The Mechanical Suite (2001) Russian black comedy with English subtitles

KINOFORUM 2000 presents a film by
Sviatoslav KURASHOV
Vladimir VOLKOV
Leonid FYODOROV Screenplay by
Gennady OSTROVSKY Camera Sergey MACHILSKY R.G.C. Directed by
Dmitry MESKHIEV Markeranz! Do you remember Kolya
from the patent department? The cultured guy. The one who wrote poems for
the women on the 8th of March. So? He died. Last Saturday. Sorry. He went to spend the weekend
at Lykovo near Saint-Petersburg. Died in the street.
Cardiac arrest. Got a smoke? I do not smoke. So the poet’s soul did not bear… So it didn’t. We want you to go there
and bring him back. He hasn’t got a family. No, Borisych…
I can’t do it. You know… This may cause ulcer perforation
at any moment. Aren’t you aware of that? Go tell it to the boss. And that guy’s going with you.
Whatsisname… Mityagin! He was a forwarding agent first.
Now he’s a marketing manager. He’s said to be a clever fellow. Borisych! I’m afraid of the dead. Don’t you be!
You’re setting off tomorrow. Drink? No. Why?
Afraid of your mother-in-law? Ulcer. And to Kolya? No. All right.
I never make a second offer. Why did that nut go to Lykovo? Who lives there? What’s there to do at all? I suppose…
Only trash live there. How do they live
there at all? What have they seen
in their lives? And here we are, going
in a clean carriage… We gotta thank our lucky stars
that we aren’t them… And will never be them. To our lucky stars? No. It’s a shame. You can’t play games
with luck. Love, what’s the fuss about? Thieves.
Lots of thefts. Give me your travelling allowance. I’ll keep it safe. Just a moment. Shut the door at once! Pour some for me. – That’s another matter!
– A few drops only. I got it. To our country. All right.
To our country. Well? Yes. But you’re no ordinary man,
Markeranz. I do remember that you were
a deputy master mechanic. No.
Enough is enough. The responsibility’s mine. Where are you going? I… I’ve left my scarf there. My wife’s present. I have it. In my pocket. We need to order
a coffin for Kolya. All right. – Where are you going to?
– The morgue. It opens at 8 am. – What time is it now?
– 6 am. It’s OK. We can walk. – Vladimir.
– Oh? I have a flask…
Of stainless steel. It doesn’t get oxidized. Let’s find a place to sit down. LYKOVO PUBLIC LIBRARY
OPEN 12-18 Miss! We’re just passing through… – May I have a word with you?
– What is it? Our friend, a poet,
has died here. We’re here to take him. His body. May we wait for him… …here, at your place? Until we get on the bus? But please be careful. There are books all around. “Farewell, my friends…” Who said that in
his dying hour? To whom? Pushkin did. To his books. My brain is mush. I haven’t slept all night. I’m Lyuba. Was your friend a famous poet? Markeranz,
what do you think? I’m not sure. Lyuba… We’d like you to drink
with us a little. To our friend Nikolay. Sorry, I can’t. I have to finish the work
before opening. And besides… Drinking at the library is prohibited. I’m not sure. Then we won’t drink either. Oh, go ahead, why not. Why, what’s the point? All right. But please,
just a little. As you wish! To Nikolay. To his imperishable memory. To the aforementioned. I guess you have many visitors? On the countrary,
very few. People don’t read books nowadays. Even “Three Comrades”
by Remarque… they don’t want to read. Another one? Then we could move to the hotel
at the station. How are we supposed to attract
readers to the library? How? And if he’s a man? A railwayman. Here.
Take a look. He’s a driver. Of freight trains. How can I get him to read
“Anna Karenina”? How do I explain to him
that it’s crucial for him? That he can’t do without it? Tell me, I want to know
whatyouthink. I’ve nothing to add to this. If only he cared for anything! He only cares for women. Shall we dance? Mityagin… Don’t offer her more vodka. – She seems to be a binge drinker.
– I love him. For many years now. I don’t know how
I am to live on. Absolutely. Now tell me. How am I to live on? Lyuba! You need to escape! A moment. Escape. Or you’ll feel unhappy
all your life. – I know it.
