The Brothers’ Summer | 그 형제의 여름 [2015 Drama Special / ENG / 2015.10.02]

Three young singers have climbed up the top of various pop charts in 2 months. They are rewriting the history of Korean pop. Critics say Seo Taiji and Boys brought… An unprecedented sensation to K-pop history. Teens are copying Seo Taiji and Boys’ fashion on the streets… No one can reach them on the phone. Seo Taiji and Boys are so popular among their fans. Following news. Teens’ idols Seo Taiji and Boys will discontinue performing in Korea for now to prepare for their 2nd album. Seo Taiji and Boys told us they’d come back with a whole new identity and recharge themselves for the time being. Dear Seo Taiji… It’s so hot these days. How is your 2nd album going? I wrote you a few days ago. But I’m writing you another letter to explain why you need to accept me as your no. 1 apprentice. First of all, I’m sure no one has listened to your songs more than me in Korea. I listened to your tape so many times that it got all stretched out. So I bought 3 copies of your 1st album. And I’m good at cleaning and laundry too. Cooking goes without saying, of course. I’m sure you’re wondering how an 11-year-old can do all that. It’s because my mom passed away so I have to do laundry and cleaning myself. If you’re worried that my parents might be against it, no worries at all. I don’t have a family… No siblings. I’m all alone in this big world. How dare you? What’s with you? Do we look like fools? Do we look like fools to you? Don’t you dare. Bro! What the… Bro! If you take me in as your no. 1 apprentice, I’ll think of you as my only family forever. So please reply to my letter. Okay? Bro! Bro! (The Brothers’ Summer) (1992 Busan Seagull Dance Contest) Did I get any mail? No. How come you’re always roaming around? You should come home early to do homework and play with Yeonggil. You think I have nothing to do? Geez… Let’s see. Ouch! It hurts, dad. Oh, it hurts? It hurts dad too. Who on earth beat you up like this? You don’t know what grade or class? No. Donggil, go to school tomorrow and look into the kids who beat him up. No. I’m busy. You’re his older brother. Aren’t you upset he got beat up like this? I’m not upset at all! Stop talking to me! I have to watch this. Look at that kid talking. Hey, Yeonggil is your brother. What’s this? Oh! Did you touch my tape again? No, I didn’t. Then what’s with that? I really don’t know. What’s wrong with this? Did water seep in? Dang it! What did you just say? Watch your mouth, young man. Goodness… Yeonggil… Taiji, just so there’s no misunderstanding… What’s inside here? That guy I’m living with… Choi Gukjin is not my dad. That dark kid isn’t my brother either. In other words, I’m living with people who aren’t family at the moment. I overheard Uncle Hyeoncheol who’s boarding in my house talk with Choi Gukjin and I found out this crazy truth. Apparently my real dad was a soldier. But he got my mom pregnant and ran away. So I’ve never met my real dad. Honey. I’m sorry. Take care of the baby. After my mom passed away, Gukjin couldn’t eat or drink. He was barely surviving day to day. That’s when Yeonggil’s mom saved him. Yeonggil’s mom gave birth to Yeonggil and went straight to the U.S. She said she’d be back 6 years ago. But she hasn’t returned yet. I don’t think she ever will. But Yeonggil is so foolish that he still thinks his mom will return someday. Drink up. What’s bothering you today? Everything is a bother. Yeah, I feel you. Uncle, what’s Seoul like? Seoul? It’s a great place for rich people with connections. You can’t live there without money and connections? You can. Even if your place is in shambles and you eat a pack of snack 3 meals a day, as long as you have hope, you can live anywhere in the world. Why did you come to Busan then? Good question. It’s because of the ocean here. The sea gives writers like me lots of inspiration and a good imagination. When I look at the vast sea in front of me, my guts feel refreshed and entangled thoughts seem to become clear in my head. We can’t see the sea from our house. I can see it in my imagination. You need to drink some more. But why do you ask about Seoul? – You want to go there? / – Yes. I think I’ll get to go soon. Are you guys moving? No, just by myself. I’ll go as soon as I get Seo Taiji’s reply. What if he doesn’t reply? Will you give up? No way! He’s just busy now. He’ll reply to me soon. Then how about this? You go visit Seo Taiji yourself. And tell him… If you don’t