Smiley Face Pen Base Gift Project Beginner Tutorial

Leah here from and in this
video we’ll wrap up the 3-parts series by showing you how to create a smiley face pen
base to hold your two smiley face cane pens. Now that my pens are all out of the oven and
have cool down, we can do the next step which is to put in the inks and then we’ll create
the base. Put it in the same way we took it out, slow in full twisting motion, that’ll
work. For the base we’re going to create a smiley face in the same shape and color
with the cane starting with a ball of foil. I’m using my work surface to round up the
top and then we’ll gonna press it on the table to get a flat bottom. You can make it
as big as you like just keep in mind we do need to have two pens to sticking out of it
so it has to be big enough to support them. So we’re going for a general dome shape
with a flat bottom. This is so we can rest it on the table and properly support the pens.
The next thing we wanna do is cover the foil with scrap clay. Since the end of the cane
is all messed up, anyway may as well turn it into scraps. Here I have a sheet of scrap
clay rolled out on on the thin setting number 5 on the pasta machine and I’m going to
rip strips and start squeezing it into the foil. We don’t need to use a thick piece
because you wanna make sure that we get it into all the groups so that it doesn’t break
later and then using thin strips you can add multiple layers and then really get that connections
going. You can use a rolling pen to blend the pieces together. Wherever you see these
little holes, make sure that you’ll add in clay to fill them all in because we ultimately
want a nice round surface. I’m not too fussed about the bottom so long
as it’s covered with clay, it doesn’t have to look perfect because it’s gonna
be resting on a flat surface anyway. Alright, that looks good enough as long as it can rest
on the surface, we’re good. The next step is to cover with a solid clay
color. I’m gonna use the color of the smiley face and I’m gonna roll it out on a slightly
thicker setting on a pasta machine. So here we have the inside color, nice and conditioned.
I’m going to wrap it around the base then making sure not to trap any air bubbles. This
time I am a little more concerned with the look because this is what’s visible. I like
to use my fingers rather than my sculpting tools because this just seems to have much
better way of grabbing the clay and smoothing it out. And since this is so big you don’t
need tiny tools for this. And here we go, that looks pretty good. Now if you’re doing this as a gift you probably
want to someone so do that just roll up some more scrap clay. And put a nice light color
in this case the pink is nice and light, in this way you have a nice writing surface for
your signature. An airball in here, so if you catch that just cut a hole and squeeze
the air out because air bubbles will not behave nicely in the oven.
Next thing you wanna do is rotate it to find what looks like a nice smile and here we have
a balls that can be a nose. I’m gonna make that the front. These are going to sit in
the eyes so picture where you want them to be and test it to make sure that, that area
is strong enough to hold it. I wanna put the pens in here. What I wanna do is squeeze really
hard so that they get embedded and make sure that they’re pointing more downward than
outward so that they don’t fall out ones this thing is baked. This is where they’re
ultimately where they’re going to be and this is why we needed the inkwell so that
we can make that proper hole. To make the eyes, you can roll out a sheet
of clay. I’m using black because that’s the color of the eyes on the pen and I’m
using a (camper) cutter or you can just roll out a ball of clay and flatten it out with
your fingers. So we have one eyes and again it doesn’t have to be perfect so the size
doesn’t matter as long as they are approximately even. So I place the two eyes where I had
already mark with the pens and then I just want to go over that hole again to make sure
that the pen sits nicely in the eyes. Then we wanna make the mouth. What you wanna
do is roll out a piece of clay. You want it about yay big so cut it, and then re-roll
it so that it has nice edges. The mouth is approximately how I want it so I’m going
to lightly tap on it to flatten it down. Forgot to secure the eyes in so just tap it on your
fingers or rolling pin and make sure that they’re sitting on face not sticking out
then we’ll go ahead and attach the mouth. This is the simple version, you can go ahead
and add a nose, hair, a color, whatever you want. Here’s the cool thing about the mouth,
if you have a pink pen you can actually write something on here. As a gift you can write
the person’s name, you can write “smile”, whatever you want, and of course you can sign
the bottom. So I’m gonna put this back in the oven and we’re done! For a detailed list of supplies used in this
project along with answers to your specific questions, visit my website
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  1. ( google translation , sorry!)

    How did you do to bake the pen without melting the cover within the polymer clay ?
    I got curious!

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