– I’ve got no money. Lyuba. Start a new life. As if nothing ever happened. Start it all anew. You need to go away and… I can’t even afford a ticket… Markeranz, may I have
a word with you? Shall we go out? Zhenya… We can’t leave Lyuba alone
in a condition like that. All right? I see. Take a walk for 10 minutes.
I’ll call you. Listen. Don’t touch her. She’s a good and pure girl. We’d better go to the morgue. But boys…
Come on. A moment. Lyuba… – Mityagin…
– Eh? – My wife’s been unfaithful.
– When? A year ago. Where’s Lyuba? Gone. What did you do
to your wife? Nothing. I love her. I don’t get it. You know him? I do. A guy from her office. Does she know that you know? She does. So what? Nothing. She cried a little. Apologized. I drove her out. Started drinking and
found myself in a hospital. She came back. You’ve no respect for yourself,
Markeranz. I’d kill her. Where’s Lyuba? [SINGING]
Give me the moonstone… The talisman of my love… Markeranz!
Wake up! Where’s the money? What money? The travel allowance. You took mine from me. We’ve drunk it away? There was a whole lot. For Kolya’s coffin…
And transportation. Get it? I do. You got her brain muddled… It’s her!
She nicked it. Impossible. I’m positive! She got our brains muddled
with Dostoyevsky and nicked it. I don’t understand. I can’t believe
she’s capable of that. She did it when I was sleeping. You were sleeping?
You were shaving! Was I? – You were.
– At night? You said you wanted to
look good. Where were you then? – Me?
– Yeah, you. I…
Wait a minute. “Lyuba.
Take this…” “…to start a new life.” Vladimir… I… It was me who gave her the money. What for? To buy a ticket. What ticket? To start a new life. Well-well… Get up!
Pack your things! We still can overtake her.
Boozer! Well? She’s gone? She’s gone. She didn’t say when she’d
come back, did she? Vladimir,
the fault is all mine. No, Markeranz. It’s not about your fault. It’s about your being
deep in shit. You won’t bring Kolya back. You’ll get booted out. And you won’t go back
home to Moscow. Coz you haven’t got
any money. So what? What? Any suggestions? – From me?
– Yeah, from you. No. All right then. Here’s the plan. I have 365 roubles.
My rainy-day fund. To secure me from
the likes of you. It’s just enough to buy
3 tickets to Moscow. – Got it?
– Got it. Who’s the third one? – Kolya!
– Oh. I see. Do you have the accompanying
papers? – Of course.
– Speak louder. He’s hard of hearing. Who? OF COURSE! But where… Where’s the invoice… for registration and sending? LISTEN, MATE! It’s that the current situation
is shitty. What? I say the situation is shitty. It’s shitty for everyone here,
in case you didn’t notice that. If you come to Moscow I could
fix you tickets to any theatre. – What did he say?
– Tickets to any theatre in Moscow. How about a circus? Give me the scarf! – Give me your watch.
– Why? He doesn’t like mine. MORGUE
Entrance Markeranz! What the fuck?
Help me now! Let’s go and try
to hitch a ride. I’m not going. Markeranz. Didn’t you promise me? The trick now is to get him
to the train. Let’s make a call to
the factory. Let’s be honest and
confess to it. Markeranz, I’ve got
no time for a debate! Help me, take Kolya!
Or else… Everyone will know
your wife cheats on you. That you’re a cuckolded oaf! I shall myself tell everyone,
now take Kolya! It’s all my fault. Of course, yours.
It can’t be his. What is it?
Keep carrying! – He’s cold!
– And what did you expect? It’s because of you
we have to carry him. Where are you carrying him to? Number 5, it’s our carriage number. Him I’m not letting in. Here are our tickets. – I say him I’m not letting in.
– Miss, we’re on a business trip. Drunkards! I hope he won’t make a row
when he wakes up? – He won’t.
– Nikolay! And I don’t wanna see him
roaming about. – We warrant that.
– Seats 6 and 7. Put your stuff here. Hold him. OK, lift him up.
Careful. Up, up, up. What are you thrusting at? That seems all. I hope there won’t be
any companions. Shall we go back
to the compartment? I’m not going. You’re scum. Who made all this? Who got this started? Have you forgotten?
