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(suspenseful music) (yelling) – [Mack] Don’t hurt her. – Then help us. – It’s okay. Come on, come on. It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s okay, alright, it’s okay. They have to do it. They have to do it. They have to do it. It’s alright, it’s me. It’s okay. No, they have to, they have to, okay? You can trust me, trust me, trust me. It’s okay. (suspenseful music) – In summary, I believe that hypnosis as a forefront therapy has merit. – You don’t see this as playing God? – I feel we need more research, and external regulation
by the ethics committee. But you have to understand
how powerful this therapy is. (alarm beeping)
(light instrumental music) – [Karen] You’re gonna be late, Liz. – See you, dad. – I can make some eggs. – [Liz] No no no, it’s good. I’m already late. – [Michelle] If she’s late,
they’ll give her detention. – [Teacher] Alyson Levenstein. – Yes sir. – Miss Levenstein. I believe corsetry is not
approved school attire. – That’s the point. – [Teacher] Miss Murphy. – Here, sir. – Cut that fine. – What can I say, I’m a rebel. I live on the edge. – Before we kick off, I’d like to remind those that volunteered, that tomorrow night we’ll be doing the solar system mural. – That’s us. – Did I tell you I hate you? – This lesson, the effects
of chlorophyll in leaves. – I shouldn’t have bothered coming. (birds chirping) – Looking sharp today, Dr. King. – Just came out of a
meeting with the ethics boys and got final approval on my therapy. – Well done. – Thanks. You in for a long haul? – Not today. I’m going to surprise Mack. Anyhow, to work. – Hey Alex. – Hey, how are you? – I’m good. I’ve just popped in to
do the hospital rounds. – How’s the nutcase menu looking? – Much of the usual. Hey sweetie. Shouldn’t you be upstairs? – She’s a harmless soul. She sometimes sits and
talks to the patients. So how’s your garden dealing in the heat? – Oh, brilliantly. Thank you for the advice. Maybe you should change your career. You’ve got a full set of green fingers. (yelling and panting) – Get her up to the psych ward. – What did you give her? – Pradeslym. – That’ll knock her out. – How do you stop that from affecting you? – Most of the time, it doesn’t. (light music) – You know, on a scale of one to boring, that lesson was very boring. – I enjoyed it. – Yeah, you would.
– You would. (laughing) I’m gonna need this corset
if I keep eating these. – Give ’em to Liz. She doesn’t get fat. – [Alyson] Isn’t he just so gorgeous? – What do you think, ladies? A guy like him, and a girl like me. – Anywho, I’m gonna be going. Parents will think I’m off with that PS girl thingy family. – I hear the salvos are giving out free meals at the shelter. You might get to eat tonight. – Yeah, well at least I know how to eat without having to throw
it up five minutes later. – What was that, poverty girl? – What is your problem? – People like you. – Oh like me. – Just look at you. Those shoes are so carbon dated. – Go screw yourself. At least she doesn’t
shop at clothes for hoes. She’s just jealous.
(light music) – [Liz] Of what, my amazing lack of money? – At least you’re not some
spoiled little rich bitch. She just, she gets to me. – You don’t say. – You are one of the most
amazing artists in the school. I mean, you’ve gotta ask yourself. What’s Frances got to offer the world? – Where are your pom poms? – At home. What’s the plan? – We could go to the movies. We could go to the hospital,
and catch lunch with mom. – Cool. No, he’s just so sexy. – Oh please. Johnny Depp, way more gorgeous. – No, Orlando Bloom, don’t argue. – We’re so not having this
discussion anymore, eh? – Oh, hi girls. – Hey guys, how you doing? So, Sophie. Got Dr. Armstrong yet? – I’ll go see what your mom is doing. – Yeah, and just check on the good doctor on your way through. – I was deluded. – Karen. – Don’t you ever touch me like that again if you want to be friends. – Everything okay? – Fine. – The girls are out front. I’ll tell them you’ll be out in a minute. – [Both] One two three four, I declare a thumb war. – Pow, pow. Ping. What was all that about? – Got the wedding anniversary. I worked for ages. Saved money for them to go out. So much for the big surprise, eh? – Do you want me to stay the night? – You don’t mind? – Or I can keep you company. – Don’t ever dis the Ronny. – No, you got a comfy floor. I’ll call mom. (banging) – [Karen] Where have you been? – Where the fuck were you? – Here, waiting for you. – [Mack] Sure you weren’t
off fucking some doctor. – [Karen] I told you it’s over, okay? – [Mack] And my parents
told me about Santa Claus. (suspenseful music) – [Karen] I can see where
all that money’s going. – Working overtime? Does he pay you by the hour? – I was working late at the hospital. You don’t believe me, ask Liz. – Okay. I will. Sorry. – [Karen] You okay? – Been better, been worse. – We’re both sorry about last night. – I’m just here to keep Liz company. They’ll work it out. – They’ve been working it out for years. My stop. – You don’t want me to walk you home? – I’m not sure I want to
get there at all, really. – [Michelle] I’m not
quite sure what to say. – Thanks for not saying anything. – Watch out for strange men. – Scared of the boogeyman. I’ll kick his ass. (suspenseful music) – Anyone out there? Forget your keys again, Lizzy? (car tyres screeching) So it’s blood. – It appears to be, yes. We’ll need to cross match with
hospital records to confirm. – Then maybe it’s a mistake. – Has there been anyone who’s been taking a little too much
interest in Liz lately? – No, she doesn’t even have a boyfriend. – Liz doesn’t make enemies. – Would anyone want to
hurt her to hurt you? – No.
