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Welcome subscriptions [April Star] That’s so weird. My god. Would someone have stolen it? What? Stolen? Then let’s look at the security camera footage. Right, we have cameras. Right, let’s do it like this. I’ll call Zocai, and have them send another one over. You go and change first. Change? Okay. Look at the cameras. Hurry, hurry. How come it’s you? Anchorwoman Ye, I’m here to apologize to you. – Apologize?
– Before, I was too rude to you. I am here to talk to you about the photos. Someone stole the photos on my phone. It caused you trouble, and I’m sorry. But I already helped you deal with that person. I see that you’re really busy, so I’ll go now. Take the necklace off. – Mine?
– Yes. – Why?
– The program is about to start soon; I don’t have time to explain. But I suggest that you take off that necklace right away. Or this will get into a big problem. You’ve misunderstood me. This necklace is a replica; it only costs ¥200. If I really stole something of yours, why would I wear it on myself? I would hide it. Weren’t you hiding earlier? That was because I wanted to explain what happened to the photos. I was scared I would be seen and kicked out, so that’s why I hid. You still won’t admit it? Then don’t blame me for calling people over. I’m telling you, if everyone in the company finds out about this, think carefully about what you would look like. It’s really not me! I’m your die-hard fan. Why would I do that? Last time, you said you were my fan, but you took pictures of me and gave it to the reporters. Now, you’re saying that you’re my fan, but you’re wearing my necklace. How long are you going to pretend to be my fan? All you want is to steal things, take pictures. What else do you want to take next time? I know you won’t be able to listen to my explanation. But I am not a thief. Look for it again. I’m going. Hold it. You’re that young, and you’re like that already. I encouraged you before not to give up on your life. You can’t steal people’s items just because you like it. If you don’t want to return the necklace, then just take it as my present to you. Since I don’t want something you touched. Let me give you some advice. I hope that you become a better person. What are you trying to get at? You have money, and you’re pretty. Does that give you the right to say that about others? Celebrities are all like that. I didn’t think you’d be like that, too! I won’t like you ever again! You can take a look at it yourself, whether it really is your necklace or not. How could they do this to your face? How will you show your face on camera now? What rotten luck. Watch how I deal with her if I ever catch her. It’s fine. The show must go on. I’ll show the right side of my face as much as possible. I found the Zocai necklace. It turns out that the assistant spilled coffee on it and took it away to be cleaned. If that one is ours, then— We accused a good person. So? Karma. [About Star] The bigger the world is, the further the dreams are. Welcome, everyone, to “A Date with Fan Xing,” sponsored by Sunshine Group. Hello, everyone, I’m Ye Fan Xing. They all say that humans are the living creatures who forget the most. Why do I feel like Ye Fan Xing got hit in the face? Look at the left side of her face. It looks like she got a cut. Hurry up and look. Look! Am I seeing things? Who would dare hit Anchorwoman Ye? Could it be the legendary wife of Jiang Ying Dong? It was me. What did you say? You hit Ye Fan Xing? Didn’t I go find her to apologize? But then who knew she would just so happen to lose something. Then she accused me of being the thief. So I took the necklace and lightly threw it. And it cut her face. Are you out of your mind? Is this what you call apologizing? Who apologizes like you? What do performers rely on to make money? Their face! By marring her face, aren’t you breaking her rice bowl? Okay, you have fulfilled your wish this time. She will definitely remember you. I never thought I would accidentally scratch her face, too. Let’s warmly welcome by applause the legendary figure of the science world… No. I must go apologize to her. I have to explain to her about the theft. The food is getting cold. Hurry up and eat. Try it. Anchorwoman Ye. It’s you. I came to apologize and receive an apology. I wasn’t the one who exposed the photo. But in the end, it’s because I was careless. I-I’m sorry. Also, the necklace that you had yesterday was a really good replica. If you don’t believe me, you can have it appraised. I didn’t steal your stuff. But I shouldn’t have thrown the necklace at your face. After I saw how I scarred your face on TV, I felt guilty. When I was younger, I was wrongly accused. I’m still affected by that incident, so I overreacted. I’m sorry. So you were that little delinquent girl? Even if you were wrongly accused, you shouldn’t throw things in someone’s face. If the host’s face is destroyed, it’s the end. I didn’t do it on purpose. Finish this bottle, and then pay the bill. If not, I’ll dial 110 (the police). No need. I know you didn’t do it on purpose. But look at my face; it’s injured. The main point is that it’s teared. It’s teared. Ruined. Can’t marry out. I was wrong. Get up. What are you doing? These are two different things. Then if you don’t let me kneel, hit me. Hit me fiercely. Don’t hold back. Hit. Hit you? Alright, I’ll hit you. Are you ready? 3, 2, 1. That’s enough. I accept your apology. I was also wrong. We’re even now. How can this be called even? I was wrong in many more aspects than you were. Is it because it’s a bit embarrassing to do it in front of them? Then let’s go to a room. I definitely won’t strike back if you hit me. Get a room just to slap you? It’s not a good idea, is it? It must have been hard to make money to buy a necklace. Would you like me to compensate you for your necklace? No, forget it, forget it. I was wrong. I was also wrong. I was wrong. I was also wrong. I was wrong. Enough, stop apologizing to each other. Fan Xing, if you keep apologizing, this fish is going to fly away apologetically. Why don’t you eat now? I will record this slap. Whenever you feel like hitting me, call me. Alright, I’ll remember. About this… the previous photo that I took with you, I accidentally deleted it. May we take another one? You’ve even deleted my picture. Does that mean – you are my anti-fan?
