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To have come here from Kerala
and settled down for past 30 years… …Govt. gave you a free television That remote in your hand
is having a painful time! Stop stepping into my space If you talk too much, you’ll see
a lizard floating in your tea tomorrow Go…go Blockhead! Started tearing him apart?
Both of you are jobless! Nair, 2 glass tea Look at your fiancee
Strolling happily As their make up wears off
they replenish it on their faces Looks like their bag is
a storehouse of loads of stuff! By buying jasmines she’ll make
her father (your uncle) a pauper! Don’t act smart with me!
Shut your gob Good strategy! Stop…why did you
make a face at me? Yes, act innocent
after provoking me?! Our custom is to offer
what we have to our guests I asked if you wanted tea,
you gestured a no So thinking you prefer a puff
I offered it, what’s wrong? Don’t make fun of me
in the middle of the road As if your father will invite me in
to your house with a golden platter …and say, ‘come and
tease my daughter’?! If you don’t let me
interact at home or here… …won’t you yearn
and be in total misery?! Look at your vanity! Lessen your intake!! Why do you tease her everyday, da? Life needs all this
splash and spice, da Hey Good Samaritans!
Daily they ‘dress to kill’ Murugu, ask for 2 tea You can do the asking
Nair can hear you What is your- He doesn’t spare anyone! He loves buying trouble
and getting into a row This is not a row
It’s Cupid’s arrow! Is it right on your part to
wink at a married woman? When you were a teenager
during our temple festivals… …clad in all your finery
under the pretext of praying …you flirted with me happily When I winked at you then
you went all pink and blushing It was fine then? I’m married to your cousin
I’m in fact your sister-in-law! Don’t try to bamboozle me You’ll always be my cousin
who could’ve been my bride! I’ll flirt with you and no one
will dare to question me! It’s your family trait to present
your case with such clarity! Isn’t this distasteful? That’s for effect! What will your opinion of
my cousin be, if she simpers? Don’t comment
looking at her back Take a look at her face
and her pleased smile! They’ll appreciate me I wonder how many more
years will they torture you! Bro, give me a lollipop You keep buying lollipops
for this same kid… Why don’t you ask my relative
to get going on the next one?! Whaat?! I only asked you to tell ‘my relative’
So why burn me down with your looks? Good for you! Give me
cashew and almonds – For your husband?
– Hmmm…for dessert You won’t desert your husband
without the sweet dessert, right? Give me… Go and taste the dessert You talk beyond your limit! Me? I deserve this! Why have you changed
your chatting-spot?! Not his fault All young chicks come here to take
a peek at him, pretending to shop! From tender chicks to toothless hags
only our friend can weave his magic! Forget me, ask him
what’s up with his heart!? What did I do? Your new habit of taking the bus
to Tambaram…what’s brewing? Semester exams around the corner
Easier to read if I go early to college Really? You trying to fool us?! We hold Phd in it!
Semester got over just now Arrears- You tell me the fact as it is!
Why that particular bus? – Got a ‘catch’?
– Yes, bro If I tell, you glare at me
If I don’t he gives me a ‘thrashing’ look Isn’t it good news?
Why hide this? – I thought you don’t like all this
– Did I say so? – Who is the girl?
– She’s from Usilampatti – Her name?
– Don’t know, da Have you also
got into this groove? To follow without knowing
her name or address I don’t even know
if she is noticing me Maybe she’s squint eyed! One of us, has fallen for a girl
She’s putting up her price How can we be
without pitching in? Thank you so much
for your concern It’s only 4 months
since I started following her She has kept you
dangling for 4 months Can we let her off
the hook so easily? A problem shared
is a problem solved! Tomorrow we get on to that bus and
we get them fixed within 4 weeks! Okay, ‘uncle’ Why do you emphasize the uncle bit? Why do you emphasize the uncle bit? Thank God they aren’t here Why so late? Come Aiyaiyo! Why do you worry?
Ask him to start the bus Run fast Our boy is flustered
Let’s handle it smoothly He’s a master at buying trouble The other conductor is calling you Look who is with us Yov! Play music for us Why did you change that song? Sundarapandian is in the bus
Now you’ll know why I did that Sundarapandian is on board
Behave yourselves “My stars are aligned well for me
Always blessed by elders eternally” “I’m lucky with my choice of bride
Announce this with drums far and wide” “My cousin doubles as my bride
Beat this with drums far and wide” “My stars are aligned well for me
Always blessed by elders eternally” Is this the same bus
we travel in daily? Look who is on board! Who is that, sis? Name: Sundarapandian
Pet name: Seeyan Hometown: Kandamanoor Studied in Theni, so this bus
was under his control… …in the 3 years of his college life Avid fan of Rajinikanth Maybe this cd being played now
must have been gifted by him – Who is your girl, da?
