The Hero BAN DRAMA In The Smash Bros Community

how’s everyone doing after reading the title of this video you’re probably wondering what is exactly the hero drama in this master’s degree to just do enter you in here is the DLC character that from the time you’re watching this video was only introduced to smash bros ultimate a couple days ago pretty much even maybe max a week ago depending on when this video actually goes out so he’s pretty much the new character that everyone is playing around with and this character has some pretty crazy mechanics that we’ll get into it later on in this video but he’s pretty much the centerpiece of this drama that is pretty much engulfing the entire smash bros community at large even in other areas of the community not just the US but on a global scale first thing you gotta understand though is that this mash screening is pretty known for controversies and it’s not rare from an outsider perspective to someone coming into the smash community that there’s kinda always something going on it is a pretty dramatic community in general so what is exactly this drama even about basically hero has a mechanic or a multiple mechanics actually where a lot of the things that he does are completely loved based and there are times weren’t even the player that is performing these mechanics or attacks doesn’t even know what he’s actually going to do and some of these attacks that may completely win you a game may completely lose them a game or it may completely change the outcome of a game in fact so much so that there’s so many clips of different moments where hero can just do one thing make a mistake pull out one of his mechanics gets lucky and just entirely wins the game because it always happens but it definitely can happen now there’s controversy is mainly centered around the competitive smash bros community mainly the one that those tournaments and has competitive advanced and plays for money so it’s not exactly about the casual side of the community where people just play the game for fun so now you may wonder what is the problem with having a character that has luck mechanics or maybe unpredictable mechanics in a competitive game like is he the first kind of character to have one of these kind of mechanics not really we have other kind of characters but why is he specifically so much of a problem that people actually want to ban this character and that is the centerpiece of this drama where there’s actually a very big portion of the community that once this character ban they do not want this character around in tournaments that they do not want to fight against him and they want to prohibit this character from series play so the way the situation’s started is that during the presentation where the day before hero was actually released the creator of the game as a hero Sakurai cave-like out 20 the minute explanation or pretty much everything that the character had now when we got to special abilities the hero has a move that he can act over with Down beam where he pulls up a menu of different abilities you pull up for different abilities that you can choose them pick pretty much whatever you want and the abilities themselves that you can select from change every single time it’s pretty much random sometimes you may get a certain ability you want it sometimes you may get absolutely nothing that you wanted these abilities range from basic projectiles the basic stores flashes to basic random attacks or sometimes he might just blow up half of the map sometimes he may even you know reflect all kinds of projectiles as you can imagine there is a very big list of different moves that he can do the bottom line is that he can pretty much come out of you with literally anything now the big problem when is that one of his moves is that there is this move called hocus pocus which can pretty much do absolutely anything not only can you pull out other moves that a hero can do you also have the ability to obtain effects from items and some of these effects are incredibly strong so much so that if you actually manage to pull one off of these special effects during a match you probably immediately win some of these abilities may give you a super mushroom which makes you pretty much involve all two most heads even if people attacked you you’re barely going to go anywhere and you can kill them with one hit so you can just win a match off of this effect you can also just turn invisible or you can even just turn off straight-up invincible with a start effect and you can just run up at your opponent and have no fear of anything that just straight up win so all of these effects can be at random you can also just put yourself to sleep or be rendered completely vulnerable to be attacked so as you can see this is pretty much brings a completely new side of unpredictability that no character in the entire Smash Bros franchise has ever seen and as soon as people get wind of how the character worked and then later on the same day the character was released the controversy still continued because people just keep posting clips and clips and clips and talking about this and it’s actually become a very big thing because the reason this drama was fueled is because not only the general player base was complaining about it but you also had some of the best players in the world complaining about the character and this eel the fire into this drama I made it even bigger you even had a player