Boozer! Now listen. Mityagin always
gets the job done! Remember this. If he’s entrusted
with something… He always goes through. Whatever it may cost him. The people are aware of that. And they respect him for that. And I hold it dear. Because I’m no trash
like someone… …who can’t even fuck
his wife properly. Got it? Water, beer,
cigarettes, Pepsi!.. – Thanks.
– We don’t need anything. Please have the fare
money ready!.. OK, I was wrong. I didn’t mean it. It was a bad choice of words. It wasn’t the point
I wanted to make. OK, I offer you my
sincere… kind of apologies… Well… Don’t take it personally. Hi. There’s a station ahead. We could go out and have
some beer. – How much’s the beer, love?
– 10. – How ’bout selling on tick?
– Wut? – I say on tick.
– Fat chance. If I ‘give it’ to everyone,
Money then I will have none! Hey, wanna buy some cut-glass ware?
Local production. Stick it up your ass,
you scum. You’ve cleaned all of the
country out. Get lost! What’s up, guys? Mister, are you
all right? Sir, please get up! Excuse me,
I didn’t mean it. I’m really sorry. It’s all my fault. Sir, are you… How comes it?… God… God, god, god… – What was that?
– Hell if I know! I’m putting on brakes! Problem? – What?
– Can’t get it closed? Is it your compartment? Why don’t you stay inside?
Stop going to and fro. There are crooks hanging
around here, all right? – What is it?
– All clear. – Sorry.
– Never mind. Eduard. But where’s…
Kolya? What Kolya? Our friend.
He was resting here. He’s gone for a smoke. Where to? To the carriage platform, I guess. Mitrichevo station ahead.
Waiting time is two minutes. Stay seated. OK, Eduard. Where’s Kolya? Come clean. You’ve killed Kolya. I have. Have you… …thrown him out? I have. Well,… Did you like the beer? Hi, guys. – Good evening.
– Well done, Vitya. Your actions were accurate and correct. All according to the instructions. So don’t blame yourself
for anything. Why should I? When he appeared
out of clear blue sky. Why should I be upset? Pluganovsky, why on Earth
have you come? – I’ve brought the tube.
– What tube? To blow into it. For the driver.
To blow into it. – Just in case.
– What d’you mean “just in case”? Did you catch the train thief? Not yet. What d’you mean “not yet”? Why on Earth have you come?
To trifle away fuel? Deliver the corpse to the morgue. Fingerprint it. No ID was found on it. Shall I measure the braking distance? What’s that you’re mumbling?
I can’t hear you. – What? Measure what?
– No, nothing. Nothing. Comrade Major! I’m no… I’m no corpse transporter! And I won’t allow you,
Lebedev, even though you’re a major,
to send me delivering corpses. Lebedev!
You’re a major! But if you think you can send me,
a qualified investigator, to deliver corpses… Lebedev, remember this
once and for all! You’re a dick, Lebedev! I think we’ve already handed
him out today. Exactly, we have! We’ve traded him for a watch. How absurd! Precisely.
But he’s back again. Don’t think about it. Don’t get stuck. I don’t like it. Why all this roaming to and fro? The cops said he’d jumped
in front of the train. All right.
It’s none of our business. But what are we
to do with him? Let’s bury him as an unknown. Vitya, don’t be upset. Why should I be upset? Vitya, why don’t you
have a rest, then we have another go? Why should I have a rest? You’re leaving? How about some tea?
With viagra. What’s viagra got
to do with this? Watch your mouth. Idiot. No luck, Tatiana? Yep. Couldn’t get a boner. Didn’t I tell you? But why? The first tomcat in town! Such a heartthrob! I can’t believe it. Vitya, darling, hi! Will you come in? – At the moment I can’t.
– Tea? Natasha, I’ve brought
you gingerbreads. – A bottle of water and two rolls.
– The rolls are day-old. Leave me alone, moron! Easy.
It’s only me. FOOD SHOP Comrade investigator!
Please, wait. Good morning. My friend went missing.
A long time ago. Can you help? – Ma’am, I kicked off at 6 a.m.
