SAO Abridged Parody: Episode 14

*Disclaimer reader giggles* *Sword slash* *Keith screams* PantySmasher: KEITH! NOOOOO!!! Kirito: Hmm. DeezGunz: *Hillbilly accent* Argh! That darn Spriggan just done asploded Keith! Uh… But the prophecy said- *Normal voice* Oh, wow. You’re not even gonna wait now, are you? *Slash* *DeezGunz screams* *Kirito sighs* Kiriro: Now that I’ve shaken the rust off, why don’t you come on down here and show me some of that southern hospitality, Colonel? PantySmasher: *Texas accent* “Come on down”? Boy, you got a working set of wings now, don’tcha? Why don’t you mosey your inferior little bee-hind up here and we’ll settle this like fairies. Kirito: Um… No, I- I’m- I’m good. I don’t wanna waste my time flying up there and then… coming back down to… dig your grave. PantySmasher: Oh my dear, Muffin. Can you not fly? Goodness, I knew you Spriggans were a garbage race, but I had no idea you were impotent! *PantySmasher laughs* *Whoosh*
PantySmasher: Bah! Kirito: And there’s more where that came from, SANDERS! Next one won’t be a warning shot! But I’m a gracious man. What do you prefer? Wing or thigh?! *PantySmasher grunts* PantySmasher: No, I think not, Spriggan. I don’t know what sorta arrangement you degenerates have made with the Sylphs, but know this. The Salamanders cannot be stopped… and we shall not rest… until we have… dat booty. *Normal voice* Wait, would PantySmasher say “booty”? No, no, of course he wouldn’t. Y-You guys have thrown me off my whole rhythm! You’re just impossible to play off of! You know what? Enjoy the ground! Later, casuals! Kirito: Heh. Joke’s on him. I only had the one sword. Which, I now have to go find. Shoot. Shoot? Why the fudge did I say shoot? Fudge?! Oh my codfish, what’s wrong with me?! Leafa: *Noble voice* Oh, sir? Are you a newcomer to our realm? Have you not heard tell of… the en- …the ENCHANTMENT placed upon this island which… halts the… forbidden tongue? Kirito: *Under his breath* Cheese and crackers, you’re still roleplaying? Please, lady. I am BEGGING you. Just talk to me like a person for TWO seconds. *Leafa sighs* Leafa: *Normal voice* Dude, it’s a kids game. There’s a profanity filter. Kirito: *Terrified* I wanna go home. ♪ Can we live a Real Life? ♪ ♪ A Real Life; and do we even know what that means? ♪ ♪ Can we live a Real Life; and know people outside machines? ♪ ♪ Can we live a Real Life between the devil and the digital sea? ♪ ♪ Hey! Hey! Hey! ♪
♪ Can we live a Real Life between the devil and the digital sea? ♪ *Kirito crying* Kirito: *Crying* I hate this! This place is dumb! I can’t even curse? What kind of nightmare IS this?! Leafa: *Noble voice* Shhhh! Do not cry, filthy Spriggan. You mustn’t show weakness before the enemy. Kirito: *Crying* Why does everyone keep calling me filthy? Leafa: Those brigands you killed still linger for a time. They are a crafty bunch. Plotting and scheming their… schemes and plots! Keith: *Normal voice* Hey, so… what was all that stuff about a… a- a prophecy? DeezGunz: *Normal voice* Oh, i-it’s just some secret backstory stuff I came up with. You were supposed to be some… like, chosen one who’d lead the Salamanders to glory. *Dramatically* But then, once you rose to power, you’d urge us to abandon our violent ways, and embrace a culture of love and art and veganism. Keith: Oh, wow. That, uh, sounds like it would have been- DeezGunz: But then it’d turn out that I’m super not about that life. So in the dead of night, I’d sneak into your kingly abode, and you’d wake up just in time to see me drive the knife into your chest, and you’d have this- this- this look of heartbreak and betrayal on your face, and I’m crying, ‘cuz I’m killing my best friend, but I know it has to be done for the good of the Salamanders, and I think you kinda get that right at the end, because just before ya pass on we make this beautiful eye contact, there’s no judgement there, you know I’ll already be judging myself enough, you don’t wanna add to