make a online petition to ban the character they did so jokingly but the petition itself actually got a lot of traction and people were talking about it and pushing it as in like oh there’s a petition to ban the there’s even some media outlets that picked it up and we’re making it you know like it was an official petition but even though it wasn’t but as you can tell it’s pretty much one of those kind of drama situations where it kind of just started off of a need your reaction it blew up because everyone kind of talked about it and then it actually turns out a lot of people a lot of very important people in the commercial community actually have a problem with it so now we’re kinda in a position where people may legitimately feel like the characters should be banned and there’s a side that wants a band and a site that doesn’t and there’s people in the middle that kind of want to test things out but this is actually a situation where a DLC character may be banned in less than a month of being released which is not only smash broz first but I’m not sure if very many games belong in that Club so it’s actually a pretty unique scenario to be in in the first place so now you might be wondering is there any truth to this is there actually a reason to ban this character is he the best is he winning tournaments and the answer to these questions is not really because the character was released though soon that there hasn’t really been any permit result it’s not like you have some random person come into the scene into a tournament beat the best player in the world with hero and some random effect right and take on the tournament take the money and leave we don’t have a scenario like that because they hasn’t happened right there’s been matches where people online will feel with the random effects they may just randomly win but there really hasn’t been anything too important that hero has done he hasn’t really won anything but we have no evidence of anything whatsoever so from an objective standpoint there’s really nothing for them but you may also be wondering why we’ll like you mainly want to ban a character that’s not the best simply because he could sometimes win and get lucky one of the important things to understand is that a smash bros community largely bans things that are very luck based in any capacity within the competitive rules this includes most popularly stages and items in fact if you ever play smash bros in general you’ve probably played it with your friends with items on random stages that’s how most people play smash because that’s really how smash is meant to be played in general not many people know about the competitive scene it’s actually pretty popular from the large scale of things the competitive scene is still much smaller than the general player base but in competitive smash bros you play in a very limited amount of stages the most fair balanced and the most predictable stages where players don’t have to really focus on the stages so much so as do and then items of course bring a lot of unpredictability and luck to competitions so they’re completely off the table but they weren’t always that banned in fact someone show a smash tournament rules have changed over the years in a very dramatic manner back in the early days of competitive play back in like 2006 five four the competitive scene has been around since the early 2000s pretty much it’d be actually used to play back in the day with items and stages that will never be played on today’s meta game sometimes you will play on these humongous maps maps with hazards or obstacles like it filled the players and swing the match around or you will play with pokeballs or smash balls or different kind items so much show that there’s actually some very notable tournaments that actually ran item for example you had Evo 2007 and 2008 was melee and brawl actually running the tournament with items and a bunch of stages that players are not really used so there’s actually some story as to people playing the game competitive with items and random stages and then as the meta game progressed through the years people eventually banned these things and now it’s very common and standard procedure to ban things that thread on the line of unpredictability because of love / RNG just anything that players cannot really predict where the game isn’t anymore about playing your opponent but it’s much more so about predictive mechanics that our luck based if that makes any sense it’s just pretty much unpredictability gets banned at large in the scene but the problem with this rules is that they’re not actually properly defined so much so that there’s not actually a rule that says that hero should be men most people feel that it should be banned because it’s pretty much what people do in this scene but there’s not an actual rule where things that are luck based or unpredictable to a certain degree or above a certain line should be banned so it is pretty much creating a mess in the community where people don’t really know what to do with it the following standard procedure wants people turned out that hero can pretty much spawn items effects of the items into the match and win because of it people don’t even care that he’s not the best character because they don’t want a character to add unpredictable and luck based factors I could swing a match so dramatically offer any other effect of any other characters because you have characters that have