Sunnyside Casts Funny People, Not Stereotypes

-Now, Kal, before we begin
talking about your new show on NBC,
“Sunnyside”, I want to bring out
a few of your castmates. Everybody put your hands
way together for Moses Storm and Kiran Deol! [ Cheers and applause ]
♪♪ Please have a seat. Hello, hello, hello.
Have a seat. -Like we didn’t just see you.
-Excited. Hi, guys. -I’m so excited to have
you all here also. While I was stalking you, I
noticed that your Instagram bio says — I am going to
quote this — “lover of napping upright.” -Yeah.
-What does that mean? -It means that you
sit upright — It’s very self explanatory.
-How does one nap upright? -Exactly what it —
It’s like you sit and then you close your eyes —
or don’t — and then you take a nap. That’s literally the process.
-Why do we not just lie down? -Well, so, for instance,
like, let’s say that you’re in an —
like, if you’re on a plane. -Okay.
-Or if you’re in an airport. -Right. -Or if you’re at a desk
at your job, as I have been in the past. Let’s say that you want to
check out of a meeting. There’s all kinds of places
where you can’t just, you know, put yourself on the ground. I mean, you could, like,
here if you wanted to, but it’s not
really reasonable, right? Like, and that’s the time
when you need to learn how to nap upright. -Sorry. I dozed off
for a second. -Yeah.
-Sorry. I dozed off. -You did it. You did it.
That means that you did it. Why wouldn’t you love doing it?
-You guys are so funny. I love this. And then another thing I love
about you is — you have one of the most diverse
casts on TV right now. And it’s not just
talking about it. Instead of just talking about
it, let’s show a clip. -Alright, can anybody tell me
who Benjamin Franklin was? -Ooh! He’s the guy
on the hundred. Those are my favorites. Why does anyone use
the other ones? -Okay, but what did he do? -He flew a kite in a storm, and
that was smart for some reason. -Yes, but that’s not exactly
what I am looking for. -Ooh! Is he Hamilton
from “Hamilton?” -That’s Hamilton.
-Are you sure? -Yeah, I’m pretty sure
Benjamin Franklin isn’t Hamilton. -Garrett, I’ve been in
surgery all day. You can’t just let a bunch of
strangers into my house. -Okay, rude. First of all,
it would only be illegal if we were soldiers
and the government was forcing you to
house us here. That’s a little thing I like to
call the Third Amendment. Boom. -That was a clip from NBC’s
new show “Sunnyside.” It airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. So, much of the cast — like I
said, it’s such a diverse cast. So many of them were not
even born in this country. Tell me, what’s it like working
with all that flavor on set? -Oh, it’s awesome, I think. Like, our rule number one was, “Bring us the
funniest people, period.” And Matt Murray —
-And some of them are women. So women are funny.
-Imagine. -Oh, my God.
What a time to be alive. -It’s true. We just — Our mandate
was pretty broad. Matt Murray and I,
my co-creator for the show — we said, “Find the
funniest people, and Allison Jones, our casting
director, knew that, you know, we had certain parameters
of what we thought the characters were going to be,
but if they turned out to be a different ethnicity or
different background than what we had
originally envisioned, if they were the right person
for that job, you know, we could change
the writing a little bit and change the character. -Kal was going to get a Russian
to play his sister. -But, honestly,
the great thing about it — like, outside of all
the click-bait articles and, like, fun facts about
the show is that once you’re on set
and everyone’s together, it’s not that everyone’s
on the show because it’s a diverse cast. These are just
the best people for this job. And we just need to give
those people more opportunities to shine. -Absolutely. Absolutely.

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  1. "- Sorry. I dozed off for a second. Sorry. I dozed off.
    – You did it! You did it! That means you did it."
    I feel like she ain't understood that Lilly was joking ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. It is exactly how it supposed to be. I respect that. People should be hired based on their skills and doesn't matter what their skin tone is.

  3. Wow more โ€œDiversity Waymyns and Non Americans Yay!โ€ …๐Ÿ˜ช. If NBC pre ordered 95 episodes of this Woke train wreck and she got paid up front this could be the biggest heist in US history

  4. Can y'all please stop sending me this?

    @Youtube? Fuck man I'm really trying to distance myself from this crap comedy

    You're not helping

  5. I have been watching Lily Singh since she started youtube and had 1000 subscribers. Now her personality is totally changed or she is pretending to do it for the money. She is this ghetto-feminist Indian girl who feels women and people of color are always discriminated, while coming from a Sikh background where they have been persecuted first by the muslim and now in India. Yet she says nothing about that

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