Spongebob surprises Italian chef Gino D’Acampo in Michael McIntyre’s wake up prank quiz! πŸ˜‚- BBC

We’re in Hertfordshire. Thankfully, his wife Jess
has turned off the alarm, or let’s hope she has. So, here we are, Chez D’Acampo. STAIRS CREAK Gino! Welcome to the Midnight Game Show with Gino D’Acampo! Morning, Gino! Ola! Ciao, ciao! We’ve got to crack on because
the bedside clock is ticking. Of course, you have Jess
to thank for this! Ready, Gino? Are you ready? Are you ready? Let’s play! OK. Name three words, please,
that rhyme with Gino. Um… Can we have a coffee before? No, we’ve got to crack on.
The bedside clock’s ticking. Er, Gino. Erm… Beano. Yes, correct. Er… He’s gone back to sleep. Yeah. Gino… Gino. Beano. Beano. Portofino. Portofino’s a beautiful place. Mandarino. Mandarino. What’s that, Gino? Tangerine. A tangerine in Italian. Brilliant. OK. Do you want to come in? OK. My next question. Who is this? Who’s it going to be now? Who’s that, Gino? It’s…
It’s a cartoon. It is a cartoon. It’s a sponge man. A sponge man? Nearly.
What’s his name? Sponge…? What about…? What about his
underwear? What shape are they? What shape? Bob the sponge. Nearly, keep thinking.
Shorts Bob the sponge. Bob has got shorts. The sponge with Bob and shorts. What shape?
Bob with the pants square. Bob with square sponge… SpongeBob and the square. The square…? SpongeBob SquarePants. Yes! Well done! Thank you, SpongeBob. Thank you. Yes, we do. It’s the Midnight Game Show. We’ve got to crack on because
the bedside clock’s ticking. So please welcome our
pizza delivery person. OK. A blindfold for you. If you put it on. It’s OK? What’s with the accent?
No… Well, I could say the same.
OK! The first thing you said to me is,
“Why are you in a suit?” What about,
why am I in your bedroom?! Right, here we go. So we’re going to give you some
pizza, should you choose to accept. All you have to do
is tell us the topping. The topping? All right.
Let’s do this. All right. OK. So let’s start with the first one.
Yeah. Oh, I’m so sorry about this, Gino. What would that be? Oh! It’s very spicy. Yes. What would that be on top of there? Oh, that’s wasabi. Yes. The green stuff. That’s absolutely
correct. That’s the correct answer. Right, do you want
to go for one more? Go on. In for a penny. You are in for a penny. And that’s just about the prize
fund we have at the BBC as well, so enjoy yourself. It’s going in now. Oh. Oh! HE CRUNCHES Any guesses? Oh! That’s the thing
I have in the pub, Jess. The…porky thing. Yes. The porky… The porky skin. Mr Porky. Mr… The… Yes, you’re so close. Scratchings. Correct!
All right, that’s amazing. OK, now, if you take
the blindfold off… Gino, just a few questions
about this lady. Now, this is actually
a blast from your past. I’m going to give you some clues. You first met this person
when you got your first TV job on Good Food Live. It’s not Jenny Barnes, is it? Oh, that’s your guess? Is it? Oh, my God! It’s Jenny! Oh, my God! Jenny’s gone straight in!
What a lovely moment! How are you? Oh, my goodness! This is the opposite
of the reaction I got! Are you OK? Yeah. Well,
thank you so much. Cover up. Yeah, thank you. Thank you so much.
This is great. What a lovely moment. Goodbye.
Are you going straight away? You won’t see her for another six
years. This is how life works. Ciao, bella.
What a lovely moment. Now, for your next question,
I’m going to ask you to get out of bed, because somebody
is singing in your shower. And the question is who,
and what are they singing? Let’s go and find out. One sec, let me check there is no… Embarrassing first thing
in the morning moments. Gino covering up his first thing
in the morning moments. You know. No, no,
I know what you mean! Gino, who is singing? # He’s got to be so macho # He’s got to be so macho # He’s got to be big and strong # Enough to turn me on… # That’s Sinitta. It is!
It’s Sinitta? It is, it’s Sinitta! I’m so sorry. Want me to wash your back, maybe? Oh, my goodness. Come on, Gino, back to bed. Thank you very much, Sinitta. It’s the correct answer.
Thank you very much. You’re absolutely
flying through these. A little back wash as well. It was Sinitta
in the bathroom, baby. Sinitta’s in the bathroom.
I know. We’re never going to get… That’s awesome. That’s awesome! See? Gino, you might remember this.
What’s this? My first cookbook. It is.
It’s your first of many. Yes. Gino, let’s find out
how much you can remember. Neapolitan style meatloaf. You confident about that one?
Yeah, please. 400g of minced beef. Yeah. 400g minced pork. Yes. Very important. How many carrots? LAUGHTER That is irrelevant,
how many carrots, because you could put two,
you could put three. But how many did you put
in Gino Fantastico? I think I put two. Maybe one. One! One. But that was a big carrot. Otherwise it’s two
medium-sized carrots. All right. You’re right.
You’re right. There we go. OK. What kind of a job
have you guys got? You come into people’s
houses at this time. Seriously. You haven’t got
nothing better to do? No, no. This is the
highlight of their week. Well done.
Thank you very much, Gino. Now, you watch a bit of TV?
A little bit, yes. Your wife tells me… Yeah? ..that one of your
favourite shows… Yes. ..might feature this character. Oh, right. But who is it and what
show are they from? Hello, Marlene.
Get your coat, we’re leaving. Only Fools And Horses. Dear fellow. What a pleasure! He’s bowing. Sorry. Can you put
some clothes on, please? He’s a legend. He is. It’s a legend! Gino, this legend,
you do remember his name in Only Fools And Horses?
I do. Boycie. Correct. Do you remember what Boycie’s
job was in Only Fools And Horses? Yes, he used to sell cars. Oh, God, you are absolutely flying. Can you name four other characters
from Only Fools And Horses? Marlene, we’re going to go for that. Easy. I’m very glad that’s
the first one, yes. That was the first one.
Then, of course, Del Boy. Yes. Just two more. And then Uncle Albert
was one of my favourites. Oh, you are a big fan. Yes. One more? Um… Rodders! Perfect. Rodney. Yes, that’s an easy one. I was trying to go for
someone more difficult. Finally, can you name the pub
in Only Fools And Horses? A slightly tricky final question. Oh, the pub! Yes, the pub. I’m going to have to push you. The bedside clock is ticking.
Oh, come on. The Horse…Head? Oh, you’re so close! The… You’re so close! Oh, come on. You’re going to…
The Nag’s Head. The Nag’s Head!
We’re going to give it to you. Thank you, Boycie.
Thank you so much. This is going great guns. This is getting better and better!
OK. It’s Boycie from Only Fools
And Horses! I know, baby. This is awesome. Now, Gino. Are we live? No! No, don’t worry. We are not live? No, it’s
one o’clock in the morning, no-one would be watching!
Oh, fair enough. We are not live. Now, Gino, you have pets. I do, yeah. What pets have you got? Dogs. And maybe another pet in Sardinia? I have like a… ..a little goat thing, yeah.
Oh, brilliant. What’s the name of your goat? His name is Filippo. LAUGHTER You haven’t brought Filippo here?! Is that Filippo?
I don’t think that’s Filippo. Oh, that’s not Filippo.
He looks like Filippo. It’s very emotional for you. Can we keep him? Hey! Who is this? Olivia.
Olivia. Olivia. Yes. Apparently, Olivia is very,
very happy to be here in your home, even though I’m slightly
worried about Olivia. Olivia, this is Gino da Campo. Oh, hello. So I have some questions
about goats. OK? So, um, what noise does a goat make? Maaaah! I’ll have to give you that. What do goats eat? Grass. What’s this goat’s name? Er… Er…Olivia! Olivia, yes.
Very good, very good. And what things
go well with goat’s cheese? Oh, goat’s cheese,
you can crumble on a pizza, put it with some nice
semidried cherry tomatoes, a little bit of fresh basil
and buffalo mozzarella. That’s an outstanding answer.
And a touch of salt and pepper. Thank you very much, Olivia. Thank
you, Olivia. Thank you, Olivia. Memories of Filippo. Filippo would like Olivia. He would like Olivia. Thank you very much and goodnight! What, that’s it? No goodbye or…? Bye! I’m wide awake now. Don’t divorce me! Oh, that’s why you came late. He’s gone? Huh? Is he gone? Yeah.