(suspenseful music) – Listen, anything you
say is confidential. – I know Liz.
(birds chirping) She’s Kezzer’s not so little girl. I’ve dealt with every honours
for the past eight years. – Did she know about the affair? – I doubt it. But that’s over. – Who ended it? – She did. Why? – Because I’m going to
try with my husband. – That upset you? – A little. I know you’re not happy. – Made you angry? – [Karen] A big mistake. – Care to explain the bruising
on Karen Murphy’s arm? – A moment of anger. – I was deluded.
– Karen. – Don’t you– – It passed. – Sure you didn’t take
it out on her daughter? – If I’m all you’ve got, you’re doing a very bad job. – We’ll be in contact. I suggest not taking any sudden holidays. – [Man] Off it.
(struggling) – [Mack] The blood on
the needle was Lizzy’s. But they have no leads. They wanna do a reenactment. – You don’t have to do this. – I should have walked the
whole way home with her. I’m doing this. – If you had to walk the whole way, then– – She wouldn’t have been alone either way. What happens next? – We film the reenactment. Hope it triggers someone’s memory. – Hey. I’m Sarah. – [TV Announcer] These are
the last known movements of Elizabeth Murphy. Anyone who saw anything suspicious is encouraged to ring the police hotline at the bottom of this screen.
(light instrumental music) – This isn’t supposed to happen to us. It happens to someone else. We feel sorry for them. We hope they find their
daughter safe and well. It’s not meant to be us. – [Michelle] Hi, I’m just ringing. I don’t know why I’m ringing. Maybe just to hear Liz’s voice
on the answering machine. Sorry. – I can’t stay here. I have to go do something, anything. – We don’t know where she is. – [Karen] Well then we look. I don’t know where, we just look. – I have to stay here, she might call. – Well if anything happens,
call me on the mobile. (eerie music) (phone ringing) – [James] Karen, James Armstrong. I know I said I wouldn’t call you at home, but we need to talk, okay? Usual cafe, The Rustic. (light instrumental music) (smacking) (eerie music) – [Karen] What’s with
the answering machine? – Your boyfriend called. – What are you talking about? – Asked you out on a date. – What are you talking about? – But I thought I’d go. I thought I might get lucky this time. – What, he called here? – Yeah, we went to the Rustic Cafe, your little lover’s–
– Oh stop it. I told him it was over today, alright? – Oh that’s why I told him, ’cause he’s clearly not getting it. – You just don’t believe anything I say. – I believe it. When this prick keeps ringing my house? – This is a–
(phone ringing) Every day. Hello? (light music) – You okay? – Yeah. – We should go in. – Alright. – Karen. You already know Dr. King. – Yes, hi.
– Hi. – Hi. I’m so sorry. – So are we. – I understand you don’t
have a family psychiatrist. – Never thought we’d need one. – If you need my help,
just give me a call. I work from home as well, so anytime. (knocking on door) – Sorry to intrude. I’m Detective Katherine Forster, and this is Detective Clarence Martini. We need to ask you a few questions about Elizabeth Murphy. – Hit me with them. – So you’re her psychologist now? – Psychiatrist, and yes.
