The Fool (Дурак). Russian movie. Drama. 2014. English subtitles.

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THE RUSSIAN MINISTRY OF CULTURE Edition You’re blocking the TV!
Move! Who’s gonna vacuum
the floor then? You? How can I watch TV
with your ass in the way? Let me finish this first! Stupid cow!
I’m missing my show! Go fix the light! You can stick your lights
up your ass! Vera, where’s the money? What money? – You know what money.
– I haven’t got any. I spent the last of it
on bread yesterday. Nothing left till payday. I hid some under the shelf
in the cupboard. Oh yes? There’s no food at home,
and you have a stash? Where’s the money?
Can’t you see I’m shaking? Kolya, I didn’t take it. I’m gonna beat your face in. I swear I didn’t take it.
Please don’t hit me. How on earth did I end up
with a lazy parasite like you? Laying on the couch
all day like a log! I can’t take it anymore! Where’s the money? – You took it.
– I didn’t. Go away. – Get away from me, you freak!
– Where’s my money? I’ll strangle you. – Where’s my money, you whore?
– Are you nuts? – Where is it?
– Get your hands off me! Where’s my money?
Where is it, you whore? Let go of her! Get away from her,
you bastard! – Don’t you dare touch her!
– Where’s my money, you scum? – Don’t touch her!
– Bitch! ARTYOM BYSTROV in a film by
YURI BYKOV THE FOOL … He’s come back drunk.Dilapidated walls, collapsed ceilings,
and pervasive mould:
all realities of life for residents livingright opposite the local
government building
but it seems that the window in the
governor’s office faces the other way.
These wooden shacks were built
back in 1950 as temporary dwellings
and have not been repaired since.Meanwhile, across the road,
a construction project is well under way
not for a residential building,
but a two-story parking lot
for local government officials…Do you really think
you’ll pass? What do you think? Everyone says you’ve got
to bribe someone. So don’t listen. You’re not a kid, Dima. It’s worth a try at least. Or should I drop everything
and go borrow some money? Why do you need this anyway? Well, I could take over
Fedotov’s position. You’d need to be buddies
with everyone, and to them you’re just
some student. They’ll say you’re trying
to be smart. They certainly will.
Definitely. Masha, go set the table. One moment… Dima, watch Anton please. Dad, they’re breaking
the bench again! – Where are you going?
– Mom… – They’ll rip your heads off!
– Stop it already. Get out of the way! Dima, enough chasing after them.
What’s the point? I’m tired of repairing that bench. We’ll catch them this time for sure. Come on, let’s go. Scram! What the hell are you doing, – you bastards?
– Suck it! These punks need to get
their legs ripped off. You didn’t catch them? I’ll find out who
hangs out around here and go talk to their parents. What’s the point?
They’ll just tell you to go to hell. Let’s go eat.
I’ll fix it later. Not too fatty?
Have some bread with it. You’ll get heartburn otherwise. – Want some more?
– Let me finish what I have first. Is it cold? It’s fine, relax. Come on, sweetheart, yum-yum.
You like yum-yum? “Yum-yum”… You give him candy,
then expect him to eat real food? Please don’t start.
Come on, yum-yum. When he gets hungry at night,
you’ll be the one heating things up. Come on, eat some. Well, did you catch them? Who can keep up with them?
They’re like galloping horses. Give up on that bench already.
You’ve repaired it a hundred times. – The neighbors are laughing at you.
– Instead of repairing it themselves. Freezing their asses sitting
on the cold ground isn’t funny. Those gorillas will realize
their strength any day now and next time, they’ll bash
your heads in. – We’ll call the cops then.
– You think the cops care? They didn’t even do anything
to stop the fight. Dima… You know what I was thinking? Ivlev is selling his garage,
his cottage and his car for next to nothing. He’s a useless drunk nowadays. You should take out a loan. My driver’s license
might come in handy. Mom, I told you I need
to pay for the semester. You tell him. What am I supposed to tell him?
He’s his own master. Two dupes in a pod, I swear. You will never get anywhere
in life like that. Never. This one has spent his entire life righteously thumping his chest. And now my son plans on doing
the same thing. Mom, I only have 2 years left.
Then we’ll buy the garage. You all can live as you like. – What’s wrong?
– Nothing! Other people have everything, I’m ashamed to look them in the face. Even our health is poor. Dad has a bad back
and high blood pressure. And my legs can barely
get me to the kitchen. Ivan, did we really think that
fortune would smile on us? I spent twenty years slaving away
as a doctor in the hospital. And now I’m mopping floors
in my old office. But I have no choice. Try living on a pension! And your dad has
one foot in the grave. He’s been breathing in ashes
on that crane for almost 30 years. His lungs are clogged,
he’s coughing. We’ll see what will come first –
disability, or… I’ll take you both
to get treatment. What do I want with
your treatments? Did we get all these
ailments for nothing? We did it so that you could
become a man and live life as it should be lived. And for Anton. – And I’m not a man?
– You’re a fool! Leave them alone already.
He’s sitting here, studying. What do you want from them? I’m his mother. You’re the one who
never needs anything. The apple didn’t fall far
from the tree. – Here we go.
– Am I wrong? You just say, “We don’t need what
doesn’t belong to us”. And nothing ever belongs to us! So here you are, all righteous,
but living in dirt your whole life. Enough already.
I’ve had it with you. Look at you sitting here
gathering dust. Everyone here is sick
and tired of you. That’s right!
You especially! People stealing left and right,
but not me! Exactly! You never brought
anything home! The pipes are leaking,
and you don’t give a shit. Even the Karasevs replaced theirs! He stole them from the warehouse! So drown here with
your righteousness! People take things for themselves!
Why don’t you? So that no one can point