– Be patient, I’ll let you know – When?
– I’ll tell you, da The boys in this area
are scared stiff of him Whoever misbehaves
gets the slap of his life! Heard it?
Sound of his slap Someone has over stepped
So he’s being duly punished Just watch how the passengers
will be on their best behavior now Behave yourself
I’ll slice you to pieces! Where is she, da? Front, green color – There are many greens
– The one who is right in front The one with eyes
like a giant squid! Shhhh…talk softly The one who is swirling
her eyes like cowrie shells!? – Yes, bro
– You are way too shy! She won’t comply
Leave us out Why, da? Her glance is loaded with temerity Take a look – I’m never wrong…let go
– How can you let me down? Tell him, da The boy seems bitten
by the love bug badly Let’s wrap the deal for him Your fate…
We’ll do our best – Where does she go from here?
– I don’t know How will you not
even know that? They escape as soon as
they get down from the bus As if they’ll flirt with you
and then disappear! What are we sitting here for? This won’t work
They’ll make us go mad For 4 months you claim
that you followed her You don’t even know
where they study? – She flies before I bat my eyelids!
– Then who asked you to blink!? They will fly even
if your eyes are wide open!! Once you fix
your mind on a girl… …you must get her address
and all other details He won’t even
reach her door step! Check if he has any cash
Let’s go and eat ‘parotta’! – You don’t know to make tea
– As if it’s a Herculean task! – Is she looking for us?
– You are right, bro – Bus is about to start
– Go, da – Has he got in?
– Yes, bro – You go and get in
– Where are you rushing to? I thought you meant me, bro It’s not important that you see her
We should make her notice you There are million ways
to succeed, be patient please Bus is moving fast Don’t rush Look at their creativity
to ruin their lives! He said he’d make me a hero
Instead he hogged the limelight! I told you not to rush
and now you blame me?! Is this some kind of marathon?! Talent is in letting the bus move
and to run after it and climb in I don’t know how we can
pull this off with him?! We can’t create heroes
We should evolve as one If a fair guy runs and gets in
girls will hail him as hero If a dark guy does the same
they’ll brand him as comedian! We shouldn’t lose hope We should keep
looking intently In some angle, she’ll think
we resemble Ajith (popular hero) Lock her then – Yeah?
– Wah! Start your ‘looks’ Not that side – Why?
– I’ll tell you Look over there Aiyo! You are too good, da! As if we don’t know
how to catch a rabbit? Not rabbit, deer, da
A lion won’t hunt rabbits! Stop Why, di? Checking to see if they are
following us…no, they aren’t Look how devious they are! They’ve fooled us for so long I’ll dish out 1 tight slap
Not fooled us, fooled YOU! We’ve finished
the operation in 48 hours Look at his- Hey! Look there
Our puffed-rice ball! – Hey! Darkie-Rowther
– Hey! Bro! How are you? – What brings you here?
– This is my shop! And we never knew You never told us
Come…come here Only 1 1/2 years
since I got this shop What a find! A top right
opposite the college We’ll succeed even if
we have to sleep here! Top? You don’t
make sense at all Dai, this is Darkie-Rowther
Close friend of ours We were all classmates Besides us 3, Usilampatti Jagan
Paranjothi from Periyakulam We were a team People used to call us
‘Pandavas, the famous 5’ He looks like puffed-rice ball
He is famous for his comic sense Other way about, you’d all
make me the laughing stock Forget all that
What brings you here now? This is Arivazhagan, our friend He’s following a girl
She’s studying in this college – Oh! Gawd!
– That’s why- His reaction isn’t positive! You still haven’t reformed one bit You messed up my education
At least let me work properly I told you, he has
a great sense of humor He’s a timber merchant
for our sake, otherwise… …he should be heading
Microsoft company! We have to stand up for our friends Do you want tea, bro? He signed to you, right?
Go and bring us 5 glass I just maintain this
Accounts is care of my father! Don’t worry, buddy Bro, 3 will do
We’ll take leave – Where to?
– College Dai, go and get tea for all We are sitting here for you
and you want to abandon us! Sit down…even if you are Sachin,
only if you hit, you score a run! – Here?
