Super #SJW Man: A Call-Out Culture Superhero – Satire Book – Audio Book Sample Chapter

Hello, I’m Daniel D host of the crazy comedy humor and satire podcast. I got a new book for you called super hashtag SJW man, a call out culture superhero. It’s a satire. It’s very funny. It’s available on Amazon and It’s got a fun story funny satire and naked pictures of Ariana grande Okay. I’m just kidding about to make it pictures bit. Ariana grande does not appear in this book Although if would have been a very big step up for her artistically for her to have been in it But she’s a little out of my price range So anyway, but this book is available on Amazon I’ll read the introduction for you singing an idea of what it might be about You’ve never met a superhero like super hashtag SJW man the super heroes of the past fought crime as a call out culture super hero super hashtag SJW man fights insensitive tweets and micro aggressions, but how did a preppy hipster named Marshall be? rich the third transform himself from an ordinary trust fund baby into super hashtag SJW man the most politically correct, superhero of all time This book tells the incredible story of how it all happened We’ll follow super hashtag SJW man as he goes from riches to wellness and ultimately to brokeness The saga of super hashtag SJW man will entertain and amuse you while his super walk Antics will panic confuse you so without further ado and without any more corny rhymes Let’s get on with the story of super hashtag SJW man: a call out culture superhero Chapter one from Marshall be rich the third to super hashtag SJW man One day while Marshall be rich the third was reading The Huffington Post and listening to an Ezra Klein podcast. He went completely insane Marshall leaped to his feet raised both fists in the air and yelled I’m gonna save the world He imagined himself in a movie standing in the center of the screen like Superman with his Theme music being trumpeted in the background his theme song would be some big and dramatic Something inspiring and full of feeling something like the theme song for the movie Rocky. No, not Rocky Rocky was a cisgender straight white male the very type of person who was destroying the world He needed a minority superhero. Someone like shaft Yes, the theme song for shaft would be his anthem now Marshall was a cisgender straight white American male a fact for which he was always apologizing I am so sorry He would say with real sorrow and as much empathy as he could pretend to have whenever he talked to a non gender conforming non-heterosexual Non-white non-american non male or other such non privileged person Marshall imagine the chef fanfare blaring behind him. He tried to add a dash of street swagger to his posture He imagined all that cool-looking black dudes. He saw in the movies are on rap videos He tried to stand just like they would he nodded confidently He sneered he threw up what he thought looked like gang signs with his hands He thought about how cool he must look and he grinned with self-satisfaction. He walked over to his desk and sat down I’m gonna save the world he announced again to the empty room. I need a catchy name and a superhero costume. He thought about it He picked up a pencil and started sketching action figures suddenly like a bolt of lightning inspiration struck He quickly drew a scrawny man sporting a hipster beard beatnik looking glasses Skinny jeans canvas shoes and a pastel pink v-neck t-shirt, not surprisingly He drew the man to look exactly like himself on the front of the t-shirt Marshall drew a dramatic crest emblazoned with the logo Hashtag super SJW He was on a roll now He sketched in the details of the superheroes face soft eyes a sarcastic smile a sunken chin and a small upturned nose Underneath the cartoonish figure he wrote the words super hashtag SJW, man He jumped to his feet again struck a superhero-style pose and yelled. I’m super social justice warrior, man I love LP records and craft beer. I hate fossil fuels and animal products I strike fear into the hearts of bullies. I stand with the oppressed in the endless fight for equality. I am super social justice warrior man he tore off his Pastel pink v-neck t-shirt ran to the closet and grabbed two cans of spray paint one white and one red He lay the shirt down carefully on the floor and began to paint a moment. Later He held up the shirt proudly and inspected his handiwork The front of the shirt now contained a white crest on which was emblazoned in red the title super hashtag SJW man, he frowned briefly as he thought about the possibly offensive term, man He raised an eyebrow and looked skeptically at a slogan Should I change it to person he wondered aloud but person contained the masculine words son? What about human know that contained the dreadful turn man? He could change it to super hashtag SJW people since people did not contain any masculine term, but that would be awkward Hi, I’m super social justice warrior people he could imagine himself saying. that wouldn’t work either After a couple of minutes of tortured deliberation, he had an idea he would use the term man to refer to himself But he would add a clarifying footnote to the shirt with a permanent marker He added an asterisk to the word man and at the bottom of the shirt, he wrote the following explanation The term man is not meant to exclude or denote any semblance of superiority but is used solely to identify this particular social justice warrior who fights for social justice alongside and full partnership with Progressive individuals of every gender and sexual orientation. That should do it He yelled. He tossed the marker onto his desk and slipped the t-shirt over his head He grabbed a red blanket from his bed and a safety pin and draped the blanket around himself like a cape He walked to the bathroom carefully posed in front of the mirror and admired his new superhero uniform from every possible angle Time to save the world he announced to no one in particular He marched over to his desk and picked up his trendy new iPhone. He opened up Twitter and announced to the world dear world I am hashtag woke now with love super hashtag SJW man Thus concludes a reading from the first chapter of the book super hashtag as to aw, man I call out culture superhero satire If you’re interested in a fun story funny satire and You know if you’re kind of sorry about the absence of ariana grande and make it picks We don’t have that unfortunately, but we got the other elements of a great book for you And if you’re sick of the you know, super woke Jackasses on Twitter, you know the call out culture all that nonsense social justice warrior Assholes, you know, then you might like this book. It’s available on Amazon as a paperback or as an e-book I’m working on an audiobook version. So check it out. I’m gonna have a link in the comments section under the video comments About you know linking to this the sales page on Amazon. You can also check out my website For more information again, that’s And again I am Daniel D host of the crazy comedy humor satire podcast and author of such books as now super hashtag sjw Man a call out culture superhero. Thank you You

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  1. Super #SJW Man: A Call-Out Culture Superhero (Satire) is available on Amazon at (USA) and (UK). Check out the book! You can read the first several pages of the book using the "look inside" feature. Hope you enjoy it!

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