Struggling Comedian Homeless in Hollywood Sleeping in Front of a Church.

– [Mark Horvath] Freddie. – Yeah. – [Mark Horvath] You’re here, bedded down in front of a church. – Right. – [Mark Horvath] Tell me about it. – Well, honey, I’m from Chicago, I been out here about 14 years, trying to make it as a comedian. I did really good but then I got sick. I didn’t have the strength
to perform anymore and I didn’t have insurance. It took me about three years
to get the proper insurance to have the operation that I had. I had gallstones removed and ulcers. (motorcycle engine revving) But I finally got the operation and now I’m just now bouncing back. You know, it’s hard out here ’cause see, you know California is
the most expensive place in the world, in the United States, to live, and you gotta make it out here. And I don’t want to go back to Chicago, ’cause then I’m too old to try
something else ’cause I’m 54. I had my operation, of
course, I’m a tour guide so I do tours on buses. I couldn’t do that for a
while so my money ran out. I got on GR and they only
give you $196 a month. You can’t live off that, you know? So it’s just been about three months now and I’m trying to save my money (motorcycle gunning engine) so I can eventually get
some type of steady place. I mean I can get a room here and there, which I do now, but I can’t afford $100
a night, every night. So I stay at the church for
six days out of the weekend. Monday, I get a hotel room
and clean myself up good. I get enough money, I get enough strength to perform every day and do what I want to do. – [Mark Horvath] Oh my gosh. – And the reason why I choose this church is because I have a lot of
friends in this industry who, I’m not judging anyone,
but they can lead you in the wrong direction. I’m talking about drugs and
women and so many other things. I know if I’m here, I’m
getting the help that I need in case that I feel like
I want to cross that– – [Mark Horvath] But you’re
not on the front porch. – Well, I will be on the front porch when they close them doors. – [Mark Horvath] Yeah, I
know, I was here already, so I was just walking up and I
wondered if people (mumbles), – No, soon as that door close, I been at this one here for about two, I don’t know, about maybe
going on a month now. This first door is pretty much mine. – [Mark Horvath] But it
shouldn’t be like that. – No, it shouldn’t be but you know what? All I can say is God has a plan
and I’m just going with it. I’m waking up, going with what He, you
know, with what I have to do. ‘Cause I know He has a plan. If I start thinking
negative and choosing wrong, then I never get nowhere, you know? I just gotta stay positive. – [Mark Horvath] If you had three wishes, what would they be? – I only need one, if I had
one wish, I don’t need three. One would be now that I’ve
lived the homelessness and see how it is, see how it is out here, my one wish would be that
everybody had a bed to sleep in. That would be my one wish and
I wouldn’t want to be rich, I wouldn’t want to be famous, I wouldn’t want me just to be rich, I would want everyone in the world to have a bed to sleep in at night. – [Mark Horvath] Great wish. Thank you very much for talking to me. – All right, no problem buddy. (traffic driving by) (gentle music)

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  1. I really love that u do this to help people get their voices out I have a friend whose between the stages of being homeless she was always in foster care and shes so independent and wants to do everything herself and find the wrong ways of what she considers taking care of herself and it tears me apart seeing her like this she's so hostile where if I offer advice she'll get upset And not talk to me for weeks

  2. My wish too is for everyone but to have a bed to sleep in. Thank you for always sharing. We take things for granted

  3. America we need to start loving our brothers sisters and neighbors again!!! Come on y'all we're better than this!!! When did we let evil invade our hearts and minds.. it's so sad seeing our nation so divided 😭

  4. Proud to announce that is back up and running – Better than ever before! – Please post to your pages and let people know about this site. Thanks, Matt

  5. I understand how California is hard but why stay there if it makes it too hard to be okay and live okay? I'm sure him being sick is not in the plans but why stay there? My heart breaks so bad for the people who refuse to move. I want to make an organization where I can help people find better situations but it's hard when they want to stay in an area like California or San Francisco that is super crazy expensive to live in. I hope someone sees him and sends him home 💔

  6. I think the stereotype of Hollywood, that rich, famous celebrities live there, and it's filled with mansions and palm trees, needs to be revised, because we have great places everywhere, but we have problems everywhere, too. And, if any rich celebrities ARE there, I think they should pitch in, because they have millions, if not billions of dollars, and people, like this man, have nothing at all, or else, only a few pennies that they found on the street. That's not right. Not to say they should give hand outs, or that hand outs would solve the world's problems. But, if they could provide him with a job of doing yard work for them, and letting him be their live in employee, housing him in their guest house, as long as he's employed as their landscaper, if they have a guest house, or something of that nature, that would do this man a tremendous service. Most people generally think, "I got mine. Do you got yours?" Half the world's problems would not exist if such thinking did not exist. Instead, we could think, "If you see a person in need, help him."

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