– Yes – This is my friend’s shop
– They are usually here – Who?
– The blue shirt chap Dai! What a surprise! – How are you, da?
– I’m fine, bro Missing from the scene
once you got a new bike You’ve become a big shot You are a prosperous timber merchant
We need to rely on our own resources! Arivu, this is the 4th member
of our team we told you about, Paranjothi This is our friend, Arivazhagan I’ve mentioned him to you often
One who keeps attempting his exams Repeated 10th and 12th grade too! They didn’t let you study either! This is my friend Bhuvaneswaran
Studying in Polytechnic college nearby He hails from Andipatti neighborhood He has been following
a girl for a long time Some chap has threatened him
with the help of his friends So I thought I’d intervene Who is this chap coming in between? – Your friend…who else?!
– The one in the center Which girl do you mean? The one studying in the college here
with giant squid eyes? Travels in that Tambaram bus? Is that the girl? I’ll die if I don’t get her as my girl Another one bites the bait, huh? I’ve also been traveling in that bus
past 1 month and I’ve never seen you But I see you daily Dai, come here Have you ever seen him
in the bus we travel? No…we haven’t I’ll stand right at the back and get down He gets down standing in front
You do the same at the back How will that girl even be aware? Unless you reach out to her
how will you take your love forward? How do we handle this, bro? All of us are friends, what to do
We must discuss and solve it How long have you
been following her? – 7 months
– Can’t hear 7 months – You, sir?
– 5 months Same questions you asked
while gulping down 2 bottles of beer He’ll do the same
till he reaches 4! Don’t count the bottles emptied
Verdict is what counts! Can’t do a hurry-burry job If it was an Usilampatti judge
by now you’d be minced meat Your count is 5 months
Boss, 7 months He’s senior to you by 2 months – 2 divided by (muttering)
– Look at his Math-skill Boss has been ahead
of Arivu in his pursuit – What’s today’s date?
– 18 From tomorrow for a month
none of us will board that bus Wait…let me speak Whether this boss salutes that girl
or somersaults with her, his look-out On 19th of next month
we’ll go back to our routine He should sit next to
that girl and chitchat She should respond happily I have a month’s time See how that girl will revel,
rejoice and reply to me…! If it doesn’t happen, he cannot
board that bus, only we will, okay? Okay? Okay, boss? Okay, da? Whoever it may be
justice is same for all You let me down with a thud! His words will always
carry a purpose! He came like a courier and
now looks like a Romeo! Maybe he’ll pick her up in
just 1 week’s time Maybe you can wear
your saffron attire forever! You’ll get it hard from me You are totally out of this, huh? Are you a good soul sometimes
or the ‘Good Samaritan’ all the time?! Bro, how do you give
your verdict so easily? – Why didn’t they board the bus, di?
– Your route is changing these days! Don’t start spinning tales I just felt they are good at keeping
the passengers under control Yes, they are military officers! Ilamathy…look, there He usually gets in at the back and
gets down, now he’s posing boldly They haven’t got in at all
Something is not right Maybe he got the courage
as they are not here? One minute Whom did you ask? – Janaki’s lover
– He knows…? – How will he know?
– He’s ‘All India radio’ They’ve auctioned you
to him for a month Auction?! – Who’ll dare do this to me?
– Who else but Sundarapandian! What’s the full story? Arivu and this chap fought over you They figured he is senior
in following you If you don’t ‘okay’ him
next month is his turn, it seems Take your pick! Look at him Must never trust a shorty
You think he’d have won? Why lament now?
You should’ve taken the call then – You decided that-
– I don’t deny it When as judge he decides
me as his aide should talk too! You should have been stubborn He is hyper-venting
Let’s solve his problem His insides are burning
You are lighting up too At least 1 of you
douse the fire! Order 1 more – Where has he hidden himself?
– Bro, I’m also looking for him – Is he that chap there?
– Yes, he’s the one Hey! Red shirt…call him They are calling you He’s sitting like a bear in a bush! Come, boss It is too crowded
I prefer this place Come, da You prophesied she’ll revel,
rejoice and respond to you…! I give in to him
He can take it from here What?
I’ll knock your head This is exactly what
we told you then! Let him try this month If he fails, give me
a 2nd chance next month What do you say? From auction they’ve moved
on to a monthly contract, di – Get down
– Boss…? If you failed in your task
you agreed not to board this bus Get down
without banging the girls At least next stop
I’ll get down, boss? Walk all the way Serves you right for not
letting us into this bus for 30 days

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