accept me as your apprentice, I won’t budge an inch from here. I’ll just die here. He’ll ignore you at first, of course. You’ll be sad at times. But rain or shine, just keep standing there. If he’s human, he’ll be concerned about you. Then if you collapse one day… Seo Taiji will hold your hands and talk with tears flowing down his cheeks. Your persistence has moved me. Then will he accept me? Of course. Patience and persistence move our hearts. Same goes for Seo Taiji. He’s human too after all. But do you have money? – Money? / – Yeah. You can’t just up and leave. You need transportation fare to go to Seoul and money for food and accommodations… Who’s that? Me. What nonsense are you saying to the kid? I was giving him some advice on life. You worry about your own life. It’s late. Go to bed. The biggest reason I want to leave home is because of Yeonggil. Gukjin treats me so differently from him since he’s his real son. Let me tell you about Gukjin. Whenever he goes to the public bathhouse, he buys Yeonggil chocolate milk but he buys me yogurt drinks. And last winter, he bought me a $20 jacket from the market but he bought him a jacket that’s $13 more expensive from the department store. I feel like crying so many times a day and I want to leave right away but I’m keeping strong thanks to you, Taiji. I shouldn’t have bought your 1st album but a few more posters. When I get the money, I’ll go to you right away. Please accept me. You’re my only hope. Bro, can you go to school with me today? No. Hyeongmo keeps bullying me. Why are you telling that to me? You take care of it yourself. Then I’ll tell dad… I’ll kill you if you tell your dad. Okay? And I’ll say it one more time. Don’t tell anyone I’m your brother and don’t even say hi to me at school. You understand? Okay. Dad. Yeah. Does Donggil not want to go with me? Is that why he’s not here? No. He wanted to get some exercise by walking. What made you think that? You know… I think he doesn’t like going to school with me. Yeonggil, his words might sound mean but he loves you so much. He told me so when you were sleeping. Really? Yeah, man. So don’t think like that ever again. Okay? Sir, do you live here? Oh, yes, I do. I work at the hair salon over there. I’m new here so I’m not familiar with places. Where’s the district office? The district office? It’s a bit far from here. Oh, dear… I don’t have much time… Is it a long walk? If it’s okay with you, you want a lift? I’m going in that direction anyway. Really? Thank you. Donggil, I folded these every night, thinking of you. Please keep it. Thanks. Donggil. I believe you’ll become a famous singer just like Seo Taiji. When you do, look at this and think of me. Okay. You’re hot, aren’t you? Wipe your sweat. And this is your favorite popsicle. Thanks. I appreciate it. It was for me! Hyeongmo! What took you so long? That’s not the issue here. Look at this. What’s this? There’s a dance contest in Haeundae. (Busan Seagull Dance Contest) Can we participate in this? It says right here. Anyone 8 or above can participate. We’re 11, so we have no problem. If we win the $1,000 prize, it’s 4 of us… Do we get $250 each? Let’s do it. Why wait? We can be no. 1. Let’s do it. Okay, Hyeongmo? Sure. Why not? Let’s decide on the team name? What’s a good idea? Since our leader is Donggil, how’s “Donggil and Boys?” Since when was Donggil our leader? Since Donggil dances in the middle, I thought he was the leader. Leaders are nothing special. Anyone can be the leader. Why don’t we just start this lunch time? I can’t make it today. Why not? I have to teach this 1st grader a lesson. Who? There’s a kid called Black Joe in class 2. We were going to beat him up this morning. But he ran away and Hyeongmo was so… Taiji, this isn’t out of concern for Yeonggil. If Hyeongmo beats Yeonggil up, Gukjin will come to school. Open your books now. Then everyone will find out that I’m his brother. I hope that doesn’t happen. I heard you’re a great Seo Taiji dancer. Your dad was so proud of you. Taiji, the possibility of this girl liking Gukjin… Is zero. In other words, that guy is wasting his efforts on something that won’t happen. But you look so much like your brother. You always get that, don’t you? No. That’s a first. What kind of haircut do you want? Is there a particular style you’d like? Anything’s fine except for that. Okay. Then I’ll just trim a bit. Close your mouth! Flies will go in! Shouldn’t you go to work? I’ll make sure he looks nice. Don’t worry and