luck based factors for example Game & Watch can sometimes use the hammer sometimes it may insta kill you sometimes it may do nothing but hero has many multiple mechanics many multiple specials that add luck factor it isn’t just becoming big it’s also become an invincible it’s also becoming invisible it’s also the effect of the whole command menu being random and there’s also even the fact that sometimes when he does smash attacks on you sometimes he may create you like it’s an RPG game sometimes you may just do purple damage you know just because you landed that one time and it just happened to bless you people just don’t really resonate well with those kind of things in a comparative manner especially the spatula scene where there’s history abandon things that are luckily so that’s pretty much where the drama stands and where the situation is at right now but where do we go from here my personal take from someone that has been in the Smash Bros community for over 10 years at this point is that the Smash Bros community in general is always complaining about something the community tends to complain about anything that could potentially be annoying for example let’s say a stage could be annoying before anyone even tested it out people will already be complaining about it people already be dining in people will already be talking about how this day should not be played on and we characters people wanted to ban men and i”m brawl people wanted to ban the Sheik back in the day and melee because if cheek and early minigame and melee was very cheap and people didn’t know how to deal with it because the meta game wasn’t so progressed as it is know it is and people wanted to been she can melee not very many people know about it but it was a thing today I remember it because I’m an old school player and then for example in brawl you had another controversy and even in melee actually with this character Cole I slumbers because they have an infinite attack that they can grab you and then they can just kill you and it’s unescapable you can’t do anything about it people don’t like to watch it people don’t like to deal with him and it’s been a controversy on two games film two different scenarios where people wanted Bennett but the Smash Bros community is used to complain is used to talking about banning things probably the most recent case is Bayonetta where if the character arguably was ruining the meta game at some point and people were at various points in time just asking the question she would just get rid of this character because the game may be better without this character that’s just running or competitive team so the community isn’t new to talking about these kind of topics but it’s also known for complaining about things that really shouldn’t be complain about it’s not always the more Opie characters I get talked about it’s also about things that witches be annoying people for example don’t really like to watch Oliver he’s not the best character in the game he’s boring to watch and people absolutely hate him so much so that all my players that play in the scene get absolute tremendous levels of hate where these people just understand that if you play orlimar you were pretty much hated at any point in time and esteem there’s other characters that follow standard procedures like that where if you play these kind of characters people like you if you play these are the kind of characters people don’t like you so the scene does complain to a degree where you have room to argue that some of it it’s just people being whiny probably the most relevant scenario to tackle on two people just complaining because they want to be whiny or because they just don’t want to deal with things is for example hungry bugs and melee who is the best melee player in the world plays the caracal Jigglypuff this guy Takei is not the best in the game some people think that she could be the best in the game but generally she’s agreed upon to be a top three character in the game now this character is the centerpiece of controversy after controversy after controversy simply because people don’t like to see hunger bugs win with Jigglypuff she’s lame to watch he’s boring she stalls the game and she isn’t what rule mail it looks like whatever people feel true Millie is like there’s room to argue things like this but bottom line a big portion of the hate that hungry bugs get is because the character that he plays isn’t fun to watch and people don’t like to see it because he often does well so they often have to eat it anyway but this match community just complains for a lotta reason there is a pretty valid argument you could make that people just complain about heroes simply because they don’t want to deal with the lock element even though it may not be that big of a problem now despite so much controversy no character is actually officially been banned while technically men and I did get banned temporarily he eventually did come back in full force and despite him being probably the most controversial character in the entire franchise as a whole he wasn’t bent and a character that was that Opie that people at some point someone ran a statistic and something like 40% of competitive players were playing men and I only I mean I was admitted I play umbrella so I know so but even then the character wasn’t bad Bayonetta wasn’t bad and even characters like Herbie or Pikachu characters that people generally you know at a casual