that burden, so you just shoot me this understanding nod, and as the light leaves your eyes, you die… in my arms, and I realize… all too late… that you truly were the leader we needed… all along. Aaaand scene. Keith: Listen, Dylan. My mom says my pizza bagels are ready. I don’t think we should see each other again. Dylan: Whaaaat?! Aw, come on! It’s just a little roleplay! Don’t make it weird. Trevor? Trevooooor! Leafa: Alright, we can speak now. Now what do you want? Kirito: Wow. Is this how you treat everyone who saves you? I can just FEEL the gratitude radiating off of you. Like a warm summer breeze wafting across the meadow… that Bambi’s mom was shot in. Leafa: You want change?! You people, always begging for change. Kirito: No, no, I’m good. Really just kinda curious about- *Coins tinkle*
Wah! Ah! Why?! WHY?! Wah! Ah! Why?! WHY?! Leafa: Fine! Just take it and go! Kirito: Look, lady! I just want to ask you about the Wor- Yui: *High pitched* Forget her, Daddy! *Kirito makes a startled noise* Yui: We do not have time to deal with this obstinate hussy! *Deranged* If you get in our way, I will- Kirito: Yui, no. Not the time. *Yui makes a muffled angry rant*
Leafa: Who is this now? *Yui makes a muffled angry rant*
Kirito: D’uh, th- this is Yui. She’s my… uh… um… peeet? Kirito: D’uh, th- this is Yui. She’s my… uh… um… peeet? Yui: *Muffled* WHAT?! Kirito: Yeah, it’s a- a super rare drop. Leafa: Hmm… You claim to be new to this game, yet your stats are so high you were able to kill two high level players in as many attacks, and have a super rare pet item to boot. None of this adds up. So tell me. What’s your game, Spriggan? Kirito: Well… I mean… ALfheim… I guess? *Leafa bursts into a posh laugh* Leafa: Oh, how delightfully droll! Oh, you’re an amusing one, stranger! My name is Princess Leafa, heir to the throne of Sylvaine! Pleased to make my acquaintance. Kirito: Don’t you mean “your”? Leafa: I know what I said. Well? Bow! Kirito: Yeah, that’s gonna be a hard pass. Yui, you ready to get this show on the road? I don’t think we’re getting anything useful out of Barbie Warrior Princess. Yui: Yes! Finally! *Leafa sighs* Leafa: *Normal voice* Wait, wait, sorry. Please don’t go. Yui: I WILL END YOU, THOT! Leafa: Sorry about the roleplaying. I’ll drop it for awhile. People around here get kind of intense about it, y-you know? So I just- I try to stay in character as much as I can. Thanks for the assist with those guys back there, by the way. I think you said you had some questions? Kirito: Yeah, you could say that. I was hoping you could explain a few things about this game, especially the tree. Leafa: Oh, you mean… Kirito: Yeah. Leafa: The Math Tree. Kirito: Exactly. Wait, the what? Math Tree: Gather round, children, and test your NUMERICAL might against my mystical equations, each one designed to STUPEFY the mind and perplex the soul. BEGIN… if you dare… Kirito: Okay, I do definitely have some questions about that, but I kinda meant… you know… THAT one. Leafa: Ooooh, you mean the World Tree! Sure, I can tell you all about it! Why don’t we go somewhere a little more comfortable, though? This place is CRAWLING with Salamanders, and they’ve been gunning for me a LOT lately for some reason. Come on! I know a killer bar over in Sylvaine! Kirito: Bar? I thought this was a kids game? Leafa: Yeah. A cool kids game. Now let’s go. *Kirito stammers nervously* Kirito: Hey now. Wh-What’s the rush? Why don’t we just take a nice moonlit stroll through the forest full of… sexual predators and weird trees. Math Tree: Your time grows short, children! Give me thy answer now or be forever cursed to wander naked- Math Tree: Your time grows short, children! Give me thy answer now or be forever cursed to wander naked-
Kirito: Oh my gosh, FOUR! Kirito: Oh my gosh, FOUR! Math Tree: What?! Impossible! NOOOOO!!!! *Explosion* *Bling* Leafa: Yeeeeaaaah, you’re not fooling anybody, champ. Turn around, pop your wings. Okay, so there’s this LITTLE trick that I like to use. Kirito: Oh yeah? Uh, what’s that? Leafa: Think happy thoughts! *Kirito screams* *Kirito screams, crashing through the trees*
