Smiley, West Uncle Toms – Steve Harvey

cava smiley and cornel west or go on a
tour to highlight our poverty and the situation of african-americans as well
in this country obviously a huge unemployment rate for african-americans
over sixteen percent much larger than the average they want to point out how
they were quietly said restaurant obviously very important very healthy
partly conversation and i’m doing so they think the government is not doing
enough to help and they’ve been pointing that out by
name in pointing that out not just in the store but throughout and some people
in the community weary of the steel army a little bit are not happy with that message they
thing you should back present all bomber no matter what what caste rise up oil when he’s getting
interviewed here is look this is a personal why is he not addressing any of these
issues and why won’t even talk about solicita
make up for option she walked out of normally
respect uh… but i thought it was not known for
many years uh… and friend uh… and parties being elected him on
my radio program t_v_ programs with regularity once he got elected and my critique of
him uh… i hold him accountable to various
things um… didn’t sit so what would you know
the people around and he has not at this point uh… come on t_v_ or radio programs one
time season in the white house is the first
president in my professional career that has invited me to the white house right
now have been invited to the white house for all the things all the things they
do never invited to the white and media type of any evenings never imagine why
does bill or a live shot hey where are you doing brother magical ability and i quote about an
audition originally made a dramatic radar relation because you asked about
it look this is really important issue
saying if you’re parece a critic of the
administration knew him by the net you’d be a right
wing critic all bill o’reilly social and all those guys e_m_i_ drawl all the time and they get talked to in a
hippies etcetera but if you say hey you know let me know
she in dress african-american unemployment well you’re on the banned
list hey when i was trying to get elected then you are up and down you interview
me well that was great and of course i gave you his design egypt but the minute
i don’t need you anymore you dont you’re on outside right and then twenty-eight into a even larger
phenomenon not just related to the media remember we should give it to other
quotes from congressman cleaver who said well i wish
to present a ovr cant go out of his way to help african-americans because they
were accused them of being biased in favor of the americas says he is after but then what i think what they think or
color isn’t that was my lee and generally speaking ask the regulation of well then why do we works so hard they
like the black president if he thinks he can help blacks at all
go for fear of being charged of being biased are blacks americans are
they part of the people not only their voting form
but that he represents the brazilian states division address not a special privileges not none of that just halo we’ve got a major problem here
can you help us fix this problem what they can even get in this a natural now
of course out of here if they don’t know you see that is all personal correll west things he didn’t get enough
indications of inauguration that a smile is better but he’s not getting the interviews
isn’t easy charge it so they do all the time was
somebody’s it was a war they got all this frontal former employees at center here the other disgruntled because of
bomb awarded them interviews in fact steve harvey says just that i was a huge fan of cornell west but
address i’ve seen him coming a mile away his anger started when he had a town
hall meeting president mama concomitant campaign trail and he said missus oh mama he has held a
grudge ever since steel army blindly supporting a president boziak
huge after an employer very who cares you’re pointing out well then you’re not
being at the present and doing it for personal reasons you’re being better
again as you just said that what he said i’d like you know it’s got back
criticism okay fine but look at the next thing steve harvey
said he said it better for scientists smiley
and west he said they’re filling it with you to
yellow dot org you know that says four fungal com lookout and steve harvey’s calling cornel west and have a smiley unko comes because they care about that american
community and they want to make sure that poverty
and and all the different things that it or hurting after american community
including unemployment should be addressed by the president the
united states no matter who that presidents and they’re all good conscience but that makes no sense that doctors
logic on its head know they’re trying to look out for the
african-american community how does that make them uncle thoughts
unless your point c barbieri’s says the president’s black we should
never criticize them and anyone who criticize them no matter what how right
there in ten days no matter if they’re white black it
doesn’t matter there uncle tom’s by definition if you dare criticizes
president your uncle tom well that one makes no sense to it’s a horrible way of
looking at our government it’s certainly not anything that anyone
in the media should say but i was surprised that steve are you as a huge media presence is saying that
i would say i was surprised but you know i guess maybe he’s playing ball maybe
that’s that’s what steve are we want to do but he certainly is an old enough for
the community who i trust between harvey and and
weston smiley civilian clothes who shot out the people whose child on the
powerful you make the call

