100 Replies to “The Long Good-bye | 이토록 오랜 이별 [2018 KBS Drama Special/ENG/2018.11.23]”

  1. Synopsis

    – This drama is a realistic depiction of the love and separation of long time lovers. A novelist who is suffering from a prolonged writer's block following the publication of his first novel has subsequently lost confidence in his work and love life.

  2. Thought they'll still end up together but it doesn't seem like they are. Their seperation gave the male lead to start writing again and after a year the girl found out that the guy has finally written a book again and it made her tear up a little bit while remeniscing the times they spent after being together for eight years.

  3. I feel very bad for the girl… He sould have just finish the book when they were together… She had given everything to him… But the guy finish it only after they parted…

  4. Not a good plot….the lady still support her man in his tough times but he realised after losing her …..the ending states that he missed her presence after their breakup….but still it's too boring to watch

  5. It's a painful moments.. loving but actually you're at the middle of ending. But at the very end at least they used to be a couple who love each other. It's just part of beautiful moment of life that make you more stronger. Like there a quote "Loving doesn't mean be together".

  6. It's not a bad ending – it's not even an unhappy ending! They weren't happy together, this was the only way they could each pursue a path that was best for them.

  7. This us a drama or movie?? So sad..they have ep 2??
    Have u guys watching ugly alert and oh my ghpst? Lim juhwan is a good actor!!!every his scene im crying..i hope that he will get famous like lee dongwook park seojon…for real his acting is better!!

  8. 🙋🏻‍♀️. From. 🇺🇸. I am not watching since I know the ending is a sad one. At my age I live for romance and happy endings so I can feel good not sad 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. I READ THE COMMENTS FIRST. When it turns that many don't like it or happened to be a bad or sad ending, sorry.. I turn and.. run away, :D. Love romantic drama though.. 🙂

  10. But how could he just let her go! he should’ve realized how mean he was towards her. She skipped his faults everytime untill she had enough so this time he should’ve apologized to her and they must be together again. It’s 8 years bro 💔.

  11. The plot was obvious from the start, it was obvious where it were heading, the title even spoils it, even before you watch it, you know what you're going to watch.

  12. Its depressing to put in all that effort and it to be for nothing, 나 혼자 죽을 거야 이 가슴 아픈 일은 내가 원하는 게 아니야💔😭😭😭

  13. As a writer myself, I can totally say that writers block is the most annoying thing ever. Sometimes you can just be able to write like crazy when you're going through something, a inspiration or something a feeling that is new.

  14. For 8 years he strung her along with no intention of marrying her so he ends up losing her and he cries when she leaves finally. He brought it on himself .
     He is an ass for the way he treated her . She is a good woman who deserved better.

  15. Help me. I don't understand the whole story. Why did they separate? What was the guy thinking all the time? Why does he think that the girl wasn't giving him love after she defended him over to her boss?

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