The Boy with the Smiley Face Tattoo

For most of my life, I shied away from the
idea of getting a tattoo. That doesn’t mean I’m going to get one any time soon, but
I’ve started just contemplating ideas about tattoos without freaking out over their permanence.
Up until recently, for YEARS, whenever a person asked me Would you ever get a tattoo? What
would you get? I would always answer with the same thing. “If I had to, probably a
smiley face on my foot,” which is why it came to my attention when I sat down next
to a boy the other day with a smiley face tattoo. This is a tale of modern romance I call, “The
Boy with the Smiley Face Tattoo,” except it’s more creepy than romantic, and also
I kinda just wanna be friends. So anyway, I’m headed back home from the
city, and I get on the train. The train is nearly full, I manage to find one seat next
to this guy with his headphones in. He’s tall, he’s wearing a t shirt and jeans,
and he’s honestly kinda cute so my brain’s like *noises* because cute people intimidate
me. But anyway he’s listening to music, and even though he’s sup cute, I’m not
gonna talk to him ‘cause I’m just tryna go home, so he does his thing, I do mine,
we sit in silence for 15 minutes. 15 minutes pass, and the ticket guy on the train stops
at our seat to collect tickets. I already have mine out, so I give it to him. Meanwhile,
the dude sitting next to me though takes a couple of seconds to find his. As he’s scrambling
through his things, I see a smiley face tattoo placed right on the back of his arm. It’s
the best thing… ever. I was so enamored with this symbol of happiness, that I tweeted
about it, texted my friend about it, asked her if I should tell him that it’s amazing,
and then did that before she got a chance to respond because I’m like summer. I have
no chill, and no class. I tell him, “Hey! I really like your smiley
face tattoo,” and he’s like “thanks!” Next thing you know we’re having, like,
one of the best conversations I’ve ever had on public transport! Because typically,
conversations on public transport aren’t even conversations. They just look like this.
He tells me about how he just graduated from a university in the city (for the sake of
his privacy, we’re going to call it College University, and we’re gonna name him Gary),
how he played the cello for 15 years, and how he feels about class inequality because
he majored in anthropology, I’m like… BRUH. We fortuitously get off at the same
stop, and I say fortuitously because he doesn’t even live in my town, he was visiting family
who lives in my town. We’re about to part ways, and he gives me a firm handshake and
says, “By the way, it’s Gary.” “It’s Alison,” I tell him, and then we part ways
forever. I’m walking back home and thinking about how people can just be like intersecting
lines – where they just meet at one point and then never meet each other ever again
– and then I realize, “…We have technology.” WHY would I encounter this beautiful, musically
inclined, socially conscious human, and not maintain that connection? So I take out my
phone and basically do the creepiest thing imaginable. I google, “Gary, College University,
anthropology.” And low and behold, I found Gary who studied anthropology at College University
via linkedin. And we haven’t spoken since. Boom. Friendship. Technology makes things a little bit too easy
these days, doesn’t it? Thanks for watching this video, I hope you
enjoyed it! …Or not. I tried a change of location, and I kind of
enjoy it because I get a lot of more natural light this way. Um… What I would really like to hear from you
is if you have a story of missed connections that you would like to put in the comment
section below. If not, then what would you have done in this situation, and did I take
it too far? Also, in addition to already being on Facebook,
Twitter, and Instagram, I am now on Snapchat. Add me. The username is ilikealis0n with a
zero. …Because someone stole my name. And I’ll see you next time! Bye!

57 Replies to “The Boy with the Smiley Face Tattoo”

  1. I love you πŸ˜‚ and I would probkt just sit there I have no courage at all when it comes to cute people πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

  2. Lol I would've done the exact same thing and I sort of did actually, last summer my cousin and I were in New York visiting family and we were coming back from the city and on the subway we met the coolest group of people ever and they left before we exchanged names but as soon as we got back we found them on Twitter because they went to the same event we went to earlier that day…boom friendship. (We actually never talked to them after that lol)

  3. I usually like to stand on the subway on my way home from school because I've been sitting down all day. Β I constantly see strangers that are super attractive, and we kind of just stare at each other across the subway car creepily until one of us gets off at a stop. Β I've never had the nerve to say something to any of them πŸ™

  4. i had something like that happen once and i ended up stalking him on fb and left it at that. he added me later but we didn't really talk after that.