their finger at you? In the end, everyone does! They avoid you like a leper! Nobody wants anything
to do with you. – You old fool.
– Find a young one. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. – Dad…
– Let him go! – What’s gotten into you?
– Oh, so I’m the one to blame? – First you raise them, and then…
– I’ve had it with you. What’s wrong with kids nowadays? Don’t listen to her, Dad. I came to work once and saw
a bunch of guys acting shifty. “Come over here.”
I said, “What for?” “We need to steal some pipes
from the warehouse”. So I said,
“They don’t belong to us”. And now they avoid me
like the plague. Don’t even say hello anymore. Your mother is right. I’ve lived sixty years and have
neither friends, nor enemies. Everyone considers me a fool. At work, it’s because I work
and don’t steal. Here it’s because I replace
stolen light bulbs. And because I repair
the bench every evening. I am a fool. You’re not a fool. Oh, come on… Dima! Somebody from dispatch
called for you. Mom, tell them
I’m off duty today. They say it’s urgent.
Filimonov went on a bender. – I should go.
– Sure.Tell us what happened.What’s there to tell?
The pipes are 20 years old.
Good thing I wasn’t
taking a shower,
or I would’ve been boiled alive.I don’t care about the pipes.Why the hell did
you beat your family?…
Andrey, did you shut it
off downstairs? What, and leave the whole
building without water? I’m just worried…
Look at how it burst.… Come on, chief,
it’s family matters.
We’ll sort it out ourselves.Yeah right, and next time
we’ll come here
to collect dead bodies?Let’s just wait for
the chief to get here, and let him decide. – You drank yourself to insanity.
– Aha, right. Don’t talk back.Everything’s fine,
it’s family matters.
– When did you drink last?
– Why? – Because the shot won’t work.
– I hope it won’t. Let the bastard suffer. – Our daughter’s covered in blood.
– Shut up, bitch. Quiet, you. I haven’t touched the
stuff in three days. The hangover wasn’t easing up.
I went for my stash – it was gone. Almost had a heart attack.
Put yourself in my shoes. My liver’s not big enough
to fill your shoes. Well, the burn isn’t serious.
It’s just a scald. I’ll give you some ointment,
put it on at night. But if you drink,
the shot won’t work. Just so you know. Do you want us to take him in? He has to be at work tomorrow.
Or he won’t get his bonus again. Sign the waiver then.Do we really need all this hassle?Why should we be
dealing with this?
What, you can’t handle
a burst pipe? Should we turn
the water off in the basement? – What the hell for?
– Take a look yourself. What, you felt sorry for me? I felt sorry for our girl. Her boots are falling apart.
She needs new ones. Her feet are always wet and cold,
she’ll get sick. Well, are you gonna fix it or not? Shut up, or you’re gonna
fix it yourself. – Is this a bearing wall?
– You should know better. Fuck! What’s with him? Let’s go.Get ready for bed.Mom, let’s stay over at Lena’s place.
I’m scared of him.
Do what you’re told.There are too many people
in their room as it is.
Go to bed, it’s 10 pm already.Well, are we gonna sleep or not?I’m not going to bed with you.
Go sleep on the sofa.
Oh come on.
– Hands off me.
Come here. What happened? Have there been any other
complaints from the tenants? Not today, but this place is
a pain in the ass. It’s an old building.
Been standing for 40 years. – Why are you so agitated?
– Shit… This isn’t my district. Has there been a thorough
overhaul of this building? What overhaul?
Like you don’t know Fedotov. They painted the walls,
and he pocketed the rest. What about inspections?
Was everything in order? Are you joking? The inspectors were given cash
to shut up – problem solved. Time’s up for this building. We’re tired of always having
to come out here. The roof leaks,
the pipes are rusty. We patch a hole, and six new
ones appear the next day. What about Filimonov? Has he talked to
Fedotov about this? Why would he care? His wife left him,
so he’s been drunk for 3 days straight. You’ll probably be
transferred to our crew. The most problematic neighborhood. What’s wrong, anyway? Hell knows. I think the foundation is shifting. Are you serious? There’s a crack on the outside
from the first to the ninth floor. I looked around, it’s a
through-wall crack. And the entire building’s tilting. Fucking hell… – What do we do now?
– Quiet, calm down. Just shut off the water for now
and go home. I’ll go talk to Fedotov tomorrow.
That’s all. Bye Dima, what are you doing? – Go to sleep.
– I need to check something. You and your damn school.
You’ve got exams tomorrow? Close your eyes, Anton. Dima, are you nuts?
What are you doing? – Where are you going?
– I don’t know why he got up. I’m going to the 32nd dormitory. – Where I was today. Got it?
– No. What are you talking about? – The dormitory, remember?
– I guess. So what? Things are pretty bad there.
The building’s barely standing. There’s a crack, the building’s tilting.
It’s going to collapse. – Are you joking?
– I’m serious. I just looked
at the stability calculations for a 9-story panel building. – It’s won’t stand another 24 hours.
– Bite your tongue. So, go see Fedotov tomorrow. The foundation is crumbling.
We need to evacuate people now! And who’s going to let you do that
without an inspection, you lunatic? Some people have been
there for 30 years. You want them out
in the middle of the night? It has to be done right now! But how? Do you have
Fedotov’s number? Call him. He won’t do anything.
He pocketed the overhaul money. Do you know anyone from the
administration? – Your mother does.
– Whom? Razumikhina, the chief accountant
at the mayor’s office, is your friend, right? We haven’t seen each other in ages. I’m not going to bother her at this hour
with this nonsense. It’s not nonsense, Mom!
People can die at any minute! Call her! – Don’t yell
– I said, call her! Here’s her number, call her yourself,
you raving lunatic! – Is it that serious?
– It’s very serious. Don’t you know that
you won’t get anywhere? If they didn’t care about
that building for 30 years, why would they start now? – Yes, I know everything.