(soft suspenseful music) – How long will she be out? – No idea. – His style doesn’t match
any predators we know of. Have you any idea of his psychopathy? – Surely, you have your
own forensic psychs. Why are you asking me? – We found a syringe,
filled with Metaxalone. – A restricted drug that only doctors and a few select nurses have access to. – Hence, our attacker
has a medical background, and this is the only hospital
Liz has even been in. – Attacking her on the doorstep means that he knows the family well. The blitz style attack suggests that he doubted she would
come with him voluntarily, or that he could subdue
her if she decided to run. And I must ask you, do not speak with Liz until I say you can. – [Katherine] Thank you. – Can we have a word? Been in a fight. – Ex-lover’s husband. And I won’t press charges. – Why not? – Same reason you’re here. – You found her and brought her here, huh? – Look, I’ve had an awful day, so if that’s all you’ve
come to ask me that, then– – Can you substantiate your whereabouts earlier this evening? – Ask at the Rustic Cafe. I was there. – We will check with them, but we need you to come down to the station in the morning. – You still think it was me. – It’s to rule you out of this inquiry. – I do my job, and you
think that you can come– – What better way to cover a
crime than appear the hero? (yelling) – [Karen] Don’t do this to her. – [Doctor] Sorry, we have no choice. (banging) (light music)
(birds chirping) – I’m very pleased with
the progress Liz has made. But I’d like to go over the
events just one more time. – Do we have to? – Yes. – I was an idiot, born that way. I walked home on my own. He hit me. He dumped me in some alley. The doc found me. And I woke up in hospital
with a tube down my throat, and two months had disappeared. He tried to kill me by slitting my wrist, but I’m a slow bleeder. Beat him. He tried, but I won. – You’ve come a long way. – So I’m cured? – We’ll see. I’d like to see you,
in say, a month’s time. Just for a routine checkup. And keep taking your medication. – Yeah cool.
– [Dr. King] Great, yeah. You can go. – [Liz] Come, mom.
– Thank you. – [Dr. King] You’re welcome. – Hey, how’s you? – Good, you been seeing the shrink? – Yeah, I’m surprised you didn’t need her. – Why is that? – I bet you went mad pushing me around in that wheel chair. – No. Gave us a chance to get
to know one another. But you don’t come visit
me so much anymore. – Well, being all cured, I don’t need to come so much. I haven’t had a nightmare in months. – Great. You must be very happy, yeah? – I am. We’ve gotta go, come on. – See ya.
– See ya. – See you later, guys. – Hi Alex. – Hey, how are you? – I’m good. I’m actually very good. I know I shouldn’t be telling anyone this, but my therapy works. It actually really works.
– [Alex] Great. That’s fantastic. – See ya.
– See ya. Hey doc, how’s things? – Give it up. – Anyway, we’re sure it ain’t you. – Go fuck yourself. – [Katherine] So what do you think? – I still think the doc’s our man. – What? Think it’s too provocative? – Actually, yes I do. – I just wanna look good. – Well you can do it with a
few more bits of clothing. – I don’t have any other
clothes worth wearing. See you dad. The rest are too old or too short. – Like that isn’t. – Jesus, mom, I’m not you. I’m not as stupid as
to get pregnant at 16. (people chattering)
(light music) – Miss Levenstein. Once again, not approved school attire. – But sir, it is a school uniform. – Bitch. – He looks so much better with you. – Just look at her. She’s all over him. – Thanks for the stuffed tiger. – Yeah, I thought you might like her. – It’s a her. – Yeah yeah, you know. She reminds me of you. ‘Cause she’s a fighter. – Oh, I’ve had it easy. – [Rob] I don’t think so. – It’s just a bump on the head. So what’s up? – Oh you know. – Bitch. – Have I told you I’ve liked you for ages? – I thought it was just like, today? – No. I’ve been watching you for months. – Maybe we should get to class. – [Rob] I think it’ll survive without us. – Rob.
(eerie music) I really don’t think that– – Relax. I’ve done this before. You really are nuts. – Where is she? – Where I left her. – What did you do? – Me? She was flirting with me. I went to kiss her and she flipped out. – You’re bloody unbelievable. – Jesus. Come on, darling. It’s okay, come on. Come on. She’ll be okay. What about you? What triggered it? – [Michelle] A boy she liked. He said she just froze up. – [Mack] Froze up. Did he touch her? – [Michelle] I have to go. (light eerie music) – How was your day, sweetie? – Please, let me go. – Why would I do that? – I won’t tell anyone. – Sure you won’t. – You seem like a nice guy. – A nice guy. Why couldn’t I meet someone
like you when I was younger? – You don’t need me. You have a lovely girlfriend. – Yeah. Isn’t she just so beautiful. I loved her so much. And then one day, she left. Just gone. I thought I could never love again. Then there was Lizzy. That’s why you’re here. – You’re insane. – See, girls always say the wrong things. I don’t like getting angry. So I have to stop you
from saying anything. Isn’t it quite beautiful? There we go. Let’s have a look. – [TV Reporter] And to
recap tonight’s lead story, Sarah Fisher, the young actress, who recently helped in a reenactment of the abduction of Liz
Murphy, has gone missing. She was last sighted outside her home at around 4:00 p.m.