level people absolutely hate it Kirby and are more competitive level people do not like Pikachu who’s the best characteristics before even then those characters don’t get banned so even if the best consistent characters in these scenarios are not getting banned why will we been a character that’s not the best in the game it just makes no sense all as the character is actively breaking the game removing mechanics from the game or just outright ruining what we define competitive plain then it makes no sense to ban a cocky that just isn’t the best in my honest opinion this seems to me like a tremendous knee-jerk reaction to people just seen a kaki that can sometimes get lucky in fact just to give you the numbers someone ran the statistics you actually find the percentage where you can find hocus pocus in the menu where and Kimura pulls it out and apparently the percentage is only like about five or six percent of the time you’re even going to get the option of getting hocus pocus in the first place and then you can have like almost 30 different options from which all those a couple of them like three or four options are completely negative to you where you may just lose the game because you got those options a lot of them are completely useless unless you’re in a very specific scenario which you’re not going to be able to set it up because you don’t know when you’re gonna get help is focused so hard to get consistently and then you have to be in the right position for issues not gonna happen at all it’s gonna have to be very very lucky scenario for that to even happen and then on top of that you only have like three or four things that are like legitimately pretty Opie like let’s say you get a mushroom effect and you can just win or a startup that we’re an invisibility effect these are only like three or four options out of like almost 30 like I’m not exactly good at math but I will tell you that if you have a 5 to 6 percent to even used hocus pocus who get the chance to get something broken and then from that list you get the thing that is broken and then your opponent doesn’t hit you’re a counselor in any way then in my opinion my very humble opinion you got probably a very small chance I also think that if you are in a tournament setting and you are actively looking for hocus pocus plays you’re probably behind and you’re only doing it just so you can choose the game and probably not very many serious players that are actively trying to win and not trying to put themselves in a bad spot because this moves can just power I kill you for using them will even attempt to go for them so I don’t understand where the issue is coming from because nobody has won a tournament doing this at all is it even consistent enough like can you consistently get lucky enough to win with hero getting crits getting hocus pocus effects I haven’t seen it let’s see it like I personally think we should just wait and see if this character could come out and win tournaments and do something and see if it’s a problem because to me it looks like it’s almost impossible for someone to pull this off in a competitive setting without dying before I even happens because I’m pretty sure there’s more options there are than positive and the ones that are positive it’s only like three or four of them and then on top of that you have to even be in the peace of mind to even try for it in a tournament where you may just lose the entire set because you went for such a risky you could play in the first place bottom line to me this is just an extreme over-exaggeration of competitive players not very willing to adapt and realize that yes there is some love factor that other characters have for example game and watch with the hammer and pshh sometimes pulling a bomb these characters have luck to fix and while it may not be as great as a hero I still feel like it’s just people having a knee-jerk reaction because to me will be unbelievable if I can’t get gets banned within the first month at this point at the way people are complaining because I got attacked by a couple people because I said on Twitter that I don’t think this character should be man so people were very very angry passionately angry that I disagreed with the fact that he should be major Kabam right away so he already knows what people are very passionate about this argument I personally think it’s just people overreact because the chances of this actually being a problem is very low almost as low as the chance of him getting a mushroom and then killing you with it with that said guys this was the drama this was the scenario let me know in the comments down below what’s your take on this hero drama do you agree with it do you tease the girl with him did you like my argument did you like my take on it did you dislike any of it let me know in the comments below I appreciate your take as always in the comments make sure to subscribe and hit the bell if you guys want to keep up with my content even with all the videos that I do daily here are videos coming up you already know I’m trying to get as much content as I can this new character and obviously there’s always smash content some this variety content recently I did a fire inland video for example if you’re interested in check that out and with that state make sure to drop a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video and I’ll see you guys around the next one alright thanks for watching guys bye bye [Music]