– You will raise a panic, and then what? People will have to be put up
somewhere for the night. They can’t be on the street with their children
and suitcases in the cold. They will have to be resettled, and you know what
our town hall’s like. A bunch of thieving rats. Complaints will come in, people will be fired and courts
will get involved. Stay out of it. – What are they going to do, kill me?
– Idiot. Calm down. Go put Anton to bed. Hello, Galya? It’s Dmitry Nikitin.
I apologize for calling so late. Galya, I really need your help
to contact someone. The mayor. Yes, with Galaganova. No, no, not during
office hours, no… Yes, it’s urgent,
and no, I’m not joking. Really? Where? Got it. I’ll be right there. Yes. What did she say? The entire administration is celebrating Galaganova’s birthday
in a restaurant. There’s my meeting –
couldn’t be better. – They’re all drunk right now…
– Maybe they’re better drunk. They’ll be more kind. We’ll see. Are you sure? Wait for me. Oh good Lord, what a mess… Oh God… – Go put the kettle on.
– Oh God… Alright. – Hey, careful, bro.
– You could step aside. – I could do anything.
– I’m happy for you. – Hey, let’s get introduced.
– Later. Easy…
Is it that bad? – The vodka’s bad.
– Get some food in your stomach. Excuse me, where can
I find Nina Galaganova? She’s in the dining hall. – Thank you.
– Only she’s married – Good to know.
– But I’m not. – Where are you going?
– Where I need to go – To see her again?
– Go drink some more. I’ll divorce you, you bastard! It’s about time.
Been waiting for 3 years. Let’s dance! Come on, girls! Dear friends!
May I have your attention please? I think we shouldn’t
just raise our glasses to the health of our dear Nina but also say the most
important things about her! We’ve all wished her
good health, a long life, happy friends and family. But most importantly, we all owe her a debt of
gratitude for our thriving town that grows and gets more
beautiful every year. The life that every resident enjoys
is entirely thanks to her. I ask the people closest
to Nina to say a few words of gratitude on this fine evening. I came here about 20 years ago. I had to get the zoning documents
for the factory. So I walk into the records
office and see. A skinny girl in a dress that blends
into the filing cabinets. I ask her to bring me this,
give me that, but she acts like
she doesn’t see me. I bark out an order –
and she tells me to go to hell. So then I look at her and say: “You’re going to be
a big boss one day”. That girl’s name was Nina. Nina was from a small village. Her mother had six children, a cow and her husband’s grave
in the backyard. This place was a real
pigsty twenty years ago. Unless you held your nose
and closed your eyes walking down the street,
you’d be driven to drink. This was one big shithole. But now,
twenty years have passed. I’m thinking of buying a house
somewhere on the outskirts. And moving there with my family
when I get old. And all thanks to you, Nina.
You’re the boss. And others even call you
by a different name. Don’t be shy, come on,
all together now! Mama!
Mama! Nina, this is Dmitry Nikitin,
a repair crew chief for the public utility works. – Hello.
– Hello. I’m here on a work-related issue. Now? I’m celebrating.
Have a drink. Really, I can’t.
It’s an urgent matter. Have a drink, busy man. Do you know each other? No. He doesn’t like
to do introductions. I’m Dmitry Nikitin. – Nina, an incident has occurred.
– What incident? An emergency situation at one
of the “A” district dormitories. Can’t Fedotov or his assistants
handle this? I’m afraid he won’t care,
because he never has before. This case could end
with many deaths in the next few hours. Please get all the department
heads together, firemen, police, ambulances. We need a plan of action. I will give a detailed account
of the situation. Mrs. Galaganova,
I understand that this is a party and all. But something terrible is
about to happen. I’m not joking. Emelyanov! Get all the chiefs together
in the other hall. Who exactly do you need,
Nina? They’re all wasted.
Sayapin left already, blind drunk. And Tulsky’s wife took
him home… Call them and tell them
to come back. I don’t care if they puke
or take pills; they have to be here. Watch out, Dmitry Nikitin,
repair crew chief. Thanks. What are you stirring
shit up for? Sit down, Fedor. Well, go ahead and inform us. A crew was called to the 32nd
dormitory in district A, to repair a burst hot-water pipe. They saw that things
were bad and called me. Why not Filimonov?
He’s the chief engineer. He went on a bender, Fedor.
It’s been three days. The pipes burst due to the
displacement of bearing walls. The dormitory was built even before the town
was founded. – So that was about 40 years ago…
– 38. Whatever. A major overhaul
was never done… What do you mean? There was one in 1984,
and another three years ago. I’m not prepared to argue
about the quality of these repairs right now. The concern here is
that the building could collapse at any minute. Who gave you this idea?
Like this very minute? Yes. Practically as we speak. There are two huge cracks
on the bearing walls, from the first to the ninth floor. And the entire building’s tilting. The foundation is crumbling
and shifting. The vibrations of the units are
visible to the naked eye. – How many people live there?
– Who are you listening to, Tolya? This requires a regional inspection,
about 10 specialists. There are many aspects. He just probably fucking
some girl in that dorm and promised her
a new apartment. – It’s 2 am, Fedor…
– Shut up! That sounds about right.
Balls rolled up – now pay up. Go and look for yourselves.
Even a child can see… Maybe a child can, but
it’s not clear to us. – Are you the chief housing engineer?
– No. – Exactly.
– Neither are you! Foundation, tilt – do you know
much about that? Yes, I’m studying construction,
second year. Need the diploma
to get promoted, right? I told you to be quiet! You can really see everything
with the naked eye. The stability factor of
a nine-story panel building doesn’t allow for a
tilt of even 5 degrees. And that building is leaning
