So gewinnt man Online Awards! | feat. @coldmirror

Of course Stein would bail. He will come. Nah… This is childwork, Lana! Say that to your mom! It’s child work when you roll 500 cigarettes for your’s. No, that’s to make life more liva- lovable. Hey guys,… you won’t believe this! Mmmh! There you are! A film competition! Oh, did you see the MakeUp-Webvideo-Award ad? MakeUp? Like making up, from Sailor Moon and the brand name of the make up company sponsoring the award. A webvideo award? What are you talking about? No. I mean this! The town is opening a movie theatre. Yeah, we decided we need to do more for the young people. Great mom. How about better internet? So we can stream more series and we wouldn’t need a cinema. Can’t you do something about that? Hey! No streaming service can create the mood of a good old cinema a temple for cinephiles like myself! Temple for what? Is that even allowed? And what competition did you talk about if it’s not the webvideo award? Well this one! “For the opening of the Dullsville Culture Cinema” DCC – great name. Lana! “we’re holding an amateur movie competition!” We have to participate! MakeUp Webvideo Award, hmm? Oh come on guys! Stein, thanks to all the subs from the Leggi Drama we’re so close to making it on YouTube! This is our chance to get recognition and an award on top! But – Mmmh…. How about you combine those two things? Huh? How would that work? Well, you have to make something that’s interesting for both the town AND your YouTubes. Yes, exactly! For example? Cow bashing, the prank show! Or Creepypasta at the campfire! Hey, those ideas aren’t too bad. I mean, not good, but – deal? Huh… Okay, deal. Great! And I’m taking the creative lead! And if everything goes well, every red carpet will soon belong to us! In the name of art! Glam and glitter everywhere!! Lana, don’t forget the scraper for the dried chicken crap. If it’s not enough, take the jackhammer. Huh! Isn’t that Mr. Batzenberg from the museum! Mhm! Thanks for coming to the grand opening of the Dullsville Culture Cinemas. Since all the statues in the museum I usually work at have to get tested for authenticity. Was that necessary mom? They had this displayed as a document from Dullville’s founders… Oh… I mean what did the Daltons want in Dullsville? And how did they get here from the USA? Yes! Mysterious! Oh, Mr. Mayor! Hello! Hehehe… Anyway, that’s why I got myself a new job – I will turn my passion into profession and here’s our program! Please let it be the Avengers, please let it be the Avengers. Oh… Oh no! What IS that? Granny movies? Hipster movies!? Oh my god! So cool! That’s right! Just in time for the Academy Awards, we’ll start with an Oscars-Week! But without the water-monster-fetish-film or that faggot crap. Into the trash, we don’t need that! And to make it complete we’ll have our own little movie fest! The winner with the best amateur movie will be crowned by me and will be shown in this cinema. Uhhhh!! Yes, and he’ll get the generous 5% deal – on salty popcorn!! Ahhhh!! That… is… my favourite!! The Dullsville Culture Cinema is now open! Come on, Timmy! We’ll see what Mr. Batzenberg loves to see! Huh… okay then. What was that? A… movie. No! A movie has shootings and actors in costumes, that are late replaced by CGI costumes and the fight against aliens and – ah… Marvel really bred a terrible generation of movie watchers… No, but seriously – the way we will win is – good camera, deep scripts – Or find a good niche that is currently trending! Racism? Exclusion? Gay movies? I’m talking about me! Huh… Hmm… Timmy We just have to find the right topic. You can do this. Flattery maybe! That’s how they did it! But how about a love letter to Dullsville instead of Hollywood? Mr. Batzenberg would love that. AND exclusion! A story about a girl that didn’t fit in here, cause she has a secret passion one, that’s too modern for an old fashioned village like this! Mhm… Don’t know anyone. You sure…? Huh? Crap. I’d rather watch 5 hours of Leggi’s Minecraft Let’sPlays and I NEVER watch Minecraft Let’sPlays! By the way – my Leggi fanpage has 500 followers! Fanpedsch? Hipster crap! Too modern for an old fashioned village like this! I found her! The girl that doesn’t fit in with her secret passion! Wait what? Hey Angel! Hmm? Ehm… Do you want to be the star of my new project? Me? Ehm… Huhhh… Ehm. Hahahaha, sure thing loser! So you can embarrass me in front of everyone like you do yourself? You wish! He didn’t even say “Scared, Potter”. But Get lost, BMA! Ohhh… Don’t worry. We still have Lana, she can be our leading role. Me? Tss forget it. As if I would want that. But? I have to go. Homework and chicken crap. We… ehm. What do I know? Nah… Girls… That’s