*Leafa giggles* *Clump* Leafa: Uh… Uh oh… Hey, dude! Are you okay?! Kirito: This is amazing! Leafa: Wow, you’re doing great! It took me six MONTHS to get that good! That’s fine. Now, I know it’s your first time, *Leafa giggles* so I’ll be gentle. Kirito: Oh, don’t worry about me. My wife punches me during sex. Leafa: Alright… *FWOOM* *Twinkle* Leafa: *Thinking* Uppity noob, thinking he can outdo ME. No one flies faster than the Princess of Syl- SON OF A BEE STING! Kirito: What’s the matter, Princess? Tired already? *Leafa makes a posh, offended gasp* Leafa: *Noble voice* I mean, eat my farts! *FWOOM* Leafa: *Normal voice* Alright, let’s land at the bottom of this tower here. Kirito: “Land”?! What do you mean “land”?! You never told me how to land?! Leafa: *Noble voice* Oh, what? But you’re so CONFIDENT, I thought you knew everything about flying with your FIVE MINUTES of experience. Kirito: Leafa, please! It’s getting closer! Leafa: *Normal voice* Don’t worry. It’s real easy. All you’ve gotta do is… *Leafa mutters something* Kirito: Leafa?! Wh- Wh- What was that?! I didn’t catch it! Princess?! *Kirito screams* *Crash* *Birds flutter* Leafa: So, has the little Spriggan learned his place? *Kirito groans* Kirito: No, but I have developed a very sudden, yet powerful, distrust of the monarchy. Leafa: *Noble voice* Oh, you peasants are ALWAYS saying that. Let me fix you right up. *Normal voice* See Spot. See Spot run. Run, Spot. Run. *Sparkling* Kirito: Interesting incantation. Can a Spriggan learn that kind of thing? Leafa: *Laughing* Oh, you can try. But your kind are far more adept at lying and stealing. Kirito: Excuse me?! Leafa: Yeah. Illusion Magic and Treasure Hunting. Kirito: That is NOT what you said! ???: Hey, Princess!!! Leafa: Oh, butterscotch. It’s one of my friends. *Leafa sighs* Don’t judge me. But I’m about to go deep. *Boy panting* *Boy panting*
Leafa: *Noble voice* Why hello there, my dear Recon! What brings you before my royal countenance this fine evening? Recon: Oh, not much. How’s it hanging, Leafa? Leafa: *Normal voice* Gosh darn it, Recon. You’re making me look bad in front of the Spriggan! Recon: Oh, g- Oh, gosh. I’m sorry, Princess! I didn’t mean to- OH FRACK! A SPRIGGAN! D’uh… Uh… You’ve got some nerve coming into our territory! Uh… Do you want me to kill it, Princess? Leafa: *Noble voice* No, no. Not this time, Recon. HE’S one of the good ones. Kirito: *Sarcastically* Gee, thanks. Recon: Oh, really? Awesome! Well, any friend of the Princess is a friend of mine. My name’s Reco- *Sparking*
*Recon screams in terror* *Recon screams in terror*
Kirito: Leafa?! Leafa, what’s happening?! *Recon screams in terror*
Oh gosh, he’s crushing my hand! *Recon screams in terror*
Leafa: *Normal voice* Ah, yeah. That’s just his NerveGear. *Recon screams in terror*
He bought a faulty one off the parents of one of those dead SAO kids. *Recon screams in terror*
Every now and then it kind of… *Recon screams in terror*
how’d he describe it… *Recon screams in terror*
pulses the fear center of his brain? *Recon screams in terror* Recon: THE TENTACLE MONSTER! IT’S TEACHING A CLASSROOM!!! *Recon screams in terror* Recon: THEY’RE KILLING HIM! THEY’RE TEACHING THEM HOW TO KILL HIM!!!
Leafa: Apparently he got it pretty cheap, though, what with it having melted their son and all. *Recon screams in terror*
Kirito: Oh ho, yeah! He clearly took them for a ride- Recon: DON’T TRUST HIM, GUYS! YOU CAN’T TRUST HIM!!!
Kirito: Oh ho, yeah! He clearly took them for a ride- Recon: DON’T TRUST HIM, GUYS! YOU CAN’T TRUST HIM!!!
Kirito: Oh golly, I can hear my bones! *Recon screams* *Recon makes confused, exhausted noises* *Recon makes confused, exhausted noises*
