T-Mobile | Comedian Michael Blackson vs. Ravens’ Safety James Ihedigbo

Damn, I look good. All these cheerleaders
going to be on me this year. Mm, mm, mm. Baltimore, here I come. [THUD] (GRUNTING) Help! (GRUNTING) Yo, you’re Michael Blackson. Yes, I know who I am. I’m the new safety for Baltimore. No, no, I’m the safety for Baltimore. I’m here to replace Reed. Who are you? I’m James Ihedigbo. Never heard of you. We must be competing for the same spot. But man, I’m going to
see what you’ve got. Let’s go. He’s not ready for this. I’m about to smoke– [WHISTLE BLOWING] Hey, I wasn’t ready! [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] (GRUNTING) [YELLING] [WHISTLE BLOWING] Please let me survive this. Come on, Mike. Let’s stop before you kill yourself. I have one last competition. Let’s see who gets the
most likes on Instagram. Let’s do it. [CAMERA CLICKING] [PHONE BEEPING] How many likes do you have? It’s still loading. I have over 200 likes
already, Look at it. How did it upload so fast? I have T-Mobile Nationwide 4G Network. Who do you have? I’m with the other guys. You need to get jiggy with T-Mobile. [T-MOBILE JINGLE] Man, what are doing? You see all that water
you’re getting on your phone? It’s waterproof. It’s the new Sony Experia by T-Mobile. Now you need a new
phone and a new service. Good luck.

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