by around 10 degrees. The tilt is beyond the point
of maximum deviation from the gravity-bearing
perpendicular. This means that
the building is falling, and it will fall no matter what. Taking into account
the angle of deviation, the building won’t stand
more than a day. Do you realize that in that case we need to declare an emergency and evacuate
the people immediately? Yes. How many are in there?
A thousand? There are 820 people. 820 people. They will need to be resettled. And the town has a
housing shortage as it is. Go ahead,
call a regional inspection, let them check everything
and make a decision. Because I’m not taking
on these costs. You want to end up
in jail then? Sayapin can take care of that
as our friend. 800 people. What if they all
get buried under there? You pocketed the money
for repairs, I never checked.
We’re both going down. – I pocketed the money?
– You did! Oh come on, Fedor! Did your daughter’s
house build itself? Or did you help her
with your salary? Look who’s talking! What about your house?
Or his house? Why don’t we tell this kid here
who pocketed what. Or how we survive around here,
washing each other’s hands. What hands?
Watch what you say! – I’ve got my own patch.
– What patch? The whole town together with its
30 000 residents is the patch. One of us gets caught, he’ll take everyone down
with him. Journalists will come,
and up in smoke we go. I’m all clean.
I’ve had inspections already. Crime detection rate
was within norm. No drug addicts,
no prostitutes at all. But you and Matyugin
will be going up in smoke in his fire truck. Any more threats? What did you do
with the prostitutes? Are they at your harem? Quiet, all of you! A fish rots from the head down. If I’m tainted,
then so are all of you. They’ll go through everything
with a fine-tooth comb. And for 800 people, they’ll find shit
even in your “patch”. What, do you have
the cleanest department? Right, go to the place with him. – I’m…
– Have a look once you’re there. If everything is as he says, then we’ll think about
what to do. Let’s go, shit-stirrer. Dima, stay for a moment. If he tries to threaten you,
don’t listen. He’s cunning and sly. If not him, then
we’ll have to deal with it. Not to mention
those poor people. I’ll go too. Fedotov’s
angry right now, and the kid’s naive. OK, good luck. – Show us what you’ve got.
– It’s this way. – Here it is.
– What is it? The crack goes through
the whole building. So what? I saw this crack
two years ago. Fine. Look here. The wall is crumbling,
the foundation is shifting. Shifting where? In fall the soil gives
a little from the rain. Don’t get smart, builder. OK, come with me. Come on, let’s go. Man, it stinks in here. Fix the sewage pipes,
then it won’t stink. You scum!
Stop torturing us! Your child is scared of you!
I’ll call the cops. Go ahead, you piece of shit!
You think they’ll show up? – I’ll cut you up, you bitch!
– Calm down, man. What did you say? Nothing, but you’re asking
for a kicking. All right guys, no offence. My daughter steals
money from me, I need it for my treatment. The bitch buys smack with it. I’ll go have a smoke. These people need their
brains repaired, not the pipes. That’s why it stinks here. Different people live here. Go away. We’re from the housing department.
I’ve got the chiefs here with me. Hello, Fedor. Can we take a look at your bathroom? Sure, sure, go ahead. It’s one thing after another. Pipes burst, and then this
son of a bitch goes crazy. That scum beats his own daughter,
can you imagine? He needs to be taken away,
but the pigs, sorry, police, never do. Although, I let them go myself. Help us. With what? Sure, we’ll deal with it. Will they fix the pipes soon? They shut the water off and we
can’t wash or cook anything. Soon, soon. – Go home.
– Yes sir! – What did you say?
– Don’t get involved. They’re all punks. Look, the old bat is
going to crawl out. We’re from the housing department.
May we come in? Get out of there, you punks! Chill out, granny. Come over here,
we’ll get you stoned. They’re all yours. I’m off for a piss. Oh, hi guys.
What are you doing here? We’re from the housing department.
Checking the pipes. I don’t give a fuck about the pipes.
I only shower once a week. There’s plenty of water right now. I bring in snow from outside,
and problem solved. And if the building collapses,
I don’t give a fuck as well. This is no life anyway, is it? Hey guys, how about
a shot or two, huh? Well? Come on!
Let’s have some. Right… Let’s get going. One more game? – What did they want?
– Fuck knows… Hey… What are the chiefs doing here?
Something serious? – We don’t know yet.
– Listen… Trouble sleeping? – What?
– It’s late. Why do you even care
about us lowlives? – Compassionate, are you?
– I am what I am. – What were you doing there?
– Fuck off. – That’s some building…
– No kidding. – Well?
– This way. – What’s the bottle for?
– Look. Come here. Look down.
Just be careful. – Far from the wall?
– About three meters. – Did you give everyone their tasks?
– Yes. Nina, what should I do
about the guests? Entertain them. Turn up the music. Tell the kitchen to hurry up
with the main course. Many are getting ready to leave. Vostrikov is upset that
you’re not there. Well, make sure that he isn’t upset. I can’t be there.
I’ve got other things on my mind. – Maybe we should let them go home?
– Yeah right! So they’d know we have a mess
on our hands? Give them enough booze
to put them to sleep. Tell them I had to leave,
but will be back shortly. Got it. The rumors will spread. The neighbors won’t keep quiet.
They’ll get more from the budget. The most important thing is that
the building does not collapse. Then there’ll be facts, not rumors. Well? Speak! It’s not good. It will probably collapse. Really? Don’t know. Looks
like Nikitin was right. We need to get the people
out of there. I told you we needed to be careful
with district A. It was built in a rush,
on unstable soil. We should’ve resettled everyone and
demolished the building ages ago. Resettle them where, smart guy? Give me two buildings with
a hundred units each. We should have built them
when we had the money. But you were too greedy! Get out!
