation demands. Some people like misery, some people like
laughter, some people like crying – do it; I do everything (Laughter). Please practice life in the sathsang; that’s
why you are here – encounter with truth, you know It should happen here, not after you go home. What I am telling you is, everything that you
do is actually act. Isn’t it so? Either you do it consciously or you do it
compulsively. If you do it compulsively, you think it’s real,
but actually it’s an act. Isn’t it so? Everything is cooked up in your head, isn’t
it, whatever you do? So, it’s anyway an act. So, do you want to do it consciously or do
you want to do it compulsively, that’s all the choice is. So, you do it compulsively and you think it’s
real – it’s a foolish way to exist. It’s anyway an act; at least do it consciously
then life will be beautiful. If you do it compulsively, it looks like a
trap. It’s not a trap. Life is not a trap because the exit is always
there, wide open (Laughs). Yes or no? Yes or no? Participants: Yes Sadhguru: Life is not a trap; the exit is
always open. Everybody is trying to dodge the exit (Laughter). No? So, if the exit was closed, only then you can
call it a trap, isn’t it? The exit is always wide open; one moment if
you don’t take care, you’ll be dead. The exit is wide open. Your whole life is to somehow not to reach
the exit. Isn’t it so? So, it is not a trap. It is just that, if you think that your acts
are all real, then it feels like a trap. Whatever you think, feel and do is your act. Isn’t it so? Yes or no? When you do not realize it’s your act, you
think it’s God-given instructions. You will start hearing voices. When you hear voices, it’s very clear you
need treatment (Laughter). So, if you ask this one (Referring to oneself),
this wants to be as pleasant as possible, isn’t it? Yes? You want to know the highest state of pleasantness. Isn’t it so? So who is stopping you? ‘No, but they are doing this.’ They are doing what they like. You be the way you want to be. If you establish your way of being, then whatever
you do is just a question of the situation. Depending on what kind of situations exist, accordingly we act. ‘No, no, I want to do my own things.’ There is no your own thing. ‘No, I want to become a IT professional.’ There is no such damn thing. Because you are born today in India, you are
thinking of IT professional. Suppose you were born here 1,000 years ago
you’d be thinking of fishing in the ocean, isn’t it? Yes or no? Participants: Yes Sadhguru: Action is as the situation demands
and offers, isn’t it? How to be, is yours. If you have decided how to be, be that way,
perform action as it is necessary.

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  1. I have not been evaluated Indian, meditation but been involved in American Indian; so hard so perfect. thanks for sharing this program s on YouTube. by:hermit. hft

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  3. Sadhguru is a real Guru , who always follow himself first, what he is saying . every word is enlighten your mind. Thanks you soo much Guruji. God blessed him long healthy life.

  4. If u r miserable whatever the hell u get it doesnot matter,,,if u r joyful u don,t get a thing who the hell cares

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