go. It’s okay. I still have some time. You’re afraid I can’t go home alone? Just pay and go. Goodness. What should I do? I left my wallet at home. You can pay next time. No! I always pay people right away. Wait just a bit. I’ll be right back. Oh, I’m sorry. I checked my pager just now. Yes. I’ll be right over. Yeonggil. Can you do me a favor? You like it? Welcome. Give my kid a pin curl perm, please. A pin curl perm? Sit here for a minute. – Good boy. / – Oh? Donggil. You came for a haircut too? Yeah. I’m done so I’m about to leave. See you soon at 1 p.m. at school. We should practice dancing. Okay. I’ll bring the cassette. Call and bring Incheol and Jaeseong too. Why isn’t he coming? Bro! Bro, dad had to go to work. So I brought the money. Here, I bought this for you. I heard he’s Black Joe’s brother. No way. Be quiet. Don’t Donggil and Black Joe look alike? – No. / – They do. No way. They do. I know. They surely do. Donggil. Sorry but we’ve decided to exclude you. Why? Come to think of it, Seo Taiji and Boys has 3 members, so we should too. But why must I be kicked out? We decided by a fair vote. Right? Oh, right. Black Joe is your brother. Why didn’t you tell us? Were you embarrassed? You’re wrong. And he’s not my brother. Don’t be ridiculous. If he’s not your brother, why does he call you “bro?” That’s… Everyone, sit down. (Busan Seagull Dance Contest) Bro. Dad’s coming home late. He said we should eat by ourselves. Bro, want to play an eraser game with me? I have many erasers. Bro. What can I do to make you feel better? I’ll do whatever you ask me. Then become fair like a Korean! Make your face, hands and feet white! If not, don’t call me bro from now on and don’t even talk to me. Got that? Sir. Hello. Hi. What brings you to the bank, Sukja? My boss told me to pay the bills. Bye. Well… Sukja. Yes? I was wondering… When is your day off? Why? Well, because… I want to treat you to a meal. To me? Why? The thing is… You gave us great haircuts and you’re so nice to my children. I appreciate everything you do. Well, cutting hair is my job. I’m a bit busy now. Bye. How dare he? He’s a widower. Someone must’ve left this. Oh, this is the guy’s who just left. I know him. Mister. You left your bankbook. Oh, my goodness. Thank you. Excuse me. I think I could take a day off today. What will you treat me to? Here. Look, everyone! Take your pick! Quality cosmetics only sold at department stores! It’s on sale only today. Dab this lotion on your face. Try on this compact foundation. Black crows turn into white cranes and black Michael Jackson turn into a white man. It’s true. Try it on. It’s true. Try it. Of course. You’ve become so fair. Hyeongmo, here. What is this? Seo Taiji posters, book boards and hats. You’ve always wanted these. You can have them. Why are you giving these to me? You know… Can I dance with you? I said no last time. I’ll just be a part in the back. I don’t need to be in the middle. Just let me dance with you. You be the leader, of course. You, the best dancer, should be the leader. Why are you telling me to be the leader? No. You’re a much better dancer than me. I’ve always thought so. Then why did you tell your brother to do that? What do you mean? Black Joe said you’re the best dancer in school and that I’m no competition. Didn’t you tell him to say that? No! I never said that. Forget it. I don’t want to take this from you. I don’t want to dance with you either. Just take it. Wait. What’s that? Hyeongmo, let my brother dance with you. What are you saying? My skin is dark and that’s why you won’t dance with him. I’m not dark anymore. So let him dance with you. Will you stop? Go. Bro. I’m not your bro! Will you beat it? Wow, did you plan this with Black Joe? What? You wanted to dance with us. Isn’t that why you asked your bro to do this? I never asked him. And I made myself clear. He’s not my brother. Stop denying it. My mother said… Your mom had an affair with a black man, gave birth to Black Joe and ran away. Why you… Stop it. No, you can win! Bro. Bro. Bro! I told you not to call me that! I never asked you to do that. Why embarrass me like that? It’s all your fault! Nothing goes my way because of you! You ruined my whole life! You’d better ignore me from now on. Or I won’t let you go. I’ll beat you to death, okay? Time to eat, Donggil. It’s hot. Lift your head, Donggil. No. What’s with your face? Did you fight? No. Stop lying. I can tell you got beaten up. Yeah. He got beaten to a pulp. What happened? Taiji, I