Get out! Half the budget goes up
to grease the palms at the regional office! Everyone there practically
lives at resorts! They all have cars, houses,
wives all decked in gold. And if I refuse – they won’t
give us a penny. How much money did
we get this year? Just enough to tar a few roofs
and replace a few main pipes. Pensioners are going hungry,
three suicides a year. The disabled are waiting
to get treated by the state. What about orphanages,
and large family allowances? I built a new maternity hospital! Do you think I’m made
of money? And how am I supposed
to survive and raise my children? I’m constantly under stress. I lived in fear for
my life through the ’90s. I’m responsible for everything: for taxes, for military enlistment,
for elections. They’ll either send me to prison,
or pat me on the head. I want to live like a normal person! I have 3 scars on my head, hypertension,
ulcers and two divorces! I’m a woman, mother and wife –
I want to live like a normal person! And so do you. That’s why you grab
a piece for yourself without a thought for others. You don’t give a fuck whose
walls are crumbling or whose roof is leaking. Because you have to finish
laying down your own roof. Your house isn’t much smaller
than mine, four stories tall. Your son, a spoiled brat,
rapist and drug addict with 6 arrests and 2 court cases. Has an apartment in Moscow
and goes to a private school. This one will soon have people
dying from simple infections, while he steals all the supplies,
down to the antiseptics. I bought new equipment
for the hospital, he sold half of it. If I wasn’t helping, you’d be treating people
with roadside herbs. And this one has turned the
police department into a racket. I looked the other way,
“Go ahead, Sergey. “Make some money”. I don’t even know what you do. Sit on your ass all day,
signing papers. There hasn’t been a fire
in the town for ten years. But we still allocate
funds to get hoses, equipment,
who knows what else! Yeah, I make something
out of every deal. But whose hands are clean here? Perhaps one of you would like
to take my place? Be my guest! Only you oafs won’t be
able to hack it. Sucking that teat dry, but when something happens –
blame “mama”. And you call yourselves men?
Pussies. Enough, Nina! We all know that.
We weren’t born yesterday. I’ve always lived well,
never had to beg, and don’t plan on starting. And I don’t give a shit
what people think of me. If you can’t take what you need,
you’ll live like a worm in shit. This never-ending talk
about “corruption” – the whole country lives on bribes! Even in the Soviet days, when
my mother was dying of cancer we had to grease some palms
to get her medication. And now, you can’t do anything
without money! I hate to interrupt such nice
bureaucratic confessions, but what are we going to do now?
Time’s ticking. What are we going to do? Evacuate the people. – Is this official?
– Of course. I’ll call the regional office
and let them know. Why? Regulations. Let’s not raise a stink right now. Get the people out,
and tomorrow we’ll bring in the experts and equipment. Maybe it can still be repaired. And who will be responsible for
the fuckups? Me or him? And what should we tell the tenants?
They’re not a flock of sheep. If they realize
that the building is failing, they won’t go back. Well, then stage a fire,
or any emergency situation. Anything. We need to keep them
all out overnight. And in the morning,
the experts will come. If there are really no other options… We’ll have to resettle everyone. I’ll fall at Safronov’s feet.
He’s building an entire block. Come on, go already!
Do something! We found all the documents.
They’re in the car. – If we need to, we can lose them.
– And what do you have? Things are in pretty bad shape. The deficit in the repairs budget
is 120 million. Oh God… We certainly could have spent it… but what do we have to show for it?
That’s a lot of money. A new construction site
could justify it, but Safronov’s investors
won’t cooperate. How much would it cost
to resettle the dormitory? There are 820 residents. An emergency means resettling
all of them, and fast. At least 600 in the first two months.
That’s about 200 families. 83 of those are multi-child families, there are 27 disabled,
and 10 veterans. So we’ll need about
60 two-room apartments, and the rest are one-room. I think that amounts
to approximately… … 260 million God damn it… Oh God… I’m such an idiot… Right… – Tanya, bring Safronov. Is he here?
– He left about two hours ago. – Then I need to go find him
– Wait, Nina. There’s no time. If you have something
to say, come with me. Go and get another unit there! So wake them up!
The gas workers too. That dormitory uses gas. Although I’m not sure.
Find out. Get the guys ready.
Two trucks at least Check the fire hoses
and the equipment, it’s been ages since we used it. Set up a blockade around
the perimeter. How long? How long is the perimeter? We’ll talk about overtime later. Hey, watch your mouth,
or I’ll get you fired. Get me three ambulances, each with
a doctor and two paramedics. You guys ready? Let’s go. Wait! – What happened?
– Stand down for now. – Why?
– We have to wait. – For whom?
– I don’t know. Nina said, wait. Right… Let’s go have a drink, guys. Hey shit-stirrer, what are you
standing there for? Let’s go! You’ve got ulcers or what? Let’s talk here.
My relatives are visiting, I don’t want them to know anything. I urgently need to resettle
600 people. I need 200 apartments, 2 buildings.
Please help. Are you insane?
How can I get you two buildings? The nine-story buildings you built
are still vacant, aren’t they? Those apartments were sold
even before we broke ground. Only for a couple of months.
I really need this, help me out. My budget will be approved soon,
I’ll buy them. What? I could be locked up
for something like that. For a month at least,
and then I’ll think of something. Then I’ll resettle them
somewhere else. I have inspections
and showings every week. There can’t be anyone there. What are you doing, you bastard? I sold you that land