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  1. Zero its not about hocus pocus its about the overpowered critical hits, the unpredictable side-b and the fast neutral-b that kills at early percents, and a bunch of the other options that kill at an early percent in Hero's down-b menu.

    I don't know why you exaggerated how the whole reason he should be banned is because of his hocus pocus.

  2. I don't think the luck factor necessarily has to necessarily bring in #1 results, it just has to create upsets. If a large enough amount of upsets start happening, I think there's definitely a case to be made.

  3. All paid DLC characters shouldn't be used in tournaments, simple ruling bam. Why give advantage to wallet warriors?

  4. Personally I find that the hero is a high risk, high reward character, and it is actually an interesting playstyle if you think about it. The command menu operates under a few rules, meaning you can tweak the odds of specific commands appearing, but that also comes with an added cost of reducing the amount of options the hero has available to him

  5. Hocus pocus and the random spells aren't an issue at all. The critical hits are a big issue. With game and watch, you have to actively attempt to use his metronome, while with hero you can play like you always would except sometimes you'll randomly prematurely kill your opponent due to pure random chance during normal play.

  6. You know a character should be banned when any justification for keeping him unbanned could be used to justify unbanning Items or any other form of rng that doesn't belong in a competitive environment

  7. Absolutely ban, this game is a game of skill, and this character has far too many luck based gimmicks that can decide the match.

  8. Hero has 2 main rng things

    Crits: which has simaler chances of happening than luigi misfire, and kills at simaler times only its more slow than misfire


    Down B: which is so reactable and most are easily shielded because you and your opponent can read the menu and you have the advantage over hero due to being able to move around and shield as you read which hero can't do

    So two main luck based mechanics on moves that you shouldn't even be hit by unless if your too predictable due to being to slow and clunky or just plain slow like most smash attacks which shouldn't be used unless your gonna get the kill anyway.

    Meanwhile other fighters have way more rng in certain characters that are perfectly fine in those community

    Guilty gear has a character that picks the moveset at random

    And UMVC3 can only get to become powerful if he is lucky

    So all in all, hero aint bad nither is rng

  9. If over 50% of people in a community think something should be banned in a setting that the community created it should be banned. People should rank up on some ladder to become eligible to vote. Vote, and all the tournaments from that point forward (tournaments made by the community) use that standard. Smogon does this with competitive ones pokemon and it is really effective imo.

  10. I know this has nothing to do with the video, but glad you grew out the mustache and stopped shaving it. Looks much better👍🏼

  11. The language barrier argument is the only one I can honestly say has any weight. Hero is the only character where everyone in a tournament needs to be able to read a specific language to fight as or against.

  12. People shouldn't ban The Hero, he's fun to watch at least. He has that random factor that can change 100% a boring match.

  13. I don't think any character should be banned, at its core, in the SSB series there is no need for competition and no need for casual play, it is meant to celebrate video games and their legacy, it's merely a celebration and nothing more there should be no argument on banning a character as all the characters in SSB are representation in a celebratory style


  15. In the "Keep Hero" side. As per mentioned, Hocus Pocus is ridiculously RNG. I have managed to cheese 1 fight as hero using hocus pocus. Otherwise i either poison, flower, or use a random spell that completely misses. RNG is definitely scary in competitive scene due to, you know, "lack of skill." What about Villagers turnips? Game and watch Judge? Peach's turnips (those are still rng right?). I won't deny that Hero is the most RNG fighter in the game. I will also agree the critical hit is kinda dumb since there's literally no drawback. land a smash attack at 40%. 1/8 chance of killing early. Then again, you also have Heroes "KaFrizz" which is basically capable of the same thing.

    I DO agree, however, to do something about "reading" command list. I'm not sure how many foreigners there are in competitive scene, but they would have a clear disadvantage due to being unable to read the command list on the same level as "home" players. A part of hero counterplay when it comes to his command list is, after all, reading the command list. If I see him have a Magic Burst, I ain't going anywhere near that nerd, or try to bait it out. There's 20 different spells to memorize. It's not gonna be easy. I can't imagine playing hero effectively if I had to fight in, say, Japan.

  16. I mean, anyone can use him, so if they think he's op, then use him ur self. If you don't want to, then don't complain

  17. 9:00 is the only thing i have against him every thing else perfect i just think it should be about 50-60 at the most instead of 70.

  18. I actually highly agree with you in your statement. I just think that people are just mad that the fact that he has rng based attacks when in reality half of those don’t ACTUALLY happen. It just goes to show the corrupted logic behind people who just wanna have a smash game without considering what others feel about smash as a communtive game.

