Slept Like a Baby – Comedian Tony Deyo

My wife and I actually, just this past year,
had our first little baby boy. It has been so exciting, so much fun. When it’s your first kid, you learn a lot. One of the things I learned, is that whoever
invented the phrase, “slept like a baby”… they didn’t have a baby. I don’t think they’d ever even seen a baby. I think that phrase should be, “slept like
an adult, that doesn’t have a baby”… because those were some good sleeping years. Everyone has advice for new parents on how
to get through those early, sleep deprivation months… and the advice is always the same. Just sleep when the baby sleeps. You just sleep when the baby sleeps. Thanks. I hadn’t considered that before. I’ll sleep when the baby sleeps, and then
I’ll do the dishes when the baby does the dishes. And when he notices that the bills
are piling up, me and the baby… we do some bills. That’s how babies work, they love knocking
chores off the to-do list. Next, next.

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