wanted to tell them everything… How miserable I was because of Yeonggil… How Yeonggil was ruining my life. Don’t tell us if you don’t want to. Boys grow up fighting. It’s okay. Eat up. Dad, I want to go to the U.S. What? What did you just say? Send me to mom. I want to live with mom. Yeonggil, I said no last time. Why are you telling me this again? Why can’t I go? I want to go to mom. I don’t want to live in Korea. Call mom now. Call her and tell her I’m going to the U.S. Yeonggil, what’s wrong? Did someone said something to you? Did someone bully you? He wants to go. Let him go! He doesn’t want to live in Korea. No one wants him here. If he goes there, it’s good for him and for us too. Am I wrong? – You mean that? / – What? He said it first! That he wants to go to the U.S. That’s it. Donggil… Roll your pants up and stand here. – Gukjin… / – Come here! Donggil… You should be stopping him even if he wanted to go. How could you say that? Huh? You little… Stop, please. You’ll kill him. Let go. Did you do wrong or not? I didn’t do anything wrong. Look at you talk. Okay. Let’s see if you die or I die today. Here I go! Oh, please! He was just being an immature kid. Let go! Even an immature 11-year-old boy knows that blood is thicker than water. You need a beating too? Hey! Run away, Donggil! Run away, Donggil! If my mom were alive, my life wouldn’t be like this. Why’d she have to pass away leaving me behind? Why’d she have to make my life miserable? Taiji. There’s no more hope in my life. I found out recently because the kids told me. Hyeongmo must’ve stressed out Donggil. I should’ve taken better care of him. I’m such a bad dad. Poor kid. No. Don’t say that. You raised him to be a fine kid alone. That’s amazing. I’ll pay more attention to Donggil. Don’t worry too much. You haven’t… Heard from her yet? No. I haven’t. Gukjin, open up. It’s good. Your kids give you trouble, don’t they? You look so stressed out. Yeonggil and Donggil need a good stepmom for emotional stability. I’m so worried about them. Sukja, thank you. For what? You’re seeing a widower. You eat with me and comfort me when I’m lonely. So I’m grateful. Don’t say that. You’re such a good guy and you came to me. So I’m the grateful one. After that walk, my legs hurt. Really? Give me your legs. Let me massage them. Here? People are watching. I need a rest… Yummy pancakes are ready. Enjoy, Yeonggil. You too, Gukjin. Oh, it’s hot. Oh, no… Be careful. My Yeonggil is such a good boy. So cute. My Yeonggil? It’s great that she made pancakes, huh? Yeah. I wish she’d make them every day. Then shall we have her live with us? Then can I have pancakes every day? Of course. Not just pancakes. Sweet and sour pork and hamburgers too. Wow! What are you doing over there? Come and have some of this. Oh, me too? Try some. You don’t want any, Donggil? Taiji, if the hair stylist becomes my stepmom… What will happen to me? Why are you crying? Stop it. You’re so pitiful, I can’t stop my tears. Then you don’t know who your real dad is? No, I don’t know. Don’t pity me. I’m fine living by myself. How can you be fine? We’re still kids, you know. We’re young sprouts that should grow on our parents’ love. I don’t need parents’ love. I just need to go to Seoul and become Taiji’s apprentice. You said you never got a reply. How can you be his apprentice? He’s just so busy now, he has no time to write back. He’ll reply soon. What if he doesn’t until you grow old? What if he doesn’t write back until you die? You don’t want him to reply? How about visiting my uncle? Your uncle? Yeah. He works with singers. He worked with Seo Taiji too and had a few meals with him. In other words, my uncle and Seo Taiji are super close friends. Is that right? If I ask my uncle, he could have you and Seo Taiji meet. So you just get the transportation fare to Seoul. Oh, it’s an American. Stop it. Wow, the American is speaking Korean. He’s a monster. I said, stop it. Mom! Are you okay? Why’d you do that to my kid? She teased me first. This is ridiculous. Where are your parents? Are you his mom? No, I’m not. Where are your parents? Why’d you push an innocent kid? Who taught… What’s wrong? What did my kid do? He pushed her… Like this. Are you okay? Get up. Teach him well. – Okay. / – Can’t you see she’s crying? Let’s go talk over there. Oh, my goodness. What’s wrong with that crazy woman? It was their fault. Right? Are you okay, Yeonggil? You’re not hurt? Have a popsicle. Take it away. I don’t want it. Sukja told me to