SUB)한국 드라마 촬영지를 방문한 일본배우 반응! [KOREAN DRAMA FILMING LOCATION IN SEOUL] 韓国ドラマ月桂樹洋服店の紳士達撮影地に行ってみた!

Hello! Hello! Today is the last day of our trip! (Trying to laugh with a t-shirt……)
It’s burning red. (Okun didn’t see it.)
I don’t know if We can go back to Japan safely because typhoon is coming to Japan. What if we can’t go back? Well, whatever happens, I have to back to Japan…Because i have schedule tomorrow. lol If the plane doesn’t go, we’ll go to my parents’ house. Oh! Is that possible? We can’t help it! We don’t have much time today, so we have to hurry up. Where are we going first? I heard there’s a place you want to go. If we have time,
I wanted to go to the filming location of the drama “laurel tailor’s gentlemen” It’s near Sangsu Station in Seoul. Let’s go! [Oppaga ganda!]
It means [I am going] in Korean. Have you ever eaten banana milk in Korea? Is this popular in Korea? Yeah. Try it. here is. How much is it? 1500 won! 150 yen! 150 yen? I think it’s a little expensive. I think so. Last night, a bottle of makgeolli cost 300 yen. Um… Anyway, I’ll have a drink. Is it milk? Banana milk~ Do you eat it in the morning? You can think of it as a snack. Thank you for the meal. It smells like bananas. The protein I eat tastes like bananas.
It’s similar to that. Is this sweet from milk? It tastes like bananas, right? Is it sweet from a banana? Of course, but it’s got all the sugar in it. It’s so sweet. You don’t like sweet things, do you? Yeah. That’s sweet. sweet But you bought it, so please drink it all. It tastes good…
It tastes just like my protein. This doesn’t contain any protein. Oh no… This is Sangsu Station. We came to Sangsu Station, which was the filming location for the drama. Let’s find the filming location from now. I can feel the atmosphere of the drama filming location just by looking at this road.
I’m starting to tremble. I think it’s good coming to a place like this. It’s like a residential area. Yes, it feels like a typical Korean residential area. It`s good. Where is it? I think this is the filming location on the right. Wait! I’m excited! It’s similar to the location I saw in the drama!
I think on the right is filming location! Here it is! Here! omg! This is it! This is where i saw in drama. This is a tailor shop from the drama [laurel tailor shop`s gentleman’s]. a tailor’s shop But it’s turned into another store. It’s changed. It’s right here, right? I think it’s the right place. It’s turned into a pretty shop. It looks like a flower shop. Yeah. That’s right here! I can see the stairs to the second floor over there. That’s good! Please show me your acting. I’ll try to copy Lee Dong-gun who is korean actor. I’ll try to copy it over there. (Try to copy actor Lee Dong-gun…) This is what you wanted to do, isn’t it? This is where the main character couple meets. He acted like this. Satisfaction? I’m satisfied! Yep. Do you want me to take a picture? Yes! I’m happy! 2,3! I`m going! going! going!
Will go at full speed. The song that [I`m going]to appeared in this drama.
I’m singing in Japan recently! (Returning after visiting the filming location)
I think the streets are kind of old-fashioned. If you’re traveling to Korea, you might want to visit this place. It’s a good atmosphere. It’s a good place! That’s right. I think we should take a camera and show it to the viewers. Where are you going from now on? We’ll walk straight to Hongdae. Hongdae? Where did we go last night? Last night was a jong-gak. Jong-gak? Have we ever been to Hongdae? No? I don’t think so. (He is talking about fake market)
Where were they selling brand products? Brand product? That place is Dongdaemun. Dong dae mun! Yes! I think the same name … Dongdaemun and Hongdae.
It’s totally different. There’s a lot of shops around here. That’s the wine bar, right? There’s a lot of chicken shops. If there’s a place I like, I’ll go in. (Incoming into Dunkin Donuts)
How is it? Is it not much different from Mr. Donut in Japan? I said i didn’t like sweets, but i came here… Haha Is this place related to Lee Byung-hun?
(Lee Byung-hun is very famous korean actor) Lee Byung-hun used to be an advertising model.
You like Lee Byung Hun, right? Yes! Let’s eat donuts and imitate them! Ok I see! You might get an ad proposal through this video! Wait a minute. Let’s take out some doughnuts! Did Lee Byung-hun do that? I see! Do I have to take a big bite? Yes! Thank you for the meal! Please show me sweet face. (not face. Only his pronunciation softened) I think the acting is a bit strong right now. softly? Lovely~ What’s inside? Sweet… You look more interesting right now. I think it’s natural and fun. Something… It’s delicious… It’s got blueberries in it. Do you start acting all of a sudden again? Blueberry? Yes! It looks really sweet, right?
But it doesn’t. Not sweet? It’s sweet, but it’s not too much. Isn’t it messy around my mouth? Didn’t you do that on purpose? I can’t check my face right now. If i rub it, it will spread white on the side, right? Lee Byung Hun, this is what you did, right? Please be more playful. omg Playfully? Play with Donuts in front of the camera. It’s nice expression. Haha This is Dunkin Donuts, right? It’s the best! It’s beautiful. Ah~ That’s good! This is the end of our three-day trip today. I don’t want to end it. How was it? It’s been so much fun, I think I’ve been interested. That’s good. I think everything was so exciting as i had a new experience. It was fresh! I want to come again! Yes! Please come back to Korea again! I don’t want to forget this feeling now!

