The Loop | Satire on College Academic Life | Mime Club, BITS Pilani

“Doesn’t look like anything to me” “Doesn’t look like anything to me” Because you don’t study! Why don’t you come to my class?
Tell me, why! Don’t you want to get placed? Why are you up so late? -Don’t you have a class tomorrow?
-I don’t know! (clock tower bell ringing) (foots marching in unison) Oye, listen, listen, listen… [Amey] Did you just come back
from the guest lecture? We’ll talk after seven. Ankur! So I’m booking tomorrow’s tickets, yeah? To Kasol? Man, they’ve shoved in this
compulsory guest lecture! So this is what it’s come to?
We’re gonna cancel trips just for lectures? C’mon, let’s not miss it…
There are marks for attendance too! We’ll leave tomorrow evening instead. Hmm. Alright. Let’s go to the mess. You attended that class?! Yeah…?
Everybody goes to class. Yeah. Right.
You of all people especially. Lite. Anyway, did you book the Kasol tickets? The trip’s happening, isn’t it? Tell me! Arey, tell me! Doesn’t seem like anything to me. “Can anybody hear me?” “Or am I talking to myself?” “My mind is running empty” “in this search for someone else” “Does it look right through me?” “It’s all just static in my head” “Can anybody tell me why…” “I’m lonely like a satellite” ” ’cause tonight I’m feeling
like an astronaut” “sending SOS from this tiny box” “And I lost all signal
when I lifted off” “Now I’m stuck out here,
and the world forgot” “Can I please…” “come down?
(come down?)” ” ’cause I’m tired of drifting
round and round (and round)” “Can I please come down?” Ey host! What happened?
Fell off the loop? Who is it? Why are you staring?
Your system’s crashed? Wha-? Huh? Since when did these hosts start
staying up so late? Oye! Oye! What? What do you want?
Wha-? He hasn’t even showered… Oye! D’you know about any clubs? Uh… Yeah? Music Club, Dance… Wait, who even are you?! Oye! You’re not a host? The hell is a host? I’m not the best person
to tell you that… [Harshit] I doubt if Shreya even
remembers this trip… -They’ve all become host to this robotic…
– (clock tower bells) -…academic system. [Mansi] They wake up at the same time,
Eat at the same time In fact, even socialise at the same exact time The Clock tower’s bell dictates their life now I’m so happy that I found another
normal person. But how did you know
that I’m normal? Because you knew about the cultural clubs here. We’ve noticed that
whenever you ask a host about non- academic stuff, they respond by saying “it doesn’t seem like anything to me” Ohh yeah Well then… can we take help
from some… proffs? Yeah… about that… [Proff] This is said to be
the concept of ‘Immune System’ Whenever the system detects
a foreign body it immediately releases… …antibodies. -The antobodies…
-[Harshit] They have changed too. They come to class,
teach whatever is written in their textbook and, and when you
ask them a doubt… Sir! Why is the immune system
called adaptive? Please consult Textbook 2,
page 42, line 7. Sir! What is the latest research
being done on this subject? I don’t understand your doubt. Sir! Why is Daenarys Targaryen
immune to fire? Good question! I think you should
research on it yourself Sir! Where was the battle
of Panipat fought? I don’t understand your doubt. Sir, have you watched that movie…
Rang de Basanti? I don’t understand your doubt. It has that one step… -“masti ki paathshala”
-I think you should research it yourself I don’t understand your doubt. “10th class left me hoping” “12th class, I was almost dropping” “1st year, all my dreams got broken” “Now I’m searching for life,
searching for life” “Codes all night in 2nd year” “Management and Finance course
in 3rd year” “Guess I won’t be getting placed
in 4th year” “I’ll be searching for life,
rest of my life” Hey look!
I’m a bad host This lecture doesn’t seem
like anything to me. Amey!
Where were you last Saturday? I was sleeping… -And you, Mansi?
-I was back at home… “This is to inform all students and
professors that a…” “…compulsory guest lecture is being
organised in room 6070-F” “Strict disciplinary actions will be taken
against defaulters.” Do you get it now?
… Never mind! Everything will be normal by tomorrow! Harshit?! (phone vibrates) -Hello? -Hain? -Kya? Shreya’s ghost? -Hello? -Hello, Harshit? Arey, just tell me! What were you
saying on the phone last night? I never called you. -And where had you run off yesterday?
-Yeah, Milkhe! Milkhe?? Yes… ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’! The one we watched in the lecture
the other day?! Doesn’t seem like anything to me. Shall we go? It’s getting late. I don’t want to. Eshan, Pinky, Ankur… …and now Harshit.
I’m surrounded by people I know Yet, I’ll feel alone. “It’s a dark… and shiny… place” “But with you, my dear…” “I’m safe” “And we’re…
a million miles away…” “We’re lying on… the moon” “It’s a perfect afternoon” “Your shadow follows me…
all day (day)” “making sure…
that I’m okay” “and we’re a million miles away” By the way, where’d you forget
your bag? Right about here… just ahead. Wait, this room?
Yeah, yeah -But isn’t this the… guest lecture…?
-Just come in! Just come in! Just come in! -Just come in…
-Shreya’s ghost! She’s a ghost! She’s a host! Come on in!
Come on in! Come on in!
Come on in! Get in! GET IN! “This is said to be the
concept of immune system.” “Whenever the system detects
a foreign body…” “…it immediately releases anti-bodies.” “The anti-body then interacts with the virus” “The system then proceeds to trap it” “with the objective of neutralizing the whole virus.” “Clock tower’s bell dictates their life now.” Three years ago… I entered as a name. A kid… with dreams and ideas and passion. But somewhere between those
dreams and deadlines, that kid…
he got left behind. It kills me to think… that I’ll be leaving
as an ID number… just another statistic…
in their placement records. But we’ll be placed… And once we’re placed… we’ll be free to do
whatever we want… Right? Good evening, sir. So, Mr Amey… Looking at your research interests,
can you tell me… why the immune system
is called adaptive? Sir, assuming that the virus
survives an initial anti-body attack the system will adapt and produce
better anti-bodies to neutralise the whole virus. -Hence…
-Good! So…
Time for the big question! What are your future expectations
from this job? Doesn’t seem like anything to me. Hmm… Congratulations! You have successfully
completed the transformation. Welcome to… …the rest of your life.. Special Appearance

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  1. "Beta, 10th tak padh lo, fir toh aish hi hai!"
    "Kids, 11th-12th are the most important years of your life!"
    "Bas college ke ye chaar saal, uske baad toh life ke mazey!"

    You've heard it all, and you've believed in it too… Maybe it's time for some cynicism…
    Mime Club, BITS Pilani presents a satire on the demanding nature of academic life…

  2. Felt like I am listening to the "Pigeon story" by a bunch of pigeons. If said something offensive then sorry 🙂🙂🙂.

  3. Great movie and concept…but isn't it ironic that you got the ideas, time and opportunity to make this movie in that cllg itself for which you have generalized so many things… Just wanna make sure are you generalising specifically BITS Pilani in this movie or it stands for every college?

  4. The huge amount of work you guys have put into this is evident! Great job guys! And the song is brilliant. 😃

  5. Bits is a better place in this case ,you guys have choice in terms of attending classes ,I mean look at IITs.

  6. I am planning for bits pilani. Not as a second choice after iit but as my first choice because of the level of interaction, academics & courses.

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