– He sent me a telegram he’d come. But he never came. I’ve no idea where
to look for him. In the morgue. “We are delayed due to circumstances”. It’s 6 words and 45 roubles. Here you are.
Keep the change. Wait for me, will you? I’ll be provided with
contact soon. Well… How much did he say it cost? 50 thousand bucks. That shit? He’s lying. The parts are gold. Made for the space industry. Look, Mityagin. We shouldn’t blackmail Edik. We should tell him
he didn’t kill Kolya. It’s no good. He’s suffering. And who threw Kolya out
of the window? Was it me? Besides he doesn’t remember where. “He’s suffering”. Hallo, Yuri Nikolayevich?
This is Eduard speaking. I’m sorry,
I won’t come on time. Just as the train departed
I fell behind it. By chance. No, I have it with me.
Don’t worry. I’ll call you back later. Look who’s coming! Are you on duty? Hi. Been looking for you everywhere. It’s an urgent matter. “VENEREOLOGIC CLINIC”.
In this regard,
it’s always urgent. – I’m in trouble.
– Are you? Let’s have a look
at your “trouble”. Honey, I need your expertise. But you know it’s confidential. All right? There’s a guy. Name’s Victor. He wants to see you. [whispering]
She’s a highest class stripper! A sheer sorceress! No. She’s just come back from Italy
to see her mother. She can raise the dead. Very well.
On our way. How’s the patient? Will he get better? It’s a lost cause. [speaks Italian] Excuse me? Too late,.. Holy Father. …three families. A teacher’s,
a railwayman’s, and a serviceman’s. So their wives agreed to say ‘Hello’
in the morning as many times, as they’d had sex with their husbands. The teacher’s wife
comes and says ‘Hello’. The serviceman’s wife comes
and says: ‘Hello-hello.’ And the railwayman’s wife comes
and says ‘Hello-hello.’ ‘Big hello. And in the morning
two more hellos.’ You got it? I think we were here before. There was no forest there. I’ll get killed because of this gold. Why did I agree to be the transporter? Why?
Why did I agree? Why did I say yes
to Yuri Nikolayevich? And did you happen to ask
Yuri Nikolayevich… …why you had thrown a man
out of the train, huh? You forgot to ask him. I was in an effective state. It’s affective. It’s true.
I was beside myself. I have no clue why
that happened. It was a human being
you killed. A HUMAN BEING! What do you think?
You killed a friend of ours! Am I right? You’d better think of
your immortal soul. What if he’s still alive? Crawling somewhere
all covered with blood! Calling out for help. And you scum can’t even recall
where you threw him out. – Get to recall it, bastard!
– Stop it! But what if he’s still alive? What if I was wrong? I mean I’d never seen
dead men close up. But I’m not a doctor, am I? I’m not a doctor. Someone may have found him
and he’s being taken care of. He’s alive! Isn’t he? Why all that harping
‘alive’, ‘alive, ‘alive’? All right, he’s alive!
Now find him! Right? Hey! Watch where you step!!! Go away!
Go away! Hey, are you nuts? There was nothing there!
What’s happened? I was just seeing something,
all right?! Just seeing things! Look, mate. Could you take it over? I’m a bit tired. Fuck, where’s dad?
Where’s dad? Fuck, where’s dad?
Where’s dad? Shut up. Tell the investigator
where your dad is! Excuse me, who’s he busy
with for so long? A drunk woman. – Where were you headed to?
– A new life. And that crook…
Cut my ribbon. I tied the money in
with a ribbon, you see. Listen, you! Screw the ribbon. Go home. Sleep it off. I’ll never return
to normal life. It’s an end-all. So you insist… …on opening an investigation. I do. I must return the money. All right. What do you want? – It’s a private matter.
– Fuck, where’s dad? Lebedev sent him here. OK. Let’s carry out the identification. – Librarian!
– What? – Do you remember the thief by sight?
– I do. Let’s see. Come in.
For a moment. OK. Now the librarian is going
to identify… …the person who stole her money
in the train. Is it him? Yes! It’s him. I’ve never seen her,
comrade investigator. I’m here on the matter
of the accident… Shut up! Is he the thief? No. He’s my love. My only one. Who… is the only one? – Victor.