give you one. You like the hair stylist that much? I don’t know. How about you? I don’t like her. Then I don’t like her either. What does my opinion have to do with you? We’re on the same side. I don’t want it either. Do you have money? Money? Yeah. Why? Lend me some. I’ll pay you back later. Here, you can have all of it. Are you kidding? Look carefully where money is falling. Okay. But… Why do you need money all of a sudden? I’m not going to tell you. You tell dad everything. I won’t tell him. I sealed it. I’m going to Seoul to meet Seo Taiji. I need transportation fare. Wow. Really? Will he meet with you if you go to Seoul? Of course. Even if he doesn’t meet with others, he will meet with me. You’re lucky. Can you take me with you? Okay. If you find a lot of money, I’ll take you. What’s this? It’s raining! Bro, I picked up a dime! Good job! Keep digging! Yeonggil… Yeonggil. Go back to sleep after you take this medicine. Good. Good boy. Yeah. Goodness, what a high fever. What did he do? He played outside in the rain. He’ll be fine soon. My poor Yeonggil. Did he eat anything? No. He won’t eat anything. Still, he shouldn’t sleep on an empty stomach. I’ll go make some porridge. Sukja, thank you. Don’t mention it. Bro, is Sukja pregnant? It seems so. Then will she and dad get married? They probably will. But dad is married to my mom. How can he also marry Sukja? Because he loves the hair stylist now. You’re supposed to marry who you love now. Then what will happen to us? If Sukja ends up marrying dad, won’t she scold us like Cinderella’s stepmom, make us clean and starve us? I will leave before that happens. What about me? The hair stylist likes you. She won’t be mean to you. No. Sukja doesn’t like me. Why? She said she doesn’t like you? No, not really. Oh, geez! You take care of yourself! Where are you going? I’m going to pee! You’re not going to Seoul now, are you? I don’t even have the transportation fare. Stop the nonsense and go to sleep. Bro. Can you take me with you to Seoul? Once we get your fare, I’ll take care of mine, okay? Okay, okay. Let go of me. I’ll pee in my pants. Wow, it’s nice. He’s fallen for me. Are you sure? Of course. I’ll get the money after the wedding and it’s over. Sukja. Lee Sukja! You finally made it. Good girl. Give me a kiss. It’s been a while. Come here. Gukjin. What brings you here? You didn’t go to work? Sukja, let’s have a talk. Uncle, I’m going to Seoul now. Thank you so much for everything. I’ll never forget the time I spent with you. And… Tell this to Choi Gukjin. I’m not his real son and I’m grateful for him raising me. When I succeed as a singer, I’ll come and visit you. Take care until then. Choi Donggil is Han Sojeong’s boyfriend. I hope you can have my boyfriend and Taiji meet, Uncle. I’m your boyfriend? I think that way, my uncle will have you and Seo Taiji meet. Okay. Thanks. I’ll never forget what you did for me, Sojeong. Donggil. You must keep in touch when you get there. Okay. I’d better go catch the train. What’s wrong? What’s going on, Gukjin? Sukja, let me get straight to the point. Sure. What is it? The baby inside you … Is not mine. What? What do you mean? Are you being suspicious of me? How could you say that to me? If the kid inside me isn’t yours, whose kid is it? I’m sure you know the answer. What? What are you… I haven’t been able to tell you this. I was ashamed and I thought you’d leave me if I told you, so I couldn’t. Actually, I… I haven’t been able to perform as a man for a long time. What are you talking about? Then Yeonggil and Donggil aren’t your kids? Actually, Yeonggil’s mom isn’t a soldier. She’s not American either. Yeonggil and Donggil’s mom is Korean. What? I found out about myself after Donggil’s birth. I felt so frustrated that my relationship with my wife worsened. At that time, Donggil’s mom fell in love with a black soldier who worked nearby. After Yeonggil’s birth, she couldn’t take it anymore. She gave birth and left our family. Yeonggil and Donggil don’t know they have the same mom. If I tell them the truth, Donggil who was abandoned by his mom and Yeonggil who’ll learn I’m not his dad will be so pitiful. So I lied to them that Donggil’s mom passed and Yeonggil’s mom is in the U.S. I’m so cunning. If I were to marry you, I was worried you’d mistreat Yeonggil because he isn’t my kid. So I couldn’t tell you the truth. You don’t need to feel guilty towards me. I hope you have a happy life with the baby’s father. If I think about it, rather than my