Seindah 7 Warna Pelangi (2020) | Episod 9

Peace be upon you.
– And unto you be peace. How long have you arrived?
– Long ago. I’m about to leave anyway. Sofea woke up a few times
because I’m too noisy. Maybe she wants you
to sing her a lullaby. I’ll get going now. Send my regards to
Abang Reyhan and Mak Ngah. Okay. How long are you on leave? Until tomorrow. I just came by to see
that cute baby. How’s your study? It’s going well so far.
But I’m kind of busy lately. No more talking!
I have to go now. My mother will get mad at me
if I go home late. I’ll be going now. Aira, take care.
Remember my advice. What did you two talk about?
– That’s a secret. Don’t you have any advice
to a widower? I don’t have anything to say
to a hot widower like you. You should give me some advice. Okay, I’ll go now. Take care of my BFF. If you hurt her,
you’re so done for. Peace be upon you.
– And unto you be peace. Do you want to eat? Later, I’m going to take a bath. Okay, I’ll just prepare
the food for you. No, thank you.
I’ll eat if I’m hungry later. How dare you, Farouk. Pick up the phone. Abang. What? Are you okay?
– I’m busy right now. Darn it. Do you have to say that?
I was just asking. Well, you’re asking at a wrong time. Why are you getting angry at her? You’ve just got home. Have pity on her, she’s on confinement.
Be nice to her, will you? Don’t bring your work problem
to your home. It’s our marriage. I know,
and I don’t want to butt in. But you can’t get angry
so easily like this. I can see that you’re becoming
more like Abang Yazid. You didn’t like
what he had done to me, right? Now, why are you doing
the same thing to her? Before you do anything… …look at your child.
She is still a baby. Don’t be like this.
– Whatever. Have patience. Maybe he’s going through a problem. What is wrong with him? Maybe he’s having his period. That’s not nice of you to say that.
– I’m being honest. He has never changed. He’s lucky he’s my brother-in-law.
Or else…. Or else, what? Nothing.
Let’s head in. I have to go home after this.
You’re staying for the night, right? Maybe. I’m going to cook after this,
you’ll have lunch with us, okay? Maybe. What? Just have your lunch here,
I’m going to cook a lot. Okay, then. Where are you running off to? Okay, you’ve ripped off my shirt.
What do you want? Do you know what’s the date today?
When are you going to pay off your debt? See, I’m having troubles with dates.
I only know the days. What are you rambling about? What is this nonsense? Are you going to pay or not? Are you?
– That hurts! If you’re holding me like this,
I can’t take out my money. Ask nicely, will you? Use your brain.
– Just shut your mouth. Do you have the money or not? Do you see this? Is this all you have? That’s all I have right now. This is just the interest. I’m giving you another week
to pay off the debt. If you disappear again,
you’re done for! You ripped my shirt. No problem,
I can buy a new one. If I lodge a police report,
Farouk will definitely go to jail. But his father
has a lot of money. He won’t let his son
stays in jail. Maybe then they’ll ruin my life. Perhaps his father
will revoke my license. And my business
is just about to bloom. Hello, Han. What’s up?
– Where are you right now? Out. I just want to let you know that
I took Sofea to the clinic just now. I’m sorry for telling you now.
She’s having a fever. Fever?
But she was fine earlier. She’s fine now. The doctor said,
that’s normal for babies. I went to the clinic
with Kak Yam. You better go home now. I feel bad for Aira, she’s all by herself.
– Okay, I’ll be on my way. This is more like it. New shirt. Gangsters,
how dare they ripped my shirt. I was about to go dating. My darling. Hi, darling.
– Hello, sweetie. Where are you? I’ll be there in an hour. See you at the hotel.
– Okay, I’ll see you there. I miss you.
– Miss you too. My goodness,
you startled me. Where’s Sofea?
Is she okay? She’s fine.
But you don’t seem fine to me. Where have you been? You didn’t even give salaam
before you enter the house. Where are you going? I want to see Sofea. You can’t do that. You just got home,
and during Maghrib time. Go and take a bath first.
– I just want to see her for a while. No, you can’t. Go take a bath,
then perform Maghrib prayer. Only then you can hold her.
She’s still a baby. You can’t be reckless
with these things. A lot of bad spirits are wandering
during Maghrib. You’re too superstitious. Thank you for taking Sofea
to the clinic. No problem,
go perform your prayer. Thanks again. Why are you smiling at me
like that? I’d always feel warm inside
whenever I look at you. Stop it. I want to find a future wife
who is similar to you. Pretty, knows how to cook
and sweet. What is wrong with you? Why are you praising me? There must be something going on. Have you found the one? See?
You’re smiling. Who is she?