– Fuck, where’s dad? All right…
I’ll come another time. Victor, don’t go.
Please, stay. – I can’t live without you.
– What do you mean ‘stay here’? Where’s dad?
Fuck, where’s dad? Say dad once more, and I’ll smash
you against the wall!!! Goodbye. Hey, step inside.
Where shall I take you? Come on! Step in,
I’ll give you a lift. No, I must be in the library. Hey. Oh, boy! Listen… I mean… What was that you
said about your love? I didn’t think we were
that close… But of course. You think you can only love
someone close to you? – You don’t even know me.
– Look… I’ve just stepped off a train. Oh god, how vicious I am! I wonder how low I might’ve sunk,
if the money hadn’t been stolen. – Shall we step inside?
– What for? What do you take me for? We could have a drink. If I start drinking,
I can’t stop. Some man told me that. – Come in.
– Thanks. Take a seat. Take your seat. Thanks. I’ve never thought that… …that you’ll invite me. Some day. How many women
were here before? Unless it’s a secret? Just curious… to get to know it. But I don’t approve of that
modern type of relationships. If it came to this then… Do you think that being modern means
walking topless all the time? I don’t think so. We could argue that… For example,
did you read…? Sorry – you didn’t. Easy. Calm down.
It’s OK. I’ll just fix this… – Look, your shirt’s all dirty,..
– I’m cold. …and sticky. Come. I’ll wrap you up in a blanket. You know, I read a book, about a man who found himself
in a cage with a lion,.. and he got so scared that out
of fear he fell asleep. And the lion didn’t eat him. Is passion a vice? I don’t know. Vitya,.. I’ve been loving you
since the third grade. Lyuba… Darling… Let me put you to bed. And cover you… I need to go out
on a matter. I’ll be back soon. “Lyuba.
I committed an official crime,
and became impotent.” “I am going to the police
to give myself in.” Write everything down. Describe how you drove. How you oversped. And because of that hit a man. Write. Nina Ivanovna, I’ve made a chap
make a confession Do you remember if the intentional
official crime with casualties… is article 51 or 52
of the Criminal Code? – Just look it up in the Code.
– I don’t have it. Pluganovsky,
I’m sick of you. I’ve given you three
of them already. Do you sell them? Vitya! Vitya! I don’t want anything from you! Anything likethat. Vitya, believe me,
it’s true! I’m totally against that! I only want you
to be with me. Do you hear me?
Vitya, my darling. There are so many other
wonderful things in life. We could read books, sing in the chorus… We could go hiking! Or skiing, I just want you
to be with me… What’s the matter, ma’am?
Come with me, please! – Lyuba!
– Vitya! Come with me, ma’am. – Lyuba!
– What? Vitya! My darling! – My dear…
– I’ve loved you all my life. I will love you
till my dying day. – May I go and ask him?
– Whom? What if he saw him and the villagers
took care of him? Excuse me, mister!
Don’t you be afraid! You’re a shepherd,
aren’t you? Be careful, Mityagin. Someone may end up
in the nuthouse. Don’t you teach me. I’m not going back
without Kolya. It’s a matter of honour for me,
got it? Why do you think they sent me? To test me. If I make it,
I’ll go far. If I don’t, then I’m
no better than you. Tell me, Markeranz. Why did you quit as the deputy
chief mechanic? No one leaves a post
like that by choice. I just want to see. Was it too much for you? So there. Mom. Put the kerchief on,
it’s windy. Why are you carrying
these boulders? Why do you work here at all? – These are nobody’s graves.
– So what? Someone should. Your dad, too… Lies somewhere in an unmarked grave. How can I be of help now? Back then I worked with
petty criminals. I could then. Now I work with suspects,
which is another matter. They’re murderers, rapists. It’s completely different. Lenya, sonny. – When will you get married?
– Mom! I’m on the point of
solving a major crime. Is he going to be
sent away again? Where to? WHERE TO? It’s just a thought. All right, go. I’ll stay here for a while. Lead the witnesses in! Pluganovsky, stop!
There are the big bosses there! May I come in, comrade Major? – Are you off your rocker, Pluganovsky?