  19. At times I think Hero should be banned. Nerfed FOR SURE!!! It's a competitive meta, which should be skill based. Now some luck factors do happen in any game. Even with G&W, his 9 ability has to be combo-ed into. Hero throws out something random in the blink of an eye, back to, back, to back with no set-up necessary. I can't count matches I have had stolen, because of this mechanic. It's unfair to the skilled played. Getting killed at 40-50% is dumb and it happens too often with Hero. If you think that his luck/randomness should be allowed, I think items should be too. He has too many unfair advantages. Now some people use the claim about him having negative affects as well, but I find they heavily outweighed. I have found in my use of the character that about 80% the affect benefits me. There is no risk for being risky and that's an issue. I say nerf him heavily or ban him from competitive play.

  20. When I played Brawl, I had no idea what smash was.
    But I randomly picked Meta-Knight and I immediately loved him.
    It took me like 5 years to find out that he actually was absolutely broken in Brawl.

  21. with hero his moves are very good and some are down right op however its his luck factor and mp meter that holds him back from being down right banned.

  22. I hope not because I don’t want to spend money I would be fine if I get something out of it but I spent money and I don’t want to spend money to have it to go to waste


  24. I mean 64 has only 12 characters, theres no point in banning them, besides almost every character gets played at tournament so…

  25. but zero, what about the fact that there is a language barrier with hero. The down-B text may not be able to be read by foreign players. For example in a doubles match, salem was using hero against zackray. Since zackray is Japanese he was unable to read the down-B menu that was in english

  26. Why is it so difficult to see the problem with Hero. Ppl just argue with competitive stats. Pro play is always completly diffrent than the Games played at home. Pro Player know better how to play against different Match ups and Situation but the "casual" Player at home doesnt. Hero is toxic to play against for the casuals. There must be changes in terms of Pro plays and casual plays, you cant just Focus on Pro plays. As long as everything is fine in turnaments everything is fine. This doesnt work. The majority of the smash community arent pro Player so their opinion must be respected aswell. Thats what im missing in this context

  27. Any Game: Has fun element of randomness


  28. I think people are more worried about the ack spells and kamikaze becuase what if a good hero top decks whack and thwack it may not be consistent but on the off chance someone takes 2 stocks becuase of it then the salt real be real with the only option being A have really campy games or B increase the amount of stocks from 3 to 4 or something

  29. Smash is supposed to be partially luck-based, and banning an entire character because they MIGHT get lucky and MIGHT have an easy win is just stupid.

  30. When you Nerf a mechanically broken character (bayonetta) but you add a RNG and luck Broken character. Smh man.
    I am just going to boot up Tekken from now on.

  31. For the language barrier problem in hero doubles, I say what they do in the player profiles is add a language selection for that specific profile that the player prefers to play. That would fix the whole problem.

  32. I'm glad there's drama in a "competitive" party game. heh this is why I don't like competition because the very people trolling and making fun of others and being cheap in online are the very people raging like fucking pathetic lunatics. Cry me a damn river and get back to living life.

  33. Me: lands multiple precise hits to kill hero as ridley
    Hero: Oh look a thwack instakill with no end lag or startup

    zero forgot to mention that only two of heros random effects can MAYBE get him killed while he has 4 moves that execute at 22%, one of which isnt even random chance

  34. I honestly think that nintendo should create a hero alt which removes all rng from the character. So instead they ban the original hero, while people who do enjoy playing him can play the non rng alt.

  35. I HATE THE HERO HE IS BROKEN AND SHOULD GET SOME HUGE NERFS OR GET BAN FROM TOURNAMENTS END OF STORY! Not sorry to all those hero mains. You try being a Solo Charizard main with this broken of a character walking around local tournaments. It’s cloud & boyanetta from smash 4 all over again.

  36. Dude, it’s not about the randomness of his down B… he’s OP because any of his regular attacks do moderate damage, and his other B attacks will kill you at as early as 40% and if they DON’T, they can do 40% damage. The random down-B’s are supplemental, he’s the most OP character by far. It shouldn’t take three lucky strikes to kill an opponent. Fuck Hero.

