Tera Ghata Parody | Salil Jamdar & Co.

Here they come on seeing the horny thumbnail Sh*t sells more You might have unzipped my pant And then measured my d*ck too He said d*ck, that’s so funny hahaha If it is short, then so be it my love He said it is short, hahaha We got it written on this bill 2 kgs of onion and potato Given flour on a grinder Pista Mango Cassaata ( a Neapolitan ice-cream) White pubic hair on the groin Nike, Reebok and Bata Left my umbrella in my cab Poop in the fields with a mug of water Scratch balls in your free time He said “balls’ So funny Cum on my face please (intending sarcasm) You find this funny? You must be finding it funny too This is the same childish humour and B grade content With the help of which YouTubers have reached 10 million subscribers But I will serve you the truth, and not sh*t Even if that causes My Loss. You made third class videos go viral You hyped up B grade humour If it is sh*t, then so be it my love You consumed it assuming it to be a softie This is your loss By using unnecessary words like p*ssy, d*ck, ass and balls These YouTubers made a fool of you Had you productively used your daily 2 GB worth of data Quality Creators would have been higher than 1 million, and crass ones would not have been at 10 million Tasty sh*t, right? This is my loss, not yours (2) Excuse me, you are singing it the wrong way This is your loss, not mine Bullsh*t These are the same type of songs using which they fool people That one day my ex will be back and I will reject her And then while singing the same song I will walk away with the same swag *recognize each other as old lovers* What are you doing with this jobless guy? He is a YouTuber, right? Big deal! He does not even have 50k subscribers Have you seen Bhuvan Bhadana’s subscribers? Isn’t he the same guy who’s ring we sold and are having this date with the same money? My ring, Sunita. My ring This is my loss, not yours *shooing him away* He has ruined such a beautiful romantic song, right? It even has 200 million views I wish you knew that it is an average song A pathetic App made it an overnight hit This makes me feel really sad Wannabes became famous on it They do not even know the “T” of talent Simply move their lips on someone else’s songs Seeing the level of their overacting Even T.V. actors would feel ashamed Slap these youngsters Who keep cribbing about breakups 24/7 If you were truly in love You would’t be openly making a mess out of it Sex scene for more views Hey wait a minute #MeToo Smile or do a pout atleast Imagine if great Indian personalities Had spent their youth wasting time on these jobless apps We might not have heard their stories today And would have had such a bunch of assh*les as our role models Who sold this Chinese material to you? India’s top and most loved YouTuber If this offends you, then so be it I have taken up the risk of speaking the truth This is my loss Now let me put an end to this If I talk too much sense You might not be able to bear it This is my loss That the country’s IQ is low If I talk too much sense This one would definitely not be able to bear it Pooooop Yea give me pooop I need some poop Yeah pieces of shit Fat and thin Hard or loose Sh*t has now come out of bollywood’s latrine And entered YouTube’s public toilet But it isn’t their fault either Since we are the ones who eat this sh*t

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