Sneaky Jokes On Our Dad! (And Spying!) Kids Fun TV

[Mysterious music] Three, two, one! [Dad] Ahhh! Aw, Yes! I’m on vacation. The kids are back in the
hotel room with their mom. [Both] Shhh! Guys, should we play a trick on our dad? I snuck away for a little
bit of free time of my own to do nothing but, relax! Let’s do it! Nothing can go wrong. Whoo hoo! Hey guys, I am gonna catch a frog and scare my dad with it! [Exclaims] [Mysterious music] Shhh! Come on, let’s go! [Mystery Music] [Toy noises] Ahhhh! Ahhh! [Slow Motion] Oh my gosh! I dislike these! Oh, I dislike those! Oh! Ahhh! Oh, oh! What?! What the, it’s fake! It’s a toy! Who would? Hey! Hey! What are you doing?! Gotcha good, Dad! Gotta go, bye! Aww! Jack got me good. Ew! Kaden, you’ll never
believe what I just did. I just scared Dad! All right! [Sighs] Good! How are we gonna get him next? Yeah, he already knows that it’s us. Hey, look! It’s the “Sassy Kids” playing with Jazzy. Maybe they’ll help us with our next trick? He he he! How long have you been
filming on your channel? The “Sassy Kids” have been
filming for two years now. Well, I don’t see them? Hopefully, they leave me alone now! Ah! Hey, Jazzy! And the “Sassy Kids.” Will you help us play tricks on Dad? You’re playing tricks on Dad again? Dad’s going to be so mad at you! How can we help? Hmmm? What should we do this time? Hmmm! We can make him a “sand-which!” A real “sand-wich?” No way! That would be so funny! I’ve got the bread! I got the sand! That looks delicious! Now, that is what I call
a real “sand-which!” Isn’t your dad gonna get mad? That’s why it’s funny! We can’t give it to him. It would look suspicious. Hey “Sassy Kids,” would
you give it to him? I guess. Yeah! [Boys snickering] This is gonna be good! Well, we better hide. [Mystery music] Well, here goes nothing! Excuse me, sir! Would you like a delicious sandwich? Sure! How much is it? [Both girls] Oh, it’s free! Thank you! This looks delicious! This will really hit
the spot, I’m starving! Well, enjoy! Thank you! What sweet girls. That was so thoughtful! [Children suprised] This looks so delicious! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Oh my gosh! I can’t believe we just did that. Yeah! [Kids laughing] Ugh! What is this, sand? Oh my gosh! This is just [Exclaims]. [Kaden] Dad, we gotcha good!
[Dad] What’s in this thing? Ugh! What did you guys do? This is odd! [Exclaims] Ah, those kids! I gotta get out of here. I gotta go hide somewhere else. [Exclaiming] Oooh! Oooh! I got it! Perfect! A nice quiet corner of the hotel. No kids in sight! [Playful music] Perfect! Now to find my dad! [Sighs] So relaxing! I got my nice little book here. There’s my dad. He’s reading a book. Let’s get him! [Sighs] [Playful music] Shhh!
[Playful music] [Cackles mischievously] Ahhh! What is that? What is that? What is on me? What is on me? A frog? What the..
a frog? Ha ha! Got you again, Dad! That was you? Oh my gosh! These kids! I’m trying to relax and they keep putting all these silly animals
and funny things on me! All right little buddy,
go back out in the wild. [Fun music] Ah! These kids keep finding my hiding spot and playing jokes on me. All right, I gotta find another one. Ah, I love vacation and I love relaxing! You know what? I’m kinda tired. I’m gonna take a nap
right here on the sand. [Ukulele playing] [Snoring] [Fun upbeat music] What should we do? He’s sleeping! Let’s bury him in the sand. [Exciting fun music] I can’t believe he is not waking up! Shhh, he must be tired! [Exciting fun music] This is going to be hilarious! We got this side done. Let’s get the other side. [Snoring] Good thing he’s a deep sleeper! Should we take his hat
off, and wake him up? Oh yeah, let’s do it! [Upbeat fun music] What the? what the? what the? Who did this? Who did this to me? What, what, what? We got you again! It was you! What the? Hey, come back! Ahh! Oh, my boys are such tricksters. I’m trying to relax here! I can’t believe I slept through that. Holy cow! [Boys laughing] Hey, what’s that? Sweet, one of those water blaster! Oh yeah, let’s squirt Dad with it! To the pool! [Playful music] Let’s go find Dad. I bet he’s hiding. I gotta find a place
that nobody can find me. Looks like a good spot. Let’s blast him! What the? Is that rain? Is it raining? Take it, Kaden. Weird! Okay, go. What the? Is that rain? How is it raining? It’s like, warm and sunny! That’s weird. How is, how is that cloud following me? What the? All right. I’m going to move over here
maybe away from this cloud. All right, this is a good spot! Ooooh!
[Fun upbeat music] What? What? [Boys laughing] What? You gimme that. You gimme that. You gimme that. Stop! Stop! [Kaden] Jack, Jack, Jack! I’m out of here! I’m out of here! Stay back! Oh yeah, Jack. We totally got him! Let’s go find Jazzy. Hope she has some slime. [Playful music] Hey, Jazzy! What are you doing? Oh, just filling buckets with slime. [Boys] Whoa! Whoa, that’s a lot of slime. Whoa, you have three
full buckets of slime? Yep! One. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Three buckets of slime and three of us. Let’s go get him! Oh yeah! I am going to the far side of the hotel where those kids cannot find me. Nobody will find me back here. [Chuckles] Ha! He thinks he’s so sneaky,
but we finally found him. [Fun upbeat music] Three, two, one! [Kids] Ahhh! Ugh, oh odd! Ugh, ew! Ugh, slime? Ugh? What, what? Oh my gosh! Slime? Are you serious? What? You guys keep finding me. How did you find me back here? Oh my gosh. I thought I was totally hidden. [Jack] We’re smarter than you think. You come back out here with slime. Are you, are you serious? Have fun with the slime! Come on. Are you serious? Are you serious? [Kids laughing] [Kaden] Have fun! [Ahhhhh] I just wanted to relax today! And this is what happens! [Ahhh] I just cannot relax. Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! [Camera woman] Stay right there. Oh ew! [Camera woman] Okay action! This is close up b-roll of me taking a bite of this sandwich. [Camera woman] Okay. Ready? Probably a slo-mo shot. Ready? Three, two, one. And action.
[Dad] This is really odd. This is delicious. [Camera woman] This looks delicious. Turn it–
I got it in my mouth. [Exclaims] Oh, what is this, sand? Oh my gosh, this is.. [Exclaims] [“Ahhhh” in slow motion] Thanks so much to the “Sassy Kids” for being in our awesome video! Check out the video that
we did with Kids Fun TV on our channel! Make sure to like and subscribe below! If you want to watch another
awesome April Fool’s video, just click this video down below! Click it, click it, click it, click it! It’s awesome! Click it, click it, click it! Click it, click it, click it, click it!

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