sexist. So where can you see all the entries? Ah… I still think we should use the Oscars equation. And I think, we should see the competition at the MakeUp-Award at least once. Oh… “My Top3 things in January”? And all three of them are MakeUp Cosmetics products! What a coincident! Or this! “Best Of Topmodel Idol”? That’s TV not Webvideo! But they upload a best of on YouTube. Ahhhh. Great webvideo producers! Oh, there! I know them! Kumpel & Komplize! They’re rapper twins! Since when are they YouTubers? Nominated for the video: “Kicking fan off the jewish memorial for touching our sunglasses.” Eh… Why… would you nominate that? No idea – because they are popular? Sure – and they promote MakeUp. MakeUp! More like WAKE UP! But does that mean we don’t do the Webvideo Award thing and concentrate on the Dullsville Movie Competition? Huh… We can’t do that. Why not? Angel said she doesn’t me to embarrass her in front of the village… But maybe she’s on board with YouTube…? And why in the world would she do that? That’s why! All nominees are invited to the MakeUp camp… coached by Leggi! And when she helps, she’ll come with me. Ugh… That means you want to lure her with her crush just to spend time with her? That’s fucked up, dude. But you know I’m always on your side… Okay, let’s never do that again. But kids in movies always do that. They’re also written by old farts that think nerdy kids do things like that. Kay. All for the kids! Should I really? Ugh… If you ask me, I’d rather work with Klaus Kinski than with her but hey ~ whatever. Go on now! Hey. …Hey? Ehm… Can I talk to you for a sec? Can’t you see we’re busy? We’re working on a strategy for my Leggi fanpage. Daddy says we need the same growth rate as the refugees in Germany. So if you – No! Huh?! No? No. Angel, I know you’re a great girl and deep down somewhere there is a story. A story, that I want to tell! What – what a load of crap. I – I really like you and I would love for you to be the leading lady of my story! Oh ehm… Awww!! Okay. Okay? Okay? Okay? Is this a game? Nah…. So? What did she say? Ehm… okay. Even without your Leggi move? Mhm. Wow. I didn’t think she would do that. Maybe she thinks you’re Mr. Crabs. We start after school. Hehehe. Great! Hahaha! And that’s why Dullsville is not dull at all! Timmy and out! Hahaha! That’s actually really fun! Told you so! “I love this city, everything’s so nice” I’m missing some fire! What about the shitty transportation? My dad’s always driving me. And the slow internet? We’ve got a 2000Mbit cable. Yes, you! And this is MY story! There are 100.000er cables in the city!! And here we go again. “The city, the city, the city” – well go back to your city then if you loved it so much. Hey! Calm down you two! Are you on my side? Seriously Timmy? I don’t have to deal with this. Me neither. Come on Stein. But Lana At least give me the footage. Ehm COME ON!! Okay, okay! Puh! Girls, right? That’s sexist! Nah… Angel/Lana still didn’t talk to me. But we only have two days left to hand in our Culture Cinema Movie. At least you have two days… The MakeUp Webvideo Award Deadline was yesterday. Did you check out the nominees? For what? Lana disappeared for days with the footage… And our last nominee in the category Documentary: Huh? Broadcast My Ass with “I can’t stay one minute longer” A cynical documentary about Dullsville – in middle of nowhere! Lana! Was that you? Mhm! All nominees were invited to the MakeUp Bootcamp! And no worries – this is about Video coaching, not eating kangaroo balls or bugs. Am I right Leggi? We’re going to the city! Hahahah! But “cynical documentary”..? Oh, I know enough about TV to know how to edit footage to make it your own story. This is the story about a girl that has everything – at a place, where there’s nothing. Absolutely nothing. No intelligent life no YouTube! We will show you there’s fangirl zombies ever where there’s no actual mobile phone service. Do you even watch Leggi’s videos? No, I only follow him on Insta cause he’s super hot. That’s… Funny? Sarcastic? Brilliant? Pretty mean, Lana! Well great. It’s Angel But I just wanted to be provocative and funny – Are you sure you weren’t after something else? Yes, no! I didn’t want to embarrass you! I… Yes, I know Leggi will probably see this and – hello? Hello? Great. Hung up. Why the museum scene? Mr. Batzenberg was running it and won’t find it funny at all. We will never win the movie competition with this. So… who cares? Ehh… Me! But… Do you still have my SD card? Nah… I have to go… Stein What? I have to fix what you screwed up. I just wanted… Leggi must think I’m an idiot. And what if you had the chance to explain to him personally what happened? Hahahaha! Oh man…