Do I know her? It’s not like that. When I look at
Andika, Aira and Sofea… …I think it’ll be nice
to have my own family. Of course. Marriage is the Prophet’s sunnah. Marriage is not just for fun. You’ll bear a huge responsibility. Do you have someone special? Introduce her to me. There’s no one special.
I don’t even have the time to find one. I’m so busy at the farm.
– Really? Let me find you one. No need. God willing, if someone is meant for me,
He will ease everything. Your age gap with Andika is small. But look at him now.
He already has a child. When will I grow up
if you keep calling me as a kid? Well, you’re acting like a kid.
That’s why. Have you arrived?
– Of course. I’ve been waiting for you
for a long time already. Where are you?
Can you please hurry up? If you’re still not here,
I will sulk. Don’t say that. You’re not standing
under a hot sun. It’s nighttime,
so no problem at all. But if you don’t come now… …maybe I will get kidnapped.
Are you going to save me then? If you’re kidnapped, tell me who’s
the kidnapper? I’ll pay them right away. Just hurry up, please. I’ve been waiting for so long. You’re crazy! I am crazy.
I’m crazy for you. Just get in, will you?
– So embarrassing. Get in.
– No. She’s sulking now.
I’m getting hungry. Get in. What did you say just now? You might become a wall here. So funny! You’ll nag if I’m late. I’m starving.
Now, get in or I’ll leave you here. Get in. Why am I being tested like this? I was tricked by a friend. I’m sorry. I’m too busy
that I forget about you. Sorry I woke you up. Can’t you say something to Andika? I feel bad for Aira. They’ve just got married. Let Andika learn his lessons. Soon, he will be mature and
become a good head of the family. He’s not mature yet. Did you forget
what Kak Yam said? He got angry at Aira and
caused her daughter to have fever. If he hears you,
he’ll get hurt. It’s not anybody’s fault
that Sofea had a fever. Don’t meddle in
other people’s marriage affairs. You’ll know it
once you’re married. Are you okay? Or do you have a fever
like Sofea? No, I’m okay.
Why? Earlier today, you…. She’s feverish? Is she okay now? She’s fine. She cried a bit just now. Her body’s warm too. So, Mama had to take her
to the clinic. Honey. I’m sorry… …for getting angry at you. It’s okay, you didn’t do it
on purpose, did you? If you have problems,
you can tell me. Your problem is my problem too. It’s just a small problem. I’m still a noob
in doing business. So, I had some trouble with it. After the confinement,
you can let me help you in the office. Which office? Whichever you want me to. I’ll just follow your order. Why are you making that face? Or you can let me handle
the company’s account. What?
You don’t believe me? I got A++++
for account in SPM. How cocky.
– I’m not, that’s a fact. You can tell me
if you have a problem. What kind of problem? Any kind,
regarding your business maybe. My business is doing just fine. Yeah, right.
I know you. Listen. In business,
you can’t easily trust people. Friends can also turn into foes. Morning. What are you doing here?
It’s not in the schedule. Indeed I’m on leave today. But I have something to tell you,
Mr. Reyhan. It seems serious. Let’s talk over there. Right, it’s not nice to talk
in front of the cows. No, I didn’t mean it that way. I’m sorry for disturbing you
early in the morning, Mr. Reyhan. I feel awkward hearing
you call me “Mister”. Feels like I’m in a job interview. Just call me Reyhan
or Abang Reyhan. That’ll be nice. I want to tell you,
Mr. Reyhan…. Reyhan, I won’t be working
for the farm anytime soon. Why? You don’t like the cows?
– No, don’t get me wrong. I really love working here.
– Then, why? I’m going to move elsewhere. Where? I’m about to get married.
So, I have to follow my husband to Sabah. Right, you have to be by
your husband’s side after you get married. I understand. So, you came here to tell me
about that? Not just that, I also want to talk
about the cows in this farm. What about them? Wait here,
I’ll take my laptop. Two months later Listen. In business,
you can’t easily trust people. Friends can also turn into foes. Hello, Abang Amin.
It’s me, Andika. Do you have the cheque? Okay, you can come
to the gas station. Okay, peace be upon you. It’s okay, Farouk. I consider this as
a win-win situation. I’ll just have to face it. I’m doing this so that they won’t laugh
at my stupidity. Especially, Reyhan. You have to pay more attention
to your appearance. You’ve got to look good and fresh. I always stay at home,
I’m not going out anyway. You’re a married woman. You have to look nice
for your husband. So, when he looks at you,
he’ll be awed looking at you. Then he’ll definitely love you more. Zara has a point. I was pregnant for nine months
and in confinement for weeks. I was trapped in the house
like a prisoner. So, this is the time
to pamper myself. Peace be upon you. I’m not trying to
meddle in their marriage. But we can fix it
if something’s not right. What if it gets worse? I don’t want her to be
like Kak Yam. Yazid was an outsider. Andika knew him inside out. You’re still suspicious
of your brother-in-law? It’s not like that. I just want to be careful. Tok Ayah asked me
to take care of this family. I don’t want the same thing
to happen again. You’re still alive.
