The PAUSE Challenge … | #Fun #Kids #Anaysa #MyMissAnand

As you all have been asked me to do a challenge so here I have come up with an awesome challenge and that is Pause challenge and today I am going to Water Park to enjoy a B’day Party so my Chachu can pause me anywhere so I am scared of it but or now I’ll Pause my Mumma & she is wrapping gift there and yeah hit LIKE to this video for all these we’re doing and how many Likes this time? 1,00,000 LIkes Mumma you can’t move only you can speak You too Pause so I am going to the Party and I’ll pause my Chachu where’s my remote so here we are in the water park & will have fun here oho where you all are going after Pausing me there is still nothing so scary & difficult happened so far in this pause challenge will see what happens later for now we’re going to have food so I have pause so many at the time of cutting of that B’day Cake now I am gonna to pause another friend of mine now I reached here in Office lets continue our pause challenge with my Remote I’ve taken this yummy Kulfi lets me taste it oho my ice cream start melting lets Un pause her otherwise her ice cream will get melted I’ve taken a lot of makeup and I am gonna to do his makeup now we’ll make her pause oh,, we forgot to UnPause my Shubham Chachu so how did you like our today’s challenge and I really enjoyed a lot doing it if you like my video you can tell me in comments in my youtube community or Instagram and those who are new to our channel pls do subscribe it target is 25,000 Subscribers

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