– Comrade Major! Here I have evidence
on two crimes I’ve solved. One being on the official crime
of the train driver Afanassyev. The other… being on the train thefts committed
by the train thief Pomelkov aka Pomelo. Both crimes are linked by the fact
that the thief Pomelo was thrown out… of a moving train by
yet unknown victims. After which he was hit to death by
the train led by the driver Afanassiev, who oversped criminally. Pomelo’s body is in the morgue.
Afanassiev is at the detention centre. All the evidence can be found in
the investigative documents… …in the investigative documents. You need a drink. Vodka abates the stomachache well. I won’t drink with you. Look, Markeranz!
You stop it! We’ve gotta stick together as if
we’re the five fingers, as a fist! It was just about here! I recall the yellow building
and the transformer house. Girls, wait! It’s here.
I feel it. What do we do next? I’m sure it’s the place. What? I’m not with them. I’m not with them! Halt! Halt, bastards! I’m not with them!
I’m by myself! – Do you think they’ll get him?
– Of course. Is this fudge by the local
factory or from Moscow? – The local one.
– Pity. My mom likes Moscow sweets. Never mind. Please,
give me a chocolate bar. Which one? – This one.
– Do you remember… my asking you about
a friend of mine? – Still no luck?
– No. – What’s his name?
– Nikolay. I’ve called all the funeral homes. I’ve never thought that… …I’ll miss him that much. I can’t even sleep at night. You know what…
Olga. Come to my office
one of these days. My name’s Pluganovsky.
We’ll start searching. Who else is supposed to do it,
if not us? It’s our job. To help people. But don’t be long,
Olga, or I’m afraid… I may be promoted and transferred. All right.
Well done! Good job catching the thief! We have thouroughly studied
the investigative documents,.. and think you a hopeful
of our investigation department. Don’t mention it. Don’t be too modest. Thieves are the elite,
not some riff-raff. From now on the criminal community
will treat you with great respect. See what he did
three days ago. There’s only one thing
I want to know. How could he have stolen the wallet
from the librarian on the 3rd if he’d died
eight days ago? He supposedly died of cardiac arrest. A few days prior to the train hit
mentioned in the evidence. Where did you find him? Whom? That is whatwewant to find out,
you bastard! How could a deadman go stealing wallets in the train? Rise, I said! Whom are you trying to fool? Me? The prosecutors?
Your comrades, you asshole? You’ll get dismissed from the force
for discrediting! Bastard!
Rise, I said! Now report to me. Who is he?
Where did you find him? And how could a deadman
walk along the train? Silly people. They beat a man to a pulp and
didn’t look what’s inside his bag. Stop your whining. They’re going to kill me. They are.
You… You don’t know Damaskin brothers. They’re capable of anything. [SINGING]
Give me the moonstone…. From a king’s hidden treasure… Can you tell me what
this song’s about? Love. What kind of love is this, when she only extorts
presents from him? Those are not presents. It’s the moonstone. A token of love. Yeah. A token in return for cheating. Don’t worry. We’ll be back in Moscow soon. I’ll bring you all back. We’re going to Lykovo
in the morning. I think Kolya was sent
to the morgue again. Why “again”? A slip of the tongue. Eduard! Wait, Eduard! Give it back! Now you see what he’s like? First he threw Kolya out,
now he’s done this! You won’t get it back.
I’ll chuck it into the lake. Don’t…
Please. For my child’s sake. Edik. Don’t take it so hard. Here goes your suitcase.
And here goes your gold. Scum! That’s it. All right, Edik.
I lost my temper. Do you realize you drove
me mad by what you’d done? Just wait, Edik! We’ll find it! It can’t have disappeared. Hang in! I’ll have a little rest,.. then I’ll dive again. I’m done for. Markeranz, may I have a minute? – Why?
– I said just a minute. As for the search… Don’t dive anymore. – You want to try?
– You won’t find anything. – What do you mean?
– Whatever. It’s too deep. – But they’ll kill him.
– I’ve nothing to do with it. I’ve told you what I think. Mom, did you love Dad? I couldn’t help loving him. I still love him. How did you know it?
You felt it? Silly boy. Of course I did.