for next to nothing. Don’t you have a conscience? I have 800 people living in a
dangerous building. I can’t get them evacuated without
having a place to resettle them. The housing budget will come
under scrutiny. They will put me away for 15 years,
like they did with Sorokin. No one will touch you. You pay a kickback to the governor, giving him some votes.
There you go. If he starts to pressure you,
threaten to give him up. – He’ll get you off the hook.
– Right, or kill me. I could be killed too. Nina, I’m sorry, I can’t. My investors used to tear people
to shreds back in the 1990s. Sorry, I can’t. Nina, you have no choice. What do you mean? You can’t evacuate anyone
from that building. So what should I do?
Bury them all in the rubble? Who said the building
will collapse for sure? – Nikitin.
– That punk? He just wants to sabotage Fedotov
and take his job. And don’t listen to that idiot
waste-of-space Matyugin. What about the risk? The risk…
There’s always a risk. Are you one of Safronov’s investors? Nina, stop it. Are you? I saw how he looked at you.
Well? I am. And what about the people? Living, breathing people,
you scumbag. Shut your mouth, you bitch. When did you start worrying
about the people? Only when 800 of them might
perish at once? Were you worried about them
when they were dying one by one? When you took a piece for yourself
out of every line in the budget. The roads are shit, one pot-hole on top of another,
accidents every day. The people are drinking
themselves to death, killing each other. Because there are no decent jobs here,
and the wages wouldn’t suit a beggar. Kids are wasting their lives
and shooting up in basements. The schools are a mess; teachers
and doctors can’t afford to buy food. Old people and the disabled
are better off dying. You and I have been through this. How much have I done for you? You’ve been feeding
off me your entire life. If it wasn’t for me,
you’d still be a secretary. Because you’re a nobody,
and I’m a somebody. And the higher-ups know that. Well? What’s the matter with you?
Get yourself together. Here, you either live like
a human being, or like cattle. There’s not enough of the good life
to go around. Divide it evenly, and
nobody will get anything. Everyone will be equally poor. Come on… Would that be better? No. I helped you become somebody, and you’re biting the hand
that holds you. Think about it long and hard –
are you with them or with us? So what do we do now? We’ll think of something.
Get in the car. Look at them, all shitfaced,
and not giving a damn. What do they care? They’ll have different bosses,
but they will still have their jobs. Stop whining,
nothing’s happened yet. Sometimes I think, why the hell
did I have to become the chief? I could’ve continued
working as a surgeon; cut this, stitch that. God forbid I’m ever on your
operating table. You will take out a kidney
and sell it. And you’re an unselfish soul,
I suppose? Catch a lot of crooks? You’re not so easy to catch. I try to put you away,
but you bribe me. And I’m Russian,
can’t help but take it. – Fedor, come dance with us…
– Get lost. Are you from another planet
or something? Anyone else
would’ve taken one look and gone back home to bed. Why do you care? – There are human beings in there.
– What human beings? Trash… and rejects. – Maybe they should just die.
– Children too? The ones smoking junk
and fucking in the attic? What will they grow up to be?
You tell me! You shouldn’t be grinding
that axe here, kid. We’re old and seasoned. We have seen a lot in this life.
Especially me. Every other person
in that dormitory either has an arrest or
a conviction to their name. If there were fewer
of those buildings, the world would be
a better place. And life would be easier
for normal people like us. Yes? I’ll be right back. Yes… One more round before we leave. So, looks like everything’s back on. We’re evacuating the tenants,
and waiting for inspectors. Nina wants to discuss something
with the three of you. On the spot. – My boys will drive you there.
– We’ll drive ourselves. What, drunk? I forbid it as the chief of police. … That’s two more years of work.
I’m so sick of it. – Hey…
– Go home. – Look, our very own bodyguards.
– Very funny. Get in. Well, are you happy now? Why is there so few of you guys? More are on their way. Where are we going?
The 32nd is the other way. Don’t listen,
drive where you were told. Why? He’s driving
in the wrong direction. He’s driving where we need to go. Hey, if you don’t know the way,
let me drive. Shut up already! Watch who you’re talking to. Galaganova…
That ruthless bitch… What’s the matter with you? Tolya, that building will collapse. And we “ran away”. What was it you said? I “pocketed the money,
kicked some back to you”, and you “never bothered to check”? They will blame everything
on the two of us. Sayapin is a bitch too. We’re done for, Tolya. What are you, nuts?
There are 800 people there. She’ll get them out,
and blame us for the building. Hey guys, are you going to kill us? Well? Answer me! Shut your mouth and sit still. Stop here. Get back here. Let the kid go. He’s just a plumber. He won’t say anything. Are you fucking crazy? What the fuck is all this? – Shut up!
– What? Go. Take your family and
leave town tonight. If you give us away,
we’ll find you and kill you. What are you waiting for? You really are a fucking fool. Get lost! Now! – Take him to his bed.
– Leave it. Where is he? – At work, that’s where.
– What’s this work at 3am? It is what it is. Get packing.
Mom, help her. – Her things, Anton’s and mine
– What happened? There’s no time!
Get ready! Oh dear Lord… – What happened?
– Don’t ask. I barely made it out alive. We need to leave, for a long time.
Otherwise… – Oh God! Holy Mother…
– Shut it and do as you are told! – Let’s get you a taxi.
– Too risky. We’ll catch a ride. – I’ll go ask the neighbor for his car.
– I won’t be able to return it! We won’t get any poorer. Go pack.
I’ll pull up to the entrance. Thanks. Should I take the summer clothes? Take everything.
And all money we have. – How long will you be gone?
– Forever, Mom. – Masha!
– Easy, easy. Sit down! My baby, oh dear God… My son… – Oh dear God!