(phone ringing) Anyone who has any information or leads is encouraged to contact the local P.D. – Juliet King. Yeah, I’m watching it. Look, we don’t know if it’s him. We can talk to the police, though. Don’t bother. They’ve just arrived here. – You really do live in
a dream world, don’t you? Just leave the door open for
any psychopath to walk in. – So I noticed. Karen Murphy’s on her way. – We need to talk to you privately first. – What? Remember me, your daughter Liz? – You okay? – Yeah of course. Why wouldn’t I be? I’m gonna go. – Liz, wait. Don’t you remember yesterday? – No. But whatever I’ve forgotten, I doubt it mattered that much. – Liz, can we talk? – I thought we were. Hey doc.
– [Dr. King] Hey. – [Liz] Bye, I’m late. – Bye. She looked fine to me. – Yesterday. – We knew that this might happen. The therapy is designed to protect her from remembering anything
connected to the rape. The medication she’s taking augments it. The boy, he triggered something, but it shows us how well it worked. She is no worse off for an experience that she can not remember. Karen look, I know that this is hard. But you have to go with it. The therapy works. I mean look, look at the pictures she’s drawing. – So, what happens next? What if they catch the man? – The police believed he was gone, or else I would not have done the therapy. You can talk to me, Karen. Well, you need to talk to someone. Joey is a very good therapist. – Who can help me forget everything? (light music) – Good morning. What? You know, everyone keeps
giving me that look. – Are you okay? – Yes, why does everyone
keep asking me that? – You don’t remember yesterday? – Yeah, the day before today, usually. Mich, what’s going on? I don’t get it, what have I done? (traffic noises passing) – Hey psycho. Don’t you remember? – No, why don’t you tell me? – God, you’re a head case. Do you have any idea what that– – Shut up. – You’re gonna protect her forever? – If I have to. – Like yesterday? When are you gonna tell
her what really happened? – You say a single word. – Yeah yeah, whatever. – Michelle. Please, talk to me. – Can we just put this behind us? – I thought you were my friend. – I am, I just, I need you to trust me. – Since when do we keep secrets? – Lizzy, please don’t push this. (light music) – Brom. Brom, wait. – What? – I want to say hi, chat. – Yeah, I don’t think so. – [Liz] But I thought– – Look, we all give you space. But you’re just fucked in the head. – I don’t get it. – And that follows. – [Karen] She was fine this morning. – [Mack] She wasn’t fine last night. – Dr. King said it’s part of the therapy. (door slamming) – Okay, what is going on? You know, Mich has been
acting weird all day, you’ve been stranger than normal. Everyone just keeps staring. Have I developed some sort of handicap I don’t know about? Look, I say something,
and there’s the look. – Sit down. Please. There’s nothing wrong with you. – Then why with the weird looks? – It’s hard to explain. – Try. – I’m not sure where to begin. – Is there something wrong with me? Look, it’s like everyone is looking at me and seeing something that I can’t. – I can’t tell you yet. – You never talk to me anymore. – You could’ve said something. – [Mack] I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to tell her everything. – [Karen] We can’t, you know that. But the look in her eyes. – [Mack] I can’t see her suffer again. (light instrumental music)
(wine pouring) – You don’t like milk? You’re a bit young for wine. Anyhow, I need your advice. I just want my Liz back. I thought kidnapping
you was gonna do that. They’re protecting her somehow. Stopping her from knowing about you. I just don’t know what to do. Sorry. – Ow. – [Alex] Now, have you got any ideas? – Yes. Let me go.
(suspenseful music) – It’s not all about you, young lady. I’m opening up to you, and you’re making fun of me. I go to all this effort. – I don’t even know Liz. And at the moment, I don’t care. – Don’t talk about her like that. You owe her. – How the hell do you figure that? Because of her, I’ve been drugged, gagged, and now I’m sitting here
at this shitty dinner table with my hands tied behind my back, and some psycho’s idea of romance. So forgive me if I don’t like her. – She’s the only reason
you’re still alive. And once I have her back,
why would I need you? – I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t take Liz from you. I had nothing to do with it. This isn’t my fault. What? Please. Don’t. – Okay. But you gotta promise me
that you’re gonna be quiet. Good girl. And Sarah. Thank you for your help. I know now what to do. – Someone help me. Help. Help.
– As the photons from the sun strike a leaf, dependent upon the surface area, gives us the quantity of
the sun’s energy taken in. It reacts with– (eerie music) Miss York. If you’d be so kind. – Sir, I have to– – Come back inside. We’ll talk about this afterwards. – I can’t leave her on her own. – Michelle. I know this is hard. But you don’t know where she’s gone. Be here for her when she comes back. – But sir. – I’ll talk to her mother, and to her psychiatrist, and keep them fully
appraised of the situation. But standing out here is
not going to help her. (birds chirping) – [Dr. King] Alex. – [Alex] Hey. – You mentioned having nightmares. – Liz, covered in blood.