How else could I marry him? Well…
You never know. Get away with you. Did you have a feeling that… kindness was growing
inside of you? Like when a detainee requests
to call home at night… His pregnant wife is alarmed. Normally he gets beaten with clubs,
and I just go, ‘Call all you want’. Lyonya… Are you in love? Mom, how can I be? – Don’t say so!
– Lyonya. – You’re in love.
– Mom! Just… Stop it! Don’t. FOOD SHOP
POLICE Olga… Let me invite you to the theatre. Olga… Why don’t we take
a walk in the park? Better invite her to the cinema.
It’s dark there. If it won’t work,
I’ll smash your balls. Got it. Olga! Would you like me
to give you a lift home? I was just going your way. All right. Thanks for the flowers. You know, I’ve received
a telegram from Nikolay. I don’t know what to do. I’m beside myself with worry. Your hands. You’re beside yourself… with worry… While he might’ve got distracted… …by something while
on the way here. – Or just cut loose.
– No! Nikolay wasn’t like that.
He wouldn’t cut loose. He used to come in the morning,
sit on that bench and wait for me,.. all day long until
I return home. Or stare at my window when
I didn’t feel like seeing him. I knew he would sit here
day and night. Now I call him on the phone
but no one responds. And my life’s become empty. – Empty.
– Never mind, it happens. He’ll turn up. No.
He won’t. I know it. It’s all right.
I’m in no hurry. Lyonya… Where are you going? Mom, don’t ask me.
I… I’m going to marry. God. Save and protect. Well-well. Who are you? Who are YOU? Me? I’m criminal investigator Pluganovsky. Recognize me?
Want to see my ID? – Sorry then.
– Is the mistress home? She is. Snake!
That snake! I trusted her.
But she… I feel for you. Don’t take it so hard. I went through things
like that many times. You know… Olga, how about Nikolay? It’s not me I feel hurt for.
It’s him! What a snake you are! Why aren’t you answering? – I need to get dressed.
– WHAT? – I need to get dressed.
– Olga, we need to talk. You can’t do it to me, you snake, you can’t! Do you have an ID? – I have only underpants on…
– Do you have an ID, you bastard?! I speak here! Snake! Snake! Hey scum, let go of him! What are you doing?! What’s the matter? Tie up his hands! Well, Edik? Who sank the suitcase?
That one? Where’s the suitcase, you lanky? Guys, come on. Who would be so stupid
as to sink the gold? You’ll go and dive. If you don’t find it,
we’ll drown you. No one has ever escaped
from Damaskin brothers. Get it? Don’t be afraid. Go and dive yourselves.
Scum! Do you want to dive, lanky? I already did that. I can try again. – Let Edik start.
– Let them do it together. – They may swim away.
– I… … can’t swim. Edik. Who gave you the suitcase? Yuri Nikolayevich.
The chief of security. Where did he tell you
to deliver it to? Moscow. So where’s the suitcase? I… …found myself trapped… It’s all his fault.
He blackmailed me. He spent my money on vodka. You are quite a team! Him we’ll drown later. – Come.
– Where to? Mityagin.
Give them back the suitcase. Are you crazy? I don’t have it. You couldn’t have sunk it.
I know it. That’s not your way. Go to where it’s deep.
And dive. Keep going.
It’s not deep yet. Then at once it’ll get deep. I’m asking you as a friend. A friend? What kind of a friend are you? When you insult me like that. Look at you! No friends of mine are
cheated on by their wives. You bastard! I’m drowning! Help!!! He’s gonna drown!
You beasts! So let him.
He’s of no use anyway. All right. I forgive your talking
rubbish about my wife. You’ve never loved,
never suffered. Give them back the suitcase! I’ve never suffered? All my life I’ve been suffering
because of the likes of you. Why did you dive then? I wasn’t quite sure.
I had my doubts. And hoped it would
arouse your conscience. Help!
I’ll give my house to you! All right. Come here and have a rest. I think we’ll have finished
this by 3-ish p.m. Now get up! – Take the club and beat him.
– My hands are tied. – Beat him with the club.
– Ask him where the suitcase is! Take the club! Take the club I said!
Beat him! Take the club! Don’t hit him in the stomach.