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  1. I don't know who he is but I love him, he was so excited to meet everyone and polite and apologetic, and just loved sharing it all with his wife loool

  2. When he came back to bed, he was like …"Sinitta is in the bathroom baby. Sinitta is in the bathroom!!!" 🀣🀣🀣

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  4. 5:28 He wanted to wipe his hands after the pizza and Jenny was right there, smart lad πŸ˜‰

  5. omg…………. that was so fricking funny…….its a Bob with the Pantsa square…….. goes back to bed… darling, Sinitta is in the bathroom…. its awesome…… and when he runs out and turns off the light,,, what no good bye?? Im wide awake now….. Gino you legend… so so funny, and brilliantly set up by your wife…..

  6. in some latin languages (probably italian too) he's called Bob sponge pants square so it makes sense he though that

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  8. I love how Geno's missus is laughing her head off and he's confused as a baby seen his dad's identical twin for the first time

  9. Gino talks about what you guys doing in my house??? hypocrite. he was the one that was in Paul Youngs house burglarising it! – https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/6804417/gino-dacampo-burgle-paul-young-house/

  10. This blokes been in England!!!
    For the last TWENTY FIVE YEARS!!!
    And still speaking pigion english!!!
    BULLSHIT 😠😠😠

  11. I was an idiot and secretly watched this at night. I cried out laughing from Bob the sponge and just had to hide so my mum doesn't know πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

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