am now a total germaphobe, Always disinfecting, cuz on the news it’s
All about this virus ‘round the globe, Kinda like World War Z, paranoia’s making
me Freak out! I freak out! I freak out! I freak out! Covid-19! I wipe down! Wipe down! Wipe down! Wipe down! Vitamin C! Facemask! Facemask! Facemask! Facemask
each time I go out! I’m listening around for a cough! I’m constantly, disinfecting everything.. I’m staying locked up in my house! Don’t come near me, if you need me, whatsapp/viber! Don’t want no stupid cough, cough! Don’t want no stupid cough! Ooohhh… Now it’s time to stop this from spreading
Cough or sneeze in your sleeve Stay at home if you can,
Don’t give this virus chance to breed, Gotta cancel that cruise, better drink your
fluids, too, Avoid crowds, avoid crowds, avoid crowds,
Good hygiene! Don’t touch, don’t touch, don’t touch,
don’t touch your face If you’ve got, a cough, fever, breathing
hard Call your doctor now…. Don’t go panic shopping for stuff… Wear a mask if, you’re feeling sick, please
don’t spread it. Don’t be racist to us Asians! Don’t be silly, the enemy’s, not human
beings, It’s Coronavirus! (I’m Filipino!) Don’t want no stupid cough, cough! Don’t want no stupid cough, cough! Ohhh… Don’t make it a reason to panic, while they
work on vaccines, Know your information, together we’ll stop
Covid-19! *cough*! Cover! Cover! This ain’t no CoVid cough, cough! Just listen to your Gov, Gov! And share this vid to all, all
So this song goes viral, oh! No pun intended!

100 Replies to “STUPID COUGH | Lady Gaga “STUPID LOVE” PARODY”

  1. I missed this Quality Content in YouTube! Still getting better and better in making these things Mikeey!

  2. AWESOME!! 😂 Hopefully this will go viral…instead of the Corona Virus!! 😷
    #MabuhaySquad 💙
    #269SquadMember 🇵🇭
    #AussiePinoySquad 🇦🇺

  3. Hi guys! If ever may gusto dyan matuto paano kumita ng pera online visit lang po kayo dito sa channel ko guys. Legit po lahat dito 🙂

    Nag papa giveaway din po ako free loads!

  4. this song is kinda educational…
    this must go viral(no pun intended 🤣)- I coughed while laughing to that line😂


    Me: Literally coughing while watching this video

    Also Me: this ain't no COVID Cough!

  6. I'm awake with a cough right now while watching.. but it's also allergy season so who knows… but I don't want this stupid cough! 🤣

  7. Sharing the moment of care to others. Caring for yourself and for others. Everyone's health means a lot to us all. We can do this for ourselves and our loved ones and for many more. 💝

  8. Timely parody😍❤💙💚💛💜. Can't wait to watch the BTS😉. The "Big" guy has the moves😁😎.

  9. I can't tell you how much I LOVE this Mikey and all the crew!
    Outstanding delivery of information with the perfect amount of humor.
    Well done and I will do all I can to make this go VIRAL and not get the virus ( #covid19 )

  10. Loved how this brings awareness about what to do to educate people..but it brings light to such a fearful situation. Mikey you are a light in a very dark world…keep shining bright. ❤ p.s. Love the finger o' vicks. 😉

  11. this is cute, I kinda thought it would be offensive (for those who have it) but it's informative in terms of keeping your hygiene in pristine condition and duhhhh #LG6 is coming!!!! #LaddyGaga X #MikeyBustos collab 😂😍🔥

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