Leafa: You’re okay, Recon. You’re back now. Deep breaths. Kirito: Holy cow, are you okay?! Why would you keep using that thing?! Recon: Oh. Oh, it’s not that bad. Sure, being randomly ambushed by my deepest fears isn’t… i-ideal, but y-you take the good with the bad, you know? I got this thing for $600, and all I had to do was… clean the brains out of it. Kirito: Um, dude? Those things were $500 new. Recon: Well, I- I mea- I mean they were grieving. They- They probably weren’t thinking about the math too much. Kirito: You are too precious for this world. Recon: Anyway, uh, Princess. Are you heading to your engagement party soon? I know it’s supposed to be fashionable to be a little late, but everybody’s looking for you and the band’s been playing your intro music for… well for about… 5 hours now? *Exhausted band plays a medieval cover of Casacada’s “Everytime We Touch”* *Exhausted band plays a medieval cover of Casacada’s “Everytime We Touch”*
Cazmer: I swear to gosh. You stop playing, I’ll have your nuts in a VICE. *Exhausted band eventually stops playing* Leafa: Oh yeah! I totally forgot. Yeah, I’m not going to that! I promised this rando I’d tell him about the game. Recon: What?! B-But, Princess! If I come back empty-handed, Prince Cazmer will hunt me like a common Cait Sith! Leafa: You’re making people SAD, Recon. We’re leaving. Kirito: W-Whoa, w-wait. Recon: A-Alright. I understand. Kirito: So, the Princess is engaged, I see. Leafa: Only in the game. Jeez. Kirito: Hey, that counts for something. *Yui makes eating noises*
But, uh, you don’t seem too into the idea. *Yui makes eating noises*
You maybe got eyes for someone else? *Yui makes eating noises*
Maybe someone your royal family could never approve of? *Yui makes eating noises*
Like… Like a strapping young farmhand? *Yui makes eating noises*
Or perhaps you like ’em sweet and scrawny like… like that Recon boy… Leafa: ONE TIME! I sucked him off ONE TIME, okay?! Kirito: Whoa-ho. What?! Yui: I believe she is using a colloquial term to refer to the act of orally stimulating- Kirito: I KNOW WHAT SHE MEANS, YUI! Leafa: We’re not dating or anything. It was… It was for a quest. Shut up! Kirito: What do you mean it was for a- *Kirito sighs* Forget it. I have neither the time, nor the inclination, to navigate the tangled web of politics and hormones that is your love life. Leafa: “Inclination”? What are you trying to say? That my love life’s a mountain? You saying I climb mountains like some jack-booted lesbian? Princesses don’t climb mountains. *Suggestively* Mountains climb Princesses. Kirito: Oh, that poor, sweet boy. So! Speaking of… things that are tall, uh, World Tree! Discuss. Leafa: Oh, right. You were asking about that. Eh, sure. You got me out of that party, so I guess I owe you one. Kirito: I also saved you from those enemy players. Leafa: I mean, yeah. But what have ya done for me lately? Kirito: I- …I got you out of your engagement party. Leafa: Oh, that’s right! Alright, yeah. I’ll tell you all about it. But in order to do that, I’m gonna need to fill you in on some background info. For you see! Long ago- Kirito: Noooo! Leafa: Okay, so like six months ago, a group of nine friends found this game in, like, a bargain bin or something. It was supposed to be for kids, but nobody’s parents were letting them play it for… some reason. I dunno. Old people are ALWAYS freaking out about something. Kirito: Like the SAO disaster? Leafa: Sure. But I mean, like, get over it, right? So anyway, these friends figured that it’d make the perfect place for their roleplaying, and seeing the wide variety of playable races, they decided the stage was perfectly set for a campaign they’d dreamt of since they were children. *Whispered* Race War. *Kirito makes eating noises* Kirito: Yup. Tastes like shirt. What? Leafa: Yeah! You see, rumour has it that the first race to get to the top of the World Tree will have any wish they want granted by the Fairy King, Oberon. So naturally, whoever wins that race wins the war. Race War! #RaceWar! Kirito: *Laughing awkwardly* Oooooh, okay. I mean, I can’t believe you call it that, but I guess that’s not as bad as- Leafa: There’s also been quite a bit of racial violence. *Door opens*