– No, I’m not. I’m still your fan. A loyal and strong fan. – Die-hard?
– Die-hard. Okay. Are you content? I will definitely not delete it this time. It’s good as long as you’re happy. Then, I’ll be going now. Okay. Bye-bye. Bye. I haven’t met a girl like her in such a long time. She’s quite the character. She is spirited. I like her. Like the weeds, rebirth. Eat this. Fan Xing. What’s wrong? Why does your pallor look so terrible? You guys eat first; I have some business. Someone who knows your secret. [Sunshine Mall] Director Ye, you’re early. I’ve waited for you for a long time. Xiao Han, I’ve looked over your business proposal. You have such a good story in here. If you don’t mention it to the capital market, wouldn’t it be a waste? Right now, the time for IPO to examine and approve is long. I’m afraid the numbers would change too much. Then you haven’t thought of saving the country by bending some lines and having a reverse takeover (reverse IPO)? It’s easier said than done. Presently, all the companies who are lining up to launch their stocks are also thinking about this. Since the resources are all in high-demand now, the prices have sky rocketed. Director Xiao, about this, you can use me now. Today, I came just to tell you this: I found a very suitable company for you. Very suitable. Which company? Navigation Company. The company owner’s name is Pei Xin Min. Hello, Fan Xing? Hello? Xiao Chen? It’s like this. I want to ask if it is possible to follow the IP address of an e-mail to find the address of the sender? It’s possible. That’s good! I’ll send it to you immediately. Wait for it. Thank you. [Meeting Room] No need to send me out. I will contact Navigation Company as soon as possible. Wait for the good news. Then I must trouble you, Director Ye. Oh, yes. Director Ye, I heard that Professor Cui has been preparing an art exhibition recently. Yes, her art exhibition has been in preparation for more than half a year. Quite a bit of hard work has been put into it lately. Xiao Han, this afternoon after the recording of the show, I plan to bring Fan Xing and her mother to dinner. Do you want to join us? Is that appropriate? How is it not appropriate? Didn’t you and Fan Xing have a misunderstanding before? You should take the chance to clear it up. Okay, then. But please do not tell Fan Xing ahead of time. I am afraid she will not give me the face (the chance). Okay, I will help you keep it a secret. – Alright, then.
– Okay. [The Secret of Happiness] Anchorwoman Ye, who has been the greatest female influence for you? The biggest female influence… She is right here beside me, my mother. Growing up, my mom has always been my role model. In my eyes, I’ve always felt that she is the most beautiful, the most talented, and the most intimate woman. When I was young, I always thought that if I were to become a woman like my mom, I will feel very fortunate and very happy. That’s why mom has always been someone I admire. There’s no wondering why Anchorwoman Ye is so outstanding. Then, our interview will go up to here. I really thank Director Ye, Professor Cui, and Anchorwoman Ye for being able to spare some time to come to our show. Then, let us take a group photo. – Okay.
– Please. [The Secret of Happiness] Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for taking care of our Fan Xing. – No need to see us out.
– Be on your way, then. – Then, the both of you, take care.
– Yes, yes. Okay. Mom, you must be tired from the recording. Hurry on home and rest. You said you like the limelight. There was no need for you to have us accompany you for the show. Hey, Honey, what do you mean? – We were fine just now.
