The Apple of My Pie – Dark Comedy Short Film //

God… You’re right man. It’s… really her. I told you, I’m not overthinking. Hey! You’re calling her? Shhh! Hello? Honey? Hey. I’m just coming back from Ma’s place. you want me to come by your office and pick you up? No, it’s ok. Er… I will be home late. I’m still stuck at work. There’s a lot of things to do. Dont have to wait up okay? You sure? – I can just swing by, it’s round the corner and just…
– No no, it’s okay. Eh, I’ll just grab a cab when I’m done. See you in the morning? Okay baby. Okay, goodnight. Goodnight. Bitch. What are you gonna do bro? I say, we throw paint at the fellow’s house. My cousin is a loanshark, he can help us! I don’t even know how the guy looks like, how would I know where he lives? Wh…What? You dont know what he looks like? Told you this is the first time I’m following her. Do you think I come here every night to be Sherlock? Okay When he comes, we track him down. Scratch his car! You know? Send him a message! I’ve got something better. What the f…**k! How did… Why do you have a gun? I thought you’re my side? Still act smart, say follow him home, scratch his car… Ya, but this is wholly different man! I mean… what do you plan to do? Kill him? I don’t know. You don’t know? I don’t know… yet. You don’t know yet? Charlie Tell me what you gonna do with the gun? Scare him right?! Charlie! Cause now you really acting irrational you know! Can you just shut up?! This girl, she’s the mother of my unborn child. She’s the one I come home to everyday, and tells me that she loves me. She’s why I borrowed $3000 from you just to get her the wedding ring! She’s the apple of my pie. Do you understand that? Eye. Apple of my eye. You said pie. F**k, whatever la Lyon. How do you even know that’s your child, Charlie? Right? Oh, what are you gonna do? I’m gonna kill him. I’m just gonna say this man. If you listened to me, you wouldn’t have a shotgun marriage. Cover your stump before you hump Charlie, I told you. My cousin Lee, is younger than… Look, Lyon! Seriously? Right now? Huh? Sorry. F**k it. I’m just going to go… Wait! F**k! Where you going? He’s not even there! I don’t know. I’m just gonna trash things out with her. No… When don’t we just wait out a little longer? Okay? Wait for an hour or so, if he doesn’t show, we’ll leave and we can come back another night. Lyon I’m going there right now. Okay? I’m going over there, to get her to get him. Charlie, wait! You forgot your gun. *Bang* Subtitles by: HL

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  1. I like the overall feel with the shots and colors! The foreshadowing in some of the lines in preparation for the twist is a good touch too.
    But the unnatural dialogue kinda hurts it a bit though, with things like "cover the stump" and "apple of my pie" feels kind of forced and detracts from the immersion.

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