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  1. 오늘 서울 팬미팅 잘하시고 내일 부산에서 뵈요. ㅎㅎ 이런말 어떨지 모르겠지만 아카기상 귀…귀엽…😜

  2. 바나나 우유 1개에 1500원? 😐😐😐 너무 바가지 씌우네 내가 그래서 편의점이나 지하철내에서 파는 음료수는 절대 안먹음

  3. 요즘은 저 바나나 우유종류들 값이 꽤 올랐고 너무 달아서 별로더라고요. 슬금슬금 오르더니 안마신뒤 가격이 두배는 오른듯. 안먹은지 몇년된듯하네요. 여러 영화들도 그렇고.. 유명한 드라마나 영화 촬영지가 허물어져서 새 건물이 올라가거나 개조되는건 아쉬운 부분같습니다.. 적어도 이젠 도시중심부에서 촬영하지말고 외곽쪽에서 주로 촬영하고 가급적 촬영지 모습이 남아주었으면 하는 바램이 있네요. 제일 아쉬웠던게 영화 8월의 크리스마스의 사진관이었습니다.

  4. 정말 다양한 곳의 한국 문화체험을 하셨네요! 꼭 한 번은 경험해야 할 또 배우로서 방문하면 도움이 될 만한 장소도 방문하시고 이번 여행은 참 잘 먹고 잘 자고 잘 구경하고 잘 체험하는 1석 4조 같습니다. 잘 보겠습니다. 감사합니다. 아카기 상과 오쿤님 ~ 마지막으로 월계수양복점을 둘러보고, 던킨 도너츠와 커피

    그리고 돌아가는 길 마곡역 까지 그간 웃고 매워서 울고, 때론 취하고 응원도 하고 좋은 시간 보낼 수 있게 해준 두 분 에게 고맙다는 말씀 드립니다. 기회가 되면 다음엔 삶을 돌아보고 배우는 Slow 여행도 하시며,좋은 시간 보내시길 빕니다. 정말 재미있게 잘 봤습니다. 감사합니다. =^.^=…

  5. 도넛 먹으며 연기 시작하니까 눈빛이 달라지시네요♡ 멋져요~~
    한국 드라마 좋아하시는 모습도 참 친근하고 좋네요^^

  6. アキさんはお酒をちょっと飲むと目の色が変わります。 私はその目が好き!w

  7. 한국에 자주 오세요~ 월계수 양복점 신사들 정말 재밌게 봤었는데..
    Come to Korea often!
    It's refreshing to see the area (where the drama was shot).
    The woman protagonist of the drama, 'Cho Yoon-hi' is starring in a weekend drama "Love is beautiful, Life is wonderful:

    Another Korean drama (that I really wanna recommend) is "Sky Castle":

    You could find those 2 dramas with Japanese subtitles on the Web..

  8. 다음번에는 ddp와 청계천과 경복궁의 야경을.경주의 왕릉을,한강의 여유를 즐길수있었으면 좋겠네요^^

  9. 배우라서 인지..역시 잘 생겼네요. 일본에서 보기 힘든 키크고 눈 큰사람.. 우리나라 박수홍+최수종 비슷한 느낌. 이제 한번 와 봤으니…한국에 자주 놀러 오세요.^^

  10. 이분 볼 수록 좋으신분같아요
    기회가 되면 한국드라마에서도 만나고 싶네요 일본에서도 하시는일 모두 잘 되시길 바래요

  11. 이병헌이 던킨도너츠 광고했는 줄은 몰랐는데 찾아보니 제가 본적없는 풋풋한 이병헌이 나와서 당황했네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  12. 장난기&호기심 가득한 표정만 보다가
    이번 영상에선 진지한 표정을 보니 역시 배우시구나하는 생각을 했네요.^^
    아~ 아카기님을 계속 보고싶은것을
    "끝내고 싶지 않네요…"T^T

  13. 대박 2박 3일동안 정말 많은걸 하셧네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    그리구 저도 일본여행 갔을때 보이는 골목마다 다 들어갔엇는데 그런 기분일까요 ㅋㅋ

  14. 02:15 아카키상에게 단 것 = 맛 없는 것
    표정을 못숨기시는게 순수해보이고 귀여워요❤️ 전 지방이라 오늘 팬미팅 참석 못해서 속상해요ㅠㅠ 즐거운 시간 보내세요!!

  15. 난 그동안 저분이 안에 입은 빨간 티셔츠에 영어 알파벳으로 길게 쓰여있길래 브랜드 인가 했더니, "오빠가 간다~"를 발음나는데로 써서 인쇄한거군요~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  정말 월계수 양복점 드라마를 많이 좋아셨나 봅니다.

  16. 월계수 양복점 정작 한국인인 저나 신랑은 보지도 않았고 그닥 히트하지도 않은것 같은데 일본에선 인기 있었나봐요. 일본분이 계속 언급하시는걸 보면.

  17. 달달한 도너츠를 원수의 살점 맛보듯 살벌한 표정으로 먹는 일본분 ㅋㅋㅋ
    오쿤님이 포인트를 아시네요. 달달한 디저트류는 러블리해야죠. ㅋㅋㅋ

  18. 아카기상 cf한번도 안찍어 봤죠?ㅋㅋ두분 2박3일을 함께 여행하시다보니 오랜친구처럼 허물없이 친해 보이셔서 보기좋아요~^^

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