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  2. @southerncomf3rt21
    "The european [mindset] is one of corruption, deception and duplicity. These practices are endorsed and [highly recommended] as a means for achieving any desirable end"
    — Niccolo Machiavelli: "The Prince"

  3. Brotha Cenk, I love the TYT but I have to disagree with you on this issue. While I agree with you that Obama has failed to be tough on the wealthy and corporations in this country, I can see where Steve is coming from. Steve's entitled to an opinion just like everyone else. As far as I'm concerned, Tavis is bitter. Dr. West is an attention whore just like the other so called black activists. Where were they when Bush were making tax cuts for the rich or when Clinton passed the NAFTA deal?

  4. Ironically. If one actually read's Uncle Tom's Cabin. You will find that Uncle Tom was a character who sacrificed himself to be sold into a worse position in order to protect his people from it. So by caring for Black Americans they actually are Uncle Tom like. A shame that such a heroic character from the book has been twisted to mean the exact opposite.

  5. I'm black so I can say this. I know this is about poverty. But where is Tavis and Cornel's bus when blacks are killing cops. Where are they when we shoot each other up over "someone looked at me wrong"? Why aren't they bussing it up through neighborhoods, preaching to drug dealers? Because they are full of shit! All they do is talk, talk, talk, and talk with no results. As far as I'm concerned, Cornel, Tavis, Dyson, and the rest of them good talking negroes need to put their words to action

  6. This video along with Tavis Smiley & Cornel West are asinine. This is all petty because Tavis hasn't been invited to the White House. They don't care about the African American community because I have yet to see either of them rolling up their sleeves in my community to do anything. They show up when something happens until then, they sit back in their mansions and count their dollars from book sales & public appearances.

  7. @steviewonder417 – In the UK, because we once did have a Socialist government for a few short years(which gave us universal healthcare & a host of other good things) there's the knowledge that it really is possible. Last time it took a major depression followed by a world war. I fear it will never happen in the US. I agree with you that left/right in the US context is meaningless & that both sides are equally corrupt. However, the GOP seem batshit insane to boot.

  8. @websdaleandrew Ron paul is the only man I see in the gop capable of empathetic feelings towards human beings. But I regret to inform you that socialism has never existed in any practical sense even in the period you speak of the countries economics and social classes did not resemble what socialisms parameters call for. Also Socialism is just another system that allows for an oligarchy to thrive same as communism, facism and of course the ever increasingly misunderstood democratic system.

  9. I would not care if Obama never spoke to those blacks who supported Hilary if he also had the balls to stop kissing the ass of the most racist wing of the GOP! Cornel was right when he said Obama talks tough to blacks and white libs, but "massas" the speaker and his "good white buddie" who just called him a parasite on national tv. Even Nanci Pelosi tells him 2 walk like a man! He was my forth choice (and I am black), but he is a straight out coward in the face of the "man", even out of harvard!

  10. @sholeizugly
    this is a tough one to me because Steve made some good point but Cenk makes some good point too. I'm torn in the issue.

  11. Tavis'/Dr West's/Jesse Jr's speeches on CSPAN/CNN/MSNBC during/after the election PROVED that they only care about personal political power/access, and were NEVER Obama's friends! They actually thought they were critical to getting him elected! NOPE! When he corrected them (by not wasting his time on narrowing his message that way), they stooped to media-bash HIM, African-Americans slammed THEM, and branded THEM "Uncle Toms" for such ignorance and treachery against a potential first black POTUS!

  12. So these guys ARE bitter! But they brought it on themselves, b/c they didn't know the shot: disproportionate numbers or not, you just don't bully the POTUS about AFRICAN-AMERICAN employment, at a time when GENERAL unemployment is at a 50-yr high!
    They might've had their access, if only they'd addressed the country's PRIORITIES then! But they didn't, which actually HURT African-Americans, all b/c these UTs blundered by playing small politics from a weak position in a national crisis! NOT SMART!

  13. Cenk, they don't really care about the issues! They're political opportunists leveraging African-American wedge issues for personal power!
    Steve Harvey fights in the trenches for African-Americans; he, not they, have actual working programs in his own foundation! STEVE HARVEY IS RIGHT!