– Quit it, you’ll wake everyone up. Oh Masha… – Where are you headed?
– I’ll think about it on the way. We must get out of town.
I’ll call you when we get there. Mom. – I knew you’d get yourself in trouble!
– Enough already, stop it. Off you go.
She’ll keep wailing until you leave, and wake everyone up. Go! – Oh God…
– Calm down, calm down. Dima! Son! My son… – My son…
– Easy, easy, calm down. Dima… Good thing we got everyone drunk. And found all the documents. In the morning, nobody will
remember a thing. Yes? It’s done? All clean? Good. Go home now. Get rid of the guns. I know they are government-issue,
but we’ll write them off. God forbid they find the bodies and
we get caught over something stupid. Bye. It’s done. God forgive us. God created this life
and made us live it. All the documents are here. Do it. My husband is with Polosuhina
right now. Bastard. Quit sobbing. We’ll send her away. Let her shake
her ass somewhere else. And send your husband in to see me. I’ll explain to him how a man
ought to treat his wife. Has he calmed down? He’s asleep. What happened? Everything’s rotten there, Masha. Where? The administrative board. It’s a snake pit. A bunch of crooks. Ready to eat each other alive.
Vampires. When they realized
that they fucked up, they decided to frame their own. They put me, Fedotov
and the fire chief into a police car. And drove us to a quiet place. Fedotov turned out to be
a decent person I didn’t expect that. He stood up for me and they let me go. So where are we going now? We need to get out of town. We’ll spend the night in a hotel and think of something
in the morning. I promise. Well, thank you very much. We had a normal life. What were you thinking? I was thinking about
the people, dear. And Anton and I are not people? There are 800 people there. Are all of them your wives
and children? – Masha, don’t.
– Don’t what? I didn’t know it would end this badly. How else could it have ended? They’ve been stealing for years.
They sucked the town dry. Did you go there to preach
and open their eyes? Did you expect them to start
righting their wrongs? Saving people? – For them other people do not exist!
– For me they do! And I had to try. I will not be responsible
for the deaths of 800 people, got it? I get it. I get everything now. – I get to suffer because I live with you.
– So don’t! I’m sorry. I’m sorry. But I proved to them that
the building will collapse. At least they’re getting the people
out of there right now. Out of where?
There’s your dormitory over there. No one’s around –
everyone’s asleep! What the fuck are you
standing here for? Let’s go! No one is there.
No firemen, no cops. Say that louder –
maybe they’ll appear. They were supposed to be here. And supposed to do what? You sound like a kid.
What world do you live in? You were almost killed!
Snap out of it and let’s go! What’s the matter with you? Take Anton and go. You mean without you? Yes, I’m staying. Are you leaving us behind? Masha, I’m not leaving
anyone behind. Can’t you see? They’re not getting
the people out. – They decided to just leave them there.
– So what? Don’t make me angry. Get in the car and go –
you have a license. – What are you doing, you freak?
– Listen to yourself, you idiot. There are hundreds
of people in there. Have you no heart? Dima… they’re nobodies to us. Shut your mouth. Masha, dear,
get in the car and leave. Don’t you see that
I hate you right now? Don’t you understand? We live like animals
and die like animals because we are nobodies
to each other. Tonya… Have a drink.
You’ll feel better. – Why are you here?
– I had to come back. Bastard!
Are you out of your mind? Leave, you hear me?
They’ll catch you, you fool! – Leave!
– Calm down. – Why didn’t you leave?
– I just couldn’t. People will die. We drove past the dormitory –
nothing is happening. They are not evacuating. Because it’s just
your stupid idea, you fool! The administration knows better.
It’s not going to collapse! Who would want
to be responsible for so many deaths?
Fedotov? They killed Fedotov! Is Galaganova covering
her tracks? So what are you going to do? If anyone spots me, they’ll kill me. Do the people
in the dormitory know that the building’s unstable? No. So what are you waiting for?
Go tell them. Who’s gonna listen to me? Who wants to be left out
on the street? I need an official order. The information has
to come from the top. Who am I?
I’m just a plumber. Are you sure that it will collapse? I’m sure. Forgive your mother and me, son. What for, Dad? What did we ever give you? Life. And what are you supposed
to do with this life? Look at your mom and I –
we argue every day. There’s no love or joy left
between us. And we never taught you
how to live. We are to blame for everything
that’s happened to you. Stop it, Dad. People are stealing
by the truckload. By the millions. They step over each other
and don’t think twice. And you repair shitty pipes
for a living. You wanted to help,
to save people’s lives – and they almost killed you. Leave, son. Things will never change
around here. Never. The building is collapsing!
Get outside! Quickly! Get outside, hurry! Get out of the building. – What happened?
– The building is collapsing! Quickly! Get out! Olya, get dressed.
I said, get dressed! Move it! Get up! Run, outside!
The building is collapsing! Go outside! The building is falling,
you hear me? The building is falling. Oh yeah? Really? Even I don’t drink that much! The building is falling. Let’s go. Anyone here? What’s all this about?
Is this a set-up? Why are you standing here?
Move away! The building is collapsing!
Do you understand? Listen to me!
If you don’t believe me… Quiet, everyone!
Calm down! Here’s our hero! He’s the man! – Don’t…
– Everything’s fine. He is so brave!
Look how many people he saved! – Stop it…
– Quiet! There are decent people
left in this world! You’re fired! He’s been sneaking around here. Since yesterday, stirring
shit up! Get him! Go home, everyone!
Everything’s fine. Don’t touch me, you scum! in memory of
ALEXEY BALABANOV Translation and subtitles by
Eclectic Translations