– Dad! Don’t ask me to go on another show like this. What great achievement have you accomplished for me and your dad to exaggerate things like that for you on television? Mom, it was my fault. If you don’t like those shows’ invitations, then next time, I will decline them for you. At that moment, it was because I became soft-hearted, and that’s why I let you use your younger sister’s name. Just think. If she were to see such a show, what would she think? She would definitely be upset. Mom, don’t think like that. Just think, “What if the results of our show are good, and younger sister may watch the show, which will increase the chance to find her.” That’s right!! Honey, we must look at things from an optimistic point of view, isn’t that right? After going onto Fan Xing’s show, who knows, we might have something good come from it. Isn’t that right? Right? Oh right, Fan Xing, we have dinner plans with someone from the business world. Do you want to come with us? If it is a business friend, is it appropriate (of me to go)? Yes. Of course it is. Isn’t that right? Join us. Will Mom be going? (I will be) going. That’s good, then! I will be there on time after work. Okay, then. We will wait for you. Let’s go, Honey. – Don’t be too late.
– Okay. – Bye bye!
– Dad, bye bye! Mom, bye bye! Be careful on your way. Why hasn’t our daughter arrived? Auntie, you don’t have to feel rushed. It must be because she’s in the middle of a recording; that is why she is late. There’s a possibility. Let me introduce the both of you. This is Sunshine Group’s Director Xiao, Xiao Han. You two have a relationship of “no discord, no concord.” – Dad, the friend you spoke of was Director Xiao?
– Yes. I know him. Hello, Director Xiao. Anchorwoman Ye. Don’t keep standing. Take a seat, take a seat. Sit, sit, sit. Thank you, Director Xiao. Xiao Han, today I must apologize to you on my daughter’s behalf. Let bygones be bygones. Alright? Here, here. I propose a toast to you. Director Ye, I should propose a toast to you. Actually, there is something— The apology will be more sincere if I do it myself. Director Xiao, hopefully you can look the other way. I heard Director Xiao is the sponsor of “A Date With Fan Xing.” Yes. That is why the both of you have already met early on. Actually, Fan Xing and I— We are only related by work. We do not see each other often outside of work. We are not too familiar with each other. Timing and Subtitles brought to you by April Star Volunteer Team @Viki About this… Uncle, Auntie… I officially want to apologize to you. Fan Xing and I are actually in a relationship; we are dating right now. I am her boyfriend. Fan Xing, not telling others about our relationship even after so long, it must have been hard on you. This, this… Is this for real? This is too great! Sunshine Group’s Director Xiao is my daughter’s boyfriend… This is too great, this is! This is too great! Too great!! Fan Xing. Mom. Do you remember what I asked of you? I asked and asked for thousands, millions of times… I simply just asked that you do not date. Do you remember how you answered me? Mom, I know. Listen to me explain. What do you want to explain? Explain how happy you are? Explain how much you actually don’t want your sister to come home? No, Mom! How can you be the one to stay in this family and take everything in her stead? Why are you living so well while your little sister is still out there? You’re already (living) very well. You should already be satisfied. I just requested a little thing from you. Are you really that unwilling to do it for your younger sister? Aren’t you being too selfish? Mom, sorry. I did not handle this situation well. It is my fault. I— He and I… He and I have not dated for long. I— If there is anything to discuss, let us do it after (we get home). I ask of you. Come. Sorry to have kept you waiting. Don’t blame me as a father for being long winded. Fan Xing is not getting any younger. Have you consider about when you will get married? – Of course…
– Dad. This is the first meeting, and you are in such a hurry to marry me off. People would think that you can’t get rid of me. You are right. I am very excited to see such a great future son-in-law. Right? Mother, please eat. You too. Talking about marriage when you are here. I wanted to find the right time to tell my parents. In the end, you surprised me and even talked about marriage. It’s too early. Okay. By the way, Uncle, Aunt, I went to New Zealand in the past. The scenery is really nice there. Why don’t we take a vacation there soon? Okay, then. Look at how determined Director Xiao is. I have wanted to go to New Zealand for a vacation for some time. Dear, let’s go when your exhibition has ended. Okay? You have worked too hard recently. You should take a break. Right? Let’s talk about the vacation later. But, Fan Xing, I would like you to take a break. There is something I need you to do for it. Moreover, it should be done as soon as possible. Okay. I had that dream again yesterday. In that dream, I saw the name of the street where your younger sister lived. It should be Wuhan Street. It’s in Nanxiang (city), Wuhan Street. It’s Number 25. I already bought the ticket for you. I will email the details of the ticket to you later. Go to Nanxiang tomorrow and find her. It was just a dream. You can’t regard it as real. – Whether it’s real or not, we will know after checking it.
