The School of Rock (7/10) Movie CLIP – Telling Off Schneebly (2003) HD

I would give you an “a,” But that’s the problem. Rock ain’t about
doing things perfect. Who can tell me
what it’s really about? Frankie? Uh… Scoring chicks? N-no. See. No. Eleni? Getting wasted. N… Come on. No. Leonard. Sticking it to the man? Yes! But you can’t
just say it, man. You got to feel it
in your blood and guts. If you want to rock,
you gotta break the rules. You gotta get mad at the man, And right now I’m the man. That’s right,I’mthe man, And who’s got
the guts to tellmeoff? Huh? Who’s going to tell me off? Shut the hell up, schneebly! That’s it, freddy. That’s it. Who can top him? Get out of here, stupid ass. Dewey:
Yes, alicia. You’re a joke. You’re the worst
teacher I’ve ever had. Summer. That is great. I like the delivery
because I felt your anger. Thank you. You’re a fat loser
and you have body odor. All right. All right. Now is everyone nice
and pissed off? All:
Yeah! Good. Time to write a rock song. Now, what makes you mad more
than anything in the world? Billy? You. Billy, we’ve already
told me off. Let’s move on. You’re tacky
and I hate you. Okay, you see me after class.

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