31 Replies to “The Fool (Дурак). Russian movie. Drama. 2014. English subtitles.”

  1. Везде искал в гугле с субтитрами, все платно)) спасибо вам большое

  2. @
    Marina Happy thank you so really very much for the upload, sure I will watch it tonight, highly much appreciated!

  3. The movie was fantastic! Yes, that's what God put us on earth for to care and love one another. When you get peed from someone cutting you off, smile and go another direction. I'll be looking to see more Russian films.

  4. Шок ! Это чё русское общество ? Вы чё творите такими фильмами !? Вы хоть понимаете чё творите?
    Вам не в рай однозначно!

  5. Great film. My favorite line at 1:37:25 "We live like animals and die like animals because we are nobodies to each other." I wish Hollywood could make classy films like this.

  6. Thanks for a brilliant film and for the subs. Its the same plutocratic psychopaths in power everywere

  7. "This is a very sad movie about Russian reality."
    I don't know.
    Just look at American Tv/Movies.
    I wouldn't exactly call American reality tv, "reality".
    I haven't really met anyone who actually behaves like the people in Jersey Shore.
    So, I am not too sure you could consider this movie very accurate to Russian reality.
    Maybe some of it, but I don't know about all of it.

  8. this story is not only about Russia, is also about countries like Romania where corruption is at home.

  9. I do not think this the whole story. All countries have rich, average and poor people. Probably Russia was this way right after the fall of Soviet Union when Yeltsin took power but after that Russia stabilized and now is a normal country with its ups and downs…but definitively not a backward country. How do i know? Well youtubers for once! One can see Russian people buying stuff like electronics, clothing and all the necessary day needs..i think this movie is propaganda!

  10. Dima's reasoning with his wife at 1: 37.10 is unmistakeable Marxist doctrine. If the building symbolizes the corrupt Russian system of today, he figures as the embodiment of the Russian working people, the proletariat. It figures, then, that the writer is calling for the return of the communist system. Or at the very least, he is calling for the return of shared (Marxist) values amongst the people of Russia. From Britain, thank you Marina for such a great film. x

  11. Спасибо, покажу друзьям, что жили в России, но не видели России как она есть

  12. The subtitles are so dim it’s very different to read need to change the color and make them a little bigger

  13. Excellent movie. It goes to show that those who "dedicate their lives to public service" are scum regardless of country, it is a worldwide disease.

  14. Fantastic movie, sadly 99% accurate portrayal of modern day Russia and countless US cities across the country.

  15. Phew………that was INTENSE , made me think of George Orwell's Animal Farm , #Grenfell and that yes it is better to be equally poor than rich in corruption ….which is why it is the MOST tragic when your own turn on you.
    The only light relief to be had was when Dima finally gave his bitch wife a piece of his mind.
    I haven't seen a decent film like this in years.Thank you Marina Happy.

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