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  1. Nicht vergessen! Am Ende der Folge könnt ihr abstimmen, was das Ende der nächsten Folge wird:) einfach bei der Abstimmung in der Infocard mitmachen <3 und was meint ihr, wie wird die erste Staffel ausgehen? Schreibt es uns in die Kommentare 🙂

  2. Stein und Timmy: ,,Mädchen."
    Lana: ,,Das ist sexistisch!"

    Timmy: zu Stein Mädchen, right?
    Lana und Angel: ,,Das ist sexistisch!"

    Sind Mädchen die Stimmen aus dem Off und haben ein voll gutes Gehör?
    Cool! Ich will auch in Kuhdorf leben!

  3. Wäre es möglich, dass Timmy mal checkt, dass Angel ne blöde Kuh ist und er mit Stein was anfängt? Würde ich appreciaten….xD

  4. Ich will ja niemanden beleidigen aber der Wettbewerb ist dumm denn nur salziges Popcorn gibt, ich bin team süß wer auch kann liken🤣

  5. Lana ist so anders und ich Mal wieder Theorien mache Lana ist in Timmy verliebt ist nur ne Theorie und macht keine große Sache draus

  6. Alles für die Kids
    Alles für die Kids,

    Ich tu ´ alles für die Kinder das ist kein Wtz1
    Alles für die Kids
    Alles für die Kids,

    Ich bring´euch etwas bei mit meinen Hip-Hop Hits!

    Fresh D fans am start!

  7. MAN ich liebe es Timmy und Stein zu shippen doch in dieser folge sind Timmy und Angel so süß 😭😍❤
    oh man ich brauche echt mal hilfe 😅😂
    Ps:das ist ein mega cooles video geworden 😍❤😍

  8. Dabei waren die im Kino gezeigten Filme doch gar nicht mal so schlecht..
    Aber zugegeben..Angel hat in dieser Folge so einige Pluspunkte bei mir gewonnen. :')

  9. Bin ich eigentlich der einzige der die Insider aus dieser Folge extrem feiert? Zum Beispiel call me by your name oder dass lana einen Banana Fish Block hat?

  10. uiiii, dunkirk🥴 der läuft heute auch um 20:15 Uhr auf ProSieben… schnell Video zuende gucken, dann beginnt auch schon Dunkirk hahaha

  11. Die Kollegah Anspielung ist veraltet unnötig unlustig und fehl am Platz
    Erbärmlich das dieser Antisemitismusmüll immernoch mit dem besten Rapper Deutschlands in verbindung gebracht wird
    Erbärmlich ist es ebenfalls noch mal nachzutreten
    Hätte mendchlich mehr von euch erwartet
    Schwache Aktion
    Ein beweis das auch ihr mit verschlossenen Augen jedem Hate hinterher lauft und auf Gutmenschen macht um bloß keinen Hate abzubekommen
    Menschlich gesehen ziemlich abstoßend
    Auch von den Kiddyzuschauer die das noch feiern

  12. 5:49 puuuhh…die Liebe zum Detail ist wieder mal raus zu erkennen 🙂 Besonders call me by your name sieht stark aus!

  13. ich finde es irgendwie scheiße das Angel einfach in dieses Trio kommt und alle auseinander bringt. Timmy ist ja ganz blind vor Liebe .

  14. Angel zu Timmy:"Träum weiter!"
    Sabrine:"Dabei hat er gar nicht 'Angst, Potter?' gefragt!"
    Wo sind die Potterheads?😂😂😂😂😂

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