100 Replies to “The Tuna and the Dolphin | 참치와 돌고래 [2018 KBS Drama Special/ENG/2018.11.02]”

  1. Y'all like the teacher and here I am hating him so much. I don't like the ending tho. This drama is somewhat nice but didn't really made me like it. If we were a season, star next door, and middles class a is still my fave.

  2. Did anyone else here BTS dna in the background when she gets drunk hmm? No just me army were you at because I can here j-hope singing and the whistle of dna btw I love there movies alot keep up the good work

  3. If you guys want to see more of the coach, his name is Yoon Park. He was a second lead in Radio Romance (2018), and had his own starring role three years back in Flower of the Queen (2015). These days he usually only plays second lead characters, maybe cause he's on the older side at 31.

  4. 20:07 BTS song on the background music.. DNA!!!, I just wanna mention it that's all, my kid is a huge fan and i have to know each of their songs to keep up

  5. When they all go after class , in that restaurant or whatever it is you can hear in the background bts dna song !!!! Oh my god bts!

  6. The femald lead looks like Mira Filzah from Malaysia. I mean her facial expression tho and they both are cute and pretty

  7. Why am I seeing a youtuber (Mukbanger) in the girl's face? She somehow looks like the person I watched before but I couldn't remember her name. The girl with an inborn teeth gap 🤔

  8. Greetings from New York!! This drama was cute but I might have loved it more if I were much younger!(^^)

    I think she was purely going for the "visual"…I mean tall, handsome, great body…& always starts with "love at first sight"…but maybe that's quite normal for a girl who never had any boyfriends for her entire life…..

    I'm quite different even when I was a young girl. His looks wasn't important but I had this "THING" I could not compromise…no matter how nice looking or great person he was… That "THING" was his voice & the way he spoke!! (^^) There was certain voice I just hate…that tends to give me a headache!! lol! I LOVE someone well spoken & articulate!! My friends used to tease me a lot, as those "things" I cared so much, weren't that important to them!(^^) If I were this girl, I'd also be very disappointed on his table manner & the eating habits during their first date at the nice ITALIAN restaurant! He was making a loud slurping sound sucking up the pasta…& that was horrible! He looked like eating the ramen noodle….. =_=. I've seen quite a few Japanese guys do the same when visiting the U.S. & I'd be embarrassed for them, as well as feeling bad for other customers around them… I guess important things do differ from one person to the next person!

    Also, I think the "Dolphin" guy was not really attracted to her until he saw the coach taken an interest in her! Most men love the thrill of chase & the competition!(^^) All of the sudden, she got 2 guys chasing her…& I think she was bit overwhelmed…not knowing what to do…. I think the coach really cared about her, so he couldn't bring himself to tell her the "dolphin" was a married man! Most guy in love would have immediately told her about it while saying things like "dolphin" was an liar & cheater, the biggest SOB, etc.! He wanted "dolphin" to come clean but he didn't, so he exploded with anger!

    I thought it was cute as to how the little boy in the nursery school helped her to figure out "the feeling of love"! I'm glad she realized there could be "love" without her heart beating 1000 times a minute! Some "love" make us feel "safe, comfortable, non-Judgemental" etc. I think the feeling of closeness through laughter & tears is the best!!(^^)(^^)

    Anyway, I loved the happy ending where the coach was so sincerely expressing his tender feeling for her… reassuring her feeling & where their love was headed!(^^)(^^). I was rooting for him from the beginning, so it was a perfect ending!!(^^)(^^)

  9. Lol the girl is so pathetic then she blamed it to the instructor who was just worried about her. She's so irritating, obnoxious and she's to full of herself!

  10. I thought she’s going to end up with the dolphin bc of the title but anyways i like her better with the coachhh

  11. First, i decided to watch this drama coz of the uncommon thumbnail…. and till 51:55 i still have no idea about the man in the thumbnail is…….. uri Yoon Bak kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  12. Thank you for sharing. It's like going to a walk-through aquarium in Korea without actually being there. Is that in Seoul?

  13. 7/31/19  Another good movie. I've watched about 60 KBS movies and this is the first one I've been right about the ending, there always seems to be a twist in the plot. Not this time.

  14. Some times we are so capricious about liking someone that we are unable to see anything else around us. We can be missing real love in front of us. Love this “movie”. It was really cute. Mr. Teacher is so handsome and cute. 🥰❤️

  15. 드라마 시작하자마자 5분만에 개쳐웃었네 윤박 가족끼리왜이래에서 봤는데 이미지 너무 달라서 너무웃겨퓨ㅜㅠㅜㅠㅜㅜㅜ

  16. at the end of the episode where they share the pink umbrella… guys that's the dolphin's lol she didn't return the umbrella to him XD

  17. the dolphin could have been annoying but they weren't just for each other i think. some girls would have liked his recommendation for sparking water instead of coke for her health and some people would prefer pasta over ddeokbokki. he's not a bad man, he was just not the right man for our tuna girl. it was heartbreaking when he started eating alone 🙁 (but if he had ordered the food for the girl without asking that's…. but it's not clear in the drama so) i hope the dolphin finds the right girl for him too!!

  18. it's absolutely not realistic where she appeared with the umbrella at the end because that would have meant she took a shower, dressed up like that, dried her hair and put it in ponytail, put her make up on, and still got out of the sports center way earlier than him

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