love for you, I really wanted a good mom for my kids. I’m sorry. I’ll get going. Gukjin! There’s big trouble. Why? What’s wrong? Yeonggil… What about him? He collapsed in the playground… He’s unconscious. Call the doctor! Have him lie down on the bed first. Take off his wet clothes. Okay. Yeonggil… Yeonggil… Take it off. How is he? Doctor, will he be okay? He has a high fever. Let’s give him a shot for that first. Bro, can you take me with you to Seoul? Once we get your fare, I’ll take care of mine, okay? I told you not to call me bro! It’s all your fault! Nothing goes my way because of you! You ruined my whole life! Bro! Bro! Bro! What can I do to make you feel better? I’ll do whatever you ask me. Then become fair like a Korean! Make your face, hands and feet white! What does my opinion have to do with you? We’re on the same side. Bro, I picked up a dime! Good job! Keep digging! You’re lucky. Can’t you take me with you? Okay. If you find a lot of money, I’ll take you. He’ll be okay after the shot. Don’t worry too much. Thank you. Save him. Save my brother. Donggil. Dad, it’s my fault. I’ll go to school with Yeonggil from now on. I’ll let him call me “bro.” So ask him to save Yeonggil. Ask him to save Yeonggil, dad. He’s unbelievable. I didn’t think he would… I never imagined he’d really leave home. It’s all your fault, you fool. What did I do? You told Donggil I’m not his real dad. It’s because you said that nonsense. I never thought Donggil would be listening. I didn’t think he’d believe my novel. Anyways, I hope he doesn’t think about going to Seoul again. Who knows? Donggil is a very ambitious kid. I’m back. Oh, Gukjin. Didn’t you say there was mail for Donggil? Oh, right. You got a letter. Let’s see. Where is it? Oh, here it is. Seo Taiji sent it? Seo Taiji? Isn’t this the singer, Seo Taiji? What? Hi, Donggil. I’m Taiji. I was so busy. Sorry about the late reply. I read all of your letters. Let me get straight to the point. I can’t take you as my apprentice. That’s because I don’t want you to leave your family. (Seo Teji) And Seoul isn’t as nice as you think. The air is bad, traffic is terrible and there’s no big ocean. You want to leave beautiful Busan to suffer in Seoul… I just don’t get it. So Donggil… Don’t think about coming to Seoul again. I hope you’re happy with your family in Busan. I’m sure you’re a good kid that listens to adults. I have to go now. Bye. From Taiji. What’s wrong? What did Seo Taiji say? You really don’t know? Look at you. You think I read your letter? Tell him, Hyeoncheol. Did I read it? Bro. Taiji said to compete in the dance contest. Let’s do that. Look. I can dance too. Two of us isn’t enough. We need at least three people. Why do you think it’s two? Participant no. 13! True dance strategy! Gukjin! Goodness. We’ll be late! Come on, hop in first. Hurry. Gukjin! You can’t abandon me! We’re late because of you! A festival without a banner is like soda without fizz. You’ll thank me later. Take it. Scoot over, Donggil. There’s no room. You take a taxi. We’re leaving. Gukjin. Gukjin! Wait for me! Wow, they’re good! They’re good! Aren’t they amazing? They’re very likely to win! They’re good! Let’s go! So good! You can do it! Wow, so good! It’s all your fault! They are the last participants. Participant no. 24. Come on out! Aren’t they Donggil and Black Joe? What a unique combination. We have a foreigner here too. Can you speak Korean? Hello. I’m Choi Donggil. This is my brother, Choi Yeonggil. He’s not a foreigner. He’s Korean. I must’ve made a mistake. I’m sorry. Sorry. He doesn’t look like a student down there. Who is he? He’s my dad, Choi Gukjin. They are the only family participants. Do you have a team name? Yes. We’re Choi Gukjin and Boys. Everyone, the only family participants. The last participants. Choi Gukjin and Boys! Donggil! Isn’t Donggil really cool? I never knew Donggil was so confident. I’m going to like Donggil again starting today. Me too… He’s not cool. You like Black Joe’s brother? Shut up. Ouch. Who was that? Milk boy Choi Donggil! Chocolate boy Choi Yeonggil! Choi Gukjin and Boys! Donggil is so cool! Taiji. I decided not to go to Seoul. That’s because you don’t need me but Yeonggil and dad need me to be with them. Excuse me. Huh? Excuse me. What? You must be Donggil’s family. I’d like to meet with him. Can I talk to him after the contest?

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    ps. they act so well

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