SHORT HAIR VS LONG HAIR PROBLEMS || Funny Awkward Situations by 123 GO!

Whether you have spunky short hair or long, luscious locks, you’re bound to have a bad hair day or two. Sure your short hair may get in your face from time to time. And your long strands may have seen a zipper or two, But at the end of the day, who has it worse? Today, we’re talking long hair vs short hair! Yes, gentle prince, I’ll be yours forever and ever… Oh wow, that was the best dream! Alright, time to get up. 100 pounds of chocolate all for me? Wow! Having sweet dreams as well, Sophia? Woah…does somebody have a brush for this girl? If you have short hair, you know the bed head struggle is real. Yikes, that’s pretty bad. There’s nothing better than taking a selfie after you’ve just gotten your hair done. Wow! This has got to be the best we’ve ever looked! Oh yeah. But with a new hair cut comes a nice, hefty bill. Ooh, some more hefty than others. Why is it that the more hair you have, the more expensive your trips to the hair salon are? Lily? Need to borrow a couple bucks? You may be running up your credit limit, but at least you look fabulous doing it! Okay, makeup done, hair in place… Ooh! My zipper! Ugh, get outta there! Long hair sure looks nice, but it tends to get stuck in just about everything! So annoying! Short-haired girls on the other hand, don’t have such problems. Oops! Almost forgot! Oh no! Let me help! Woah, that looks pretty bad, Lana. Looks like all you need is an extra hand every once in a while. Let’s go, the cab’s almost here! Kinda need my purse… Hey! My bag is pulling on my hair! What? Will it ever end? If you want long hair, you’d better have a strong pain tolerance to match. Ever sit in front of the mirror examining your hair? It’s always fun to experiment with different looks to see what works and what doesn’t. Cute bun, Lana! You look great too, Vicky! Woah! Check out that braid! Check out Vicky’s um…still lookin’ good, girl! If you have short hair, sometimes it feels like you’re stuck wearing it the same way every day. Nope, no fun buns or braids for you, Vicky, sorry! Wow, Lana, your long hair really is versatile! Lucky for Vicky, her short hair is cute enough to wear down every day. Ah, nothing like a girl’s night out at the end of a long work week. Thanks! Egg drop soup, my favorite! Ew! No one likes hair in their soup! Oh man, gross! Lucky for Amy, she can put her hair up, no problem. Sophia, on the other hand, can’t quite fashion that. Looks like you’re gonna need a shower after this dinner, girl. Word to the wise: if your hair is above shoulder length, order the salad! Oh no! There’s a hair in my soup! Well, at least you know it’s yours. Ick. Suddenly, I’ve lost my appetite… Ugh, math is so boring. I wish I was on vacation instead. Please don’t make me answer any questions… Ever use “hair curtains” to get out of sticky situations? The teacher can’t even tell Lily’s sleeping in there! Nice! Looks like long hair does more than look pretty. It’s like an invisibility cloak! What’d I miss? Oh, shoot! I slept through the whole lecture! Short-haired gals can’t quite get away with the old hair-curtains trick. Uh oh! Vicky? Psst! Wake up! Vicki! This isn’t your bedroom, wake up! Sorry! Ugh, why did I ever cut my hair? Getting ready in the morning can sometimes take some time. But if your hair’s short, it shouldn’t take too long at all. Blowdrying long hair takes nearly three times as long as does for shorter hair! Careful Lana, you’re gonna get carpel tunnel after drying that mane! Lookin’ good, Vicky! Poor Lana, at this rate, it’ll be Christmas by the time she’s done. Ugh, c’mon hair, dry already! It may be time to consider getting a haircut. Or switch to washing your hair every other day. Let’s just throw it up in a bun and call it a day! Okay, alarm is set. Finally, it’s time to hit the hay. Woah, what’s all over your face. Lily? Long-haired beauties know that sleeping can sometimes be a challenge. See what I’m talking about? Vicky, however, is enjoying a nice deep, hair-free slumber. Help! I’m drowning in hair over here! Phew, I can breathe! Okay, that’s it! I’m calling my hairdresser first thing tomorrow and making an appointment! I can’t believe it’s time to wash my hair AGAIN. Washing short hair and washing long hair are two completely different beasts. Woah, need a little shampoo, there, Lily? Short-haired girls barely need any to clean their hair. And they save a lot more on their monthly water bill. Yep, Lily’s STILL rinsing. Hope you didn’t have morning plans, girl. If if you have long hair, you’d better invest in some extra towels. Geez, how much water is in there? Ugh, finally! Thought these situations were hairy? Then you’ll love these super funny bloopers! Don’t forget to subscribe to 123 GO’s Youtube channel for more relatable videos like these! See you next time, friends!

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