Satire of Trump: Mismanagement Is an Art, by Ronnie Champ: Satire about Trump

Now what could possibly be better than a satire of management books like the one minute manager Well, I got something for you It’s a satire of the one minute manager and a satire of the management style of the biggest asshole to ever take a shit all over the White House occupy the White House Donald Trump Now Trump, he’s kind of a colorful character That’s a picture of him back in 2011 when he stumbled drunk out of a Moscow dive bar about five in the morning He was followed closely by Vladimir Putin who was wearing a sly wink and had a little bit of lipstick on his collar Vladimir Putin I think he was overheard to have said to Trump something like Trump you like the lessons in management I have given you like I teach you how I managed your asshole Meet Wally Whitewash he’s modeled after the young Donald Trump He’s a dickhead he full of self-confidence, and he just wants to get rich, but he doesn’t have any real skills So it’s wondering how do I become a great leader and manager make a ton of money even though? I’m an unintelligent Twittering asshole just like our president Trump So Wally whitewash his dad sends him to go meet Peter Panman And Peter Panman is modeled after the old Donald Trump And Peter Panman teaches Wally whitewash how to be a 30 second managers. He has twice as good as a one-minute manager He teaches wallet how to turn 30 seconds of small talk into a 30 minute racist diatribe how to move on female employees like bitches how to handle diversity in the workplace I eat through slave labor And how to get support from religious zealots why you go around grabbing pussies so much more Praise for mismanagement is an art. Harry Balzac a world champion bigamist said if you want to make your organization great Just like Trump made Trump Airlines in the USFL great. He ran him right into the ground. Then you have got to read this book And Ima Swindle author a God wants you to make me rich conversations with Joel Osteen and creflo dollar’s said Thank God for Donald Trump great man the great Christian Trump be so holy He said he ain’t never even needed to ask God for forgiveness no matter how minute pusses he grabbed now mismanagement Is an Art is available exclusively on Amazon you can go to those web addresses and get it or you can just go to and search for it Mismanagement is an Art by Ronnie Champe, or just Google mismanagement is an art Or Google Ronnie champ. If you go to Amazon, you can look inside the book for free You know peruse the table of contents all that good stuff. It’s available in eBook and in paperback Anyway, I got a great deal for you until through February 22nd 2018 This book is only 99 cents 99 cents for this book. That’s a deal next to us deal I mean you can’t even get a cheeseburger McDonald’s for 99 cents no more so to Amazon and get it while it’s 99 cents before the price goes up. Mismanagement Is an Art: a funny satire of Trump and management books in general.

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  1. Yeah, Trump is making America great, just like he made Trump Airlines and the USFL great in the 1980's. #maga #makeamericagreat #trumpairlines

  2. Trump is managing America just like Vladimir Putin managed Trump's asshole; both have gotten fucked hard.

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