Seth Meyers Goes Full Black Mirror: Bandersnatch in His Netflix Stand-Up Special

-Congrats on the Netflix…
-Thanks. -…stand-up special. You did a great job with this.
-Thank you. -Now I know the story,
“Lobby Baby.” I think I begged you
to tell it on this show. -Yes.
-Because I just — Basically,
your wife delivered a baby in your lobby of your building.
-Yeah, she did. She fully did, yeah.
-Yeah. And so it became
a stand-up special. -And I knew
right as it was happening. I was like, “I know
this is painful for you but…” -Cha-ching.
-…”cha-ching,” yeah. [ Laughter ] -“I got to make money off this.”
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Milk it, milk it.
Yeah. -She did say at one point —
-Make it funnier. -She seriously said like,
“Stop writing.” On that day, she was like,
“Oh, my God. Stop writing this down already.”
[ Laughter ] -But you talk about that,
and then you talk about your parents or your family. You do a little bit
about Trump and politics. -Yeah. Not a lot.
Yeah. -But I thought what was really
fun on your special was just — Was this your idea?
-Yeah, this was my idea. -It’s brilliant.
It’s on Netflix. So, you know how they have
the skip intro, and you can skip the intro
of the show, and… You have a button that says
“Skip politics.” -Yeah.
So, a lot of people, I think, are, you know, a little
overwhelmed by politics. -Yeah.
-And certainly, they would make that complaint. So I put it there
in response to that. But the fun thing is, if people
click it, they then skip ahead, but because they skipped ahead,
you can then kind of talk about them
while they’re gone. [ Laughter ] -So if you do continue
to watch… -Yeah.
But there’s this thing that, when they come back,
there’s sort of a joke at the moment that I allow them
to come back. But it was really cool.
And I think there’s this thing, as comedians, we come up
with ideas all the time. Especially, you know,
at “SNL” is a good example. -Yeah.
-You come up with a sketch idea, and then other people —
Like, the engineers at Netflix had to, like, actually
do the work and build it the way people at “SNL” have
to build these incredible sets. -Yeah.
-These incredible costumes. So, I really —
I tip my cap to them. Because they were — when I came
up with the idea, they said, “This is a lot harder
than you think it is.” I’m like, “No, it’s not.
Real easy. You just click and drag it,
and then you put it there.” And they’re like, “No, no, no.”
-No. This takes months of —
-Months and months of work. -Figuring things out, yeah.
At the end, though, you do a good — a very good
segment of the stand-up where you tell kind of the stand-up
from your wife’s perspective. -Yeah.
-I think it’s — I’ve never seen that done.
Why did you — -Well, as I lay out in the
special, my wife’s a lawyer. She’s a former prosecutor.
And, you know, in the law, each side gets to make their
case, whereas in stand-up, it’s just the person
who has the microphone gets to talk about things.
And a lot of times, whoever the stand-up is,
will talk about their relationship and they will
talk about their spouse. And so, over the years, and over
years of Alexi watching the act, and sometimes she’d say,
“That’s really funny. But, you know, the real thing
that happened was this.” So I decided to end the special
by basically doing the 10 minutes of stand-up
that I think she would like to do about me.
-Yeah. -And it’s a lot of fun.
-Well, I have a clip. Here’s Seth Meyers in his new
Netflix special, “Lobby Baby.” Take a look at this. -So, my wife chooses lobby.
And my wife goes down, and she lies on her back
in the lobby, and I cannot stress to you how quickly
she gave birth to our son. I was on the phone with 911, and this was the extent
of my conversation with 911. “We’re about to have a baby.
We’re having a baby. We had a baby.”
[ Laughter ] And let me tell you,
it is very strange to be on a 911 call that ends
with the operator saying, “Congratulations!” [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] -Seth Meyers, everybody! “Lobby Baby”
is streaming now on Netflix.

11 Replies to “Seth Meyers Goes Full Black Mirror: Bandersnatch in His Netflix Stand-Up Special”

  1. His special was much better than I expected! Not sure why I was surprised, since I always enjoy him. Guess I'm just not used to seeing him delivering an act, and it was very polished. Well done!

  2. SETH MEYERS- I WISH I could comment on your Netflix special like a YouTube video but I will here now….When you did the bit where you told jokes in the perspective of your Wife, THAT WAS THE BEST PART OF THE ENTIRE SPECIAL!!! SOOOOO Funny. I've never seen it done to that extent before. Very clever.

  3. Astounding Work, I enjoyed it a lot!, check my bass cover of 'Black night',channel link, if you like to 🙂

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