The Tomb of Sargeras : The Complete Audio Drama

Blizzard Entertainment presents the Tomb of Sargeras, prelude to World of Warcraft: Legion by Robert Brooks narrated by Steven Pacey Part One: The Fate of Another Almost all of the ship was gone. Burned to nothing. The metal ribs of the hull, forged in Lordaeron long ago, rested on the ocean floor. So did the remains of the ship’s passengers and crew. Only small pieces of scorched wood and cloth
drifted on the surface, still glowing, their green embers sizzling beneath the swells. They would smolder for hours. Fel fire could not be extinguished by mere water. The debris washed up on a shore of black rocks. A lone figure stumbled along, his skin dry and
pale and weeping with sores. He lurched toward the water and picked at the wreckage. He lifted a charred plank. Sniffed it. His tongue flicked out, licking one of the embers. It sparked and winked out with a hiss. His eyes pulsed green. He smiled. “More… I need… more…” He had never tasted fel before. A larger nugget of it called to him from the south. He staggered onward, staying close to the shore. He knew better than to stray into Watcher territory. It was hard to remember a day without his need. He tried to think back. Surely there had never been a time when he had wanted for nothing No. It was impossible. Those memories of standing tall in Suramar and consuming his fill of energy… … those days before exile… … they were just fantasies, fading quickly. That was good. It would be easier once they were gone. He did not need Suramar. Power — that was what he needed. He had consumed none for days, nothing but that single ember, and there was little left to scavenge here. There were too many others like him. But there was more of the shipwreck offshore, and it would bring a new bounty. He felt it. It was not far. So he continued forward, ignoring his exhaustion, pushing toward whatever was scratching at his mind. He knew others would be drawn to it, too. “But it is mine mine mine mine mine…” It was so close now, calling to him from the waterline. There. A dead body lay facedown on the rocks, nudged gently by the waves. Whoever this had been, he had been astonishingly powerful. Even after death, his magical energy shone like a second sun. It would be a pleasure to devour every fragment of it. He fell over in his haste, then scrambled on hands and knees. He heard cries of outrage from farther away. More had arrived. They would eat well, too. There was enough for all. But first, him. He pulled the black cloak away from the corpse. An orc. Green skin. Pulsing with dark magic and strange markings. He had never seen such a strong aura. It would sustain him for… Days? Weeks? Years?

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  1. Thanks mate, i love this very much 🙂 Cus i have Asperger's & other diagnosis, so can´t read books it sucks 🙁 So this made me very happy 😀 thx

  2. This expansion had better live up to the hype. The lords of war videos promised as much and the expansion failed.

  3. OK, Kadgar is not perfect, but Mieave proves to EVER be the biggest bitch in any world,
    I'm gonna paraphrase her here-
    "look how much you suck Kadgar, your boorish and impulsive-"
    yea, who INTENTIONALLY tried to spark a civil war over magic users
    "you have no respect for other peoples lives"
    who killed A LOT of innocent people in said revolt attempt,
    "your obsessive behavior makes you look so foolish"
    Illidan, I don't even need to say anything else, just Illidan
    I don't have that much of a problem of someone calling out Kadgar, it kinda needs to be done, but this hypocritical bitch has NO right taking the moral high ground on him.

  4. Wow …this sounds really cool
    I wonder if they could
    Make overwatch or Starcraft or Diablo as well or if I can find them for purchase

  5. I'd be more than happy to help contribute to the subtitling if you're interested. Please let me know and I can volunteer some time.

  6. I love the addition of music and sound effects in the background. Helps set the scene for this audio drama, like the radio shows of old!

    One thing that's slightly odd is the voices. FANTASTIC WORK OVERALL, don't get me wrong, just that Kil'jaden's voice sounds more like the Gul'dan's voice i'm familiar with.

    But then again, if that ended up being Gul'dan's voice, then Kil'jaden's voice would bass rumble my fillings out.

  7. been years since this was out but I still come back from time to time. Wish they would've done this for BFA too. Makes an expansion that much more epic.

  8. Wanna know why BFA sucks? Cause Steven Pacey is missing.

    Seriously tho i love this guy so much, Blizz make more audio dramas like this already!

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