Scientist Turned Comedian 2

A lot of people think it’s strange that a scientist would become a comedian. I don’t think that’s strange. I think it’d be weird if someone went the other way. Hey did you hear whose running Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory? Larry The Cable Guy! My that is surprising. But I have found a way to combind the comedy with the Ph.D. Chaos One of the tools we have for understanding and analyzing a chaotic system is the final state diagram. Some of you will recognize this as the final state diagram for the nondimensionalized form of the logistic equation. Some of you will not. It’s easy enough to understand if we replace this cryptic variable r with something a little more tangible. This is a drinkers final state vs the number of drinks they’ve had. If everone in your party limits themselves to three drinks, pretty much everyone ends up in a reasonable state. As those reasonable people continue to drink they split into two groups. As the happy group continues to drink they split once again. Effective Population Size A concept intoduced by an American geneticist by the name of Sewall Wright. The idea here is that even though a population may appear to be quite large. In terms of it’s breeding potential it can actually be very small. I see this every time I go to a party looking for a date. At first glance it looks like there’s a large population to choose from, but since I’m a straight guy I immediately eliminate all the men. Then all the women that are out of my league. All the women that are beneath my standards. Anyone that already has a boyfriend. Eh, who am I kidding? I have to eliminate anyone who’s already been traumatized by Charlie Sheen.

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  1. The combination of scientist and comedian is very catchy and intriguing !!
    I am laughing here watching your performance…haha…can relate to some parts (except I’m not drinking)…very smart and funny !!
    from the scientific side it’s very logical…from the comedian it’s emotional !!
    You are very talented !!
    Thank you ~Sveta~

  2. That was really hilarious! I gotta agree with shakaama's comment, in the future don't dumb down your material for a wider audience if you can help it 🙂

  3. You gotta get some exposure. A special on comedy central or something. Keep up the great stuff. Really funny 😉

  4. Still doing gigs huh? I thought you had stopped for some reason, nice to see you're still causing laughs with numbers. Real and imaginary.

  5. @txlee1

    I dont hate him, im sure he's a genuinly nice guy, i just dont find him funny! His humour is too 'obvious' and you know whats coming about 5 seconds before he even says it! lol You must be american lmao

  6. Only tangentially related: there was an actual rocket scientist who pitched (for a short time) in major league baseball. Jason Szuminski earned a degree in Aeronautical engineering from MIT, and then pitched briefly for the San Diego Padres in 2004. He currently works for NanoTune Technologies in San Francisco.

  7. This is great! Not only can I have a good laugh, but now I've got someone that wouldn't be offended if I asked to please 'dumb down' Zero Point for me. Fantastic! 8 – )

  8. really? wow? news to me! From what ive seen of america (and yes ive been) it was just full of fat fucks who are allergic to salad lmao But you keep kidding yourself if it makes you feel better lol

  9. people are allergic to salad cuz we have food and money here . unlike your filthy ass country. If you're from europe good luck with that depression and shitty government. We have corrupt government but I'm still rich so I don't give a shit.

  10. lmao If you were TRULY rich you wouldnt feel the need to share it with us. Which only leaves one conclusion! You and your inbread poor little family live in a trailer, drink moonshine and fuck each other! sad little muppet! lmao 🙂

  11. p.s just looked at some of your videos!……..what makes you even more laughable is the fact your a fucking 'bible basher'………… sad fuck lol

  12. lol Yes, that because people dont watch my videos on youtube, they are always embedded in facebook so they dont get that option to like the video from within facebook…………they just click like on the facebook video instead 🙂 Any other words of wisdom you'd like to get shot down in flames for? lol

  13. Yeh it's ok mate I wouldn't expect you to appreciate facebook etc……….generally speaking facebook is for those people who have FRIENDS and like to keep in touch and stuff! lol As for your understanding about how facebook and youtube actually work together I'm not even going to waste my breath since you clearly lack basic intelligence 🙂 Good luck kid, my guess is your going to need all the luck you can get to find your way through life 🙁 (big hug)

  14. lol your right……….i've wasted enough time with you already you muppet 🙂 lol Now, if you dont mind i've got more important things to do……….like picking the clinkers out of my botty hair lol

  15. Hopefully you'll get the honor and I'll be able to get tickets. Genuinely one of the funniest routines I have ever seen

  16. Just happened to be surfing the web today and "boom", discovered your videos. You are HILARIOUS! Luv how you make science fun … you'd be a great professor!

  17. Notice how there is no link between race and smaller brain size. Notice how there is no link between smaller brain size and worse sense of humor. Notice how sense of humor is subjective to the person and one may find funny what another does not.

  18. Notice how some daft fuckers talk a load of shit, pretend to know what they are talking about and try to make themselves sound intelligent by using the word "one"! dick head lol

  19. Notice how if you took away all insults and swear words from this comment, your logic would be minimal and ignorable at best. Notice how using the word "one" to sound intelligent isn't a bad thing.

  20. lol Notice how you supplement the word 'ignorant' for the word 'ignorable'………again trying to me yourself sound clever to hide your shallow words lol 🙂 Who the FUCK (another swear word for you) uses the word ignorable? are you human? loololol

  21. First of all, "ignorant" would not fit the meaning I was trying to get across. I meant "not worthy of being noticed and defined as legitimate logic." "Ignorable," as in the ability to be ignored, seemed like the best fit.
    Second, next time, try to argue against some of my claims instead of poking fun at my word choices and my overall attitude within the comments.
    Third, how does speaking intelligently invoke the opinion that I am uninformed and stupid?
    Forth, I only said "ignorable" once.

  22. All ive got to say is this…………..I've just watched one of your 'uploads' where you pretend to playing some kind of shooting game in your front room using Nerf guns whilst rolling around with your gay lover?? Its called "FPS IN REAL LIFE–PewDiePie Parody "…………….WTF! lololololol And yet you sit here trying to make out like I'M the muppet here? lol That's just brightened up my day no end 🙂 What a cock! lol

  23. Dude, that video was a PARODY of a stupid YouTuber.
    Sorry to inform you of this, but that video was INTENDED to be stupid.
    And just because someone makes intentionally stupid videos every now and then doesn't make them unintelligent.
    I'l glad your own ignorance could brighten your own day. You must have a wonderful life.

  24. lol Thanks for explaining what a 'Parody' is, Id not have worked that out for myself. Damn you are one intelligent individual, thank you! I am aware that your video was supposed to be 'funny' but it still contained YOU runnign round your house with your gay lover and a nerf gun pretending you are in a video game! And that my little grasshopper says an awful lot about you lol I will thanks lol

  25. (facepalm)
    dude, that's the point of a parody, to make a stupid video in order to mock a subject or person in a funny way.
    Also, one (intentionally stupid) video I made says nothing about me. You have no right to suggest that, seeing how you do not know me and you're basing your opinion off of only one video.

  26. Can you imagine illuminati playing this type of flowcharts ? If I feel badly I'll blow up France if not I'll blow up Manhattan

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