The DUFF Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Bella Thorne, Mae Whitman Comedy HD

– Let’s talk about labels. The classics still exist: – Sorry! – But what I didn’t know was I had a brand new label. – Where are your girls at? – It’s actually not my job to give you intel on my best friends. – It kinda is though, as their D.U.F.F. – Sorry, as their what? – DUFF. Designated ugly fat friend. – What did you just say to me? – Every group of friends has one, you know the one who doesn’t look as good thus making their friends look better, the one who’s easy to talk to ’cause no one’s trying to get with them. You friended up! Good talk- – How could you guys not tell me that I was your DUFF? – Our what? – Oh no you didn’t, oh I didn’t say tha- yes you did. – I don’t want to be anybody’s DUFF, I wanna be the dateable one. I will make sure you pass science if you help me with this. – You got the easy part, I have to reverse DUFF you- are you wearing pajamas? – If I wanted to go shopping, I could’ve done that with Jess and Casey. I need you to give me real talk. – You got a uniboob, your posture sucks, you need to start dressing less like Wreck-It Ralph. Boom. Real talk. – People like you will never matter here. – You need to realize you’re only as awesome as you think you are. – Oh- uh… I… I have a date. – Hmm? – Don’t do that. – You do. You don’t? – Stop. – Uh…
– Question? – It’s important.
– What? What do you want? – Come on, please!

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  1. I could forgive setting changes, changing how the characters look, and other small things like that. But this movie is completely unrecognizable from the book. In the book, Bianca is insecure that she feels less attractive than her friends, and is dealing with a lot of issues, like her fathers alcoholism, her mother leaving, and her ex boyfriend coming to town (they dated when she was 14 and he used her for sex then she found out she was the "other girl" the whole time). Bianca is overwhelmed with Everything and starts a sexual relationship with Wesley to attempt to escape from her problems. She learns that eventually your problems catch up with you & she struggles with pushing Wesley away because she thinks he will reject her. The book has strong themes of learning you can't just avoid your problems; emotional growth; not judging others; and most of all learning to accept yourself for who you are, that it's okay to feel like the "duff" because everyone does sometimes.

    The movie on the other hand, is about Bianca asking Wesley to help her not be unattractive and change her. It's just like any other "ugly duckling turns into a swan" or "uncool high school girl suddenly becomes popular and everything is perfect" that's been done countless times. It's the complete opposite of what the book was even about. Instead of showing you don't have to change who you are to be liked, it says you should do just that. It's completely stupid and irritates me as a fan of this author

  2. Most stupid thing it's too someone duff. If that guy'd be friend with Gregg Sulkin, Dave Franco, Ian Somerhalder and colton hayne . Even in a big group he will be the Duff ,so dont make fun 'cause you're going to be it in some point I think that's the point of the movie, dont feel bad for being uglier or less attractive cause those whom you see attractive they're going to be "the ugly" for many others

  3. I'm gonna read the book because I originally saw the trailer a few years back and thought it looked good. (I like the cliché high school romance movies) and I saw the book in my library so I picked it up. It's cool to know that the movie and book differ a lot and that the book has deeper and more meaningful themes. Hopefully it's good. I've never watched the movie either so I think starting with the book is a good route.

  4. The book for this was legitimately awesome, regardless of the fact it was written for teens (and I'm 30). Still need to see this movie, but it looks pretty good despite the obvious changes made. 😛

  5. This was actually really cute and uplifting! The two leads were really lovable and their chemistry was great. I also liked that she didn’t change herself, she just became confident enough to be herself unapolegetically—horrible party flannel included

  6. I luv this movie aloooottttt and I want to watch it again and friends u should also watch this movie ones… it has some bad and u appropriate seens… but… it's story is so nice.

  7. My label was unique.
    I was a Ghost .
    Nobody could see me…
    Nobody could remember me or my name…
    Even my teachers couldn't…

    Maybe even nobody will notice this comment.

  8. stupid American country side girl wake up from hell and dress like a slut to become popular , idiot movie

  9. Ugly womab, hamsome man, yeshhh sure that happens in real life, you should choose a resl life couple, thay do not look good as a couple

  10. I read the book last night and it was an alright (though i didn't like it that much)…is the movie good? (Never realized that it was turned into a movie also)

  11. the one thing I like about this movie though was the equity, how even though those two seemed like mean girls they still loved and respected their friend truly and didn't label her as so. They never saw her as an 'extra' or a 'decoration' that made them the main event. instead they saw her as a true friend and loved her for she was and how they knew her as, honestly.

  12. Look at that Bella Thorne got it back if this show was real life the Kardashians let her had it😆😆😆😆

  13. Can someone please just point out that the movie was good but the book is better!!!!!! I really liked the movie and then found the book and I thought the book was amazing, wished they stayed more to the original storyline :). Still enjoyed it a lot :D!

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  15. Robbie Amell plays hot jock in picture this still a senior in high-school 12 years later on netflix on how?

  16. I have been a Duff all my midlife and high school years but realized it only after years

  17. Those who keep complaining and comparing book to movie, you shouldn't have high expectations, they do this with every book made into a movie. The author is completely fine with this version, she encouraged it.
    I love both the book and movie as their own seperate thing.


    Now I think that actress (Bella Thorne) & actress (Mae Whitman) might be really good at playing ComicBook characters in a few future movie projects, and I hope I might be able to see them two acting in one together someday down the line; I can imagine different types of brand of ComicBooks, be it DC ComicBook entertainment, or MARVEL ComicBook entertainment, or maybe even DarkHorse ComicBooks.

  19. "long ago the four nations lived together in harmony but everything changed when the fire nation attacked"

  20. Im trying to save u from waisting go online download showbox and the duff is on there for free gosh just listen for once

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