The 4 Steps of Laughter Yoga Exercise

There are four steps to Laughter
Exercise. the first step is clapping. We’re going to begin by clapping with a
full palm-to-palm finger-to-finger clap. Let me demonstrate that and join in. It
goes like this! Feel the energy massage in your palms and your fingertips!
Excellent. You can bring that to a close. Now we’re going to add a special rhythm it’s the Cha-Cha rhythm. I’ll demonstrate and then join in with
me. It goes like this: One Two-One Two Three. Join me! One- Two, One-Two-Three. One more time! One-Two, One-Two- Three and Yay! Fantastic! Now we’re going
to add laughter to that. Remember your body doesn’t know the difference between
genuinely laughing and just making laughing sounds. You still get all the
same health benefits. So let’s dive in! It goes like this “Ho Ho-Ha Ha Ha, Ho Ho-Ha Ha Ha!” Join in! Ho Ho- Ha Ha Ha! Keep it going! Ho Ho-Ha Ha Ha! Ho Ho-Ha Ha Ha! One more! Ho Ho-Ha Ha Ha! Yay! Terrific! This is a wonderful chant because your participants can do it at their own pace
you can modify this chant to make it a little more slow and gentle for
participants. I’ll show you that now and I’ll also show you that variation in a series
of threes. This chant is always performed in a series of three, so let me show you
the slower variation now. It goes like this: Ho Ho and Ha Ha-Ho Ho and Ha
Ha! One more! Ho Ho and Ha Ha Ha and Yay! Fantastic! You can also simplify this
chant. I’ll show you and join in with me please.
It goes like this. Ho Ho-Ha Ha, Ho Ho-Ha Ha!
One more! Ho Ho-Ha Ha and Yay! Terrific! The second step of laughter
exercise is deep breathing. When we’re engaging in breathing exercises I want
to invite you to breathe from your belly. That’s our goal. If your participants are
standing, invite them to bend their knees slightly. You’re going to breathe in
through the nose and sigh out through the mouth. All right! I like to stretch as
I breathe but you could also put your hands on your belly to feel your belly
breathing. All right let’s take a nice deep breath in together
breathing in and sigh out! Let’s enjoy that again! Breathe in and sigh out! Notice how my exhalation is longer than
my inhalation. That’s something that you’re going to want to encourage your
participants to do through leading them through the breathing exercises. You may
also wish to combine this breathing exercise with intentional laughter.
That’s one sure way to get a long exhalation. Let me show you how that
works. Breathe in like this and then just laugh on the way down! Terrific let’s do it again. Breathe in and
just laughing! Fantastic! Now we’re ready to introduce some childlike playfulness
into our laughter exercise. We’re able to initiate our childlike playfulness
through this special chant. I’ll show you then join in with me alright. it goes like this: “Very good, Very Good, Yay!” Let’s do it
again. Very good, Very good, Yay! Stupendous! When you’re performing this
chant you always want to do it in sets of two’s. That way if a participant
didn’t begin right away the first time they’ll have a second time to join in and
feel successful. If this chant is painful for your participants to reach up
overhead, they can also perform it in a different way. Let me show you that
variation now. It goes like this: Very Good, Very Good, Yeah! One more time! Very Good, Very Good, Yeah! Fantastic! The fourth step of Laughter Exercise is
of course the Laughter Exercises themselves.

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  2. Hi Miss! Im Ms. Hannah, a special educator here in Dubai. I just want to ask what are the benefits of laugher yoga for kids with special needs and with normal kids too? Hoping for your response regarding this. Thank you 🙂

  3. What if I only have one arm? Ho, ho, ha, ha, ha. Seriously, I like this laughter therapy. I felt it in just a few seconds. But, i do have a bum shoulder.

  4. This is also excellent for those resisting the urge to drink because urges actually only last a few minutes. The come back too but everytime you use this to resist it gets easier.

  5. Laughter makes a heart merry Like medicine Jesus said that in his presence is the fullness of joy and that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God 👟❤️📖📖📖✝️

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