  14. -Steve Harvey, on Cornel West mentioning not getting tickets to the president’s inauguration:
    “Have you ever been invited to the damn inauguration? Did Bush send for you? Did Clinton send for you? Did Reagan send for you?"
    "You don’t have any real basis behind your dislike for this man…you keep masking it saying it’s not about hate. Then what is it about? Poverty existed before January 20, 2008. Where was your damn bus then?”
    LOL! Steve is the MAN!

  15. Lmao that's bull what the guy in the video forget to mention like Steve said was where the hell was Smiley and West when Bush was in office creating all of these problems? Smiley just said he got invited to white house functions before Obama so when was he in their addressing the condition of poor people? They weren't really saying or doing anything for poor black people before this…and if they're so smart they would know Obama doesn't control these businesses because businesses make jobs

  16. Obama doesn't so if people should really be mad it should be at these companies for not creating jobs…but when businesses lose money or aren't getting enough of it to profit they cut jobs because who wants to be in business to lose money right…and who started the war which is still costing us today? Bush did but people are easily taking of Bush's faults on Obama…the problem is not enough people know how bad the RECESSION was and that things realistically weren't going to get better

  17. for a couple of terms if that…and Smiley and West know this but in their hate for Obama for not giving them attention they're using poor people as ammo to get attention from the president…if they really cared about poor people they would do this tour with or without Obama's attention but they're doing it for attention!…just because they're speaking out for poor black people doesn't mean they're looking out for poor black Harvey said poverty didn't start with Obama

  18. so why are they just talking about poverty now on a wide scale where the hell was their tour when Bush was in office…but they think because we have a black president they deserve as much attention as anybody else when in fact they've done nothing for black people but run their mouths and sell books! so these two clowns don't fool me for one minute and this video should be redone with these thoughts in mind

  19. So many of the comments here are about protecting the celebrity, not the people with proven track records working for the interests of a repressed and impoverished minority. To do that, you have to ignore the central issue: Are African-Americans better off now than they were three years ago? They seem to be saying, "No". Of course, Steve Harvey wouldn't know about that.

  20. If you very intelligent youtubers notice, Mr Harvey Never makes one valid,coherent point. Not 1. Steve Harvey is not smart enough to make any commentary on Brother Cornel and Tavis. Why? Because They are Right!!!! Check out the interview with ROLAND MARTIN and Cornel on YouTube -Washington watch. Sadly,Obama is our color,but not our kind : ( He has got to go!

  21. “If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” – Malcolm X

    Steve Harvey = House Nigga

  22. some of you people on here are very stupid if u believe that dr. west is funding his tour from the poor , do u even know how he travels ? cause obviously u dont and if u know who Dr. West is u know that he is about all poverty not just black people in america. open your eyes as well as your mind and ears cause some of yall are still missing the point.

  23. I believe, that, Dr. West is for real, but Smiley is a fake. As for Steve Harvey, he has help the black youth is this country more than anyone. If West and Smiley want to help blacks in America start with the youth. Educate them,

  24. @bebe0183 okay, but when that poverty is disproportionately represented in a group, that is worth mentioning. things, like why is that, etc.

  25. President Obama has to address poverty and unemployment among ALL americans, not just African Americans. I'm black, but I don't deserve special privileges over other americans just because the president is black. Obama would not have won the presidency with just the black vote. Tavis Smiley and Cornel West are being petty. If they are going to criticize Obama, criticize him for caving in to corporations that outsource jobs to other countries while still benefiting from tax breaks.

  26. That's great that everyone watches out for their community, but whites are poor too, so why do these things always become black are picked on. Maybe back in the day, but certainly not the last couple generations. They have power, money and position, laws that only they seem to get, so what's the bitch? I haven't been invited to the white house either. I thought the white side of Obama would have got me in for sure, what with all my white privileges. LOL



  29. Love you, Cenk but you twisted and manipulated this WHOLE thing. Steve Harvey was right. Tavis and Cornell acted out of line. This is one real stupid reason to attack the President. Quite frankly, it was done because of his other decisions. Real issues to be addressed, not this BS.