(eerie music) And begging me to help her. – How often? – Every night. At first, it wasn’t so bad, but now, I’m afraid to go to sleep. – Alex, I can help you. – I know. You’re always so nice to me. I feel like I really know you. You’re an amazing woman. – Thank you. But this is wrong. – Is it? I won’t tell anyone. – Alex, I can’t treat
you if there’s anything. I would lose my licence. And then I can’t help you if I do. – I trust you, doctor. And I know you wouldn’t abuse
the trust of your patients. – Then trust me on this. We can’t be anything more until we resolve what is troubling you. – Okay, I gotta go. – Joey, hi.
(suspenseful music) Hey.
– [Joey] Hey. – How you doing? – You know. Each day comes and goes, and I wonder why I try. How does that do? – Good, come on. (car tyres screeching) – I asked just one thing. That you keep quiet. And I come home to find my landlady telling me that my TV’s been
blaring away for an hour. And she was just about
to call the locksmith. Now how do you think
that would make me look if someone came in here and found you? They’d think I was some sort of a pervert. I’m sorry, but how am I
supposed to trust you? Don’t make me ask twice. Oh be like that, then. But, I bet you can’t guess
what just happened to me. I got a new girlfriend. The good Dr. King. Which means I’ll get my Liz back. And all the screaming in the world is not gonna save you then. (people chattering in distance) – [Karen] I’m getting so sick of this. – Calm down, okay? You going off at her again
is not going to help. – I don’t need you to tell me what to do. You can’t be father of the year. This is the second night running. Do you realise what time it is? – Why won’t you tell me? – [Karen] Oh not this again. – Yes, this again. Whatever the fuck this is. – [Karen] Don’t you swear in my house. – Oh that follows, ’cause it sure don’t
feel like mine anymore. – You ungrateful little shit. Do you have any idea how much your hospital bills cost me? How hard I’m having to work
just to make ends meet? You see? – Do you have any idea what you just said? – She swears, she lies, she skips school. She never used to. I look at that girl and I don’t see Liz. – Stop saying that. – You just don’t get it. You never understood. I never wanted to be a mother. I was only 16.
(light suspenseful music) I don’t even know if I wanna be one now. – You think I had no dreams? No places I wanted to go? But I married you because it
was the right thing to do. And because of a little baby girl who I love more than I ever knew I could. No. – [Karen] Where are you going? (door slamming) (crying) (light suspenseful music) (mirror crashing) (gasping) – Mom. – [Karen] Oh Jesus, no. (light eerie music) (screaming) – [Mack] Don’t hurt her. – Then help us. – It’s okay, come on. Sweetie, it’s okay, it’s okay. It’s okay, it’s okay. Hold still, hold still. Hold still, it’s alright, it’s me. It’s okay. No, no, hey, hey, it’s okay. You’ve gotta trust me, trust me, trust me, it’s okay. I had to strap my baby down. I don’t. I can’t, she’s just a child. – I can’t, she’s a risk to herself, and hospital personnel. – She’s not some damn criminal. – Let me speak to the boss. – Just get it done. – I’d love to stay and
watch TV with you hon, but Liz is back in hospital. I’m just gonna pay her a quick visit. (breathing heavily)
(banging head) – You’ve been to see her yet? – It’s got nothing to do with you. – Yeah, thought so. Can’t face her, knowing what you did. – You don’t know what
you’re talking about. – Well with a lying friend like you, you may as well slit her wrists yourself. – That was cool. – She was right, I have to go. – Oh, I’ll come with.
(light eerie music) – No, I need to do this on my own. (breathing heavily)
(suspenseful music) – Get out of the way. – It’s okay, sweetheart. (yelling) (breathing heavily) No, let me. Come on. Come on, she’ll just be asleep now. (light music) – Hey. Hannah, yeah? Nice dress. Don’t go. Please. I don’t wanna be alone. – I know what they did to you. – What do you mean? I don’t understand. – [Hannah] He’s in your head. – He’s coming back.
(suspenseful music) He said he would. – Sorry, sorry, sorry. – He said he would, he said he would. – Sorry, sorry. – [Liz] He said he’s coming back. – Liz. – [Liz] He said he was. – Liz, look at me. – He said he would, he’s coming back. – [Dr. King] Look at me, Liz. – [Liz] He’s coming
back, he said he would. He’s coming back. – Hannah.
– [Liz] He’s coming. – [Dr. King] I want
her to please sit here. – [Liz] He’s coming back.
– [Dr. King] Hannah. – [Liz] He said he would.
– It’s no use. She won’t say anything. – He said he’s coming
back, he said he would. He’s coming back, he said he would. He’s coming back, he said he would. He’s coming back.
