I didn’t do it because I love you. Well,
I mean I guess in a way I did…or at least I could have. I could have loved all of you
but I did not want to. The truth is I killed you because I did not
want to love you. The thought of caring for you makes me sick to the double helix.
You are a cancerous cell but I know where to find you. What sadist would let you grow,
let you advance and take over? It is you versus me and you will never win. You made my mouth numb so I bit you.
You made my heart jump so I weighted it with stones and pierced yours. You filled me with
air so I made you deflate. You made my pupils dilate so I scooped out
your eyes with a spoon and sucked their jelly dry.
Don’t you look at me that way. Self defence is an honourable thing. We are all animals.
Lions. Tigers. Wolves. Even without breath I wanted to inhale you.
The snuff wasn’t enough. I needed to devour to regain my sense of power. I scratched and
a scraped until I had you in pieces. I clamped you hard between my teeth and I kept on chewing.
Spit mixed with hate. I swallowed. The only time I let myself think about loving
you was when you were making your way down my esophagus. I let the thought dissolve in my stomach acid. Do you know what burning teeth smell like.
I do. The odour rids me of your perfume.

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  1. Lovin it…it's very Little Shop Meets 50 Shades…and I think I love you…also I'm glad that I'm not in arm's reach bc I'm kind of afraid of you right now.

  2. Read my poem? Dan the DJ

    Driving down this empty highway
    In an old beat up Ford
    Suddenly I realized that I was kinda bored
    I wanted me some stimulation
    Something by way of audio
    Suddenly it occurred to me
    To turn on that radio
    Now I have been driving for quite a while
    And of course I was a little tired
    But as I crossed the 300th mile
    I heard Dan the DJ get fired
    He was screaming crazy things
    All over God's creation
    Things about some crazy being
    And the atrocities of claymation
    He ranted and raved about nothing at all
    But plugged the sale at the local mall

    Right about that time I heard his boss come in
    Then the Boss let loose on Dan and it made my head spin
    To spare you all the profanity
    And help you keep your food
    The Boss fired Dan, you see
    In a way I thought was rude
    But you never want to upset a madman
    Even if it's in fun
    You'd just better claim that you're a fan
    Especially if he packs a gun
    There was a loud "pop" over the radio
    And I jumped up in my seat
    Because it startled me to know
    The Boss was dead at Dan's feet
    One by one employees came
    Each to try to calm down Dan
    But you have to be willing to kill and maim
    If you want to stop a madman

    After all his coworkers were dead
    Dan got back on the air
    "I challenge all the cops," he said,
    "And green trash cans everywhere!"
    Now I must say, you best believe
    Of Dan, I got curious
    And as I live and breathe
    All this killing made me furious
    I turned my truck across the grass
    To head back the way I came
    I remembered a sign that I did pass
    That pointed to a road to fame
    At just that time I heard a laugh
    Coming from my radio
    And I started speeding down the path
    That led to the studio
    Police cars passed me left and right
    All headed for the station
    All to do nothing but slow my flight
    And give Dan some aggravation

    On the radio, I heard the screams and shots
    And Dan laughing all the while
    I shuddered thinking about the Cops
    At least they went out in style
    I reached down under the seat
    As I pulled into the station
    Pulled out the buckshot Dan would eat
    And end his aggravation
    I ran into the station
    Shotgun cocked to go
    I had to see his face son
    I just had to know
    He was and pudgy man, you see
    Simple, solo and sweaty
    He was surprised when he saw me
    He wasn't even ready
    He knew before I could say
    That I was crazier then he
    So I killed Dan the DJ that day
    Better him then me

    -scott l. robbins ( Summer of '96, maybe)

  3. read my poem? Prozac

    I sit alone outside, staring at the bleakness of October,
    Even the browns and oranges are all yellow to me,
    Slowly I wander back to a brick wall, I know what's behind there,
    But I forgot…

    Orange reverberates infinitely in my mind, so much in fact,
    it's what makes everything yellow to me, so I become frustrated,
    at the fact that I didn't listen long ago,
    so I yell and scream and hit and destroy,
    until they bring me my jacket and small paper cup,
    and force it's contents down my throat…

    That's when the dreams come, some are violent, some are sad,
    but they all have the same end: T.S. Eliot stands before me,
    holding my last three coffeespoons, and another disappears,
    as one small paper cup is pressed to my lips,
    all my time is lost in my pocket with my keys,
    which someone else has and is giving it back to me in pieces…

    It never stops, it's never not a bleak October day,
    and they don't stop laughing, and the blows don't stop coming,
    and the blood never clots, and I never fall in love…
    so I want my small paper cup
    and T.S. Eliot sheds a tear as another coffeespoon disappears,
    one more left…

    Every now and then, when I go outside, I watch the children,
    playing in the leaves, burying themselves in the colors,
    mostly yellow…

    -scott l. robbins 10-16-94

  4. Bravo, very powerful imagery. I love imagist poetry. No wasted words, to the point and raw with emotion and description.

  5. It is really intense and dark, but gives the message of an undying strength, brought on by a righteous anger. The very thing someone who has been hurt would use as their rallying call to not give up. And take the flame of their anger to who has hurt them. Always love to hear your poetry, and this one has got some serious bite to it. All I can say is, really looking forward to seeing what happens with your play!! All of the absolute best with it, you got the talent to bring it to awesome heights!!!

  6. Ok, note to self….Never piss off Rebecca. Can definitely see the Slytherin in you on that epic poem. Really loved the intensity, hatred and anger there. Awesome Job. Been looking forward to a new one, and you never disappoint. Great job Rebecca.

  7. Hypothetically. Atleast I know now that if we were ever together and I hurt you, the face of anger you would have for me..

  8. You are a good reader, Rebecca and actress. I really felt your words. Fight for the one you love is very beautiful! Ly. Take care.

  9. I. Am.
    SHOOKETH TO THE CORE….. 😣😣😣😫😫😫😨😨😨😰😰😰😰
    Felt the emotion in that. Powerful.

  10. The way you vocalize your thoughts is hypnotic. Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Just subscribed so I can hear more of this sort of poem. BTW . . . Super hott!

  11. We need to hear from you a lot more often. I miss your fire and style. I hope everything is ok with you, I worry about the ones I love. Let us know how you are.

  12. I would love to hear you reading my favorite poem, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" if you get a chance…

  13. I don't blame you . I screw ppl over any chance I get. I would be a good person but, I don't have it in me. & I'd screw anyone for any reason. I'm selfish. I want to care. But I can't find a reason to. All seems insignificant to me. Even my own responses/explanation. I only care about myself.

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