– I, I… Mom. It’s just that I have a situation now. We are doing a new program, and I will be very busy. Why don’t I go there after a period of time? You have time to be in a relationship, but you don’t have the time to find your younger sister? It’s not that, Mom. Even if I were to go tomorrow, I still need to apply for leave in advance because our program is being broadcasted now. What’s the big deal? You don’t need the pay. Besides, this family is not lacking your money. If you can’t do this, just quit. Is this job that difficult to find? Don’t make it hard for the child, okay? The place in your dream, perhaps you went there when you were young. You merely just had an impression of it. Right? It’s because it’s very important; that’s why I keep having this dream. Why are you not willing to give it a try and go there? Feng Ping, it has been twenty years. We have looked in many places. Basically, we’ve searched all of China! It has been twenty years. You should acknowledge the child who is standing in front of you. You want me to acknowledge her? There’s a link between a mother and a daughter. If my daughter stands in front of me, no matter how she might have changed, I would still recognize her. Go there tomorrow. Okay. Even if you want her to go, you should let her settle her matters first. She has her own life. She already has met such a good boyfriend and is living a great life. It’s only just for a few days. Do you know that the happier you are, the more I think of my daughter? The bigger the house you live in is, the more I think of my daughter. Maybe she might be homeless now. You want to get married, so I start to think whether anyone is taking care of her. The more successful you are with your career, I would think of the possibility that she doesn’t even have food and a place to live. Let me tell you. In this household, I ask of you to stop flaunting your happiness. You have already obtained enough happiness. Timing and Subtitles brought to you by April Star Volunteer Team @Viki Feng Ping, Fan Xing has been very patient with you. Can’t you go easy on her? Losing your daughter isn’t Fan Xing’s fault. Do you need to give her a hard time? As for Fan Xing’s happiness in life, as a mother, you should be happy. I’m not happy with it. No one has the right to be happy in this family. Don’t you know that our daughter is still out there, striving to live? Are we going to be sad about this for the rest of our lives? Let me tell you. Every time I see Fan Xing accomplish something, become outstanding, or see her happy, my heart will be in pain. Who gives her the right? Who gives the right that she is the person who is living well and is happy? Don’t you remember? Don’t you remember how smart and adorable our daughter is? Everything shouldn’t belong to her older sister. But everything now belongs to someone whom we adopted and has no blood ties with us. I have two daughters. Why is God so unfair that the daughter who was lost is my biological daughter? Feng Ping, you are being biased again! There is nothing unfair about this. Just accept what has happened. After all, the one who will accompany us will just be Fan Xing. We have been living together for many years. What’s the difference between her and our biological daughter? Don’t talk such reasons to me again! Ask your own heart. All those years, have you never even thought about why she wasn’t lost instead? Why wasn’t it her? Why wasn’t it her? Hello. Are you sure? Mom. I have been thinking the whole night. I think that nothing else is more important than my younger sister. Thus, I have decided to leave today for Nanxiang to find my younger sister. Come here. I was too harsh when I spoke to you yesterday. I cooked tangyuan (glutinous rice flour balls w/ filling) for you. Thank you, Mom. This protection amulet is for your younger sister. Remember to wear it. This is not superstition. For some things, if you believe in it, it works. Xiao Chen, you told me that you found the IP address yesterday. It is in New Zealand, right? Yes, Fan Xing Jie. The email was sent from a resort in New Zealand. I will send the exact location by text message to you later. Okay. Thanks. [Queenstown, New Zealand] – Xiao Chen, have you found it?
– Yes, Fan Xing Jie. The email was sent from room number 2204. Okay, I got it. Thank you. Bye. 2204. Hello, I have arrived at the airport already. Are you sure the person who is picking me up arrived? Alright then, I will keep looking. Bye. Please. Honey, have you arranged everything for our Tahiti trip? Don’t worry. I have already booked the 7-day and 6-night trip. Black. Alpha. Chinese. Black jacket. Bingo. Then will you buy black pearls for me? – Yes.
– One for my mom, – and one for my auntie.