(banging) He said he would, he’s coming back. – [Hannah] Sorry, sorry, sorry. – Look, sir. It says very clearly on
the side, do not inhale. – Hey. – Hi. How’s the arm? – Had worse. She’s calmer. Maybe even asleep. She had a rough night. – Can I just keep her company? (light instrumental music) – I won’t bite. You should try Valium sometime. – I’m sorry. – Hey, no fair. I can’t make you look at me. – I can barely look at me, knowing what I did to you. Letting that man, attack you. Liz. You’re hurting me. Liz. What happened? – I don’t understand. Mich. I don’t know why I’m here. Why are they doing this to me? – What is happening? One minute she seems fine, and then suddenly she’s not. – These fits she’s having
are the true memories reasserting themselves
over the false memory. We don’t have a choice. I’m so sorry. (door opening and shutting) You and me need to talk. – So talk. I’m not going anywhere. – These nightmares you’re having. What do you see? – A captive. And a man hurting her. I wasn’t just hit over the head, was I? And the scars. I did that to myself? The girl in the dream, she was raped. But I don’t remember. What did you do to me? – Your parents called me because conventional therapy had failed you. We couldn’t calm you down
enough to talk to you. So I gave you a mixture
of psychotropic drugs, enough to calm you down, to
give the therapy a chance. I hypnotised you. – You’re my doctor. How could you? – [Dr. King] Liz, please,
if you just calm down. – Stop calling me Liz like you know me, ’cause you don’t know me. – I can understand how you feel. – How can you? I don’t even know what I’m feeling. I’m having nightmares, and the girl in them is me, but I don’t remember it. – [Dr. King] I can’t help you. – So you keep saying. Why should I trust you? Just let me go. Let me go. – You have trusted me before. You can trust me again. Together, we can get through this. – Get out. – Liz. – Just get out. (crying) (knocking on door) – Hi. What’s wrong? – This is my life. This is my chance to make a difference. – And you are. – What about Liz? – Liz is one patient. We both know how inexact psychology is. – When is anyone old
enough to understand why? Why another human being could be so cruel. – Sometimes never. One of my patients, she can’t see past what he did to her. – And yet that’s what my therapy is about. Normally, the brain kicks into denial to protect the mind, and the patient gets on with living. They achieve things. They rebuild their self esteem. They conquer their attacker. In time, they have to
face up to their trauma, but by then, they have more in their lives to deal with it. Liz couldn’t do that. Her mind couldn’t kick into denial, and that’s where my therapy came in. It was never meant to be permanent, Joey. I have never wanted to hurt someone as badly as I would the man
that attacked that girl. (beeping) Gotta get back in there. – Hey. You can do this. You’re stronger than you know. Okay. – [Dr. King] You wanted to see me. – I’ve been thinking, and
I understand something. I don’t have a choice. I don’t trust you, but
you’re all I’ve got. You did this to me, you can undo it. – I think you need more time. – Now is as good a time as any. – Well I’ll make it as gentle as I can. – No, I can’t be gentle. I never had a chance to
fight it in my own mind. A chance to have those dreams where I win, where I beat him up, and leave him to rot. Now every memory rips through me. It’s in there, and I can’t stop them. I never had a chance, because you took that away
when you violated my mind. So no. It can never be gentle. – I need you to be calm, though. And I can help you with that. – You’re not drugging me again. – Alright.
(light music) I want you to take a deep breath, relax, and close your eyes. I’m going to count back from five. And I want you to drift back in time. You’re at school. Five, four, three, two, one. You’re painting the
classroom with Michelle. – Watch out for strange men. – Scared of the boogeyman. I’ll kick his ass. – Liz. (mumbling) Okay. – I tried to escape, but
the cuffs won’t break. I tried, I did. He would sit there. I could just hear his breathing. (breathing heavily) (suspenseful music) – Did you see his face? – He kept me blindfolded. How could he do that to me? – It’s alright, Liz. You’ve been very brave. – Can I have kids? – I can’t answer that. But I promise you that we will get him. – How can you? You needed me to see him, know him. I couldn’t even do that. – Liz, it’s alright. – I just need to be alone. – Do we wanna know how it went? – She’s amazingly strong. But it’s only a front. She’s hiding a lot of pain. – She knows everything? – Did she recognise? – He kept her blindfolded. – You feel any better? – Not really. Why didn’t you tell me? – We did what we thought was best for you. – You never asked me. – We couldn’t let you suffer any longer. We didn’t know. – You hate me. – I don’t hate you. – You don’t even want me. If you told me, explained, then maybe I’d have understood. But you never did. (suspenseful music) (distant sirens wailing) – You look like you need a break. – I need someone to talk to. – Aren’t I supposed to
be doing the talking? – You did very well in
your session today, Alex. – So what can I do? – Go back in time. Stop this from ever happening. – On it. – But I don’t know what to do for Liz. – Oh you’ll see what to do soon. – Are you gonna stay hiding over there? – I bumped into your parents. They said I should give you time. – Yeah, they’ve said and
done a lot of things. Get in here. Nightmares. Scared I’ll hurt myself. Or someone else. But hey, I’ve graduated to a wheel chair. Told ’em I wasn’t staying in bed anymore, so they strapped me to a chair, and I still can’t go anywhere. How’s school? – Quiet without you. Lonely. Alyson and Wendel continue
the battle of what to wear. Today she went for the torn clothes look. – They all knew, didn’t they? No one ever said anything. – I wouldn’t let them. – Yes, I noticed. Why didn’t you tell me, Mich? How could you lie to me? – I didn’t want to
believe it had happened. No one did. I wanted to tell you everything, but your parents, the doctors, they all said it would hurt you if I did. I’m so sorry. I really am. – You think these wrist bands are as good as my black one? Come on. You got your L plates, I got my seatbelt on. And I need to get out of this damn room. So drive girl, come on.