  5. MARRY HIM! PLS. Also, one time a dude came on a bus with a puppy and the bus driver wouldn't let him on so he spat on the bus driver and tried to kick a window down. Probably not as romantic as your encounter.

  6. It sounds like the girl with the dragon tattoo HAHA

    This was great bc everytime I get to listen to your thoughts and death defying life stories

    Whoooo I love your hair btw it's so blue

  7. Proud of you for engaging a conversation with a stranger!!! How did you do that?

    Also loving the new background/natural lighting set up!!

    My journeys on public transport usually include me either standing up and getting squished by others or sitting next to a smelly old man XD still holding out for a romantic encounter!

  8. A few weeks ago I saw this really attractive guy but as I laid my eyes on him I new it was not meant to be…

    …because he lives in South Korea. And I live in Ireland. And he's in a kpop band xD But I will not give up!

  9. Same story! But across the seat was one of the most attractive guys I have ever seen, we kept looking at eachother for half an hour, and we got off at the same spot (I was dying by this point) and we went in completely opposite directions.

  10. Heres a bit of advice on ink. Print something out that you like, that resembles the ink you want to get. Tape it to your cealing over your bed. Every morning when you wake up, stare at it for a good 30 seconds. If after three months you dont hate it, put it on your body.

  11. I visited Chicago a year ago and was walking up near Lyota with some friends and saw this girl pass me who looked dead on this friend I haven't seen in 10 years. The kicker is I knew this girl lives in Chicago and plays violin, and the girl I saw was carrying a violin case on her back. I shouted her name, but said the wrong name, Lizzie instead of Libby. Obviously she didn't turn. I didn't say it correctly because she was far away at that point, but I really wish I had…

  12. I once saw a boy who looked very sad at the bus stop once, so I told him is shoes were cool then talked about funny things my cat did for the entirety of the bus ride home until he visibly looked better.Β 
    at the end of the bus trip I was like, well bye and he had a bit of a look like he wanted contact details, but I pretended not to notice and just left.Β 
    he was a cool guy but I was 26 but people constantly mistook me for 18-20, and he looked like he was 18 and probably actually was. There is no level of coolness that could cause that friendship to extend beyond cat stories.

  13. That's a great story! However, when you talked about people's lives intersecting only once I was like: you could talk to someone about their life and even now it would still be continuing. Everyone has a life is complex as mine and that's really messing with my brain. Especially when you only talk to someone one time and you've only seen a glimpse of what they've experienced in their lives. I get too deep sometimes..

  14. My entire life is about "missed connections." I can one up the creepy bar for you. One time I spent about two hours typing random, common boy names on the Facebook search bar because I was trying to find out who a cute cashier was in my city. Never found him. Lol then I realized that the cashiers' names are almost always on the receipts and now I know his name. Buahahaha!

  15. your channel was suggested to me and this was the first video i watched! you're great, i have subscribed πŸ™‚ and also i totally feel you on this whole story because i always fall in friend-love with random people i encounter and then attempt to find them online (not always successfully lol)

  16. this is the first vlog i've watched in my subscriptions in roughly five months and i am so happy it was yours. gosh, you inspire me so much alison! <3 <3 <3 (also props to you for speaking to him. i would have continued to tweet about him until he got off the stop. and when i found out he was getting off at the same stop as me, i would have stayed on the train another stop to avoid him… probably)

  17. I met a nice female from new jersey at a friend's party who was super cool and we got along very well cuz she liked anime, art, and was just cool. We connected on how we felt about a lot of things. Eventually she was the one who asked me to dance because I have no game and she asked me for my number because I have no game. I texted her the next day and we talked throughout the whole day. BUT THEN FOR SOME REASON WE RANDOMLY STOPPED TALKING AND I FEEL LIKE IT'S BEEN TOO LONG TO TALK TO HER AGAIN AND I'VE ONLY LEARNED ONE THING: I have no game.

  18. Man I hate it when I meet a cool person and at the end never ask for a way to keep in touch. One time I was on the train when I was living in Germany and started talking to this guy that was heading to the airport to go back to his country. We had a nice banter back and forth; but in the end we just parted ways.Β 
    I think in both of our situations we should have just asked the person for their contact information or something. The worst thing they'd say is no and that would be that. The semi-stalking the person would be something I'd do; but I probably wouldn't attempt to contact them after being an online creepier. Well…unless there was a way to "accidentally" bump into the person online. hahahaaa Or maybe I felt like said person wouldn't care. I don't know.