  30. Steve Harvey is one closed minded man.Check out some of the interviews and you will see that he thinks and acts hateful to anyone.

  31. Why is Cenk acting so surprised? The Liberal Black Community calls any Black person who is not in lockstep with them or the President "Uncle Tom."

  32. That's like saying all Republican conservatives burn with hatred for homosexuals. Some due, but it isn't reasonable to broad brush. There is enough ignorance on youtube, don't add to it.

  33. I'm not adding to ignorance. What I said is factual. Name me one Black Republican who hasn't been painted as an Uncle Tom. Don't try to say Colin Powell because he WAS called an Uncle Tom by the Liberal Black Community until he decided to support Obama in 2008.

  34. I won't. What you stated is an opinion and you won't get away with pushing that as fact. There is enough of that sort of bullshit in the news media.

  35. hah, oh come on, boy. You're delusional if you can't tell your opinion from facts. What you're doing is labeling people you don't know, and clearly don't understand, with one story. This conversation IS over since there is no reasoning with the unreasonable.

  36. Ok. So since it's merely my opinion, you should have NO PROBLEM naming me ONE Black Republican who at one time or another was not called "Uncle Tom" by Liberals. Your move.

  37. Steve is from West Virginia and lived close to a slave-like condition thus Steve still maintains this childhood legacy!

  38. ION Television aired “The Woods” ep. of CBS drama “Cold Case” on 9/21/12, hours before CurriTUCK posted a 20-blanking. The ep. had John Billingsly as GEORGE Marks 2005; Billingsly was born the same day as NFL RB Stanley edWARDs: 5/20/60. NFL RB William Henry “DJ” Dozier turned 47 on 9/21/12 and attended Kempsville High at 5194 Chief Trail, Virginia Beach,VA. Unrelated: Univ. of kenTUCKy/NBA player Winston George Bennett III turned 47 & Virginia Beach-born actor Jason Winston George 40 on 2/9/12

  39. ION Television aired “The Woods” ep. of CBS drama “Cold Case”, 9/21/12, hours b4 CurriTUCK posted a 20-blanking. The ep. had John Billingsly as GEORGE Marks 2005; Billingsly was born same day as NFL RB Stanley edWARDs: 5/20/60. NFL RB William Henry “DJ” Dozier turned 47 on 9/21/12—attended Kempsville [email protected] Chief Trail, Virginia Beach,VA. Unrelated: Yazoo County Sheriff Thomas Vaughan commending Ora Lee’s boy, Mississippi State DE Kaleb Eulls for disarming a 14-year-old girl on his school bus

  40. ION Television aired “The Woods” ep.of CBS drama “Cold Case”, 9/21/12, w/John Billingsly (born 5/20/60—like NFL RB Stan edWARDS) as GEORGE Marks 2005, hours b4 CurriTUCK posted a 20-blanking. NFL RB William Henry “DJ” Dozier turned 47 on 9/21/12—attended Kempsville [email protected] Chief Trail, Virginia Beach,VA. Yazoo County Sheriff Thomas Vaughan commended Mississippi State DE Kaleb Eulls for disarming a 14-year-old girl on his school bus; NBA/kenTUCKy’s Winston George Bennett III turned 47 on 2/9/12

  41. ION Television aired “The Woods” ep. of CBS drama “Cold Case” on 9/21/12, hours before CurriTUCK posted a 20-blanking. The ep. had John Billingsly as GEORGE Marks 2005; Billingsly was born the same day as NFL RB Stanley edWARDs: 5/20/60. NFL RB William Henry “DJ” Dozier turned 47 on 9/21/12 and attended Kempsville High at 5194 Chief Trail, Virginia Beach,VA. Unrelated: ’77 Kempsville grad Tom Sean Foley in 1992’s “Blind Vision”; Virginia Beach-born actor Jason Winston George turning 40 on 2/9/12

  42. never trust a man that sells out his whole gender for a book and a movie deal. that should tell you everything you need to know about Quimbo Harvey.