(light music) Oh, gee. Two weeks in there, I forget how bright it is out here, eh. – Here you go. – Oh gee, thanks. Shouldn’t you be at school, Mich? – Yeah, I’m a rebel. – Oh yeah, right. Hey, these are kind of cool. Where did you get ’em? – At a Work N Gear. – Very rebellious. – Thanks. – Big time.
(laughing) Hey, thanks for the advice. Gonna be up for it tonight. – Okay, let’s do it. – What? – Therapy. – Alex, I’m not– – Come on, you need to
get your confidence back, and I need to be free to move on. Come on, let’s go. (wind chimes clinking) – Nervous? – Nope. What’s this for? – It’s herbal tea. It’ll help you relax. – What’s gonna happen? – You’ll relax, and I’ll hypnotise you. As we’ve discussed, the root of the trauma appears to be Liz arriving at the hospital. So I’ll modify your memory, and you’ll believe that you weren’t there. I’ll also block your access to the memories of the nightmares. – So no trigger?
(light music) And no knowledge of the nightmares? So hopefully, no more nightmares. Wish me luck. – You won’t need it. Now, I want you to
concentrate on your breathing. Alex, you can trust me. How do you feel? – A little disoriented. – It takes a while. I’m gonna ask you some questions. Do you know a girl called Liz Murphy? – Yeah, sweet girl. She was hurt just a while back. I wasn’t on duty that night. Listen, I, go for a walk, clear my head. – If you need me, anytime. (eerie music) – Hey Walker. Guess what. I just got hypnotised by Julie. I’m cured. I just killed her ex-boyfriend. So obviously I must be cured. Big day. It’s about to get bigger. Don’t worry. Everything will be alright. I’m just plugging you into the mains. It’s the 240 volts that will kill you. The computer is nothing but a counter. It’s a fail safe, sweetie. If I get caught, you’re
my bargaining chip. Of course, if they don’t wanna bargain, you’ll be electrocuted. It’ll all be over. Well, I gotta go. Be good. (light suspenseful music) Checking me out. – You’re back. How are you feeling? – Great. Let’s celebrate. – You sure? – Julie my dear, tonight
is gonna blow your mind. You said that when I was cured. – I don’t know. – Why, you trust me? Cool. Get on some gorgeous
clothes, and let’s go. – Okay. – I’ve been thinking. I’ve been saving my pay
from the supermarket to buy you guys a wedding
anniversary dinner, but that went a little shit shaped. – We didn’t know. – Well you never went. So off you go. – We couldn’t. – Look, you and dad need to talk. – You can’t solve our problems for us. – I’m not, okay. That’s why you’re going away to talk, ’cause you can’t do that with me here. – We can talk. – I need to talk some
things through as well, and I can’t do that with you guys hovering around me like
I’m gonna flip out. – But what if something– – Michelle will call you
if anything goes wrong. Okay, you’re only up the road. – This wasn’t my idea, but I will call. – How long have you been planning this? – About a week. Now go. There, see? That wasn’t so hard. – Lizzy, sweet. No more thinking, okay? – Okay, that’s harsh. – No it’s not. – It’s all good, it’s perfect. (light music) (suspenseful music) – Liz. – I’m making you feel. Feel what it’s like to be controlled. You think you can control me? Newsflash, Julie. Your hypnosis didn’t work. What, you just thought you
could take a human mind, shape it, make it your own? Liz Murphy’s mind is mine. You gave her a life without me, and because of that, she’s suffering. And now.
(banging on door) You’re dead. – Dr. King, are you in there? (banging on door) (knocking on door) – Juliet. (knocking on door) – Take care of her. – If there’s any problems,
I’ve got your number, and I’ll call. – Good. (eerie music) – Easy easy easy easy easy.