Leafa: There’s also been quite a bit of racial violence. *Door opens*
Sylph 1: *Posh voice* Oh, Princess Leafa! Sylph 1: *Posh voice* Oh, Princess Leafa! We caught this adorable little SCAMP crossing the border and we’re having ourselves a good old-fashioned FOX Hunt! You simply MUST join us! Cait Sith: I’M NOT A FOX, I’M A CAIT SITH! LET ME GO, YOU MANIA- *The Cait Sith is gagged* *Cait Sith’s muffled yelling*
Sylph 2: Oh, doesn’t he just make the most delightful little sounds? *Cait Sith’s muffled yelling*
It’s almost like he can understand us. *Cait Sith’s muffled yelling*
*Sylph 2 makes a posh laugh* *Cait Sith’s muffled yelling*
Sylph 1: “What Does The Fox Say” indeed. *Sylph 1 and 2 laugh like a couple of posh fops* *Sylph 1 and 2 get in a car* *Cait Sith’s muffled screaming* *Car starts up* ♪ Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding ♪ ♪ Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding ♪
Sylph 2: Ooo, crank that noise! That’s my jam right there! ♪ Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding, gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding ♪
Sylph 2: Ooo, crank that noise! That’s my jam right there! ♪ Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding, gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding ♪
*Sylph 2’s posh laugh* ♪ What the fox say? ♪
*Sylph 1 and 2 drive off laughing* ♪ Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow ♪
*Sylph 1 and 2 drive off laughing* Kirito: Was… that a car? Leafa: Oh, yeah. Totally. It’s like an epic level mount or something. I hear at the top of the World Tree there are mounts like that as far as the eye can see. Like some majestic used car dealership of the gods. Kirito: Okay, but how does one get to the top of the World Tree? Your little… Crayola kerfuffle is fascinating and all, but that’s really the only part I care about. Leafa: Huh? Oh, I don’t know. Kirito: What? Leafa: Yeah, man. Nobody does. If we knew that, somebody would’ve already won the war. Kirito: Consarn it! *Bashes table*
Kirito: Consarn it! Leafa: Huh? Yui: Daddy… I finished my cracker. May I have another cracker? *Kirito sighs* Kirito: Sorry, don’t mind me. I’m just kind of in a rush to get up there. Leafa: Okay… but why? It’s just a game, man. Kirito: Don’t worry about it. Thanks for all the help, but this isn’t your problem. Leafa: Oh, uh… Kirito: I’ll just have to find someone with a bit more experience. Leafa: *Noble voice* How… DARE you! Kirito: Huh? Leafa: Do you really believe you’ll find a more capable ally than me?! Kirito: Um, sorry. I didn’t mean to- Leafa: I may not know EXACTLY how to conquer that tree, and sure, everyone who’s tried has met a gruesome end! But I am Princess flippin’ LEAFA, and if there’s one thing I do know, it’s how to throw wave after wave of loyal subjects at a problem until they either figure it out for me, or their corpses stack up SO HIGH they’ll ring Oberon’s doorbell! Because THAT, good sir, is how a Princess… DO. Kirito: So… you wanna come with? Leafa: You bet your sweet patootie I’m coming with! You two wouldn’t last a day without me! Kirito: *Sighs* If you insist. Welcome aboard, your majesty. Yui: Fair warning. If you slow us down for even an instant, I shall not hesitate to leave you for the wolves. Leafa: So it’s decided! We shall embark on our noble quest on the morrow, when the sun crests the highest peak of Mount Sugarplum! Now, I must take my leave of you. Farewell, Spriggan. Kirito: Oh, duh. I forgot to mention. My name’s Kirito, by the way. Leafa: What? Kirito: I said my name’s Kirito. Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself earlier. Leafa: Oh… Okay… Bye! *Log out chimes* *Suguha screams* Suguha: Son of a horse dick fucking shit weasel! Fucking bitch whore… AAAAASS!!! What is that FUCKING cock-sampler doing in MY GAME?! Oh Jesus fuck, I said my brother had a sweet patootie! *Suguha screams* *Suguha’s muffled mortified sobbing* Nooooooooo!!! ???: My fair Titania. I swear you grow more beautiful by the day. Captivity suits you well. Asuna: What do you want, Sugou? ???: Now, now. I keep telling you. In this world, I am to be addressed as Oh-BEAR-on, the Fairy King. Asuna: And I keep telling YOU, it’s pronounced “Oberon”. You know, like moron? *Oberon chuckles* Oberon: Always so quick with that tongue of yours. I do so wish you would put it to better use. *Asuna shudders* Oberon: Look at all that I’ve done for you. I’ve made you my Queen, draped you in fineries, given you this wonderful cage. I ask you, what more could you possibly want? Asuna: My FREEDOM! Oberon: Oh, the petty gripes of a woman. Do not forget, my dear, that I am King of this world. Your consent is strictly a courtesy. So, if you don’t start playing along, I’m afraid I’ll have no choice but to- *Asuna bites*
So, if you don’t start playing along, I’m afraid I’ll have no choice but to- GAH! *Oberon makes a sharp inhale* You know what? I’M not in the mood. Go on and struggle all you want while you still can. Your tune will change soon enough. Asuna: Oh, I don’t know. I’ve been here two months and I’ve yet to cave to my womanly urges. It’s been real touch and go so far, but I think I can go the distance. *Oberon chuckles menacingly* *Oberon takes a deep breath* Oberon: You know, my dear, have I ever told you what an excellent investment the SAO servers were? That Kayaba, while he certainly made a misstep or… seven, was undeniably a genius. Why, once we ironed out the last of his unfortunate little bugs, building ALfheim off the bones of SAO was practically child’s play. It really was a fascinating game. A true pioneer in the field of VR. You can’t even imagine the breakthroughs we’ve had just by studying its code. For instance, the NerveGear was actually able to scan in your real life abilities and assign your base stats accordingly, allowing one to rise up from their former self into a hero of legend. Asuna: Yeah, I was trapped in that world for two years. You really think I didn’t know all that? Oberon: Well, I just find it fascinating, is all. Increase your Strength stat, and even a child could wield the mightiest weapons. Increase Dexterity, and you could move with the grace of a world-class gymnast. Increase Charisma… Asuna: Yeah, yeah, it would let you… Oooooh. Oh no. Oberon: By Jove, I think she’s got it! Yes! With a high enough Charisma stat, even the most asinine suggestion becomes impossible to refuse. The fact that that’s even POSSIBLE speaks VOLUMES about the wasted potential of that device. To think, he had the power to bend the masses to his will… and he just gave it to a bunch of greasy imbeciles begging for NUDES. Asuna: *Sarcastically* Truly, we cannot begin to understand the mind of such a madman. Oberon: Quite right, my precious flower. But I shall not squander this power like he did. When all those players were being logged out, I made sure to… snap up a few as test subjects, your beautiful self included. Thanks to their noble contribution, my men will have perfected this technology by week’s end, and I shall hold the world in the palm of my hand. But more importantly, we’ll be rid of that rebellious streak of yours… just in time for you to walk down the aisle. Asuna: You’re insane! Thankfully, you’re also an idiot. Why would you tell me any of this? You really think I’m just gonna sit around and wait for that to happen? *Oberon chuckles* Oberon: Oh, my dear, Titania. You’re lucky you’re so pretty. By all means, give me your best shot. But if you really think you can overpower the System Admin, then I dare say, you’re even dumber than I- Uh, where did you go? *Sirens blare* *Sirens blare*
Minion 1: Oh god, it’s LOOOOSE!!! *Sounds of a bloodbath*
Minion 2: Remember your training, boys! We’ll make it throu- *Sounds of a bloodbath*
*Minion 2 screams in terror* *Oberon makes a disappointed sigh* *Retro music*