  43. That is brother West and Smileys point, that fact that a Black Man was elected President Twice with the support of 95% of the Black community, you would think Black people would get direct action from the white house. The fact that it has not happened yet, is a shock to Tavis, Cornell and that 95% that voted for him!

  44. First of all There's no way Tavis could ever persuade Black's not to vote for OBAMA , not going to happen. Second, Bill and Hillary Clinton are white people who along with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, use Black people for their own personal gain by promising more public programs and more handouts! Tavis and Cornell, are simply saying Barack Obama needs to be held accountable. Because he's a Black Man, he should do more for Black People then the Previous Democratic President's .

  45. Tavis Smiley and Cornell West have been speaking on behalf of poor Black people long before Barack Obama became president. I think they fill that President Obama is ignoring there request to meet with them and come up with a plan to make education more affordable for poor Black people, so they can get higher paying jobs, which will make buying quality affordable homes a reality for all Black people instead of just a few ! If President Obama wont listen to them, who will ?

  46.      Steve Harvey is a shill, a two bit hack that will say anything. The irony of people like him is that they are actually conservative not progressive. Hear me out. Anything Obama they are behind it, no matter how much it hurts their same community. Nope shut up and support Obama if you don't you are a uncle tom. I would point out Orileys behavior. Anyone that spoke out against the war he would tell them to shut up because they are unpatriotic – and this is what people like Harvey does with "uncle tom." Support Obama no matter what! It's the same way the right acted under bush.
         As a rule of thumb if you are having a conversation about civil matters and someone responds by name calling it is probably because they have nothing of importance to say. 

  47. This was back in 2011. Update Steve Harvey just recently invited Paula Deen to mentor young black boys so who is the real Uncle Tom. Steve Harvey is a worthless hack who if it wasn't for Bernie Mac would have been washed up by now.

  48. Steve is ignorant, because the Jews do not back any politician unless they make a commitment to Israel and Jewish concerns in America. Why is it ok for the Jews to look out for their concerns, but it's wrong for AA to do the same? If Obama is supposed to be the president for all, he's certainly left Blacks out of the equation.

  49. Obama helped one black, Gates Jr., by giving him beer along with the cop. What a sham. He should buy beer for every white with a DUI, just to smooth it over.

  50. Steve Harvey's also the personal, I don't care about slavery. who also blindly supported Hillary Clinton no matter what Evil, she have done

  51. Who held Barack Obama accountable? Who says the left wing is progressive. Bullies… better description. Time for change and if you want an invitation be a gentleman.

  52. Everyone knows blacks in America and everywhere else in the world and nothing Steve Harvey is an Uncle Tom Trump needed him at the White House to figure a way out how to get black votes cuz he thought he had that little radio channel but no one listens no one listens to Uncle Tom Steve Harvey so drunk wasted his time

  53. Steve Harvey is a sell-out and Uncle time what people need to do is get a hold of his sponsors and tell them they don't want him and the rest of Uncle Tom's in Hollywood like that John Legend Uncle Tom Ice Cube Uncle Tom Ice-T Uncle Tom is many Uncle Tom's the best thing you can do for those Uncle Tom's is don't watch them then the white man loses interest in them as an Uncle Tom because they see they have no clout Just Like Jesse Jackson he was a sell-out with Reagan would that Jesse Jackson for president lie turned over all the black votes to Reagan then I seen him on a magazine in front of rolls-royce's now the I heard recently Jesse Jackson's out of a job you know what that means he's out of a job being an Uncle Tom and a sellout to his race and his drunken son

  54. For the life of me I don't know how anyone could like that bald-headed Uncle Tom Steve Harvey I wish people would get together and tell his sponsors they no longer want him on television personally I do not watch that weirdo that diaper wearing weirdo what is false teeth none of my family watching either they even took the channel that he comes on off of the remote control so that he cannot be watched people hate him out here all he is is a Uncle Tom now he's trying to run a show with Africa because he knows he's all washed up here in America everyone knows he's an Uncle Tom over here and I know he went in the side of trump to try to get black votes but little did Trump know people can't stand them get that clown off TV

  55. Only a few Uncle Tom still watch him on TV the majority of people cannot stand him and the things he says aren't even funny some I don't know whoever said he was comedian because he stinks

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