100 Replies to “Steve Jobs Funniest Joke. Even Bill Gates Laughs!”

  1. I walked into an apple store and i farted, everybody was mad at me, ans i said its not my fault they dont have windows! (dont take credit to me for making the joke because i didnt make it)

  2. Yes and that hole in the ship is you Mr Steve Jobs. Apple is sinking because they are missing their Captain.

  3. This is taken out of context. Steve is quoting former Apple CEO Gil Amelio and thus making fun of the idiotic nature of the quote. If you see other instances where Steve talks about this, he usually responds with, "ok, but what about the hole in the ship?" Basically he's saying Gil had no idea what he was doing and uses the quote to reinforce how stupid he was.

  4. This makes no sense. I'm pretty sure that there is missing context, unless Steve is calling himself a failure?

  5. I'm not sure, but doesn't pointing the hole in the boat in the opposite direction (up instead of down) prevent the water from coming into the boat?


  7. bill gates looks at a hot sauce brand HMMMM I THINK ILL BUY IT worker: oh sure its 3.99 bill gate : OH i mean i wanna buy the company Me: looking at a wallet wile flies come out

  8. I don't know why people are saying that they are too poor to understand the joke. It's a quote from the former CEO of Apple and it's a simple enough metaphor to understand. It doesn't matter what direction the ship is pointing if it's sinking. That's just not the right course of action if you are taking in water. How hard is this to understand? People baffle me sometimes.

  9. I researched apparently you must have a net worth of 10 mill or higher to understand the joke. 🙁 rich people explained it to me though!

  10. yes, otherwise the video would be titled "Steve Jobs miraculously comes back to life to tell a joke"

  11. To whom that may not got the joke. Jobs was anticipating people to say sealing the hole but instead he said point the direction towards the right way and it's a metaphor for saying letting the company drown.

  12. Steve would not say something like this about his company..he was quoting the CEO at the time of his return Gil Amelio..so for most of you who didn't understand this joke, this is why it is funny.. he's making fun of Gil's attitude as a CEO.

  13. I am still trying to find the comment string on this video "Steve Jobs miraculously comes back from the dead to tell a joke."

  14. Apple it's like a trash can with a full of gross garbage and my job it's to keep the trash can looking in the right appearance

  15. This video is incomplete. The context was v important in this joke – he wasn’t talking about himself, he was talking about Gil Amelio when he was the CEO of Apple, and That’s what made the joke more sensible and a whole lot funnier

  16. I can only imagine the capitain of the boat… he is pretty sure the boat will sink eventually but still (like a joker or a troll) encourages the crew to keep going, ignoring the hole on the boat « ROW THE BOAT FELLAS!! And don’t worry bout nothing cause… I know the way…

  17. For those that don't understand, Steve was making fun of the last CEO Gil Emilio, who said when the company was failing, that "Apple is like ship with a hole in the bottom, leaking water. And it's my job to get the ship pointed in the right direction". The joke is the stupidity of that quote. Pointing the ship in the right direction does absolutely nothing, if the problem is a sinking boat.

  18. Bill Gates: Yesterday, I went to the bank to talk about loan.
    Steve Jobs: Loan? What do you need a loan for?
    Bilk Gates: I don't. The bank does.

  19. Gil Amelio said this to Apple's board I think, he didn't understand what exactly he was saying, he meant it to be a positive thing in trying to get Apple in the right direction lol

  20. WAY out of context. Steve was talking about former Apple CEO Gil Amelio and what he said about Apple to Jobs. Jobs repeats it here.

    The full clip : https://youtu.be/JmVpaJcUmBE?t=608

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