[Section TV] 섹션 TV – comedian Song MinHo, Ego recovery !? 20170820

*Let’s see one more* *Mino found a place in the corner* I’ve to come out from here *Can Gag(-man) Mino recover his pride?* Come here~ Come here~ *Whoever saw knew that it’s Hwang Jung-min* Hwang Jung-min! *Glowing* Correct! M~an~ *Full recovery of gag pride* ~Yes, do you know that?~ ~Mino’s doppelganger~ ~First time I heard of his doppelganger~ ~Mino and Jung Hyung-don are doppenganger~ ~Have you seen his graduation photo?~ ~It’s just like Jung Hyung-don’s photo~ ~Seriously how many weight did you lose?~ ~About 20 kg~ *If Jung Hyung-don loses weight he becomes Song Mino?* ~Seunghoon(ie) whom I like~ ~Please show us voice imitation of Lee Hye-jung, show us show us!~ Show us! ~Why people always ask me to show my voice imitation like this~ ~How delicious is it?~ *Tasty I’m Seung-mama* ~What’s appeal point of Lee Seunghoon?~ ~There’s no need to be embarrassed here anyway~ ~I’m spitting out rap like this~ *Hip-hop baby lion without embarassment* ~Everyone please try to put on an iron plate (on your face) ~ (Note: iron plate on face=being brazen-faced in Korean) ~But not iron-plate fried rice!~ *brazen-faced* *Full of attractiveness* ~Do you know “Sul-Sa-Won”?~ ~What?~ ~Seunghoon is deputy director, YG’s deputy director~ ~I’m Idol Men’s employee~ *Really really?* ~I’m the honourary Deputy Lee~ ~Not salary, I work even without pay~ ~If President Yang is watching this show~ ~Please give me salary~ ~Then buy us a meal on your payday~ ~There are a lot of fashionistas in YG~ ~GD recognised by Karl Lagerfeld~ ~CL recognised by Jeremy Scott~ ~Kang Seungyoon recognised by Ko Tae-yong~ ~How’s my fashion?~ ~Your fashion today is foil paper and hairtail~ ~Silver-light fashion~ ~I like silver~ ~Winner’s songs are winner~ ~Immediate roof-kick after music released~ ~1st place on album chart~ ~I think it’s the right time to listen to Winner’s song~ ~Winner show time!~ *Flirt with heart dance* *Transform to romantic Winner* *That’s all from honourable YG’s swan Winner* – Eng Sub by imphoebe3b –

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  1. Hoony is so under rated as a rapper..definitely one of the better idol rappers. His flow is so good and his voice is so distinctive his tone is unique🔥

  2. Lmao Winner you guys are always ready for any show they are naturally funny^^ It's a delight to watch them on TV

  3. Dem YG! You hardly give seunghoon a solo schedule and now you didnt even paid him for the work he did as a senior manager? Wtf this is so unbelievable! You better pay him YG!!

  4. hold on all of winner members are 177cm above and that tall guy is like a head taller than seunghoon(183cm)…????? woahhhhhh

  5. I saw a clip in instagram where he raps freestyle using the consonants(?) of hangul but why is it not included in the video??

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