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Yea I’m just out here surviving Mean what I’m doing right now won’t even matter …baby baby, it will always matter Oh! sh– thought you said you fixed that *get a room* I got a room motherf– Hey Cash, how much longer I got to wait for my money? God made this land for all of us, Greedy people like you want to hog it to yourself, and your family– Me and my family? Yea. Cassius I’m your f***ing uncle I just really need a job… This is telemarketing, stick to the script *Hello* Um.. Mr. Davison, Cassius green here sorry to bo– Let me give you tip you want to make some money here? Use your white voice My white voice.. Now I’m not talking about Will Smith white.. this young fella Hey, Mr. Kramer. This is Langston from Regal View As always we’ll be getting that out to you right away. You doing so good with the voice thing holla holla hollaaa Yea! You’re going upstairs, power caller. They even have their own elevator Welcome power caller. I hope you did not masturbate today. We need you sharp and ready to go. I got promoted, I’m a power caller what do they sell? They not selling what we selling no.. there is no amount of money that would make me do that– Here’s the starting salary. I’m gonna have to get me some new suits It is morally emaciating. I can’t ride with you. I’m doing something I’m really good at Cash, I’ma make you a proposal I can see that you want to say no But I wouldn’t do that before you see what I’m offering you Cash… You. Are. Awesome. Some for the hommies! And some for me!

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  1. THE MOVIE OF THE SUMMER!!! It came out around July and didn't even play at my local theater until the end of August (with only 2 showtimes for 1 week). Yet it was the BEST MOVIE OF THE SUMMER. The rest were just CGI Spectacles…although Mission Impossible: Fallout was legit a damn good Summer Blockbuster… THIS FILM was unique and original.
    Also… I am curious if that quick shot of Cassius Greene on the bench staring at the sunset / skyline is a deleted scene. Since it was not in the movie. It's so cool that this film was made with a $3.5 Million budget… even less of a budget than Get Out. This honestly LOOKED LIKE it could have had a $10 Million + budget since the visuals / locations / acting is all so good.
    WELL DONE Boots Riley / Lakeith Stanfield /Tessa Thompson / Stephen Yeun /Jermaine Fowler / Omari Hardwick / David Cross / Patton Oswalt / Danny Glover and yes…. FORREST WHITAKER 🙂

  2. Nous sommes le 01 Février 2019
    Je l'ai vu au cinéma hier.
    C'est un fabuleux film 🙂
    Il est super fun !
    Ça déconne grave.
    Ça parle d'art.
    Ça parle de capitalisme et d'exploitation de l'être humain.

    Pour peu que l'on aime les gags déjantés et que l'on soit un tantinet rebelle et critique envers la société, ce film est simplement jouissif.

    Par contre si vous êtes un moldu haineux et triste de vie, vous n'allez guère apprécier.

    Avec l'espoir de vous être utile au travers de ce commentaire.

    Fafa le journaleux.

  3. I call it the mom voice. No matter what race your mom is, she’s going to speak like the First Lady around your teachers, a stranger, etc.

  4. It was boring. And it dragged on and on and then when it was over I kinda felt like I wasted my time. Glad I didn’t waste a hallucinogen on it.

  5. Actually speed, word choosing, asking/arguments etc. & length of the sentences is also important in this job – simply a strategy. Hope he found a better way to live at the end:P

  6. Watched this high with a friend. If you're looking for a mellow chill comedy, this isn't it. Get ready for your brain to turn into soup. Overall 8/10

  7. Dear mainstream slaves
    Enjoy yet another predictive programming movie that puts the truth right in front of your faces about the illusionary world you live in but you dumbdumbs still see it as "just a movie"
    The symbolism in this movie is off the charts.
    The man telling the people they turning people into horses was seen as crazy was he not? But he was right
    Us "conspiracy theorists" are seen as crazy too aren't we?
    Enjoy the next few years as the evil things we tell you is happening gets legalised and you're wondering how.
    Such stupidity in this world

  8. I asked the guy at Family Video to recommend a movie and he picked this one as the best movie of 2018. He was right.

  9. First 2/3's of this was an interesting and at points, funny movie. Then the horse stuff came in and yeah, whatever message they were trying to make completely threw the story into a much less entertaining and kinda silly and OTT final chapter.

  10. This movie is two movies in one. Half way through..the movie is a totally different movie, nothing about the trailer. If you can watch it for free or $1, great.

  11. This movie was just sooo weird. I felt like a wasted my time because I did not understand the point loooool

  12. I just watched this movie and let me tell, the ending is NOT what you expect. Most movies are predictable BUT this is a whole left feilder

  13. sad thing is real world isnt too far from this they just made it a bit pumped up so it would have more of a "movie" feeling

  14. This movie is contemporary and weird af! The trailer makes it look a lot more normal than it got… I just say it's not everyones cup of tea- there where walk outs in the cinema at the third act…

  15. The WORST movie of the century! I mean really! Pointless, brainwashing bullsh*t, do not watch, it's a waste of time

  16. 9 Out Of 10… Excellent!👍
    Watched this movie with no expectations in mind and was totally surprised and very much entertained.😄
    Have watched it more than once.

  17. This film is a garbage …. it was written and created by potters and cheradores of glue and cocaine. NO ….. NO ….. NO …. watch

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