100 Replies to “Strange Fairy Tale | 낯선동화 [2015 Drama Special / ENG / 2015.12.18]”

  1. I hate the mother so selfish she lleave the 2 kids like that , Im Single parent with 2kids but no matter how hard life isi take care my kids now they are 27 and 21 years old.Im very sad if i wacth like this.

  2. Subong his smile is very cute loved the story and actually what a stunning performance by him 😊😊😊

  3. What made the father changed his mind was when he realised that the ending story of bong bong brothers supposed to be cried happily when the family reunited. But in reality his children cried due to sadness n pain. When the characters don't collaborate, he no longer had the passion for bong bong brothrts. He needs to find another character that matches the new character his sons built…

  4. Its really strange.. No fairy but ending is like a fairytale ending.
    Loved the acting of the subyong..
    The elder son.

  5. i really like the movie bt it i wished the mother could also have been together at last..
    bt also it was really nice…😊😊😊😊😊

  6. Being something you good at CANNOT BE EASILY GIVEN UP because that's the only strength you have but for this father IM SPEECHLESS

  7. I really want to live in Korea,
    I dont know why, I just love their culture which shows respect of kids to the elders, the weather, cherry blossoms and oppas out there…I just love how they preserve their culture.. I wish I could live their soon.
    now in the PHIL. kids are being disrepectful, stubborn and all. government suck!

  8. At least the loser dad tries his best to raise his children… compared to the woman who gave birth to them and then bailed at the sight of trouble.

  9. From my childhood I thoughed kind of a mom as this woman, how she could life to rejected her kids ?? I've had a life as this boys. My peinless remind me back. I felt reward back my black memories. This story, doesn't just a story of movie, but it's a reality. Sadness and peinless once. Thank you to shared your great jobs.

  10. Subong’s life experience taught us the no matter how hard life is there is always hope. Nice nice nice movie ☺️😊

  11. I'm crying😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭subong😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. I am crying. Seeing the love between the two brothers ,my tears are falling down.remembering you bro, shinju

  13. Nowadays I don't have to check comments for suggestions because I blindly trust with KBS 😍😍 …they always makes us happy and teach us lessons too… Tqsm KBS 😘😘

  14. That scene where Subong was crying as he spoke to his mom 😭😢 but at the same time I didn't like her character-to not come visit her own kids smh … It was a good drama even though it started off a little slow..

  15. A mother always fight for their children's custody and now Im watching a mother who just neglected her two sons without remorse for selfish reasons. Cant believe a mother would do such a thing to his children, not even bothers herself to look after them after sometime.

  16. Heartbreaking…adults screw up and kids pay the price…grow up man!!! And make it work…being adult means to sacrifice your own needs for the better of others…it means u stop wanting and start giving

  17. I read first the description of what the movies was all about. Well the description has nothing at all what the movie was about . REALLY just the cast names and wrong description of movie.

  18. subong out shined them all omg. he cried so naturally. i cried too everytime he cried. the emotions were intense.

  19. I cry alot this movie because We grow up without our parents at our side ,I only wish we could be with them even for a little while.😭😭😭

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