(coughing) Whoa, breathe. (panting) – Get me out of these things. It’s Liz. – Ain’t that sweet? Your parents left me a note.
(laughing) – Hey, a stay in hospital does
wonders for the waist line. – Yeah, right, ’cause you really need to lose a few pounds. Hey.
– [Liz] Yeah? – Do you wanna pig out? – We need to go. – Yeah. – It’s faster. We need two, so that
Katherine can go get Sarah as soon as you find out
where she is, alright? Can you come with me. How much had started here? – [Katherine] Enough. Mich, what you doing?
(light suspenseful music) Mich? Michelle. Mich? – Need a push? – Oh, Alex. What are you– Where’s Michelle? – In the bed of my car. – What did you do to her? – I dealt with her. – I don’t get it. – You rarely do. – What are you doing here? – I’ve come for you, why else? – What? Dad will be home in just a– – In about five hours. I know everything, ’cause you told me. You asked me how to help your
parents and their problems. And what do you know? You took my advice. – I thought you were my friend. – Well friends always hurt you the most. Surely, you wouldn’t forget my touch. Go on. (suspenseful music) (panting) Get those knees up, little girl. Come on, you could do better than that. Impressive. (gate rattling) Give me that cute smile you always do. (yelling) I’ve been watching you for months, Lizzy. I know everything about you. Including where you would hide. There’s no one else in this
world for you Lizzy, but me. I wonder which pillar you’d hide behind. Go on. I dare you. (yelling) (gate crashing) (gate rattling) – [Michelle] Liz. – Help, maybe? They’re gonna find it hard
to get in without a key. – Alex, please. – I made you. I made Dr. Julie believe in her therapy. – [Michelle] Liz.
– A simple orderly? I think not. And she thought she could rescue you. Did she succeed? – Why? – I fell in love with you. And you love me back. With your cute little glances. I knew you were in love with me. But they didn’t want us to be in love. And now you’re suffering because of them. You tried so hard to finish it off. You need me to help you. No one’s gonna miss you, I promise. Not mom, not dad. And not her.
(gate banging) – [Michelle] Liz. – You want me to finish it for you. – [Michelle] Lizzy, Liz. – No. – [Michelle] Where are you? – What gave you the right? To hurt me, to destroy my life, you fucking asshole. I’ll be seeing you both. (light eerie music) (tyres screeching) (car doors slamming) – [Clarence] Juliet, wait. (gate banging) – No. I am not letting you walk away. – Oh really? You’ll be needing this. – No I don’t. – He’s not gonna be much help. – [Dr. King] I’m not going
to let you walk out of here. – Watch me. – Remember that cup of tea? It had Rohypnol in it. No smell, no taste. A date rape drug. You can’t remember a thing. But it makes you really
susceptible to anything, including hypnosis. (clapping) – Congratulations. You’re a real killer. Sarah’s got maybe 10 minutes left. As far as your hypnosis,
it wasn’t that affective. Anyway, you’re stuck in there. And I’m walking right out of here. – I doubt that. Did you really think we
wouldn’t catch you in the end? (suspenseful music) (knocking on door) – [Katherine] Sarah, are you there? (knocking on door) Oh my god. Is this okay to– Martini, this is Forster. Sarah’s safe. She’s with me. (distant sirens wailing) – You didn’t leave me. – I won’t. (light music) – [Liz] How the hell do
you breathe in this thing? – [Ally] Optional extra. – Great. – Wimp. – Yeah, well, maybe. Look, can I get out now? – It’s still wrong. You see, there’s an order to things. And that’s me topping the class. It’s how it’s always been. – Hey, it’ll mean getting
a little more time to study at night. – You’re still not sleeping? – On and off. Maybe in the nightmares, but I know he’s not coming back. Made sure of that. – I’d have been terrified facing him in court like you did. – You faced him in the parking lot. I was there, remember? – Yeah, okay. So it happened a moment. Yes, can we help you? – Oh, they’re way beyond help. – We’re beyond help? I heard they wanted to
throw you in the loony bin. – And? – Well it goes to show
what a head case you are. – And? – Well, well you just, well you’re just screwed up. – Yeah, and? Hey, by the way, Olivia, you look good with Rob. – You what? – Hey, he’s not with you anymore. – Well he’s supposed to be mine. – Yeah, well he isn’t. – He’s still pretty cute. – He dumped Frances for you, and now he’s going with one of her gang. Poor Frances. – Anyway, I was thinking
that you wanted to hit her. – Can I hit her? – No. You’re the brains now, I’m the muscle. – What am I? – The weird one? In a lovable way.
(laughing) (eerie suspenseful music)

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  1. Great flick but why doesn't anyone come into any one's home or flat with out using a key? how safe is this town?

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