He’s got ulcer. – Where did you hide the suitcase?
– I sank it. I swear, I lost my temper.
An unlucky turn of events! For the life of me… Take the club! All right, scum.
I’ll tell you where it is. Where? At the bottom of the lake! – The fucker’s bitten me!
– Let’s drown the bastard! Let me go! Hey, let him go! I’ll give you the suitcase. Hold on. Thanks. Keep in mind. We may kill you.
No kidding. I’ve no doubt. Here it is. There. Does it hurt? Shall we dress it tighter? Edik, you can’t laugh now. And eat either. I twice had my jaw broken. That’s no big deal. We should… …tell Edik about Kolya. Give him back his passport. – Mityagin!
– All right. You think it’ll make
us feel better? Edik… May I have a word? He’s unable to speak. All right, get in the car. Look, mate. Sometimes you may
think life sucks. Everything goes awry. And then poof! Something good turns up. Like having your suitcase back.
Right? Don’t be so upset about Kolya. It’s a long story… In a word… You didn’t kill Kolya. What did he tell you? I told him… I told him I’d lost my temper. He’s happy now. I’ve lost everything
because of you. I did have a good reputation. Now I’ve lost Kolya
and the job too. Why did you have to whine? If it hadn’t been for you,
I’d have never given them the suitcase. It would guarantee me
a comfortable living. Couldn’t you help whining? If you knew about the suitcase
from the start… Why didn’t you rat me out? I just want to understand
what your motivation was. Or you thought we could split it? [SINGING]
Give me the moonstone… All right. I’ll go get the tickets. Call the doctor! – Can you give me a ride to Moscow?
– All right, hop in. You know, there’s a kind
of people who bring ill luck. You gotta avoid them
like the plague, right? I guess. “He won’t be a friend of mine”. Do you think he knows
what a friend is? No one knows it.
It’s just a word. – Do you have a friend?
– I do. So what’s it like to be friends? We get along fine
and help each other, why? That’s what I mean.
“Help each other”. So you’re friends just
because of grey life? And what if you don’t need any help? Then you don’t need a friend either?
It’s just a word. Repeat it for a hundred times,
‘friend’,’friend’,’friend’… …and what’s left of it?
Nothing! Look… – Can you take me back?
– Have you lost your mind? I’ll give you my watch.
Take me back, please. Wow, you are a nut. You’re a nut yourself! Hey, Markeranz. But why? Don’t die!
How come? Yevgeniy,
stop it. Get yourself together. We still have to find Kolya. Kolya. The poet. From our factory.
Remember him? Zhenya… I beg you, don’t die. Do you remember the song? [SINGING]
Give me the moonstone… Sorry, I’ve no ear for music. Do you want the goddamn moonstone? The moonstone… Give me… Let’s sing it. Look at me, Zhenya. – Hello, Doctor.
– Hello. How is he? Who? The patient…
Markeranz. Yevgeniy. – Are you related?
– Me? I’m his brother. – Does he need anything?
– He doesn’t. The operation was very serious. Is he going to die? I don’t know. We’ll do our best. How come? Don’t worry.
He’ll live. He will. – Thanks, doctor.
– Never mind. That’s it, nameless one.. rest here… It’s a beautiful place,
isn’t it? The sun’s shining… These are some flowers for you. Here. In winter snow will cover you. It’ll be nice too. You look at me from
the other side… …and think,.. “There’s some woman
looking after me”,.. Don’t be surprised, son. My dear Pavel rests somewhere
out there, alone… Somebody, too, looks after him… Of course, son. We live in Russia, don’t we? Your soul… travels everywhere,.. the seven seas,.. but it comes back. Here. Back home. A fact from a newspaper article was used
during the creating of the film. But all the characters and circumstances are
fictional and possible coincidences are accidental. Starring:
Sergey GARMASH as Markeranz
Mikhail PORECHENKOV as Mityagin
Konstantin KHABENSKY as Eduard
Sergey MAKOVETSKY as Pluganovsky Andrey ZIBROV as Victor
Irina ROZANOVA as Olga
Yevgenia DOBROVOLSKAYA as Lyuba
Zinaida SHARKO as Pluganovsky’s mother
and others.

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