– I’ll buy it. And another auntie! – And another younger auntie.
– I’ll buy it. And the third auntie, – and Fourth Aunt. By the way,
– I’ll buy it. I have to buy the best black pearls. You close your eyes first. Listen to me. Imagine that we are at the beach. We are very happy. We are flying in the sky. Yes! We are running on the beach. We are holding hands very happily. Happy. Then what? Where are you? Hey, what are you doing? Who is that woman? Open the door. I don’t love you. Go find some rich guy at Tahiti. I don’t have money. – What are you saying?
– I do not have money! I am telling you that I am pregnant. – Pregnant?
– Open your door! – I have to go. Otherwise, I have to deliver the baby.

Fu Xia! Open the door. Hey! Fu Xia! You are a liar! I want to go back to the airport. What airport? Can’t you see that my car has a problem? Aren’t you that host? That whatever… Ye Xing Xing. What are you pulling? As a thirty year old plus host, can I give you some advice? Your image is too old-fashioned. I think you should dress more sexily and in a fresh way. You will be able to attract a younger audience, then. What do you think? I’m sorry. My target is the public and not someone like you, cold and ruthless, who thinks they are infallible, a brainless youth who got someone pregnant and won’t take responsibility. Hello, dear. Looking for me? What’s up? I called you several times, but your cellphone was switched off. What are you busy with? I just arrived at Nanxiang yesterday to carry out a task for my mother. From the tone of your cellphone, it seems to be overseas. Hello. Hello? Hello? The signal is not good. I will call you later. Bye. Signal is not good? Nanxiang? Liar. Loser. – Liar.
– Loser. Look at the time now. I want to go back to the airport to get my suitcase. Can you make it or not? Do you know there are two kinds of women in this world? One that pretends, and one who doesn’t. It’s extremely a pity that you are the latter. I really hate women who pretend. Hence, I can’t help you. Please go back on your own by foot. I… Hello, is this the car rental company? Sorry, Miss Ye. I’m late. Please get in the car. It’s okay. Take your time. You have a car. Could you give me a ride to town? There are two kinds of men in this world. One that is responsible, and one who is irresponsible. But you are the latter. I detest irresponsible men. Hence, sorry. I can’t take you. Go back on your own by foot. Start the car. You… Okay. Thank you, bye. – Hey, welcome to the Holiday Hotel.
– Hi. I have booked a room. Great! Do you have any special requirements? Is Room 2203 available? It’s my lucky number. Okay, no problem. Thank you. – Excuse me.
– Yes? I forgot to take my room card. Oh sure, you can go in. – Okay, thank you. Bye!
– Thanks. Hello? Hello? A man? Hey! What are you doing? ♬ High heels squeeze my toes. I wear a mask, walking through the city ♬ ♬ Loneliness can also be very glamorous ♬ ♬ I’m just scared that there will still be tears, and to be discovered by others would be very embarrassing ♬ ♬ Elegantly I say goodbye, ♬ ♬ Like a butterfly that is forlornly fluttering ♬ ♬ It’s not that I’m stupid; it’s just the journey ♬ ♬ I’ll keep waiting for the person who will never come ♬ ♬ It’s just that I want someone’s company ♬ ♬ I want to have someone to share the dark nights with ♬ ♬ Only after waking up do I realize, ♬ ♬ The room is already empty ♬ ♬ It’s just that I want someone’s company ♬ ♬ It doesn’t matter, even if it’s only for a moment ♬ ♬ I’ll pretend that it doesn’t matter ♬ ♬ It’s just that I want someone’s company ♬ ♬ It’s just that I want someone’s company ♬ ♬ I want to have someone to share the dark nights with ♬ ♬ Only after waking up do I realize, ♬ ♬ The room is already empty ♬ ♬ It’s just that I want someone’s company ♬ ♬ It doesn’t matter, even if it’s only for a moment ♬ ♬ I’ll pretend that it doesn’t matter, ♬ ♬ That everything doesn’t matter anymore ♬

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  1. 好讨厌,好不下去了,这也太偏心了,她有没有想过,繁星之所以这么优秀都是为了她,繁星过得快乐吗,一点都不,她凭什么这么自私,呵呵

  2. The nephew of Xiao Han looks alot like the member of exo.. I think.. Luhan or lay? Not sure… Looks abit like Sehun too.. ye fan shin now looks like DAHYUN from twice but more mature … So prettyyy 😇😍

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