100 Replies to “SAO Abridged Parody: Episode 14”

  1. Things Suguha and Kirito have in common
    1. "For you see, long ago. . ."
    2. "Throw wave after wave of disposable minions. . ."
    3. Video game Marriage.

  2. Oh my fucking God then people at something witty entertainment are fucking geniuses. They took the cheesy mind control through the amosphere bullshit and turned it into something both humerous and something that makes so much sense. The charisma stat reference fits so well with alfheim online and it would make sense if it was used in a way to control an individual. To you. I praise.

  3. Suguha/Leafa's strategy of dealing with problems are the same Kirito had in his Beta-Test guide, by sending waves of waves of disposable minion/player at the problem until it goes away.

    god I love the writing

  4. Something that bothered me with this episode. Kirito more or less kept his facial appearance, and his distinctive voice. Why didn't Suguha immediately recognize him?

  5. Hey SWE, so me and my friends love to play (our own dumbass rendition of) D&D as well as watch/constantly reference your videos. So far I’m the only one of us who has seen your Soupcan series, and I loved the idea of it so damn much that I kinda wanted to translate it into (an iffy version of) D&D for our entertainment. If you have any advice on how I could do this, please let me know. Also I was wondering how quirks would work in this format. ¡Muchas Gracias SWE! (PS: please don’t sue me, I’m just a humble fan who loves your series)

  6. So in the original show (which I've never seen) was her post-log off bed freakout session her realizing that's her brother or instead going "OMG he's so hot!"?

  7. So that's why Kirito joined the Black Cat Squad in SAO! The leader maxed out his charisma stats, and that's how he got Kirito to do a bunch of stupid stuff.

  8. First I wanna say that I came back here from TFS’ DBZA RIP Dragon Ball Z Abridged

    Second I wanna say that I’ve literally been here since the first episode came out and I can’t believe how far they’ve come with this. I stopped watching after episode 11 bc they didn’t produce anything and coming back to this masterpiece of a thing makes me feel awesome it’s like the continuation of a legacy that dbza left off not comparing it to dbza but just saying it feels awesome to know that at least one of my favorite abridged series is still going after everything keep it up guys y’all are doing great.
    Also “I sucked him off one time” ha
    Also also after he says I’m Kirito and then the realization that she tried to hit on her brother sets in bringing back memories of when Bulma tried hitting on Trunks

  9. Wait one thing doesn't make sense his name isn't actually Kirito and from the start we can deduce there's alot of people with a Name Similar to Kirito considering his kind of a legend

  10. Just discover last night, looked at everything in a raw, just amazing, keep it going please, your genious, it's some kind of a better SAO story than the original show. I mean… I had so mutch fun! need some more!

  11. oh god part of the finale of the season is that when kirito gets admin privileges he's gonna remove the profanity filter

  12. I like how leafa doesn't question that he does very sound like a teenager and yet he has a wife that punches him during sex and yet she doesn't question it at all

  13. "ha jokes on him i only had the one sword…which i now have to go find"
    love that part, cant wait for episode 15

  14. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why Kirito said “Consarn it” but then i realized it was a kids game.

  15. So Yes there will be a Incest angle it has already been brought up. Also THIS IS SWE they would do it just for giggles

  16. watching it through a japanese lens, it didnt make sense, but like, isnt this some joke about racism? lying and stealing? one of the good ones? it?

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