  37. The issue I have with hero is the chance for the user to get extremely high percentages of damage and you get destroyed

  38. the only probleme i got with the hero is that the first time i play vs him as a main game and watch i don't know what i can and what i can't bucket so i was a bit confused but i ask the question on a mr game and watch chanel on discord and now i don't have more probleme with the hero then all the other character and for all this drama i fells like the smash bross comunity over react on new character more like the league of legends comunity react when a new champion/rework come out and complain about useless things and learn the new champion/rework and stop complaining about him after 1 month

  39. I'm new to Smash Ultimate. As in this is like…. Day 3. Lemme say.

    I have no idea how to fight him. Anyone else I have fun, but Hero just destroys me.

  40. Lol but smash is all about cheap characters. To me it's the only thing exciting about watching smash tourneys. Seeing who can out cheap who.

  41. I was fighting this dude online. I was playing as sheik and he was playing Hero…..dude, the guy took me out with literally two hits, down air followed with side smash that made a "critical" hit and boom! Two hits, I lost a stock.

    That's just stupid the luck factor is too much.

  42. What is that??, That The Hero is Banned for rules of Tournaments for that nobody to say noob or fagot, Lol, it's very toxic of this community

  43. 1 hit K.O is not fair. Hero should be banned from ultimate all together. I've been from 0% – K.O from one attack from hero. How is this fun? This is my first ever complaint on smash ultimate. I just shut off my console & walked away. Open the Good book of God, read the book of Mark, and forgot about Smash for a while. I'm staying Offline until a patch comes around. 🙂

  44. Only Character who's Several Moves has Crit chance meanwhile Game and Watch has One

    Even with the Mp Hero's Selection of Items that the Only this Character has with Broken Gimmicks, Sure Banana Peels, Bombs, Turnips and Saw blade can be count as an Item but they are as a Throw Items

  45. I don't get what's wrong with the hero. He isn't OP or something. No one cries about Joker, who deserves the term "OP" much more.

  46. So, to sum it up. There are mental sick people within the SMB community just like every other communities. Instead of kick out the mental sick people, the community instead accept the toxic people as one of them and the toxicity continues in an endless circle. Disrespecting Sakurai, all the other people working on SMB and all the people who just want to play the game and have fun(as for a bonus, the whole humanity).

  47. Yesterday we announced our fourth title check out our new game its called "Carrumble" i like to describe it as Rocket League meets Smash Bros… would love to know what you think

  48. honestly, i don't think he needs to be banned. sure he is random, but that just means that nobody can be 100% good with him. you can optimize your play, but if you get unlucky, you aren't going to win. he may be op if he gets the right effects, but he is equally likely to get bad effects or bad skill draw.

  49. I can see why people are annoyed with olimar. But there is a difference with olimar and hero, olimar is hated because of his play style. But hero is hated because of his move that can literally turn a game around which is fun in a normal game, but not in a competitive game.

    For this i have a solution have a game mode where things like heroes hocus pocus is different. Like maybe he could become big or become metal and that was it.

    Sorry for my comment essay. Bye

  50. My problem with your video is that you focused a little bit too much on Hocus Pocus as the problem and didn't give much attention to random crits, stacking Psych Up and Oomph to make your moves unblockable, and the fact that he can kill at a very unreasonably low percentage for his weight class with his fireball and his lightning strike, which can charge rather quickly.

    Overall his kit is very anti-competitive, and the random critical hit factor applies to all his smash attacks and is a mechanic exclusive to him. You can't predict or outplay Hero in the same way you can work around Peach's turnip or G&W's Judgement move, which doesn't feel like a fair comparison. It can easily be argued that the reason Hero should be banned is for the same reasons items are banned and illegal stages are present in competitive play.

  51. The call to ban is a bit over dramatic…

    But boi!!! When they patch the next installment I’ll be quite surprised if he isn’t nerffed quite a bit. I can live with the hocus pocus, I can live with the charged up neutral bs, and the charged up side bs. Hell I’ll even overcome a bit of a deficit with a magic Burst since it depletes a whole mana bar. But going 0-70 with crits on top of the laundry list of moves like oomph is too much. Either drop the crits and lower the amount of launch power. Or keep the crits and drop an ability or two like magic burst and thwack.

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