I thought you’re dead. I’m sorry, I’m willing to kneel….
– Hey. Stop pretending. I feel like you should get an award
for the best actor. I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to trick you. I was being chased by loan sharks. I didn’t have a choice. Would you rather see me
in the headline? Murdered, cut into 20 pieces.
You’d rather see me killed? Don’t worry.
Nobody reads the paper nowadays. If you’re in the headline,
do you think I care? Don’t say that, please.
I feel really guilty. Of course,
I’m mad at you. But you’ve helped me a lot and
your father approved the project… …so, I’ve decided to let it go. I know you care about me.
– I didn’t say that. I still won’t forgive you.
– Please. I don’t know what else to say.
But I promise I won’t do it again. I still have a lot of debt,
but I promise I’ll pay you back. When are you going to change? Aren’t you tired of gambling? You’ve always been chased
by loan sharks. You’re lucky I didn’t lodge
a police report or tell your father. Please, don’t. Don’t you have pity on me?
– That’s why I kept quiet. You should have pity on yourself. Is that Aira? Aira! Long time no see. You’ve become more pretty.
What’s up with you now? I’m a housewife now. I’m married with a child. Are you serious? I still remember you said
you didn’t want to get married early. You looked dull back
when we were in high school. But now you’re skin is glowing. I’ve just bought
some skincare products. What product are you using? Hokkaido Rose Whip Foam and
Hokkaido Rose Oil Infused Micellar Water. Hokkaido Rose Whip Foam
is good for deep cleansing. Our skin is exposed to UV irradiation
from the gadgets that we used everyday. And also pollutants
that cause dull skin. It smells good, try smelling it.
– Really? So fragrant,
smells like rose. It is enriched with rose extract
from Hokkaido, Japan… …which has 36x anti-oxidant. The product doesn’t just protect
our skin from free radicals… …like UV irradiation from gadgets
and pollutants… …but it will also makes
the skin feel clean and soft. We will feel fresh all day long. You work outdoors, right? Free radicals will make your skin
appears dull and lifeless. Look at this.
– You’re right. No wonder you’re glowing. I’m busy with work all day.
When I get home, I go straight to bed. You make me want to try this product
right away. I want to be pretty like you. Use this before you go to bed,
Hokkaido Rose Oil Infused Micellar Water. It effectively removes
heavy waterproof makeup. Your skin will look fresh even after
your makeup has been removed. Don’t forget to use
Hokkaido Rose Whip Foam after that. I’m going to buy these right now.
So, I have to go. Right now?
– I have to look for the product. See you again. I really missed you.
– Me too. Talk to you later. Can I work for you? Work for me?
What about your father? He kicked you out of his life?
– No, he didn’t. But I feel guilty towards you.
So, I want to make it up. It’s okay,
you don’t have to pay me. Are you sure?
– Yes. I’m not that cruel. Who is this? Hi, Mrs. Aira. Be careful. Your house and land deed might have
been changed to Andika’s name. Beware.
Unknown Number. Did he really do that? Pick up the phone. Why is he not picking up? Your phone. You left it on the table. It kept ringing.
But I didn’t know who called. My wife. Hello, honey.
Why did you call me? Where did you put my land deed?
– Sand? Not sand!
Don’t make me mad. I’m asking you,
where’s my land deed? I just checked the stock. Only two left,
what should I do? Why are you asking me?
Go and find the rest at the back. What did you say?
– Where’s Tok Ayah’s land deed? Did you take it? Uncle Lim is here, boss. Tell him to wait for a while. Can you call me later?
I have work to do. Peace be upon you,
Kak Yam. Where are you now? Can I ask you a favour? I have to go out for a while,
can you look after Sofea? Thank you, Kak Yam. God, please. I don’t want to think about it. I’ll be more positive and stop having
negative thoughts about my husband. That’s good
if you want to change. I’m trying to change
into a better person too. Do you want to be an Ustaz? So, everyone who wants to better
themselves have to become Ustaz? Now that I have a child… …I feel so pumped up. I want to be a good father. That’s good. It’s nice to have a wife and child.
Good for you. You too, you came and
offered to work for me without pay. I think you can help me. Help you with what? My wife likes hilly areas… …cold places like Cameron Highland.
– Okay, so? I want to give her
a house on a hill. That’s a lot of money.
The houses there are usually expensive. It’s not about money. I wanted to do this because
it has always been her dream. She likes cold climate. She has sacrificed a lot for me. And she gave birth to my child. So, I’m giving the house
as a thank you gift. I’ve never been here
for quite some time. I miss it so much. Why does it look different? When did it get renovated? Why didn’t I know about it? To be continued….

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