  19. Every year the New York Times has a contest for college students to write an essay about "modern love" and all I can think is that this anecdote would be perfect for it

  20. I once met this girl from Taiwan on the bus, she was being talked to by some creepy man and then she sat next to me as I offered my seat to her. We then exchanged in conversations, exchanged numbers, and when we got to the transfer point we parted. However, she told me she had a boyfriend, just randomly told me that. Her boyfriend and her once tried to invite me for dinner, it never happened because I thought I was sick with strep throat and did not want to pass it on. To this day, we have not even talked much, but I understand, she has a boyfriend and I would not want him to get the wrong idea. LOL… its funny how people meet in this world. This is life though, we are always going to meet an interesting person once in awhile and hopefully keep in touch with that person if she/he is a good man/woman

  21. Alright, this is the second video I have seen from you. The first being the lessons you learned from the first month of college, and I already love this channel because you made me smile. Keep up the great work! Also, love the Spongebob clip. πŸ™‚

  22. Wow … the things that can happen when one finally talks…. i need to do that more. XD i just sit quite until someone talks to me… and then i somehow end the conversation (my family says im a conversation ender, simply because my convos are like
    Person: hi Me: hi. Person:…how are you? Me: good. Person:…) xD

  23. I had a very similar experience u_u it was in 2011, the summer before entering my senior year in high school. I was visiting family in New Jersey (I'm from FL) and they took me to a Filipino party. There, I was the only person my age, or I at least thought I was. Everyone else was either a kid or 30-something years old except for this other guy there. He started talking to me and we sat together for like idk 2 or 3 hours just talking. We eventually walked outside because it was hard to hear each other because of drunk people LOL. He then asked me how far I ever went with someone??? ok personal much??? after walking for a little bit we go back to the house the party is at and he sees that his aunt and uncle are in the car about to drive away (they didn't even tell me beforehand???) so he's like "it was nice meeting you!" and that was it <_< I really regretted not exchanging facebooks or SOMETHING. And the worst thing is I didn't even remember his name. He told me his name but I forgot it and didn't want to ask again because I thought it would be rude lolololol. I was seriously soo sad for a while because that was the first time in a long time I talked to a guy and felt a connection u_u I'm over it now lol but I wonder what he's up to OR WHAT HIS FREAKIN NAME IS.

  24. There was this one time that I totally liked a guy. Like a lot. I met him randomly and somehow managed to give him my number even though I'm the biggest dweeb that ever dweebed. But then one day we were hanging out and he asked me if I liked anyone which was obviously code for, do you like me? We were alone, and I panicked and said no. I SAID NO. Long story short, I friend-zoned myself. Technology can't fix the stupid or socially awkward I suppose.

  25. I always think about this when I'm driving past other cars and see inside their windows, like there's like someone else's life going on in every single car on the highway. Β They're all going somewhere but for this little bit of our lives we're driving next to each other on the same road.

  26. I was waiting for a tour of an art college and I was drawing the other people, as one does at an art school. The person I drew was right across from me who had her sketchbook out too. Occasionally she would look up and it took us awhile, but we figured out we were drawing each other. Through the whole thing we were kind of laughing and giggling then we went over and showed each other our drawings. I didn't get her contact so maybe college will reunite us lol

  27. So I was on UT's campus shopping strip with my friend and her dad right? Her dad is extremely strict about boys and whatnot. Stereotypical Asian dad. We go inside this ice cream cookie sandwich shop which was super cute. The worker there was probably the cutest guy I have seen in a long while. When it was my turn to order, I started stuttering because how awkward I am around cute people, but then, right then the boy gave me one of those genuine 1000 watt smiles. My heart melted like ice cream huehuehue. I smiled back at him and felt this whole "YAS GIRL GO FOR IT" feeling. Totally would've gave him my number or Instagram or something on the receipt, buuuut her dad was there and he paid for us. Big regrets because I'll never see him again since I live in a different state. He was so cute. sigh

  28. I would've done the same thing. Im dead quiet and I get really annoyed when I let opportunities like talking to the cute guy with the smiley face tattoo pass. so I applaud you gurl clap clap clap I hope you find your one true smiley faced tattoo guy love one day

  29. Internet stalking? Omg you're practically at 3rd base already. Loved this video πŸ˜‚πŸ’•πŸ’•

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